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Spooferific Horoscopes!

Capricorn-You’ll be meeting someone who will present you with a unique career opportunity. With some luck, you won’t be introduced to the bumper of their Mini Cooper first.

Aquarius-Goodness, you’ve got a mouth like Ron Weasley, you have! It might be best to take a deep breath and remain calm before you let the proverbial bloody hells fly. You may end up something you regret.

Pisces– Feeling a bit blue? Fret not, you have a  friend who is willing to listen to your sad tune and offer up some much needed advice. Ahhh, the friendship of Harry and Ron…

Aries-In the next couple days, you’ll disarm some potentially important people with your words and your negotiating skills will be in top form. You’ll finally get that contract signed. Perhaps we should send YOU to get that Eddie The Eagle contract finalized, goodness.

Taurus-Don’t hold back your natural, personal talents in the next few days; as you will have some success in showcasing them to others. Think-Rupert Grint, post-Potter. Yeah!

Gemini-Much like Malachy McKinney, you’re oozing the sexy factor lately. Now might be a good time to get a makeover or go shopping for some new clothes.

Cancer-Hermione wants to attend a public meeting about abused house elves, while Ron wants to go to a Quidditch match. What a catastrophe.  You’re significant other wants to go somewhere  that you find weird and uninteresting. Pull the old quid pro quo trick and you’re mini crisis will be diverted quite successfully.

Leo-With all the chores you need to need to get done, you’ll wish you could whip up a brilliant housekeeping spell like Molly Weasley! But have no worries, you’ll be able to breeze through the big stuff with ease; just in time to have a leisurely evening with your friends.

Virgo-You’re full of boundless energy lately, but have some unchanneled anxiety. Instead of focusing on what you’re afraid is going to happen, envision what you want to happen. Follow the butterflies….

Libra-You’ll be a regular Hermione Granger when you point out the bigger picture to some friends or family members, who are wrapped up in some selfish concerns.

Scorpio-Much like our favorite ginger, Rupert Grint, you are coming upon a crossroads of your life, and are acutely aware of it. Follow your instinct, and be careful of how you react to change.

Sagittarius-Your desire to see “Cherrybomb” in a theater far away from you, is being thwarted by some traveling plans that have become somewhat of a challenge. Don’t give up-you’ll get where you need to go.

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Rupert Grint Character-Related Spooftastic Horoscopes!

Capricorn-You have no money, but have an urgent need to meet Rupert Grint at the Deathly Hallows premier in November. Avoid anything foolish, like selling both of your kidneys. Yes, Rupert is sexy, but portable dialysis machines are not sexy. Think of another way to get the money, perhaps you could become a hitman’s apprentice by night…

AquariusYou desperately need an escape route from real life issues that have torn you away from “Rupertland”. Use your strength, intelligence, and desire to help to make things go smoother. Think, Ron in Deathly Hallows.

PiscesNeed some alone time? Find a quiet space to meditate in; and continuously chant, “Super Rupert, Super Grint,” out loud until it becomes your mantra. By the time you reach transcendence, you will have devised a way to achieve world peace with ice cream and tasteful ginger wigs.

AriesA night out on the town is just what you need; however, someone may be trying to set you up on a hot date. And no, it’s not Rupert; unfortunately, it never is. But give the potential beau a fighting chance, preferably if you refrain from constantly fantasizing about Rupert’s legs in Wild Target.

Taurus-Smooth-talking your way into gainful employment is going to be quite easy for you in the near future, you should totally do it! Channel the character of Malachy McKinney before your interview to get yourself warmed up. Avoid the quiff and the heavy Irish accent though. Believe me, it won’t flatter you and your possible employer will think you’re focking mental.

Gemini-How can anyone study or get any work done with Cherrybomb and Wild Target so close to their release dates?! The universe is telling you to take a break-so fangirl to your heart’s content, you deserve it.

Cancer-You are full of energy and ideas lately. Make like Allen A. Allen and invent a machine that turns everyone in the world ginger. Sporting coke-bottle glasses, tightly permed hair, buck teeth, and an overly-starched schoolboy shorts suit optional.

Leo-You simply cannot understand why everyone on Earth doesn’t find Rupert Grint gorgeous and talented. To make yourself feel better, use your powers of verbal persuasion to convert one of your friends into a “Rupie Groupie”. Wear them down with an engaging, educational Powerpoint presentation of facts and visual proof that his royal gingerness will one day take over the world with award-winning indie movies.

Virgo-No, you don’t have the swine flu, it’s just the stress affecting your body. Relax, go watch NASCSAR and think of Rupert Grint in a racing suit. Or, go skiing and think of Rupert as Eddie The Eagle in a ski-jumping suit. Either way, the vision will be made of win and you’ll feel much better.

Libra-Someone much younger than you values your opinion and looks up to you. Make a day of watching Harry Potter films, being sure to point out the awesomeness that is Ron Weasley.

Scorpio-Spend some much needed time with your family. It will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, just like watching the Weasley clan at Christmas day. Only you won’t get an itchy jumper as a gift. Score!

Sagittarius-In the mood to spin a yarn or recite poetry aloud? Find a pal who is as nuts about Rupert Grint and Driving Lessons as you are; and hit an open mic night at a club. Dress up like Ben and Evie, and act out the “garden scene” in front of confused strangers. It’ll be great!

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Rupert Grint: Annual Horoscope for 2009/10!

Prof. Trelawney’s Divination Class

I am in no way affiliated with Rupert Grint, his family and representatives. I do not know them personally, and I do not know any of their friends, relatives or casual acquaintances.
I am solely responsible for the content of this text, which expresses my personal opinions (which may or may not be accurate). Oh, and I’m neither clairvoyant nor psychic.
The article has been written for fun: no harm intended. People who feel that this is an invasion of Rupert’s privacy should not read this text. People who think that astrology equals loads of tosh shouldn’t read it either.
The article is not recommended to readers aged 15 and younger.

Technicalities and Explanations

As we all know, Rupert Grint celebrates his birthday on 24 August, so now is the perfect time to see what lies ahead of him. The most common type of horoscope used to predict future events is the so-called Solar chart. It is valid from the exact moment when Rupert’s Sun returns to the position it occupies in his natal chart (1° 15′ Virgo) until his next birthday. This yearly horoscope will help us outline all the major events, all the good and bad things awaiting the 21-year-old Rupert.

Since Rupert’s exact time of birth is unknown to me, I’m unable to do the natal and solar charts based on the Ascendant. Instead, I’ll be using the charts based on the exact moment of sunrise on 24 August 1988. In this type of chart, the Ascendant occupies the exact same degree as Rupert’s Sun (i.e. 1° 15′ Virgo), and the remaining house cusps are derived from it.

As for the Solar chart itself, it is a snapshot of the planetary transits at the moment of Sun’s return to its original position. The aspects formed between the planets in the Solar chart are indicative of some events, but they only gain full importance when compared to the planetary positions from Rupert’s natal chart. Thus, I shall briefly examine the Solar chart itself, and then compare it to Rupert’s own. So, please reread Rupert’s natal horoscope (published in the last issue of Grintastic), just to refresh your memory, and then return to this text.

Let me also note that the main problem with not knowing Rupert’s exact time of birth (and, consequently, the exact Ascendant) is that I can never be sure whether the events I am describing are the actual events from Rupert’s real life, or the scenes from his movies! As those who had been reading my predictions in the past already know, this is the funny thing with analysing horoscopes of actors: one can never tell if the planetary configurations represent actual events from the actor’s life, or the roles s/he plays – because all actors’ roles can be seen in their natal and solar charts! Now, if we knew the correct Ascendant we’d be able to discern where “the real Rupert” ends and “the fictional character” begins, because the Ascendant describes the way we present ourselves to others, and the roles we choose to play.

Thus, if anyone can dig out Rupert’s correct time of birth, it’d be muchly appreciated!

Anyway, if some parts of the text you’re about to read happen to make you feel upset/worried/mad/disappointed, please remember that some of the paragraphs might well be applying to the fictional characters Rupert is paid to portray on screen. Also remember that this analysis has been written for fun and it is by no means the Holy Writ. Okay? Thanks!

And now, Back to the Future…

Rupert’s Solar chart for year 2009 looks like this:

24/08/2009 at 6:35 AM TimeZone: GMT+0 [Standard Time]
Longitude: 000E15 Latitude: 51N52
Birth Julian Day: 2455067.77 GMST: 4:46 LMST: 4:47
Equal Houses System

Sun 01 VIR 15 11 N 02 1 NO
Moon 22 LIB 50 13 S 42 2 NO
Mercury 28 VIR 31 01 S 20 1 NO
Venus 27 CAN 08 20 N 22 11 NO
Mars 29 GEM 05 23 N 30 10 NO
Jupiter 20 AQU 49 15 S 37 5 YES
Saturn 21 VIR 58 04 N 59 1 NO
Uranus 25 PIS 35 02 S 30 7 YES
Neptune 24 AQU 56 13 S 37 6 YES
Pluto 00 CAP 42 17 S 50 4 YES
Ascendant 01 VIR 15 N/A 1 N/A
MidHeaven 01 GEM 15 N/A 10 N/A

Sun Sextile Mars Orb = 2° 10′
Sun Opposite Neptune Orb = 6° 19′
Sun Trine Pluto Orb = 0° 33′
Moon Square Venus Orb = 4° 19′
Moon Trine Mars Orb = 6° 15′
Moon Trine Jupiter Orb = 2° 01′
Moon Trine Neptune Orb = 2° 06′
Moon Sextile Pluto Orb = 7° 52′
Mercury Sextile Venus Orb = 1° 23′
Mercury Square Mars Orb = 0° 34′
Mercury Conjunct Saturn Orb = 6° 33′
Mercury Opposite Uranus Orb = 2° 56′
Mercury Square Pluto Orb = 2° 11′
Venus Sextile Saturn Orb = 5° 10′
Venus Trine Uranus Orb = 1° 34′
Mars Trine Jupiter Orb = 8° 16′
Mars Square Saturn Orb = 7° 07′
Mars Square Uranus Orb = 3° 30′
Mars Trine Neptune Orb = 4° 09′
Mars Opposite Pluto Orb = 1° 37′
Jupiter Conjunct Neptune Orb = 4° 06′
Saturn Opposite Uranus Orb = 3° 37′
Uranus Square Pluto Orb = 5° 07′
Neptune Sextile Pluto Orb = 5° 46′

EARTH Sun Mercury Saturn Pluto
AIR Moon Mars Jupiter Neptune
WATER Venus Uranus

CARDINAL Moon Venus Pluto
FIXED Jupiter Neptune
MUTABLE Sun Mercury Mars Saturn Uranus

The most noticeable feature of the Solar chart is the lack of planets in Fire signs. The lack of Fire may make Rupert somewhat passive this year, thus he might allow others to take charge and lead the way. This is confirmed by a conjunction of Saturn with Rupert’s ruler planet, Mercury. Saturn tends to slow a person down and drain his energy – while it also makes a person mature on a much faster pace. There are quite a few planets in Air signs, which indicates lots of mental activity. Lots of planets are in mutable signs too, which indicates numerous changes in Rupert’s life, for better or worse; and the involvement of Saturn indicates a beginning of a completely new chapter in his life.

We may notice lots of good aspects involving Moon and Venus, which is excellent for love, business, popularity, financial affairs, and overall success. However, a very dangerous configuration of T-square is formed, comprising Mercury conjunct Saturn in Virgo, square Mars in Gemini, opposite Uranus in Pisces. The planets in the Solar chart take up the pattern of a “train”, with Uranus in Pisces being the “engine”: thus, Uranus is the strongest planet in this T-square configuration. The meaning of this all will be explained below.

Now, when we compare these Solar planets to the planets from Rupert’s natal chart, we get the following aspects:

Sun Conjunct Sun Orb = 0° 00′
Mercury Square Saturn Orb = 2° 34′
Mercury Square Uranus Orb = 1° 25′

Mars Sextile Sun Orb = 2° 10′
Mars Opposite Uranus Orb = 1° 59′
Saturn Conjunct Mercury Orb = 2° 04′
Uranus Square Saturn Orb = 0° 22′
Uranus Square Uranus Orb = 1° 31′

Neptune Sextile Saturn Orb = 1° 01′
Neptune Sextile Uranus Orb = 2° 10′
Pluto Trine Sun Orb = 0° 33′

good aspects // bad aspects

I should add that Pluto in retrograde movement is approaching the conjunction with Rupert’s natal Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius. Even more importantly, these three planets (natal Saturn and Uranus and transiting Pluto) form a configuration of Cross with the transiting T-square, because they’re all opposed to Mars in Gemini, and in the aspects of squares with Mercury and Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. Like this:

natal planets // transiting (solar) planets

This is a fascinating, though challenging configuration, and I shall explain it in detail. For now, please think of all the symbols associated with the cross: a crossroad, a windmill, the Crucifix, etc. These notions should give you an indication of what this configuration is all about: changes, instability, uncertainty which direction to take, feeling overstretched or torn between conflicting aims and needs. Luckily, the trio of Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius and Pluto in Capricorn is in the aspect of trine with Rupert’s natal and solar Sun, which greatly improves this, otherwise quite ominous, configuration.

Now, to sum up the entire annual horoscope in three sentences: Rupert’s got a rather messy year ahead of him, filled with lots of radical changes, adjustments to new situations, inner and outer conflicts. His actions will keep him in the spotlight and bring him lots of success and financial reward, however he might also find himself in some risky situations, and it will take lots of maturity and wisdom – and even more luck – to get out of there. Dark and difficult times lay ahead of Rupert, and he should better get ready!

Now, the details. First of all, no less than five planets are situated in Virgo (solar and natal Sun, solar and natal Mercury, and solar Saturn), thus all Rupert’s Virgo traits are amplified. This year, Rupert will be quite shy and not very self-assertive. He will be supercritical about how he appears to others, and his usually high standards will be even higher. To others, Rupert will appear graceful, sensible and reserved; sharp, observant, crisp and dedicated to the work ethic. His thinking will be lucid and grasping, however he will be reluctant to share his insights with others. Five planets in Virgo make him willing to serve the others and help them.

Saturn has been transiting the constellation of Virgo for about two years now. This planet makes Rupert wish his life were orderly and practical, full of known and familiar routines. However, the fact that Saturn is a part of the Cross will make his life everything but stable in the forthcoming months. Rupert’s self-esteem will be quite low; he will be very critical of himself (and others), and at times quite self-deprecating. Saturn makes him reflexive and nostalgic, reserved and unassuming around others, and at times even depressive. Saturn also slows him down, makes him learn self-discipline and moderation, determination and seriousness. He should try to relax a bit and not be afraid of failure.

Sun sextile Mars makes Rupert energetic, vital and charming, and empowers him with zest and enthusiasm to accomplish many things. Working with close associates – especially males – should prove favourable. This aspect also improves communication, so Rupert shouldn’t be afraid to speak his mind. The combination of Sun and Mars signifies an extremely constructive time – a time of relentless energy, a time to realise personal goals and ambitions and make dreams come true. This aspect emphasises Rupert’s leadership qualities, gives him an air of confidence and authority, and others will be willing to follow his lead, either on a professional or personal basis. Business transactions are also favoured, as Rupert will be more constructive and goal-oriented than usual. However, the aspect of Mercury square Mars which is formed a few days before Rupert’s birthday may make him a bit verbally aggressive. Though he is usually very good natured, he might be irritable, moody and bad tempered (or maybe he will be filming the scenes in which Ron Weasley gets to be irritable, moody and bad tempered)!

Sun trine Pluto is a transit of great personal growth. This transit confers a strong will and an excellent ability to concentrate. This is a perfect time for Rupert to get to know himself and impress others with his strong will and self control. At this point in his life he may be feeling a strong sense of achievement and satisfaction. He should be reaping the rewards of all his previous hard work, will power and dedication. The image that he will project is that of a confident, determined individual who knows what he wants from life. Awards and pay rises are likely to come his way. A person in authority – say a director, or a movie producer – has been keeping a close eye on Rupert’s work recently, and they value what they see. Thus, Rupert will be offered some new roles and other good opportunities, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he jumped into another project right after completing Deathly Hallows! This new project might be a real-life story, or a biopic. Sun trine Pluto also improves Rupert’s endurance, and he might take up a new sport or physical regime.

The aspects between solar Moon in Libra, Venus in Cancer and Jupiter in Aquarius suggest that Rupert will work on “beautifying” his surroundings. He will be uncomfortable with strangers, but at ease and sociable with friends and associates. Indeed, he would rather socialize than work, and he is likely to use his prodigious charm to avoid unpleasant tasks; thus, at times, he may be overly self-indulgent. His refined aesthetic sensibilities will attract him to music, theatre, art and any other cultured activity. He will need emotional support, but he will also be willing to give it to others.

Neptune makes a nice sextile to Rupert’s Saturn and Uranus and tells us that Rupert won’t be interested in lighthearted social activities. As we all know, Rupert is on the verge of a major new chapter in his life. Once he’s done filming Deathly Hallows, which should happen very soon, his life will change completely. He will no longer be a part of the incredibly successful Harry Potter franchise, and although he will be free to try out some new and different things, he will also lose the sense of security and purposefulness that being a part of Harry Potter brought with it. Moreover, he will lose his “second family” – his friends and co-workers. He has admitted that being in Harry Potter is similar to living in a bubble – well, this bubble is about to burst soon. Hence, this will be a time of self reflection for Rupert – he will spend lots of time looking over what he has achieved in his life to date. He should try to channel his energy in a constructive, objective and disciplined manner. No task will seem too great and whatever he does now will withstand the test of time. This is a time for work which requires concentration and patience, and a time to make long term plans. He’ll be able to balance his material and more spiritual, idealistic desires. He’ll be keen to help others; he might form new friendships, and he will have more contact than usual with his parents or other older members of his family.

Neptune sextile Uranus raises Rupert’s understanding of the world and the people in it to a new level. He might develop an interest in some social causes, or maybe religion or the occult; in any case, this will be a time of great spiritual awareness and learning. He’ll be more prepared to acknowledge and listen to his inner voice and follow his intuition. On a more material level, he could transform his creative and artistic ideas, his personal goals and ambitions into concrete reality. However, as he’ll be feeling more sympathetic, compassionate and selfless than usual, he’ll also be prepared to turn other people’s goals and ambitions into reality! And he’ll be happy to give a helping hand to those who need it.

Now, the bad aspects. As I’ve already mentioned, lots of planets constitute the configuration of Cross, in mutable signs. I’m not going to sugarcoat things – I feel it’s my duty to warn Rupert and those who are close to him of the potential dangers of this configuration, and hopefully protect him. Life brings us various challenges from time to time, and it is an astrologer’s duty to prepare the clients to face them.


Rupert Grint filming Deathly Hallows Part I in London, June 2009

As mentioned, this is a year of major changes in Rupert’s life. The loss of his Harry Potter “family” will affect him a lot. He might be quite sad when the filming wraps. The configuration of Cross indicates that he will probably be filming all those physically and emotionally most demanding scenes from Deathly Hallows in the period around his birthday. Of course, I cannot say whether they will be filming the Silver Doe scene, or the Malfoy Manor dungeon, or the attack of the Death Eaters during the Bill/Fleur wedding, or – most likely – the scene when Ron abandons Harry and Hermione; but Rupert should definitely channel all his inner tensions indicated by the Cross into a heartbreaking portrayal of Ron.

What tensions exactly? First of all, Mercury square Saturn and Saturn conjunct Mercury make Rupert’s intellect very sharp, but they also make him excessively critical of others. It may be difficult for Rupert to express his wishes or opinions to co-workers, or he might have problems communicating with loved ones. Uranus opposite Mercury makes him gain new insights into an unresolved problem at work. The time is also conductive in researching and gaining as much information as possible about a new business venture or investment. However he should not be initiating any business transactions at the moment, especially those involving joint finances or partnership agreements. He should avoid making business or property related decisions, as he might find himself entangled in legal and financial difficulties.

Saturn’s entrance into the sign of Virgo and its conjunction with Rupert’s Sun indicated a beginning of a period when Rupert started to reap the rewards of many years of hard work. Lots of doors were opening for him, and he started to take himself more seriously and accept responsibilities. He might have felt a conflict between professional and personal life, with the professional life occupying the central spot. Now that Saturn has moved into conjunction with Mercury – the planet that represents Rupert himself – his efforts to attain a state of ultimate perfectness could leave him emotionally and physically drained. He should exercise optimism and stay open-minded. This might be difficult because he’ll constantly feel that his feelings and opinions are misunderstood. In his work, he could be burdened with extra responsibilities, made even more difficult by his inability to concentrate. Mercury afflicted by Saturn indicates that Rupert should avoid cold drinks, smoking, or anything that might damage his throat, lungs and vocal cords and affect his speech.

Uranus opposite Mercury affects Rupert’s curiosity, learning, communication skills, self-promotion, the formulation of ideas, and his ability to rationalise and think logically. This aspect indicates that Rupert should be extremely careful in all practical affairs at this time, otherwise he’ll tend to overlook details, make silly mistakes, or be forgetful. The tempo of his life is very fast at this time, and he should give every effort to slow down a bit.

Mars in Gemini creates an aspect of opposition to Rupert’s natal Saturn and Uranus since mid-August, making him feel very frustrated. In fact this could be the culmination of months — even years — of frustration, thus ego clashes are likely. Rupert is full of intense feelings waiting to erupt. Mars opposite Uranus makes him crave for personal freedom and independence. This is a transit of tremendous energy and desire to improve his position. As someone who is normally shy and receding, Rupert will burst out of his shell now, and his unusual behaviour could provoke and irritate others and cause emotional confrontations. He may rebel against anyone trying to hold him back or constrain him; and people with some kind of authority over him are likely to bear the brunt of his frustration. Some sort of physical activity, like workout, would be a good outlet for this aspect.

This aspect could also cause conflicts with those closest and nearest to him. He might quarrel with family members, friends, neighbours, lovers, business partners. All stale relationships are likely to end. Mars in Gemini means that Rupert’s attention span will be short, and it’ll be difficult for him to complete tasks at hand. Mars opposite Uranus indicates radical and too-fast action, whose goal is to establish a change, for better or worse. This is an explosive, “now or never” combination, which urges Rupert to take up action which might collide with the life and will of others or even with the law. He will be very demanding and difficult to please, and others will wonder what the hell is disturbing him.

Mars is also approaching the opposition with Pluto, confirming that Rupert must find a satisfying outlet for his frenetic, intense and extremely high energy levels. However, there are no planets in fire signs in the Solar chart, and the Cross is formed in mutable signs: thus, Rupert should beware power struggles, both in his personal and professional life. Confrontations could particularly concern finances, legal or tax matters.

To make matters more interesting, the transiting Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces are not only opposed to each other, but they also form aspects of square to Rupert’s natal Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius. Rupert may well wish he were someone else, he will be questioning his position in life and work, and he will surely contemplate a major career shift.  Uranus square Uranus is a transit occurring only twice in life – at 21 and 63, and it signifies that Rupert’s fundamental beliefs about his position in society and responsibilities as an adult are seriously examined. The conflicting energies of Saturn and Uranus make him desire freedom and may bring an end to a serious relationship in his life, or maybe a start of a new one. Some family, personal and professional ties may be severed.

As a person with Earth as his dominant element, Rupert greatly desires security and stability in life; however, he will find very little of those in the forthcoming year. His mind will be like quicksilver – restless and constantly flitting back and forth between dozens of different ideas and projects. This could cause mental confusion and exhaustion, and he will be prone to jump to conclusions. All important personal and business decisions should be postponed until he is less impulsive and more practical. Though this is not a good time to make changes in his life, he will nevertheless be forced to make them. He might experience physical exhaustion or nervous tension as a result of overworking or overworrying himself; he should treat his health with the respect that it deserves, and try not to make too many important decisions at once. Rest and relaxation and a little bit of meditation would help soothe raw nerves and prevent a major mental “overload”.

As we know, Rupert is normally a very placid person, sensitive to other people’s needs. Hence he might be tempted to hold all this rebellious anger within him – just for the sake of keeping the peace. However, all this dynamic energy must find an outlet, be it sport or physical work because, otherwise, pent up emotions could lead to illness. The abundance of Uranus aspects stimulates intense but short-lived interests in people and situations that offer a momentary opportunity to break up routine patterns and introduce fresh stimulation. Rupert will surprise people with the gutsiness and a straightforwardness that he seldom has shown in the past. This planet makes him adopt an “I don’t care, it’s gotta go. Now!” stance when confronting the past structures of his life; thus, sudden turnabouts and disruptions in his affairs are to be expected.

More than anything, Rupert craves professional and private FREEDOM at this time – and yet he is terrified of gaining it! He might feel a bit like an animal who was born and bred in a Zoo, and wishes to run free in the wild – and yet feels completely unprepared for a life in the wilderness! Finding himself in unfamiliar territory could leave Rupert feeling confused, bewildered and unsure of what to do next. This is a time of testing his abilities and inner strength, especially because he will feel that every effort or move he makes is being blocked by previously unforeseen difficulties or obstacles.

At times like this, irritability and temper may be difficult to control; Rupert can no longer tolerate interference in his life, and his mood will be extremely changeable. Saturn square Saturn indicates that his confidence may be easily shattered, and self inflicted feelings of self doubt could create problems where there are none. In other words, he could go looking for trouble – and, by worrying too much, he could create anxiety attacks and problems which should never have existed in the first place.

He might also feel that he cannot rely too heavily on others at the moment – no matter what they promise, they’re likely to let him down. A close loved one may rebel against him or betray him. Some family members could cause problems – or Rupert himself may let others down by making promises that he cannot keep. Normally, he has a tendency to go to extremes: he’s capable of extremely hard work, full of determination and energy. However, he also goes through periods of extreme self-indulgence and/or self-doubt: periods when he feels that no matter how hard he’s trying he’s getting nowhere fast. Patience has never been Rupert’s strongest asset, and yet he will need it now more than ever. Considering himself both invincible and indestructible, he might try to achieve too much too quickly and place unrealistic expectations on himself and others. If he promises more than he can deliver then squandered energy could result in disappointment and even total exhaustion.

All these drastic changes in Rupert’s life – the end of a professional engagement with the Harry Potter franchise, the shattering of some personal, professional, business and family ties – will only prove beneficial if they encourage Rupert to question the direction and value of his life. He will crave both security and independence, stability and novelty in equal measures, and it will be extremely difficult for him to find a balance between these conflicting needs. These aspects are there to test Rupert’s patience and endurance. The last thing he’ll want to do at the moment is to sit back and be patient – but that’s exactly what he needs to do. He should try to achieve a compromise between his personal and professional life, so that one no longer interferes with the other. I would also advise Rupert to be realistic, stay positive and not perceive his employers or any other type of authority as the enemy. He should try to be realistic about his goals and abilities, instead of alternately underestimating and overestimating himself.

Another thing. Again, I feel it is my duty to warn Rupert to be extra careful, precisely because I care a lot about him and wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to him. The configuration of Cross in mutable signs makes Rupert (and his movie characters) quite accident prone. All these squares and oppositions involving Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Mars and Pluto may indicate accidents, physical injuries, mental breakdowns, operations and such. Of course, all these can be avoided, but Rupert should be extra careful when driving, handling any sort of machinery, weapons, sharp objects, electricity or fire. He should drive carefully and avoid speeding at all costs (or even better, not drive at all). The places where he’ll be most vulnerable are the crossroads. He shouldn’t even be driving his ice cream van, as it might malfunction. Additionally, Rupert shouldn’t be doing his own stunts now; he should avoid verbal conflicts which could lead into fights; he shouldn’t be walking on his own late at night, as he may get attacked. The configuration of Cross is actually formed a few days before Rupert’s birthday, so he should lay low and, if possible, spend the entire week between, say, 19 and 26 August at home (but not unleash his frustration for being stuck at home on his family members!) Luckily, the aspects of Sun sextile Mars and Sun trine Pluto are protecting him at this time. These aspects give him an excellent ability to regenerate, both physically and mentally. So even if he does experience some injuries, health problems or mental and physical exhaustion, he should recover quickly and successfully.

As for you who are reading these lines, if you love Rupert and care for him, you can help him by either praying for him or simply sending him positive energy. It’s easy: every morning after you wake up and every evening before sleep, lay down, relax and visualise Rupert. Imagine him being happy, cheerful and satisfied; visualise him in pleasant situations, such as going out and having fun, receiving awards, or just enjoying himself at home. Imagine him surrounded by loving friends and family, overwhelmed by love and respect. Trust me, these simple techniques of sending positive energy really work: the entire physical world we live in is actually made of energy, and human thought is the most powerful energy of them all. Each one of us can be a generator of positive change in the lives of other people, so let’s use this power to help Rupert sail through this challenging period undamaged.

To conclude, the forthcoming months will be a crucial period in Rupert’s life. They will eventually lead to him gaining all those things he desires most, above all security and stability – and, on the other hand, independence and freedom to live his life the way he chooses to.

Love, Prof. Trelawney

In the next issue of Grintastic: Rupert Grint and Jessie Cave: Compared Analysis!

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