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Best Of 2009-Staff Questionnaire(Anna)

Question 1:  Best new quote

“I’ve sat in screenings with audiences who’ve watch what Rupert can do, and he obviously connects with them really brilliantly. That’s the comfort zone the audience had with him. It’s Rupert; he’ll be funny, and appealing. But, he can do really serious, straight stuff. And we’re seeing stuff Rupert do in the Hallows part 1 and Hallows part 2 which is really grown up and dark. You watch and, oh God, it’s really powerful.” David Yates

Anna:   He has been so much underestimate by certain people that it’s just soooo good to read this kind of stuff by somebody as David.

Question 2:  Best new fact

Anna:  Well as I am new in the fandom every fact is new for me! lol Aaaaahhh! I know!!!! Inside swimming pool, How cool is that!!?!?

Question 3:  Best Photoshoot

Anna: Photshoot from The Times. Why?  No need a tone of make up, hours with a hair dresser, fancy clothes. Unshaved, messy hair with his own clothes and a really nice photoshoot.

Question 4:  Best appearence/event outing

Anna:  Halloween Party!  Why? Because most of people think is the poor shy guy.   I think a few have been a bit in shock!

Question 5:  Best interview

Anna:  The Blag Interview,  because it was not an interview as the others. It was him, he was true, not that he isn’t during other interviews;  but most of the time it’s always the same question about the same movies. It was a change.

Question 6:  Best candid shot of Rupert

Anna:  The V festival. That horse hat to get rid of the fans was a splendid idea! So Rupert!

Question 7:  Best movie promo still

Anna:  Wild Target….Tony….Gun….Fierce….Naked and Wet. Mama mia!!!!! And all CB stills.

Question 8:  Best Half-Blood Prince scene

Anna:  The whole love potion scene. I bet everybody answers that too. “I’m in love with her!!” Ahahah, pure comedy acting skills!

Question 9:  Best picture from a premiere

Anna:  HBP UK premiere.  There is so much respect in his look for Maggie, a bit protective too I think.  After all, she has been through with her cancer. Something special, with two special people in a special moment.  Perfect!

Question 10:  Movie Role you’re dying to see right now!

Anna:  If you are talking about a role he already played, I will say Malachy McKinney!! Otherwise don’t care.   I am not dying to see him play a certain role, as much he is happy with his choices; and as much as not a role like in a movie like “Amercian Pie, Scary Movies“. Please please please Rupert don’t do that, never!!

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Editorial: Oh! The Drama!

As if we needed anymore drama in our lives this year, Rupert’s photoshoot with high-fashion, art magazine DRAMA certainly brought more.normal_DRAMA_-_IPHONE_-_Issue_3_-_Harry_Potter_Covers3

When the news first broke-along with a sneak peak pic–that another photoshoot with Rupert was in our future, there was much speculation as to the final outcome. Some of us were were hoping the photoshoot would be unlike anything Rupert has ever done; yet, others were a bit put off by the past content of DRAMA, considering it to be “artsy-fartsy” and not to their exact taste. However, everyone was ecstatic that our favorite ginger man would get his very own photoshoot. But who could have known all the drama and discussion that would ensue when we all laid our eyes on the much sought after pictures.

The DRAMA photoshoot revealed a rather obvious feminine, softer side of Rupert, that was by turns,  just as manly and rebellious. Seeing him in such a new way, captured many different and strong emotions from all of his fans. Some fans reveled in this bold and delicate sexiness, others were more than slightly disturbed by it. Critics, passers-by, and fans alike were using the word “gay” to either describe the photoshoot itself, and sometimes using it to beg the question, “Is Rupert gay?”.

“I spoke to Rupert prior to the shoot and told him I wanted like a kind of rebel cool feel… without any effort he gave me the looks and the moods I wanted, he almost reminded me of a Young Michael Caine in Alfie mixed with the rebellion of a ” Clockwork Orange “. It was hot.” DRAMA Photographer Ram Shergill on working with Rupert.

normal_IMG_0021Rebellion in it’s truest sense, is to push away what is generally accepted as “the rules” , created by the status quo, on how someone should act, dress, look, or think. An individual who wants to break away from all of this, will challenge and question the ‘rules’ , because not everything is as it seems or can be placed neatly in categories, or in this case, stereotypes. 

Ram Shergill’s ideas for “rebel cool” were certainly not lost upon Rupert. While the photoshoot initially appears extremely feminine, it’s not. It can be noticed in nearly every picture, that Rupert is not without a bit of his ginger stubble framing his jawline and chin. Yet, with all of the stubble, his face itself is soft and contemplative; his lips are generous, feminine, and relaxed. However, his eyes are telling a different story altogether, they’re fierce, piercing, and challenging the onlooker.

Also, in certain pictures, his body posturing, or posing, is a combination of the two: feminine/masculine. For example, in the picture where he is pulling his collar of the sweater down, and I can only desribe this picture as “combatively coy.” The action of pulling down the collar of his sweater is a coy, come-hither action of a female. While his eyes have the piercing gaze of a soldier, challenging his enemy. Another picture that normal_005encapsulates the male/female aspects at the same time, is the shoulder picture. The sweater is clinging flirtaciously to his shoulder, begging for attention. But again, his eyes are burning desperately of a rebel, as if to say, “Yeah, so what! You like it? Come and get it.”

The pictures are all things at once: rebellious and submissive, masculine and feminine, fierce and soft. It cannot be categorized into a neat category, maybe that’s why the word “gay” was being used. The DRAMA photoshoot challenged the idea of how men should be portrayed, and having beliefs and ideas challenged isn’t always an easy thing to accept. It forces one to see things differently.

The fact that Rupert can display such complex,simultaneous emotions in just a photoshoot, without uttering a word, is a testament to his great talent. The DRAMA photoshoot proves, once again, that he’s going to push himself into territory he’s never been. He refuses to be judged by one particular character,  he’s not going to do something that is expected of him, he’s going to move forward and explore. And to me, that’s the ultimate rebellion.

Photo credits: Ram Shergill for DRAMA magazine

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The Dedication Of The Japanese Rupert Fans


Rupert, David Heyman, and Alfonso Cueron at the premier of "The Prisoner of Azkaban" in Japan

When I was lucky enough to meet Rupert Grint, it was at the Japanese premier of Prisoner of Azkaban. I was thirteen at the time, I was more than excited and ready to have my chance to meet him. When he walked over to our gate, I didn’t waste any time getting his attention. I gave him a bear that I had bought for him, he signed a picture for me, and I asked for a kiss. I was nervous but there was no way I couldn’t ask. He kindly obliged and when he pulled away from my cheek, I quickly kissed his cheek as well. It happened so fast that I was able to get the corner of his mouth in the kiss. After it happened, I was afraid he would be upset, but he was smiling and chuckling.
For me, it was just me being a lucky fan and getting the opportunity to meet him. But for some, I could understand it seemed  like the actions of an overzealous, wild Japanese fan.


While I think the love for the famous person is the same amongst different cultures, I think Japanese fans have a bit more guts and enthusiasm that is more obvious. In similar to other culture, in Japan, we are taught to respect the privacy and wishes of others, and we do believe in personal space.  In fact, privacy, respect, and personal space are huge themes all around Asia and Asian culture.  However, when it comes to celebrities, I think this is when the Japanese culture rather stems away from others. It’s almost blinded worship for us. We are very enthusiastic,  loud, and outspoken. We want to see and touch the person; we want to feel a connection deeper than just getting an autograph. We want to feel things on a spiritual and emotional level. There is this belief that Japanese fans are the most dedicated, and maybe it is me being biased, but I believe that is true.

 I know that fans from all around the world will do just about anything for their favorite celebrity.  However, I think that in sheer volumes of numbers, Japanese fans are more dedicated. I think the main reason for this is that we are less concerned about looking stupid or feeling guilty for indulging with the celebrity, if given the chance. I know in my case with Rupert, some might say that I took things too far; but I believe that I was given the opportunity and it would have been wrong to let it pass me by. There is this idea of keeping things “proper” and “censorship” that many other cultures are stricter about than in Japan. Our rules on censorship are more of a matter of personal choice than regulation, as it is elsewhere in the world.

However, there is one idea that I do get annoyed about and that’s the idea of the “crazy Asian fan”.  The idea that every Asian fan will just jump on the celebrity, lick, bite, scream and act out of order, almost animalistic. And why this may be true for some fans, it’s not an automatic stamp for all. While we can be overzealous, we do not intentionally want to annoy, hurt or scare the person. We do realize they are people too. and we do want to give them respect. I just think that we adore, love, and worship so whole-heartedly and so blindly that sometimes it can get out of hand. But it is always with the best intentions. We love and just want to show that love.  Over the top behavior can be seen in all cultures of fans. I just think once again it may seem like more in Japanese culture because of the volume of people and fans that we have and our beliefs of censorship.


Hinoe, from Japanese anime/manga show, "Harukanara Toki".

Rupert is very well loved in Japan.  One of the main reasons why Rupert is so loved and popular here is because of his looks. While gingers may be perceived as “weird” or “awkward” elsewhere, here it is celebrated and thought as unique and endearing. In anime, the strong, brave, aggressive hero is usually a redhead. Red heads are seen as powerful and born leaders here. There are very few true redheads in Japan. The pale skin, freckles, and red hair is not something common in Japanese biology so Rupert is a symbol of that uniqueness and sexiness.

As a Japanese fan, I am very proud of my culture and how we as fans can express our love for celebrities. I don’t think we’re over the top so much as just being very devoted and honest about our feelings. We tend to act on what we feel and that takes courage. Therefore, I would also say Japanese fans are the most daring, lol. If given the opportunity to meet Rupert again, I will certainly not hold back and I will sneak my kiss in again.

Other people may call it being a “crazy Japanese fan”, but I call it being the only way I know how to be.

Hinoe picture courtesy of The Yumeta Company

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RonCast 2! – UPDATED

character_banner_ronThe second edition of our Roncast is finally here! As you know, while we love and appreciate the entire story of Harry Potter, our goal is to focus on our favourite character Ron Weasley, who is portrayed in the movies by our favourite actor Rupert Grint.

As usual, your host is Sam aka Erudite Witch. This time she has invited several Ron-experts to join the discussion, namely Sabine (Galadriel 12), AJ, Joana (Wicked Jo), Emily (Mugglemama) and Dove! They delve deep into the character of Ron, focusing on the differences between the books and the movies, especially as regards the characterisation. Now that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has finally been released, our Ron lovers give their honest opinions on the movie, and attempt to predict what to expect in the latest two installments of the franchise, Deathly Hallows I and II.

Roncast 2

  • Intro Song: Magic Man by Heart
  • The Ron Quote of the month
  • Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: impressions, reflections
  • Fanfiction Corner
  • Deathly Hallows Spoilers
  • What to expect in Deathly Hallows

Download Roncast from the blue Roncast box in the top right corner, and ENJOY! (NOTE: the link will take you to a separate SendSpace page, where you’ll find the download link.)

As noted, the song in the background is Magic Man by Heart. Every podcast, we’ll pick a different song based on your suggestions. If you’ve got a song that you think fits Ron Weasley perfectly, just get a hold of us at Also, we would love to have you on show, so if you consider yourself a fellow Ron-expert, email us to land a guest spot! And no need to remind you, your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

UPDATE: We have now added all episodes of Roncast to our Media site, so if you missed an episode, you may download it from here. Enjoy!

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Rupert Grint: A Modern Day Gentleman

What it means to be a man today is not what it meant a hundred or fifty years ago. What my father taught me about being a man is not what his father had told him or what I would tell my son. However, no matter the decade, I think the consensus is that it’s a tough job. There is so much hypocrisy and contradiction when it comes to being a man and, even more so, being a gentleman. In Hollywood, it must be even harder to preserve the notion of gentleman when there is temptation, greed, egoism, and pressure all around. There are so many examples of young men walking into fame and having it turn their lives upside down. It is a hard candy to chew and many get lost in it all. However, there is an elite group of the men who exemplify the “last of the gentlemen,” and Rupert Grint is a proud member.

Rupert embodies what it means to be a gentleman. He is the last of his kind. These days, being a “real man” is a false memory: it’s all about the looks, the girls, and the money. No one cares for subtleties: honor, respect, or kindness in Tinsel Town. But Rupert does not care to follow the rules of Hollywood and fame. He does not compromise what is in his heart and what his family has taught him for what is in the magazines or on TV. He is a modern day gentleman and he wears his membership badge proudly.


Daniel, Emma and Rupert in New York: Half-Blood Prince premiere afterparty

One of the great things about Rupert is his relationship with his co-stars. He isn’t pompous and extremely competitive as “true men” are supposed to be. He treats them like his friends and he genuinely wants them to succeed. To many, a “man” means beating everyone to the punch and not caring about anything else in your way. This is not the case for Rupert Grint. He has no problem giving praise to his fellow cast members, even at his expense. A true gentleman knows when to put pride aside. In 2007, Rupert was nominated for best male performance at the NMAs for his role in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; however, fellow actor Daniel Radcliffe took the award. Rupert did not frown, he did not act standoffish, but he gave a huge smile and hugged his mate. Even if he was upset, he held it in and was respectful.

It would be easy for Rupert to be mean and talk trash on Daniel Radcliffe. They are the two leading males of the Harry Potter franchise and are often compared side by side. All the tension would create feuds and bad blood for many male stars. However, Rupert is nothing but a gentleman and a friend. He has stated that he really cares for Daniel and that they get along great. He texted Dan before his first performance in Equus and he even went to see the play himself. They are close and Rupert doesn’t talk bad about him and does not feel the need to. A true gentleman feels relaxed and secure in his manhood and Rupert’s lack of cattiness toward Daniel proves this statement true. In fact, he defends Dan if need be. On the Australian Rove TV show in 2009, the host Rove McManus was playfully teasing Dan about his magic tricks. Rupert could have easily bought into it and teased him as well, but instead he defended him and even seemed a bit upset that Dan was being teased. It is rare to see such dedication to a co-star.

However, it is not just his male costars but his female ones as well who Rupert treats with respect as a true gentleman would. He and Emma Watson are good friends. Rupert treats Emma like a lady and he often compliments and encourages her. While there is speculation about their romantic relationship, Rupert is honest about it. He does not try to lead people on to seem more interesting. He says Emma is like a sister to him and he supports her. As a gentleman Rupert does not see the point in creating drama and making people think he has a relationship with her if he doesn’t.

In Hollywood, romantic relationship, moreover, a romantic relationship with co-stars gets you in the papers. It is an easy way to get exposure, but Rupert does not do it. He is decent and he respects Emma too much to make up things about her. A perfect example is in a recent interview, he was asked if there was something going on between him and Emma: he stated that they were just friends and that Emma had a boyfriend. He didn’t make a face. He didn’t lead the interviewer on. He simply told the truth.


Rupert and Kim Nixon in Berlin: World premiere of Cherrybomb

Kimberley Nixon has also received some of Rupert’s gentleman tendencies. While filming their love scene for Cherrybomb, Rupert brought crossword puzzles to the set to take their minds off it and to keep them calm. Kim has admitted to being very nervous about the scene, but Rupert helped her relax. He coached Kim through their scene so they could get it done. He could have praised himself and had a big grin because he would film a racy scene, but he did not. He does not have an ego, as some would expect him to have. He is completely selfless and a good friend.

Rupert not only treats his costars with care but his family as well. He is very close to his dad. He is his manager and they spend a lot of time together. They travel, go to sporting events, and eat together often. Rupert is not ashamed to be a homebody. He likes to take his family on trips to various tourist destinations and he helps support them. They go to a place like TGIF and Rupert says that he likes to be the big brother. He does not alienate himself from his family and he does not try to seem better than they are. He’s proud to be from a normal middle class family and it shows. He is not worried about “what people might think” if they see him hanging with him family. He is committed to remembering where he comes from. It’s an important quality of a true gentleman.

Rupert handles his fame very differently than most young stars his age. He does not do drugs or go to wild parties to ensure his face is plastered all over magazines. He has said himself that he has the brains not to get drunk in the public because he does not want to be in the tabloids. He does not use his riches to buy flashy cars and houses. He purchases things such as an ice cream van, chickens, and a hovercraft. He drives an old truck for crying out loud! It is so easy for men to be caught up in the “must haves.” Apparently being a man is judged on what you buy with your earnings. This is a mistake. A true man, a true gentleman knows how to indulge but not go overboard.


Rupert Grint attends Formula 1 Brittish Grand Prix

It is the same with Rupert’s outfits. While it is important to look presentable, it is even more important do it in such a way that is not arrogant and is original. Rupert Grint demonstrates this well. He does not wear flashy clothes. He is usually in jeans, dirty converses and a t-shirt that he has worn many times before. He does not care about glamor. He fixes up when he needs to, but he is much more comfortable in everyday clothes. It shows his comfortableness in his own skin, as well as and his levelheaded outlook on life. He has not forgotten himself in his fame and staying true to himself is very important in being a gentleman.

Being a true gentleman isn’t just about how you treat yourself and those close to you. It is also about how you treat others who have helped you. In the case of an actor, it is how you treat the fans. Rupert treats his fans with all the respect in the world. Some believe that once you have “made it” that is it. You can forget about the dedicated people who cheered and helped you get where you are. Rupert doesn’t believe in such things. He is very thankful for every fan he has and it is obvious. He doesn’t do “one autograph per person” and he doesn’t ignore his fans. He is the first one out of his cast mates to start signing and he is the last to stop signing autographs and taking pictures.

An outstanding example of Rupert’s respect for his fans in the World Premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in London. It was pouring outside, and Rupert had just recovered from illness, but he still signed as many autographs as possible. He even bent down out of the protection of his umbrella to reach down and shake the hand of an elderly man. He doesn’t mind staying late to hug and pose for fans. There have been many occasions where he was working late on set or leaving hotels to travel, but when asked for autographs and photos he told his security “it’s okay” and proceeded to fulfill the fans’ wishes. The way he gives himself to his fans is breathtaking. He knows that he would not he where he is without them and his humility is amazing.

Rupert and his fans, drenched: London, World premiere of Half-Blood Prince

Rupert and his fans, drenched: London, World premiere of Half-Blood Prince

How Rupert handles his career is also the epitome of a gentleman. He takes his job seriously and he is a very hard worker. He doesn’t just sit and wait for things to happen. He is not just basking in the riches of Harry Potter. He wants and has done outside projects. He wants to be a successful actor. He wants to prove that he genuinely has talent and his drive and passion for his craft is how a real man handles his talent. He does not take the safe road and doesn’t mind learning from mistakes.

However, though he is tough and hardworking, in his interviews and appearances Rupert is always polite, charming, funny, and sweet. It is even more amazing that he doesn’t try to be someone he is not. There is so much pressure to be fake and beef things up a bit, but he does not need to. He has been taught to be true to himself and that is what he presents. One of the most important features in being a part of the elite few of true gentlemen is modesty. Rupert is king of being modest. He has perfected telling just enough without seeming cold. He does just blab off for shock value. He does not depend on being loud and risqué to be noticed.

In fact, Rupert is a very private person. He does not have his business out for everyone to see. It is very refreshing. Today, being a man means getting all the women and showing them off. Rupert knows better. Though he has stated that he likes to casually date, people do not see him in tabloids with a new girl every other night. He is respectful and knows how to treat women. Chivalry is not dead; it is simply hidden behind “player” and “stud” ideas. Being a gentleman does not mean being macho or having a new “it” girlfriend of the week. It means being able to talk to women, treat them well, and be respectful. I am sure Rupert gets his fair share of female attention. He has been called a sex symbol on many occasions, but he doesn’t take this in his stride. He is quiet, shy, and sometimes embarrassed when it comes to all the romance and sexual attention. It is not often that a young, good looking, successful guy does not boost about his sex appeal but it is what a true gentleman would do. It is what Rupert Grint does.

Being a gentleman these days is not as important as it used to be. Flash and fame are the main ingredients in success, but for the last of the gentleman, it is so much more than that. Yes, indulgences, riches, fame, glamor, these are a part of the business he is a part of, but there are so many more important things. Rupert Grint is a modern day gentleman because he is still the same boy raised and nurtured by his parents. He is the same brother and friend he has always been. He remembers to be respectful, honest, kind, and low key. He is sincere, quiet, and unassuming. I do not think it is accidental that there is never any bad talk about him. He is comfortable with himself and does not need to back talk or boost his ego. Rupert is a true man and his qualities are atypical. It is a shame that there are not more men like him but it is an honor that he is how he is. I am so proud to be a fan of his. Any young guy would be lucky to use him as a guidance as to how to be a man these days.

Rupert Grint is a true gentleman. In the next generation to come people will be looking up to him, and will mimic his grace. While he is the last of his kind, he may just be the seed needed to sprout a new race of gentlemen.

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Emma Watson: Pro et Contra

Emma Watson (photo by Charles Sykes)

Emma Watson (photo by Charles Sykes)

Throughout the years, we have watched Emma Watson grow up on screen, alongside her co-stars Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe. From a cute 9-year-old, she has developed into a glamourous young woman. In the process, she has acquired many fans, but probably as many haters too. Some praise her looks, talent and personality, others are annoyed by her mug and less than impressed by her acting skills. Her ubiquitous media presence, her numerous photoshoots and the front seats at major fashion shows have only added up to the controversy. Is she a serious actress, or just a pin-up? Is she a nice, polite girl or a bitchy spoiled diva? Has she been given undeserved credit? Does her popularity overshadow her, more talented, co-stars? The questions abound, and the answers are extremely diverse.

There is no denying that Emma has the biggest following of all Harry Potter stars – there are hundreds of fansites dedicated to her, she usually tops popularity polls, she wins acting awards based on the public vote, and she has landed numerous lucrative modelling jobs. Maybe it’s because she’s the only girl of the Trio — and a beautiful one at that — or maybe because she’s very charming and articulate in interviews. Moreover, despite all the media scrutiny, she hasn’t succumbed to the pressure and she presents herself as a strong, clever, ambitious, well-educated and level-headed young woman, untainted by fame and money. But is this “the real Emma” or not? And more importantly, is Emma’s cocktail of good looks, powerful intellect and the position of media darling enough to secure her a post-Potter career?


Emma as Hermione Granger

I’ve been a part of the Harry Potter fandom for many years now, and it always seemed to me that Emma was the most controversial cast member. The opinions on her acting potential, her portrayal of Hermione, her on-screen presence and off-screen interests have always been extremely divided. On top of that, legions of fans wanted her to end up in an emotional relationship with either Daniel or Rupert, and the debates re: which one would have been a better match just added to the controversy. Of course, our opinion(s) on Emma are, to a great degree, mediated by the media: Emma the celebrity is probably a very different person from the real deal. Emma herself has stated many times that she’d rather be less popular, and her decision to take a break from acting and pursue her University degree after Harry Potter wraps seems to confirm her words.

However, whether she’s happy about that or not, Emma is a public person and, as such, exposed to scrutiny by millions of people who have never met her. We – the movie lovers, Harry Potter fans, movie tickets and magazine buyers – all have our own perceptions of Emma, which have been mediated by the interviews we’ve read, rumours we’ve heard, photos we’ve admired, and last but not least, the movies we’ve seen her in. Thus, my idea was to ask our forum members to share their thoughts and opinions on Emma with us. The fans were asked to answer a questionnaire, comprising ten questions, on various aspects of Emma’s public persona, in order to create a most accurate psychological “photo-robot” of Emma as an actor and a person. My only request to the participating fans was to give honest, detailed and good-spirited answers, and I promised that I wouldn’t reveal their names (unless they insisted lol).

When choosing who to send my questions to, I did not specifically target the self-proclaimed Emma-lovers or Emma-haters: all these nice people who sent their responses are Rupert fans first and foremost, and they have learned to appreciate Emma as a part of the Harry Potter franchise. Of course, some of them like her better than the others, but overall none of them is too biased. They just gave their honest opinions, that’s all. The paragraphs to follow sum up their answers, and hopefully provide additional insight into the Emma Watson phenomenon.

Many thanks to all fans who took the time and effort to answer my questions; and if you are interested in reading everyone’s full responses, you will find the links to the questionnaires below.

The first group of questions focused on Emma as a person and the way she presents herself to the fans and media. The opinions of fans have been overwhelmingly positive – a majority agree that Emma is a clever and down-to-Earth girl, a good role model for other teenagers. They also appreciated her academic ambitions: as summed up by someone, “As an actress making millions of dollars, she could easily play down the necessity of a good education. However, her determination to finish (and excel!) in her studies is such a positive thing for young fans to see.”


Emma, looking not-so-glamourous after a night out.

As for Emma’s attitude, many fans perceive her as a nice and decent person overall, although some have noticed that Emma can also appear grumpy or aloof in the images. However, we may never know whether this is just a defense mechanism on Emma’s part, a way of protecting her privacy, or a true sign of her moodiness. Although she is very young, Emma has already been on a receiving end of some downright ruthless media intrusiveness – be it speculation about her present and past boyfriends, or paparazzi catching her in compromising poses and plastering photos of Emma flashing her underwear all over the Internet. Some tabloids have described her a b*tchy drama queen, some have hacked into her personal e-mail and published her private correspondence, some have proclaimed her to be a descendant of a true witch, some have declared her dead. None of these is easy to deal with, especially for a girl who is still only 19 years old, and all fans who responded to my questionnaire seem to agree that, so far, Emma has handled the media exposure and pressures that come with it quite admirably.

Related to this is the group of questions about Emma’s career plans and prospects. As we all know, Emma has expressed uncertainty about her future career direction on several occasions, and it definitely looks like she has no idea what she will be doing for living in ten years time! Besides, as noted by a few fans, she seems to contradict herself all the time. She is starting the University in September, so she is definitely interested in academics, and apparently eager to turn her back to living in the spotlight… but no, she also says she would love to do more films during her summer breaks! When asked to choose between acting and modelling she has opted for acting – and yet, she has only done two roles outside of Harry Potter (one voice-over and one TV drama) while at the same time she has accepted numerous modelling jobs.

The fans who responded to the questionnaire seem to think that Emma is expecting too much of herself, and should focus on doing one thing at the time – be it her studies, acting or anything else. In any case, as noted by a fan, “she is in the fortunate situation that she can afford to be uncertain for a while. Others her age have to make decisions for their future life. But she won’t ever have to worry about her income or earning her living, so she can still decide in three years time when she’s finished studying.”

Rupert and Emma interviewed by GMTV

Rupert and Emma interviewed by GMTV

We also “talked” about the way Emma has treated her co-star Rupert Grint over the years. A majority of fans seem to agree that Emma likes and respects Rupert and thinks of him as a good friend. However, quite a few people were disappointed by Emma’s remark that kissing Rupert was “the most horrible thing she’s ever done” (or something). Of course, we all know the context behind this statement (or, should I say, slip): Emma thinks of Rupert as a sibling, thus kissing him in front of the cameras must have been a weird experience for her. Still, the fans felt that she should have worded it differently. And this remark didn’t help excite the fans about the upcoming Ron/Hermione kiss in Deathly Hallows either — despite the fact that all fans agree that Emma is a huge Ron/Hermione shipper who was definitely pleased to learn that these two ended up together.

Allow me to add that, if Emma is serious about continuing with acting, she should better get used to kissing other actors, no matter how she felt about them in real life! In that respect, perhaps she should take some advice from none other than Rupert, who has already kissed four girls on screen (Michelle Duncan, Jessie Cave, Kimberley Nixon and Emma herself). Although he has admitted to feeling uncomfortable when filming those scenes, he’s had nothing but words of praise for his on-screen partners and he made us feel excited about all that snogging. Practice makes perfection, dear Emma!

As for Emma’s acting abilities, a majority of fans are quite doubtful about her acting potential and unhappy with her portrayal of Hermione. When it comes to describing her performance in Harry Potter movies, most opinions have ranged from “decent” to “sh*tty”; and only two interviewed persons have actually been happy with Emma as Hermione. Most fans seem to think that Emma did her best job in the first two movies; one fan voted for Prisoner of Azkaban, and a few have noted that Emma has improved in Half-Blood Prince as compared to Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix. But not a single one of them has described Emma’s acting as “brilliant”. It seems to me that Rupert fans in general do like Emma the person, Emma the beauty and Emma the wisecracker, but not so much Emma the actress. She is rarely referred to as a “natural” actress, someone who was “born to do it”.

To be fair, lots of fans have noted that a part of the reason why they’re disappointed with movie!Hermione is the way the character has been written and directed; as one fan has put it: “This may be the fault of the directors more than Emma the actress. She only performs the way the director asks, and the director gets to choose which scenes to select/edit out.” Still, there’s no denying that Emma’s less-than-impressive acting has also contributed to the fans’ dissatisfaction with Hermione in the movies.

The opinions of those who have seen Emma’s other movies have also been divided: while some fans enjoyed Ballet Shoes and thought that Emma was more comfortable playing Pauline than Hermione, others didn’t notice much change/improvement. A majority of fans agreed that Emma should have done more roles outside of the franchise, in order to gain more experience and learn a thing or two about acting; but they also admitted that it must have been difficult for Emma to joggle her education with acting commitments. Most fans believe that Emma should really start taking acting more seriously if she has any plans of making it in the business after her Harry Potter days are over. But in order to do so, she would have to decide first whether she wants to be an actress at all. Looks like Emma herself, with her reluctance to fully commit herself to acting, has contributed quite a lot to the general concensus that she was not born to be an actress. The fans seem to believe that, as long as she is doubtful about her acting future and reluctant to devote herself 100% to acting, she won’t be using her full potential; and in the long run it might cost her a post-Potter career.

Emma Watson on the cover of Crash magazine. Photo by Karl Lagerfeld.

Emma Watson on the cover of Crash. Photo by Karl Lagerfeld.

The final group of questions was about Emma’s looks, her celebrity status and the recent media conviction that she is the next “it” girl, the new fashion icon. Again, the fans’ opinions have been divided: while a majority believe that Emma getting all that media attention is good for the Harry Potter franchise in general, on the other hand, they also think that Emma has been getting too much attention at the expense of her more talented co-stars. While all fans agreed that Emma is cute and pretty, some think that her looks are slightly overrated – let me quote a fan opinion here: “She’s a pretty girl, but she’ll never be in the same sex bomb category as, say, Megan Fox or Scarlett Johansson.” And although most fans have no objections to Emma’s interest in and involvement with the fashion industry, they can’t help but note that “good looks alone do not make her a good actress,” and if she is serious about continuing as an actress, “she can’t count on her looks alone to score her new roles” – due to fierce competition she’s about to face once her Harry Potter days are over.

It is beyond doubt that Emma herself is aware of this, and maybe her reluctance to commit herself to acting career at the moment really has to do with her insecurity about her looks and her acting abilities. If this is the case, the only advise the fans seem to have agreed upon is that she should take her time, try out different things in the next couple of years, and then make a firm decision about her future and stick to it. In either case, Emma Watson has definitely grown on us all over the years we have watched her as Hermione Granger, so we all hope she’ll make the best decisions for her, and grow into a happy and accomplished person.

Emma Watson Questionnaire: Fans’ Feedback
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Questionnaire 2
Questionnaire 3
Questionnaire 4
Questionnaire 5
Questionnaire 6
Questionnaire 7
Questionnaire 8
Questionnaire 9
Questionnaire 10
Questionnaire 11
Questionnaire 12
Questionnaire 13
Questionnaire 14

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Rupert Grint: A Model in the Making?

The year of 2009 has been a great one for Rupert Grint in many ways, especially with the release of his highly anticipated film Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and the other film Cherrybomb touring the festivals worldwide and creating lots of buzz. Not only has Rupert been busy filming movies, he has also managed to do multiple photoshoots that make all of us melt and squee with happiness. The best thing about these shoots is that they are all very different, thus they show us different sides of Rupert’s personality, as well as his ability to transform himself in front of the cameras.

blag_magazine_coverThe BLAG magazine feature was really important for Rupert, not only because it was his first ever fashion shoot, but also because it was accompanied by a great, in-depth interview which made us, the fans, feel like we truly got to know him better. Both the interview and the gorgeous photos were done by Sarah J Edwards, one half of the pair behind the Blag magazine. We got a glimpse of what Rupert looks like in a totally different style (compared to his usual “indie rock star” style): he modeled exclusive pieces by today’s hottest designers such as Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, Rag & Bone, etc. In two photos we see Rupert sporting some classy gray attire. One outfit consists of a casual button-up long sleeve shirt with a nice and simple jacket and matching pants. In another photo we see Rupert dressed in some light brown and gray tones that include many patterns, but the patterns are very well matched and do not overpower the entire outfit. We only see the upper half of the outfit, but I’m imagining that he’s wearing gray dress pants with a chain hanging in one of his pockets! Just think of it as an edgier way a college professor would dress!

When Rupert did an interview with the Daily Mail, I was in awe with the photos taken by Ian Derry. Rupert looks incredibly debonair and has such a sophisticated look on his face that is simply seductive.

article-1195468-055c57fa000005dc-281_634x426 article-1195468-0536d0e0000005dc-362_306x423

fondue_graduate_wideweb__430x396Not only are these pictures amazing by themselves, they are also inspired by the 1967 American cult classic The Graduate, starring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft (the small picture on the right). Another thing I really adored about the photos was Rupert’s wardrobe. I absolutely love seeing Rupert dressed up in formal wear. It may not be his style, but he makes a regular tux look like the “in” thing to wear for men. Maybe this could lead Rupert into a future style icon status.

fhm1Then came along the FHM Magazine shoot (photographed by Glen Burrows) and a funny, bloke-y accompanying interview, where Rupert not only discussed his goal to win an Oscar someday, but he also mentioned that he did have doubts about his future as an actor. This was another superb fashion shoot (Rupert modeled Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld, Burberry Prorsum, Viktor & Rolf Monsieur and other designer brands), but a rather edgy and surreal one, possibly inspired by the fact that Rupert is famous for playing a wizard. For example, there is a picture of Rupert lighting a cigarette with his thumb, which made a lot of his fans unable to blink! This stunning portrait is so simple, yet sexy and makes Rupert look a bit more rebellious.

fhm2Another interesting picture is of Rupert sitting on a chair with his hands on a table wearing a black suit with a tea cup levitating. The moment I saw this picture I couldn’t help but just picture him in a film where his character has some kind of magical powers and is being questioned because of his abilities; so, in this scene, Rupert’s is simply demonstrating to them how powerful he really is and what amazing things he can do. I know the scenario sounds a little strange, but it’s also kind of symbolic, is it not?

harry-potter-cast_lIn the recent Entertainment Weekly photoshoot and interview (the author of which is Jeff Jensen) we get to see a more natural Rupert, who is photographed alongside his Harry Potter cast mates: Daniel Radcliffe, Bonnie Wright and Emma Watson. This time, Rupert was photographed in Moschino, Tommy Hilfiger and other cool designer gear. In the picture on the left, it looks like Rupert was having a blast with his friends, which is something all fans love to see.

harry-potter-cast3_lHere’s another great picture of Rupert along with his two partners in crime, Daniel and Emma (the three of them were on the cover as well). Looks like Dan is standing on a box again, lol! Anyway, it is obvious that Rupert was having great fun with this particular photoshoot: not only that he was hanging out with his friends, but he also seemed to enjoy the surroundings as well. However, some fans were disappointed that Bonnie wasn’t on the cover of Entertainment Weekly together with the trio, and we do feel for Bonnie’s fans.

The photoshoot from the Times Online, done by Tom Stockill, seems to have caused mixed feelings among Rupert fans. Although Rupert looked as gorgeous as ever, quite a few fans thought that the poses were awkward and seemed uncomfortable. The lighting also seemed to disappoint as well – basically some thought the pictures were too dark. Though, I have to admit that, when I first saw the pictures, I just thought that it was so cool that Rupert was back to being his usual self. He was dressed in his own clothes and his hair was styled the way we’re used to seeing him – shaggy and slightly above his eyes. But the background and surroundings didn’t seem to play off well on Rupert.


tomstockill_7However, there are some lovely pictures, and just the way that Rupert looks into the camera makes your head spin. Whether you liked the photoshoot or not, you can’t help but think that Rupert takes pictures like a pro, no matter the lighting, the poses, the surroundings or the feeling he’s supposed to convey.

So, can you imagine Rupert as a future model? Giving those who say gingers don’t make good models a run for their money? Personally, I don’t see it happening. Although he does take good photos, Rupert is more than likely going to stick with what he does best. Acting. He’s got a bright future as an actor ahead of him. But a major plus side to all these photoshoots is that they could very well give him the push that he needs. And I believe all fans will agree with my conclusion: Rupert doesn’t need to do photoshoots to impress us, but it doesn’t hurt either. 😀

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Emma Watson Questionnaire 14

1. Emma as a person – overall impression
She seems to be a nice person.

2. Emma’s acting in Harry Potter – is she a good Hermione or not? How important is canon in this respect?What did you think of her performance in Half-Blood Prince as opposed to other films?
I like her in the role of Hermione. Sometimes she overacts, for example her facial expressions make her look a little fake, but only a few times; so overall she is perfect as Hermione. In Half-Blood Prince she was nice. You could see that Hermione loves Ron but doesn’t want to express her feelings. I liked the scene with the birds a lot, she really seemed to be crying.

3. Emma’s acting outside Harry Potter (Ballet Shoes, The Tale of Despereaux)
In Ballet Shoes her character was different from Hermione, so she did a good job; and I didn’t watch The Tale of Despereaux.

4. The fact that Emma didn’t do many roles outside of Harry Potter – a good thing or not?
I think this is neither good nor bad because, okay, she could have learned more about acting, but maybe she wanted to have more free time to spend with her family and friends. But definitely she could learn a few things that would improve her performance as Hermione.

5. Emma’s looks – overrated or not
No I think it’s okay, people like her, she’s pretty and it’s natural for the magazines and companies to want to have her as their “face” and put her on the covers.

6. Emma as a style icon – is it a good thing for the Harry Potter franchise overall, or not?
Yes, definitely it is good, I think it gives Harry Potter some good publicity.

7. Emma’s ambition and plans in life: acting, or modelling, or university, or all these
She’s making good decisions. It’s a good thing that she wants to study something: it’s a backup plan and it should make her feel more secure if she doesn’t want to act in a future. As for modelling, well she’s very pretty and if she likes it, she should take advantage of it.

8. The way Emma treats Rupert in interviews and public appearances
They look like friends, not best friends but good friends; maybe she speaks a lot and I don’t know if Rupert is just shy or she really doesn’t let Rupert talk hahaha.

9. Emma as a Ron/Hermione shipper
I think she likes the relationship, and enjoys talking about Ron/Hermione, but when it comes to the movies and the scenes with Rupert, she looks uncomfortable.

10. Your expectations: Emma in Deathly Hallows I and II, and beyond Harry Potter
I hope there will be some improvement in the Ron/Hermione department. She always does a good job with the Harry/Hermione scenes, but I really want to see how the relationship between Ron and Hermione grows, how they really love each other. I want to see it on the screen.

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Emma Watson Questionnaire 13

1. Emma as a person – overall impression
Emma seems like a rather intelligent, poised, classy young woman. I am proud of her decision to continue her education and the way she presents herself in the public eye.

2. Emma’s acting in Harry Potter – is she a good Hermione or not? How important is canon in this respect? What did you think of her performance in Half-Blood Prince as opposed to other films?
I am not totally pleased with Emma’s portrayal of Hermione in the HP movies. She seems too snotty, too arrogant, and not as socially awkward or mocked as the book version of Hermione. This may be the fault of the directors more than Emma the actress. She only performs the way the director asks, and the director gets to choose which scenes to select/edit out.
I feel that canon is important, but not if it gets in the way of decent film story-telling.
I enjoyed Emma’s portrayal of Hermione in Half-Blood Prince more than in most of the films. That was probably due to the fact that she actually had a better variety of emotions to portray. I did feel some of the scenes were forced (hospital bed scene with Lavender), but was glad for less “eyebrow emoting” overall.

3. Emma’s acting outside Harry Potter (Ballet Shoes, The Tale of Despereaux)
I haven’t seen any of her other works, as they do not appeal to me.

4. The fact that Emma didn’t do many roles outside of Harry Potter – a good thing or not?
It doesn’t matter.

5. Emma’s looks – overrated or not
She is a beautiful young woman with a very ‘youthful’ appearance. She is not a stunning beauty. The film makers allow the portrayal of Hermione to be too pretty. Hermione is supposed to be plain, not lovely.

6. Emma as a style icon – is it a good thing for the Harry Potter franchise overall, or not?
I feel the fashion world is superficial and unimportant, so I’d rather not see Ms. Watson be involved with this industry. However, it has no impact on the Harry Potter franchise overall.

7. Emma’s ambition and plans in life: acting, or modelling, or university, or all these
Her best option, since she is not getting the acting opportunities she desires, is to follow an education and find something that better suits her abilities.

8. The way Emma treats Rupert in interviews and public appearances
Other than saying that kissing him was “horrible,” she has always been inclusive and generous to Rupert in interviews. She clearly enjoys him and wants others to as well. Her “horrible” comment was impulsive and reflective of the experience of kissing on screen, not the individual. None the less, it was not the most appropriate way to react.

9. Emma as a Ron/Hermione shipper
I am grateful that she has always been the most vocal proponent of the pair. I hope she was pleased with the way the storyline worked out.

10. Your expectations: Emma in Deathly Hallows I and II, and beyond Harry Potter
I expect Emma to continue to get the lion’s share of attention throughout filming and promotion of Deathly Hallows I & II. That’s just the media’s way. I hope that she is able to continue to grow in showing the flirtation and attraction between Hermione and Ron, as well as the anguish and hurt of abandonment. I also hope that she finds what she is looking for in a career, and happiness for the future.

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Emma Watson Questionnaire 12

1. Emma as a person – overall impression
I’m not sure how to answer this question. I don’t know much about her, so my (superficial) impression might be way off.

2. Emma’s acting in Harry Potter – is she a good Hermione or not? And why? How important is canon in this respect? What did you think of her performance in Half-Blood Prince as opposed to other films?
I really liked her in the first two movies. Prisoner of Azkaban was a step back, but I don’t think it was Emma’s fault – it was the tandem of Kloves and Cuaron who turned Hermione into something she wasn’t supposed to be. However, since Goblet of Fire Emma has completely ruined Hermione for me. She adopted some really bad habits, she started overacting and portraying Hermione as this hysterical, overly emotional, annoying teenager. Book!Hermione does have her high-strung moments, but most of the time she is quite rational, sensible and objective. Emma fails to grasp this dimension of Hermione completely. Sometimes it seems to me Emma is trying too hard, the other time she appears completely disinterested. She needs to learn to breathe, relax in the scene, but most of all, she needs to decide whether she wants to be an actress or not. It is plain obvious that in the past 4-5 years she has been doubtful about her acting prospects, and unfortunately it shows. And I haven’t really seen much improvement in Half-Blood Prince. I have to admit she annoyed me less, but only because her screen time was diminished.

3. Emma’s acting outside Harry Potter (Ballet Shoes, The Tale of Despereaux)
I haven’t seen The Tale of Despereaux, so I can’t tell. Ballet Shoes was a nice little TV movie, but Emma was probably the weakest link in the cast. She was completely overshadowed by the girls who played Pauline’s sisters Petrova and Posy – even the girl who played Winifred was a lot better than Emma. I understand why Emma wanted to do Ballet Shoes, but the role wasn’t much of a stretch and her performance was nothing to write home about.

4. The fact that Emma didn’t do many roles outside of Harry Potter – a good thing or not?
Well, it’s undoubtedly a good thing that Emma kept focus on school and got excellent marks and got accepted to a prestigious university – getting a good degree will open lots of doors for her, career wise. However, if she is serious about continuing her career as an actress beyond Harry Potter, then it’s a bad thing, because she needs to learn her craft. In fact it puzzles me why she didn’t want to study drama.

5. Emma’s looks – overrated or not
Overrated. She’s a pretty girl, but she’ll never be in the same sex bomb category as, say, Megan Fox or Scarlett Johansson. Besides, there are so many pretty girls in Hollywood, so if she’s serious about continuing with acting, she can’t count on her looks alone to score her new roles.

6. Emma as a style icon – is it a good thing for the Harry Potter franchise overall, or not?
It’s a good thing, because it draws more attention to the movies, and broadens the potential audience.

7. Emma’s ambition and plans in life: acting, or modelling, or university, or all these
Whatever makes her happy, but honestly, I don’t see her winning an Academy Award anytime soon.

8. The way Emma treats Rupert in interviews and public appearances
It is quite obvious that Emma is fond of Rupert; she usually has nice things to say about him. However, I’ve never noticed any sign of sexual attraction between them: so, when Emma says that she only sees Rupert as a good friend, or an older brother, I believe her.

9. Emma as a Ron/Hermione shipper
I do believe she’s a R/Hr shipper, she has said so many times. I also hope she’s upset as much as the rest of us R/Hr shippers when their relationship is downplayed in the movies!

10. Your expectations: Emma in Deathly Hallows I and II, and beyond Harry Potter
I have no idea what Emma will do after Deathly Hallows, and frankly I won’t be following her career beyond Harry Potter. In any case, I hope she will make the best choices for her, and do whatever makes her happy and fulfilled, and I wish her all the best.

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Emma Watson Questionnaire 11

1. Emma as a person – overall impression
When I first watched Emma play Hermione in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, I felt like she was such a smart and cute girl. And this first impression proved to be right, as I watched her in other Harry Potter movies and observed her behaviour towards the press and the public. While other stars concentrate on their acting career, she balances both her study and her acting and completes both jobs with such an excellent result. Considering her age, she does a great job balancing commitments.

2. Emma’s acting in Harry Potter – is she a good Hermione or not? And why? How important is canon in this respect? What did you think of her performance in Half-Blood Prince as opposed to other films?
I must say I’m not a fan of her acting. To me, she was Hermione in the first two films: bossy, intelligent, yet insecure. Since the third film, I haven’t felt Hermione much in her acting. Partly because movie!Hermione (under the hand of you-know-who) gradually separated from book!Hermione. She suddenly become a heroine with incredible strength (yeah, she used one hand to pick Harry up and throw him into the cave in Harry Potter 3), took the lines which should have been Ron or others… Hermione also became an “old woman” with her grimaced face and seemed to be uncomfortable with everything. I could hardly distinguish whether Hermione was worried or angry because her facial expression was nearly the same: grimaced eyebrows and stares…
In Half-Blood Prince I found little attachment between Ron and Hermione. Her expression when Hermione was heartbroken gave me no feeling at all. I couldn’t feel the pain Hermione was going through and I even wondered if Hermione was crying or having stomachache. Though she did a good job in the hospital scene, I still felt their relationship unpersuasive. It’s funny that although I am a R/Hr shipper, I actually liked R/Lav better in Half-Blood Prince!

3. Emma’s acting outside Harry Potter (Ballet Shoes, The Tale of Despereaux)
I watched Ballet Shoes and I don’t know how to put it without being too harsh. Well, I saw little difference between Hermione and Pauline. That same facial expression, the same gestures sometimes made me wonder if this was Hermione or Pauline.

4. The fact that Emma didn’t do many roles outside of Harry Potter – a good thing or not?
We all know that off set Emma kept focus on her studies. So there is no surprise that she didn’t do so many roles outside of Harry Potter. In my opinion, this is a wise and good move because she didn’t let the superficial celebrity lifestyle seduce her and distract her from her other interest: study.

5. Emma’s looks – overrated or not
Emma is a beautiful young woman, no one can deny it. And the fact that she is the only girl of the Trio makes her even more beautiful. However, when you open the magazines and find her pics everywhere, you have the feeling that her beauty is overrated and appraised too much by the press.

6. Emma as a style icon – is it a good thing for the Harry Potter franchise overall, or not?
I think it’s good for the franchise. For example, when she did a photoshoot and interview for Elle, they would mention her as part of the Harry Potter franchise. Considering the majority of Elle readers, not all of them know about Harry Potter. Therefore, once they found her interesting, they might want to find our more about her through her movies.
This, however, is a double-edged sword. With the audiences who are also book purists, when they watch the movie, they may find movie!Hermione too blond and this may affect their perception of the characters.

7. Emma’s ambition and plans in life: acting, or modelling, or university, or all these
Well, this is her life and I wish her good luck. I just found it confusing that in recent interviews, while she kept saying she wanted to be anonymous after Harry Potter, she kept doing the photoshoots, she agreed to be the face of Burberry, she revealed she would be going to the States etc. Well, if you wanna be anonymous, then don’t say it everywhere and every time. I think she is still unsure about her future (well, she’s just 19).

8. The way Emma treats Rupert in interviews and public appearances
I haven’t seen too many interviews of just the two of them (I have been oblivious to the interviews outside the Harry Potter movies until… recently). However, in those interviews that I did watch she seemed very nice towards him and appraised him very much – except for the one she said kissing him was horrible (though she made some amendments later).

9. Emma as a Ron/Hermione shipper
She said a long time ago she was a R/Hr shipper. I just hope to see more good R/Hr moments in the movies.

10. Your expectations: Emma in Deathly Hallows I and II, and beyond Harry Potter
I hope in the last two movies, Hermione will be somewhat more like book!Hermione: a strong, intelligent and brave girl, who still shows her love for Ron and to some extent her dependence on him. Hermione, after all, is a girl with such a tender heart who needs caring, love and being loved.
For her project outside Harry Potter, if she continues her acting, I hope she can totally step outside the franchise and make us forget about Hermione. Above all, I wish her the best.

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Emma Watson Questionnaire 10

1. Emma as a person – overall impression
Being honest, I think it’s a complete coin toss with her attitude. One minute she seems sweet as peaches, the next she seems like a diva. Having seen both of those with her, its hard to imagine what she’s really like.

2. Emma’s acting in Harry Potter – is she a good Hermione or not? And why? How important is canon in this respect? What did you think of her performance in Half-Blood Prince as opposed to other films?
I actually think Emma has done a pretty respectable job playing Hermione. However, I feel that for some time her acting has taken a wrong turn. I thought she played Hermione incredibly well in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and that was actually my favorite portrayal of Hermione. Emma does make a good Hermione, mainly because they are so similar: they’re both bookworms who find comfort and peace while studying or just being in school. Now, when it comes to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, at times I couldn’t help but cringe at her acting. I just feel that Emma isn’t giving it her all anymore, mainly because she knows the ropes now and may possibly think that she is so similar to Hermione in a way, that there’s no need to act! In other words Emma is acting the way she would react to a certain situation and not the way Hermione would. So at certain points I had to ask myself, “Is this Hermione or Emma talking?” Hmmm…

3. Emma’s acting outside Harry Potter (Ballet Shoes, The Tale of Despereaux)
Ballet Shoes was incredibly bland and pretty much bored me to tears. I thought Emma was incredibly over-dramatic during the film and to me it felt like she was again playing a character too similar to herself. I haven’t seen Tale of Despereaux so I can’t speak much about that; but if Emma was trying to prove she has any acting chops at all, she certainly wasn’t going about it correctly. She was in an animation movie and in my opinion, that’s not saying much when it comes to acting. The audience isn’t seeing you act, they’re not seeing your body language or your facial expressions, they are just hearing your voice.

4. The fact that Emma didn’t do many roles outside of Harry Potter – a good thing or not?
If she were serious about acting, she would have done more roles outside of Harry Potter. Now, I understand that school seemed more important to her, which by all means it should, but she really should have done more acting if at all possible. The fact that she has done so little outside of the franchise seems to weaken her chances of a serious career in the future.

5. Emma’s looks – overrated or not

6. Emma as a style icon – is it a good thing for the Harry Potter franchise overall, or not?
In all honesty, I find it rather annoying and extremely overrated that the public makes such a big deal out of what she’s wearing. I don’t think it’s really benefiting Harry Potter, nor is it hurting it. Her fashion sense and the franchise have nothing in common at all, except for the girl underneath those fancy clothes.

7. Emma’s ambition and plans in life: acting, or modelling, or university, or all these
I think it’s really good that Emma’s going to college because it’s a good time to “find and discover yourself;” and she may come to terms that she is meant to do something else and that acting may not be the right thing for her. She has said herself that she could fit in a couple indie movies to film while on vacation from college, but I find it hard to see Emma as an “indie darling.” Maybe I’m wrong, but I can’t see her doing any type of indie film.
I’m incredibly bothered that she is considered a “model” now. Every time I saw her on the cover of all those magazines, I couldn’t help myself but wonder if she enjoyed acting more, or modelling? I’d have to go with modelling because she’s done more magazine shoots than movies. If she was dead-on serious about her acting, she would have taken all that time it took her to pose for the photo cameras and filled it with time on a movie set, doing what she’s supposed to be doing. Acting!
So, when I see Emma, I don’t see an actress but a model.

8. The way Emma treats Rupert in interviews and public appearances
In the past I always thought that Emma treated Rupert quite well, but of course she had to make a fool out of herself on Jonathan Ross and say that kissing Rupert was “The most horrible thing I’ve ever had to do.” For one, it just didn’t seem professional and a lot of Rupert fans including myself thought that was kind of a low blow and that she could have kept that bit of information hidden. But apart from that I have no complaints. She seems to be fond of him at most times.

9. Emma as a Ron/Hermione shipper
I think it’s great that Emma is a R/Hr shipper, because it shows that she’s really into the characters and that she knows, just as much as most Harry Potter fans do, that Ron and Hermione belong together and that they are perfect for each other, despite them butting heads from time to time.

10. Your expectations: Emma in Deathly Hallows I and II, and beyond Harry Potter
I definitely expect Emma to finish college and think long and hard about acting and if this is what she really wants to do. I personally don’t see her having an extremely successful career outside of Harry Potter, just because I don’t see her making it too far beyond the franchise. Entertainment business is tough, it’s nothing but a big competition. Speaking of competition, I think she has a lot of it and she’ll have to work really hard to get the roles that she wants if she decides to go further with her career.

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Emma Watson Questionnaire 9

1. Emma as a person – overall impression
I like her. I think these reports we sometimes hear about her being a diva aren’t true. I always admired her personality. She is witty, she is clever, she is intelligent, she is sensible. She genuinely likes Rupert, which is always a good thing in my book. She is certainly interesting to listen to in interviews (okay, sometimes she elaborates a bit too much, but nobody is perfect). It’s not her fault that she’s beautiful and a media darling. She makes the best out of it, which is also clever. I have more of a problem with how the media perceives and treats the trio (i. e. shunting aside Rupert) than I have with Emma attending all these fashion shows and doing one photoshoot after another.

2. Emma’s acting in Harry Potter – is she a good Hermione or not? And why? How important is canon in this respect? What did you think of her performance in Half-Blood Prince as opposed to other films?
I think she did the best and was the closest to Hermione in the first two movies. Then her acting dropped. Can’t really put my finger on the reason. Maybe the direction, maybe the script, maybe puberty. Who knows? Is she a good Hermione? Well, I couldn’t imagine another one. Not now with only two more movies to go anyway. Her acting never convinced me much so I would have to say no, she’s not a good Hermione. But that wouldn’t be completely fair. She has been spot on in a couple of scenes. In others it’s just… maybe direction, maybe script, maybe puberty. But I have to say, she really nailed the heartbreak, the jealousy and the love for Ron in Half-Blood Prince. She was much better than in the previous few movies.

3. Emma’s acting outside Harry Potter (Ballet Shoes, The Tale of Despereaux)
I haven’t seen them, so I can’t say anything about it.

4. The fact that Emma didn’t do many roles outside of Harry Potter – a good thing or not?
If she really wants to pursue a career as an actress later, it might be a bad thing. On the other hand, since I’ve never been much convinced in her acting skills (although she has somewhat impressed me in Half-Blood Prince) her not being in too many movies has to be a good thing.

5. Emma’s looks – overrated or not
I personally find her beautiful. She can be stunningly glamorous, but what I like even more (and envy to be honest) is that she’s a natural beauty. She has a lovely face, cute freckles and all, without having to put on tons of make-up. So I don’t think her looks are overrated. But tastes are different and many people might find them overrated and that is just as valid an opinion as mine.

6. Emma as a style icon – is it a good thing for the Harry Potter franchise overall, or not?
Is she a style icon? I don’t really see that. But if she is, I don’t think it’s bad for the franchise. Brings more attention and more money, doesn’t it?

7. Emma’s ambition and plans in life: acting, or modelling, or university, or all these
I think she’s not quite 100% sure and she is in the fortunate situation that she can afford to be uncertain for a while. Others her age have to make decisions for their future life. But she won’t ever have to worry about her income or earning her living, so she can still decide in three years when she’s finished studying. I personally can see her doing some modelling when she’s back. I am not sure about acting, mainly because she doesn’t seem to be 100% sure herself.

8. The way Emma treats Rupert in interviews and public appearances
With the exception of this one slip in the interview that should not be named, she always says only the nicest things about Rupert, practically gushing about him. I think it’s genuine and you can just feel that she considers him a good friend and colleague.

9. Emma as a Ron/Hermione shipper
Absolutely yes, without a doubt. She is one of us, so to speak. Endearingly so. Very clear and very vocal about it.

10. Your expectations: Emma in Deathly Hallows I and II, and beyond Harry Potter
Since there will be very intense emotional scenes in both parts, I expect her to do great. As she did in Half-Blood Prince. Beyond that, I’m not sure. Maybe she won’t even come back after her studies. If she does come back to a life in the spot-light I rather see her doing the modelling and photoshoot stuff to be honest. Regardless of my improved opinion on her acting after Half-Blood Prince.

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Emma Watson Questionnaire 8

1. Emma as a person – overall impression
I have a lot of respect for Emma Watson as a person. She has grown into an intelligent and beautiful girl who hasn’t let her fame, fortune or good looks go to her head and take over her life. In my opinion she is one of the very few female celebrities that girls should look up to. Keeping up with her school the way she has while working on he Harry Potter movies couldn’t have been easy and I think she handled it all very well. It is a wonderful thing for younger girls to see that being smart is not something you should be ashamed of or try to hide. So all in all I think Emma comes across as a well rounded and grounded woman and I wish her the best!

2. Emma’s acting in Harry Potter – is she a good Hermione or not? And why? How important is canon in this respect? What did you think of her performance in Half-Blood Prince as opposed to other films?
Even though I do not enjoy all the changes that have been made to the Hermione character, I think that Emma has done a good job with the material she has been given. Staying true to the books is not always an easy thing to do, and I understand that many things need to be changed because what works in a book just does not work in a movie. For example, Hermione in the books does not have strong social skills and is very bossy, almost too bossy, and though I love her strong-in-your-face personality, I do not think it would have played well in a movie. So overall I am happy with how Emma has portrayed Hermione in the movies. I think Half-Blood Prince has been her best film yet of the Harry Potter series, acting wise. She did a great job with the comedy, especially when opposite Rupert Grint, and I really felt bad for Hermione while she was watching Ron with his new girlfriend, Lavender! Emma looked much more comfortable in Half-Blood Prince then she has in any of the past Harry Potter movies. I think the romantic comedy is something she does well and I hope she does more of them in the future!

3. Emma’s acting outside Harry Potter (Ballet Shoes, The Tale of Despereaux)
I have not seen any of Emma’s work outside of the Harry Potter movies so it would not be fair for me to comment. Though I did notice a change in her skill level after she filmed Ballet Shoes: being given a new character to learn about and create was probably a refreshing change for her and really helped her when she come back to a character that she had become so comfortable with.

4. The fact that Emma didn’t do many roles outside of Harry Potter – a good thing or not?
I think it has been a good thing for her. She is clearly very interested in school and wants to resume her education. Had she tried do fit too many films in on her off time from Harry Potter, she would not have been able to make her plans for her education fall into place. I really respect her for sticking with her school work and seeing what else is out there instead of just settling with something that she all ready has.

5. Emma’s looks – overrated or not
As I said above, I think she has grown into a beautiful girl! Her lack of heavy makeup is also something I admire about her. A lot of famous women wear so much makeup even when they do not need it that it is nice to see someone who is so happy and confident just being herself. And why shouldn’t she?

6. Emma as a style icon – is it a good thing for the Harry Potter franchise overall, or not?
I do not think Emma’s “style icon” status should have any effect on the Harry Potter franchise. Even though Emma shares some qualities with her character Hermione, at the end of the day Emma is not Hermione and if she is looked as a “style icon” then good for her. Why not? She is young and interested in fashion! The only way it has affected Harrry Potter movies is that Hermione is not “geeky” enough in the movies. But this has nothing to do with Emma herself; that was a choice made by people much higher up the Harry Potter franchise list.

7. Emma’s ambition and plans in life: acting, or modelling, or university, or all these

8. The way Emma treats Rupert in interviews and public appearances
Emma and Rupert have great chemistry, on and off set. They appear to genuinely enjoy each others’ company and have a good time together. Their interviews are always fun to watch!

9. Emma as a Ron/Hermione shipper

10. Your expectations: Emma in Deathly Hallows I and II, and beyond Harry Potter
I hope Emma continues to grow as an actress and I cannot wait to see Deathly Hallows Part I and II. I’m dying to know what made the cut, what didn’t, and how Emma decides to portray Hermione in each scene. As far as after Harry Potter, I wish Emma the best of luck in everything to tries and I hope to see her in some more movies soon!

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Emma Watson Questionnaire 7

1. Emma as a person – overall impression
Emma as a person, overall… I think she’s a good person, but she comes off as a bit cold or snooty sometimes. There are times she seems very sweet and times I can see the b*tch. But overall, I think she’s a decent person.

2. Emma’s acting in Harry Potter – is she a good Hermione or not? And why? How important is canon in this respect? What did you think of her performance in Half-Blood Prince as opposed to other films?
As much as I am, for the most part, disappointed in Emma’s acting, I still think that she, Dan and Rupert are perfect for these roles. I thought she did great in the first two movies, but then in movies 3-5, she was pretty bad. She did better in Half-Blood Prince than she has done in awhile, but she still had some of the same bad habits in places, for example talking too fast and high pitched, as well as heavy breathing. Personally, I have never been too hung up on Hermione being exactly like the books, looks wise, like keeping her hair bushy or things like that. I would just prefer better acting.

3. Emma’s acting outside Harry Potter (Ballet Shoes, The Tale of Despereaux)
I’ve never seen any of Emma’s performances outside of Harry Potter.

4. The fact that Emma didn’t do many roles outside of Harry Potter – a good thing or not?
I think it might have helped if she did more things outside of Harry Potter because while she’s “learning acting” doing the Harry Potter movies, it’s kind of ruining some aspects of the movies that could be better. Now her “learning” is going to be a part of history, when it should be the acting that is. If she did other roles or taken classes in between the movies, that might have helped.

5. Emma’s looks – overrated or not
I think her looks are quite overrated. She’s a cute, “girl next door” type. She can look quite pretty sometimes. But I think people really overdo it when talking about her. And people do that with a lot of celebrities. They say how beautiful and stunning they are, when they are really just nice looking, not exceptional looking, people.

6. Emma as a style icon – is it a good thing for the Harry Potter franchise overall, or not?
Personally, I don’t think it affects Harry Potter in any way and if this is what she wants to do, she should do it. But I do get a little tired of all the over the top photoshoots. I think she would do better learning to act if she wants to continue with this career.

7. Emma’s ambition and plans in life: acting, or modelling, or university, or all these
I think if she wants to do it all and thinks she can handle it, then she should go for it. It’s her life. She should do what she wants to do. I do admire her for being so serious about her education and not putting that on the backburner, and I also appreciate her wanting a “normal” life for a while. Plus, studying while she’s been in the spotlight must have been a challenge. But she seems like a smart girl, mature for her age. She’ll do fine.

8. The way Emma treats Rupert in interviews and public appearances
I think Emma truly likes/loves Rupert as a friend and thinks the world of him. Maybe she even was/is attracted to him. I think she has genuine affection for Rupert and would never hurt him on purpose, but she and Rupert both have mucked up, as far as interviews go. I try to keep in mind that they both are still quite young and some situations are uncomfortable so, sometimes the “wrong” things may slip out. But really, I have no doubt that she cares for Rupert very much and wants the best for him and I’m sure he feels the same way about her.

9. Emma as a Ron/Hermione shipper
I think Emma is a Ron/Hermione shipper. She seems like she’s happy with what happened with her character. It’s kind of nice to know that she fights for that and is a fellow Ron/Hermione shipper.

10. Your expectations: Emma in Deathly Hallows I and II, and beyond Harry Potter
I’m just hoping that Harry Potter goes out with a bang overall and that everyone tries the absolute best that they can. I’m not going to let little things ruin the whole experience for me, so I try not to dwell on what is bothersome anyway; I just want the actor’s passion and excitement to be there, for the filming, the promotions and beyond. I think it helps the fans to be and stay excited when we get those good vibes from the actors, as well. I don’t really plan on following Emma’s career/life beyond Harry Potter, but it would be nice to hear updates on her every now and then. I wish her luck.

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Emma Watson Questionnaire 6

1. Emma as a person – overall impression
At first glance, Emma seems to be a very fierce person, who wants to be perfect at everything she does (acting, school, modelling, etc). I think she is also clever enough to make good choices when she has to make big decisions (such as choosing university over acting).
However, I get the impression that Emma does not really know what she wants (or at least not yet), because very often, her actions contradict the things she says.
Her official site is the “Website of British Actress Emma Watson”, yet she has not done any acting outside of Harry Potter (apart from a TV drama Ballet Shoes). She says she is a natural blonde, yet she announced her “hair would go blond” for Ballet Shoes (why would it go blond if it already IS that colour?). She says she is a completely normal girl, and yet she wears high fashion at every opportunity (which neither Rupert nor Dan do to that extent). She buys a house (or flat?) in London weeks before moving to the USA for three years. She claims that she is looking forward to living a regular life without being a star, yet moves to the USA where (as she should know) the paparazzi are much worse than in the UK, not to mention her repeated appearances at events where she gets papped (Rupert has been incredibly successful at avoiding them, so why not Emma?).

2. Emma’s acting in Harry Potter – is she a good Hermione or not? And why? How important is canon in this respect? What did you think of her performance in Half-Blood Prince as opposed to other films?
First of all, after 6 films, it’s hard to imagine someone else playing Hermione. I liked her as Hermione in the first two Harry Potter films, but much less ever since Prisoner of Azkaban.
Hermione (in the books) is not supposed to be the almost-perfect girl she seems to be in the films. In the books, Hermione is not as beautiful as Emma, esp. considering her bushy hair. Since Prisoner of Azkaban, Hermione in the films has been styled in modern and tight fitting clothes; her hair became straight and styled, and most of the scenes showing Hermione’s insecurities and imperfections were not in the script (which is not Emma’s fault, but it influences the impression the audience gets immensely).
Many people can relate to Hermione in the books because she has insecurities, she has difficulties making friends and being accepted. Hermione in the films has been turned into a beautiful Hollywood-like heroine, who I cannot identify with as much as with Hermione from the books.
I had expected more from Hermione in Half-Blood Prince. Compared to Lavender Brown, her infatuation with Ron was minimal. Her “Excuse me I have to go vomit” sounded more annoyed than hurt.
It also seemed slightly unusual for Hermione to try to impress Slughorn by claiming her parents’ profession was dangerous. Hermione usually tries to impress with her cleverness, not with her (or someone else’s) courage.

3. Emma’s acting outside Harry Potter (Ballet Shoes, The Tale of Despereaux)
I have only seen Ballet Shoes (Despereaux would have been dubbed in my country and therefore no Emma’s voice anyway).
She played Pauline with much more ease than Hermione, and came across as much more believable. I loved the scenes of Pauline’s castings and her emotional scenes.
However, Emma herself (and I think the casting agent as well) said that Pauline’s life had more parallels to Emma’s than Hermione’s, so maybe she could simply put more of herself in Pauline’s character than she can when portraying Hermione.
Although she was good, I think the girl who played Posy was still better than Emma.

4. The fact that Emma didn’t do many roles outside of Harry Potter – a good thing or not?
If she wants to continue as an actress, no. To me, despite having seen Ballet Shoes, I can only imagine her as Hermione. I cannot imagine her in action movies, or in comedy, or in psychological or political films. I could imagine her in romantic roles, but as she has not had any really romantic scenes yet (as it’s all in Deathly Hallows), I’m not sure how believable she will be.
Emma has said that she uses modelling to break out of being stereotyped, but while she may look pretty or interesting in the shoots, it does not help me see her as an actress, but simply as a dressed up Hermione.

5. Emma’s looks – overrated or not
Emma is pretty, or at least seems to be as I’ve never seen her in person. That seems to be important for Hollywood, so if that is where she wants to go at some point, it might be important. However, good looks alone do not make her a good actress.

6. Emma as a style icon – is it a good thing for the Harry Potter franchise overall, or not?
I don’t think it has much of an effect on the Harry Potter franchise in terms of gaining or losing fans.
I don’t like that Emma influences Hermione with her fashion sense, however. Hermione in the books never seemed to be that interested in fashion (more like “I get dressed so I won’t walk around naked”), and too insecure to dress up as much as Hermione is in the films, not to mention her constantly wearing pink.
The fact that Emma is so interested in the fashion industry makes her less of the girl-next-door type, though. Her presence at fashion shows, always getting high fashion for whatever event she attends, makes her constant “I am still a normal and natural girl” bragging slightly unrealistic, because how many “normal” girls get to wear Chanel or Burberry?

7. Emma’s ambition and plans in life: acting, or modelling, or university, or all these
She is very ambitious and think it is a good thing. Her decision to (possibly) give up acting, at least for a certain time, was probably not easy, but I think she will be able to juggle university and acting, especially in the US.
However, I cannot imagine that she will be left alone by the media when she studies in the US (I assume she’d be “safer” in the UK), and even less when she goes into modelling. If she ever has a modelling job during a stressful time at university (exams), she will risk looking tired and unhealthy, and, particularly as she is very thin anyway, the media will certainly make sure to mention bulimia. So she’d better be careful.

8. The way Emma treats Rupert in interviews and public appearances
I get the impression that Emma likes Rupert, and that Rupert likes Emma. Just like siblings.
They have sat in the Harry Potter rollercoaster together and they (and Dan) can probably understand each other like no other.
During the Half-Blood Prince promotion, I got the impression that Rupert and Emma were much more at ease around each other, but also further apart than ever before. Maybe it was the fact that they had shot their kiss already and a lot of the underlying tension was gone, which in turn made them more relaxed.
On the other side: only a few weeks are left before Emma goes off to university, which means that their time together at Leavesden is almost over (even if Emma comes back to shoot more scenes later on, the step across the pond comes soon). And not only that, but their lives, which have been similar (acting, red carpets, more or less paparazzi, a safe job with a steady, lucrative income) are over, and both have chosen ways that could not be more different:
Emma wants to leave the show business, she has a boyfriend with whom she has moved into a house, and she is about to leave the country and her family.
Rupert on the other hand has said he wants to continue acting, and all his recent photoshoots seem to prove that he wants to get noticed as an actor. He still enjoys his happy family life and has been pretty successful at keeping away from the paparazzi.
I could also imagine that Emma admires Rupert a lot for being somewhat relaxed (at least on the exterior) about his future, because (as mentioned before) she doesn’t seem to be very sure about what she really wants.

9. Emma as a Ron/Hermione shipper
Errr… yes. She seems to like the idea of R/Hr, but the way she has been talking about the kiss during the Half-Blood Prince promotion certainly took away a huge part of excitement for many fans.

10. Your expectations: Emma in Deathly Hallows I and II, and beyond Harry Potter
I cannot imagine that Emma’s portrayal in Deathly Hallows will be much different to what we have seen before. In the set pictures, Hermione is obviously still dressed very modern and still has straight hair. I hope Emma will make sure the Ron/Hermione scenes will be emotional enough.
I think she will focus on her studies and modelling after Harry Potter as well as her private life (Jay?), and maybe return to film in a few years. I don’t see her as one of the actresses who are constantly doing very different roles, but she might fit well into the romance department (or films about fashion a la Devil Wears Prada).

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Emma Watson Questionnaire 5

1. Emma as a person – overall impression
I think Emma is a very smart, polite, well educated young lady and I don’t think she’s a bad person. Obviously I don’t know her but I think she’s a nice girl, I don’t think she’s too much of a diva. I think as most people her age, she’s still not completely sure what she wants to do or be, her personality is still being formed and she has flaws, as everybody does. Now, personally, she isn’t exactly the typical person I’d hang out with, and I wouldn’t have much in common with her, because I think she’s quite posh and girly and loves fashion and all that, but you never know, really.

2. Emma’s acting in Harry Potter – is she a good Hermione or not? And why? How important is canon in this respect? What did you think of her performance in Half-Blood Prince as opposed to other films?
Well, to be completely honest, I don’t think Emma is a very good actress. I’m not saying she’s the worst actress ever, but I just don’t think she has a natural gift for acting. She does have some talent in that area and I believe she can (and has) improved over time, but only with a lot of work and learning. She needs to lose some of her bad habits, like moving her eyebrows too much and breathing heavily, because it makes her performance look exaggerated and fake. As to how she plays Hermione, well I think Hermione hasn’t been portrayed very faithfully in the movies, but this is definitely also the writers’ and directors’ fault. However, I believe at certain times she hasn’t played Hermione very well either, because other characters have been written differently from the book as well, but the actors make it so much better (and I can’t help but compare her to Ron/Rupert). I just think sometimes the way she speaks and acts makes Hermione less compassionate and caring then she is in the books.
About Half-Blood Prince, like I said before I think Emma is improving and her performance was better than in previous movies, but we didn’t really get much of her in this one (not that I’m complaining at all), and yeah, she still has loads to improve.

3. Emma’s acting outside Harry Potter (Ballet Shoes, The Tale of Despereaux)
I haven’t watched Despereaux, only Ballet Shoes, and I wasn’t very impressed with that one to be honest. Again, lots of heavy breathing, eyebrow movement, and her performance didn’t feel very real. It’s hard to explain but some actors just make you believe in them, it’s this thing that you can’t really put your finger on but it’s there, it’s a natural gift, and Emma doesn’t have it.

4. The fact that Emma didn’t do many roles outside of Harry Potter – a good thing or not?
Well, as I’ve explained, I don’t think she’s an amazing actress but I think she should have done more roles outside of Harry Potter because I’m sure she would have learned a lot (she’s a smart girl) and she’d have improved. Practice makes perfection or something like that, right? I think acting lessons are also very important, but she needs to practice her acting. However, she doesn’t really know if this is what she wants to do for the rest of her life, so…

5. Emma’s looks – overrated or not
I don’t think her looks are overrated… she’s a beautiful girl, for sure. Most people wish they could look half as good as her, including me lol. I don’t have much more to say about that. She’s not the most gorgeous woman on earth, but she has very classic beauty I think.

6. Emma as a style icon – is it a good thing for the Harry Potter franchise overall, or not?
I don’t see it as a bad thing per se, I mean I guess you could argue that her being so involved in fashion and all that takes time away from her, which she could be using to improve as an actress. But, if it wasn’t fashion it could have been anything else – it’s just another part of her and her personality, just like Tom Felton’s music, for example. So I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I guess it could be a good thing in terms of publicity, but Harry Potter gets plenty of that anyway.

7. Emma’s ambition and plans in life: acting, or modelling, or university, or all these
I think it’s good that she’s going to University, because it’ll give her time to think and make a decision. If she decides she wants to continue with acting, she needs to dedicate herself to it for some time, in order to become a better actress.

8. The way Emma treats Rupert in interviews and public appearances
Well, I think Emma likes Rupert, and sees him as a great guy and she treats him well for the most part. But I’m not gonna lie, I thought that her “horrible” comment was not considerate of her and a mistake (whether intended or not), and it certainly didn’t give her any points for my opinion on her.

9. Emma as a Ron/Hermione shipper
She’s a R/Hr shipper for sure, she’s said so in many interviews and commented on how she wanted them to get married and have kids, which is cool. She’s not a fan as in reading fanfiction online or drawing fanart, of course, but she ships them.

10. Your expectations: Emma in Deathly Hallows I and II, and beyond Harry Potter
I expect of Emma, in Deathly Hallows, a bit more than we’ve seen before, but I don’t expect her to suddenly become the best actress in the world, because that’s not gonna happen. I hope she’ll be better but I know she won’t be amazing, not to me anyway because, again, she just doen’st have the natural gift and she couldn’t have improved that much in so little time. As for after Harry Potter, I’ll probably only go watch her movies if the plot and other actors interest me – I won’t watch a movie because of her, but I will also not avoid one because she’s in it (if she does decide to act more, that is).

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Emma Watson Questionnaire 4

1. Emma as a person – overall impression
She seems likes a lovely person in interviews, but in pictures she seems grumpy.

2. Emma’s acting in Harry Potter – is she a good Hermione or not? And why? How important is canon in this respect? What did you think of her performance in Half-Blood Prince as opposed to other films?
I don’t like her as Hermione. She comes across snooty and condescending and bitchy, instead of a caring yet sometimes bossy know-it-all like in the books. She looks like she is angry 90% of the time and that drives me nuts. Hermione is NOT an angry person! Her performance in Half-Blood Prince was better than the previous three movies, but it still wasn’t Hermione.

3. Emma’s acting outside Harry Potter (Ballet Shoes, The Tale of Despereaux)
Never seen any of these.

4. The fact that Emma didn’t do many roles outside of Harry Potter – a good thing or not?
It’s a good thing, because honestly she needs to work on her acting skills before she tries to do something else.

5. Emma’s looks – overrated or not
Overrated. She is cute, yes, but she gets WAY too much attention.

6. Emma as a style icon – is it a good thing for the Harry Potter franchise overall, or not?
It gets news, so I guess it’s good.

7. Emma’s ambition and plans in life: acting, or modelling, or university, or all these
She should pick one and stick to it. It takes loads of talent to do more than one, and sadly she doesn’t have that much. Just go hack to university.

8. The way Emma treats Rupert in interviews and public appearances
They are very cute in interviews and they have good off-screen chemistry to go along with the on-screen chemistry.

9. Emma as a Ron/Hermione shipper
She definitely is, and I wish she would try to influence that part of the movies since the movie makers seem to adore her so much!

10. Your expectations: Emma in Deathly Hallows I and II, and beyond Harry Potter
I will keep my fingers crossed that she will nail Deathly Hallows and not ruin the great Ron/Hermione scenes with her angry-all-the-time scowl. I think after Harry Potter she probably won’t act much at all, but may model.

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Emma Watson Questionnaire 3

1. Emma as a person – overall impression
She sometimes comes across sweet, sometimes stuck up. I don’t know. I know stories of people that have met her/have been in the same school with her and which weren’t the most flattering stories, to say the least. Also Phoenix (the IMDB member and Harry Potter insider) has said that she’s nice when she needs to be.
As long as she doesn’t start bitching about Rupert…

2. Emma’s acting in Harry Potter – is she a good Hermione or not? And why? How important is canon in this respect? What did you think of her performance in Half-Blood Prince as opposed to other films?
I LOVED her in the first film. She was right up there with Rupert for me back then. Sure, they were kids and their acting was still very staged at times, but I thought she had the swottiness of Hermione down to the T. Not to mention her and Rupert played each other off brilliantly! The second film, I can’t really say because she wasn’t much in it. The third one… I don’t have real problems with her acting but with the characterisation. It’s ridiculous how they turned her into this heroine who’s brave moments in the films were actually all Ron’s in the book. RIDICULOUS I SAY! Prisoner of Azkaban is still my least favourite movie because of the horrendous butchering of story/characters and because that put off the whole “I’m fierce Hermione who’s awesome at everything while the redhead coward’s in fear” thing.
Her acting was complete sh*t in Goblet of Fire. The chest heaving, the crazy eyebrows, the shrillness and raspiness of her voice that she still has – yes, even in Half-Blood Prince, though nothing beats Goblet of Fire in terms of her worst acting. I wanted to slap her. Not to mention Goblet of Fire seemed like one big ass Harry/Hermione fanvid. *barf* No thanks. Order of the Phoenix was….well, a slight improvement but still pretty much the same, the only highlight of her performance was the eye sex with Rupert and they finally had chemistry again, which was sorely lacking in Goblet of Fire.
Half-Blood Prince was….okay I guess. She annoyed me less but her performance didn’t stand out and people tend to overreact calling her crying scene the most heartbreaking thing ever. Yeah, uhm, not really. Downside is that the chemistry with Rupert seemed to be lacking again. I’m hoping it’ll be back full force in Deathly Hallows.

3. Emma’s acting outside Harry Potter (Ballet Shoes, The Tale of Despereaux)
I can’t say. Never seen Tale of Despereaux and I couldn’t bare to watch more than 15 minutes of Ballet Shoes because her chest-heaving and crazy eyebrows were pissing me off.

4. The fact that Emma didn’t do many roles outside of Harry Potter – a good thing or not?
She doesn’t seem that passionate about acting right now anyway so I guess it doesn’t really matter. I don’t know and I don’t really care since I won’t follow her films after Harry Potter anyway.

5. Emma’s looks – overrated or not
She’s pretty and God knows how she manages to keep such flawless skin (*jealous!*) but I think she is overrated.
Don’t want to brag, but if they were to put me in the clothes they put her in in the magazines I would look pretty damn hot as well.

6. Emma as a style icon – is it a good thing for the Harry Potter franchise overall, or not?
Is she? I never considered her to be one so I can’t really answer this.

7. Emma’s ambition and plans in life: acting, or modelling, or university, or all these
It’s an admirable thing that she takes education into high regard. Good for her. I don’t feel like she’s passionate about acting at this point (opposed to Dan and Rupert, but they don’t want to continue school). If she enjoys modelling, good for her. But I wish she would stop moaning and complaining in interviews about how she wants to be incognito/normal if she allows herself to be plastered in these fashion mags on a monthly basis. She has also said that she does these shoots to make people looks at her differently and to get parts. However it’s one thing to look a certain part and another to be able to be/play the part. Looking pretty in front of a camera, wearing designers clothes isn’t going to cut it.

8. The way Emma treats Rupert in interviews and public appearances
She lights up when she talks about him – and, really, who doesn’t? He’s like the sweetest guy. She’s always been nice about him. I do think there’s a genuine fondness between and only between them. They’re the pair within the trio that have been through this crazy ass franchise since the start because they had loads of auditions together.

9. Emma as a Ron/Hermione shipper
Yes. She always has been. Fiercely so.

10. Your expectations: Emma in Deathly Hallows I and II, and beyond Harry Potter
I just hope she doesn’t muck up my Ron moments (which also obviously includes the Ron/Hermione moments). I don’t care for her after HP. I’m not into her acting wise at all. And it’s not like she’ll be doing a lot stuff since she’s got college coming up. The only reason I’m watching her now is because she happens to be in the same films with Rupert .

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Emma Watson Questionnaire 2

1. Emma as a person – overall impression
Emma is a true beauty, inside and out. One of the things I love about her is the fact that education is so very important to her. As an actress making millions of dollars, she could easily play down the necessity of a good education. However, her determination to finish (and excel!) in her studies is such a positive thing for young fans to see.

2. Emma’s acting in Harry Potter – is she a good Hermione or not? And why? How important is canon in this respect? What did you think of her performance in Half-Blood Prince as opposed to other films?
Honestly, I believe that Emma is subpar Hermione. This, for me at least, is especially true from Prisoner of Azkaban to the present. J.K. Rowling has a special place in her heart for Hermione, who is supposed to be brilliant… but scary. She is a complex character who harbors several insecurities. She is a flawed heroine. It is my opinion that Emma could never fully grasp the layers of Hermione. For example, Hermione’s swottiness usually manifested itself when she was worried. She became very maternal and bossy, but you could tell that it was because she was being cautious of a situation that she and/her mates were going to face. In the films, Emma just comes off as huffy. No layers, no depth whatsoever. In Half-Blood Prince, I saw a bit of improvement Emma. She did pretty good with acting jealous, sly, and humorous. However, I felt that her “heartbreaking” scene with Harry was a little less than convincing.

3. Emma’s acting outside Harry Potter (Ballet Shoes, The Tale of Despereaux)
I’ve only seen clips of Ballet Shoes, so I can’t really speak on that. However, her performance as Princess Pea in Despereaux was, in my opinion, nothing to write home about. I would have thought that she would have been a little more comfortable doing voice-overs, but she seemed even more “flat’ in this” Almost like her heart wasn’t in it…

4. The fact that Emma didn’t do many roles outside of Harry Potter – a good thing or not?
If Emma wants to grow as an actress, I believe that the fact that she didn’t really spread her wings in different roles could seriously hurt her in the future. You always need to work on your craft!

5. Emma’s looks – overrated or not
She’s a pretty girl, a natural beauty even. I will always give her that.

6. Emma as a style icon – is it a good thing for the Harry Potter franchise overall, or not?
Sigh, publicity is publicity. Personally, it has always irked me that she gets more attention for her magazine covers than her acting skills. But these magazine readers will be movie ticket buyers.

7. Emma’s ambition and plans in life: acting, or modelling, or university, or all these
I believe that Emma will be a true academian, (maybe one with Chanel and Burberry contracts!) However, I don’t see a long-term acting career in Emma’s future. Her acting skills always come off as very one-dimensional, and although she will get some scripts because, well, she’s Emma Watson, once she’s forced to audition for roles, I believe she will have a lot of trouble getting the parts.

8. The way Emma treats Rupert in interviews and public appearances
Emma usually is very complimentary of Rupert in interviews. I do believe that she adores and respects him as a coworker. I was upset with the whole “horrible” kissing interview though. I can understand that she could have been nervous. But really, she went overboard in that interview.

9. Emma as a Ron/Hermione shipper
She’s a shipper, and she should be! It is my hope that behind the scenes, she is giving Kloves holy heck every time he attempts to sneak in Harry/Hermione nonsense into the scripts.

10. Your expectations: Emma in Deathly Hallows I and II, and beyond Harry Potter
Honestly, I hope that Emma does a wonderful job in Deathly Hallows and goes out with a bang. I want her to embrace Hermione, and truly, TRULY become her, and show her vulnerabilities as well as her strengths in the movie. However, I expect, unfortunately, that she will not capture the essence of Hermione. Over 10 or so years, she hasn’t been able to do this, and although she may give her best effort, alas, I think she will fall quite short.
However if you look beyond acting, I think Emma has so much potential. She has a sharp mind, and she is very beautiful. I can see her being an agent of positive change in the world, if that’s what she wants to do.

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Emma Watson Questionnaire 1

1. Emma as a person – overall impression
As a person, I think Emma is extremely studious and posh. She has worked and studied hard and finished school with straight A-s. She did all of this while being on set for Harry Potter and having a private tutor. She also went back to school as much as possible in between the films. She takes her education very seriously and it shows. She’s going to Brown University, which is an Ivy League school in America. She’s taking a break from acting so she can study. She has never given up on her dream to go to University and she is fulfilling that dream. I also think Emma is extremely high-class. She loves to do photo shoots modelling expensive clothing and accessories. She loves to wear high fashion. She is always dolled up and always wears make-up. Her parents are lawyers so I am sure she’s used to the upper class lifestyle.

2. Emma’s acting in Harry Potter – is she a good Hermione or not? And why? How important is canon in this respect? What did you think of her performance in Half-Blood Prince as opposed to other films?
I don’t think Emma is a very good Hermione, but the Warner Bros is also to blame. I think she was best in the first couple of Harry Potter movies. She was uptight, smart, brave, and very much like Hermione. But as Emma grew up and got prettier, I think Hollywood held on to that and made her less of what Hermione is supposed to be. Book!Hermione is extremely courageous and for the most part keeps her insecurities in. She looks out for Harry and Ron and she does not care – at least on the surface – about her physical appearance. Movie!Hermione is more sappy. She cries a lot, clings to Harry, and is so “beautiful.” While Emma is good at showing Hermione’s brave side and her feistiness, I think her way of showing Hermione the woman and how she presents herself is off. Emma is not as strong and does not show Hermione’s confidence well. Her voice is always shaky and she overreacts many times when the line is supposed to reflect Hermione’s calm and intellectual nature. Book!Hermione is quick-thinking and witty, but Emma often presents her as being the “save me Harry” kind of girl. It’s like Emma is dumbing down Hermione.
I think keeping Hermione canon no longer matters. From Prisoner of Azkaban onwards her character and demeanour has changed. She’s been too girly for so long that people who don’t read Harry Potter probably think Book!Hermione is like that. The book fans know that Hermione is not so shaky and dainty about things. However, with her being so dolled up in the movies, keeping Hermione in character no longer applies, because people are too used to how she is now. I think if Emma was to go back to playing Hermione how she should be, people wouldn’t like it so much. I say this because look wise I’m sure her straight blonde hair and pretty, tight clothes are much more pleasing to the eyes. The non-readers would be shocked to find out that Hermione has slightly large front teeth, bushy brown hair and even hunches over because of all the books she carries. Emma is far too pretty to be “reduced” to keeping cannon with Hermione’s looks.
I think her performance in Half-Blood Prince was better than I’d seen in previous movies. It is easy to say this because she wasn’t in the movie as much as in previous instalments. She was mostly there to ogle Ron, which I think Emma has always been good at. She was great with the comedy at the Christmas party and her troubles with Cormac. She was also brilliant with making the luck potion and I liked how she showed her pain after seeing Lavender kiss Ron. For once I felt something from her. The look she have Ron after sending the birds on him was powerful and the smile she gave Ron after he moaned Hermione’s name was very well done. However, there was still the same shaky breath/eyebrow dancing in there.
I also realized she is not good with laughing. In both Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince, her laughter was overdone. When Ron said Dumbledore was 150 or so and they all laughed, it was painful to watch Emma’s mouth wide open and her screech blaring through the speakers in the cinema. I also think her talk with Harry at the end was weak. Her eyebrows were dancing and her delivery of a great line about being strong and Harry needing her and Ron was lost because she rather rushed it. She did better with the comedy than the drama. Therefore, overall, she was better but her same constant mistakes were obvious.

3. Emma’s acting outside Harry Potter (Ballet Shoes, The Tale of Despereaux)
I have seen her in Ballet Shoes and, in general, she is not the strongest actress. I think she needs more coaching. Like in the Harry Potter movies, she rushed lines, she was stale in intense moments, and it almost seemed like she was reading from cards. There was no emotion in her role as Pauline. It was almost as if she did the movie just to say she did something else besides Harry Potter. There seemed to be no passion behind her. Though I have not seen Despereaux, I think it is fair to say I would not enjoy her performance. She said in an interview that while she would do her voice work, she would worry if she sounded like Hermione. I think that if she had to worry about speaking like a character she played in another movie, she must have struggled with it and I would probably hear the princess but visualise Emma playing Hermione.

4. The fact that Emma didn’t do many roles outside of Harry Potter – a good thing or not?
I think Emma not doing any roles outside of Harry Potter is a bad thing if she wants to take up acting as her career. She has to get experience. She is not a good actress and she has to learn and grow by taking up new and different roles. Both Rupert and Dan have done other things to grow as actors but Emma has not. She will always be seen as Hermione and will only know how to act as Hermione if she does not step out and do other projects. It seems obvious that her not acting in other roles has hurt her. She’s given statements saying she did try out for some roles and wasn’t picked. If nothing else, it will not look good to directors. They will see her portfolio and say “Hmm, you’ve done Harry Potter 1-7 playing Hermione Granger…what else do you have?”

5. Emma’s looks – overrated or not
Emma is a very beautiful girl but her looks are very overrated. In my opinion, she is far too thin and her dyed blonde hair holds her back. She was much more original and pretty as a brunette. She was a bit curvier between the Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix as well, and she was even more beautiful then. But these days she’s a pretty, thin girl with blonde hair and she looks very young for her age.
To me, she has great fashion sense and looks absolutely gorgeous in her designer dresses but sometimes she tries to wear dresses that don’t fit her body and she wears so much makeup at all times. She should learn to be more natural and realize that she’s crossing over to “glamour and glitz” Hollywood. She’s beautiful but in a superficial way that is highly overrated and has been seen a dime a dozen.

6. Emma as a style icon – is it a good thing for the Harry Potter franchise overall, or not?
Emma as a style icon is good for the Harry Potter franchise in the sense that it will attract more males to the theatres. Sex sells and seeing Emma in magazines with her knickers showing and with tons of make-up will make blokes say, “Wow, I have to see her!” It will also make the series seem less kiddie and maybe more young adults, who know nothing about the books, will come to see it because they saw the “pretty girl in the pretty dress on TV or a magazine.” However, I don’t think Emma has to do a million photo shoots to help the franchise. There are millions of devoted fans there to see the film and all the characters and not just the pretty Emma.

7. Emma’s ambition and plans in life: acting, or modelling, or university, or all these
I think Emma is locked on University and modelling. Everyone knows how hard she worked to get her marks and she’s very serious and open about wanting to get her degree in Liberal Arts. She’s basically putting her acting career on hold for her education. Therefore, I think school is her number one priority. In addition, I think modelling is another very important area to Emma. She has done tons of photo shoots. She loves going to fashion shows and she’s learning so much about the fashion industry. She has the looks and the body and personality for modelling and I think she is taking advantage of it. I believe when work is minimal at University she will do more photo shoots talking about “life after Potter and how school is” or whatever. I certainly don’t think she will give it up. As for acting, I don’t think it’s something she loves. Her co-stars Rupert and Dan have said they are in love with acting. They want to continue acting after Harry Potter and have done lots of work outside the franchise. They both have said school is not an option for them, because they are actors and love what they do. Emma has done nothing but state how unsure she is about acting. She has stated several times that she never envisioned it as her career choice and there was even speculation that she would not return for Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows. I don’t think she cares as much for her acting as she does for University and modelling. She seems to put more effort into taking pictures and studying than into the character she plays.

8. The way Emma treats Rupert in interviews and public appearances
In my opinion, Emma adores Rupert. I think she admires him as a man and loves his personality. She always talks about how quiet and calm he is. She gets so ravelled up over how collected he is. I think she loves him as a big brother and it shows. She always gives him looks of encouragement and laughs and smiles when he speaks. She backs him up when he gives answers to questions; I think she realizes that he’s not the biggest talker and isn’t the most comfortable with interviews and such, so she tries to help him relax and laugh so they can get through it. I also believe she tries to pull more out of him. The Unscripted interview, the interview they did in Paris together, and the one for GMTV are great examples of her trying to bring more out of him and trying to make him laugh. She always pays close attention when he speaks and she deliberates thoughts with him. I think she respects him a lot and her total eye contact when he talks is great. It shows her respect for him. I think she really cares for him as a friend.

9. Emma as a Ron/Hermione shipper
Emma is a firm Ron/Hermione shipper. She has said from day one that Harry is not the one for Hermione and that Ron is. She has said countless times how she knew Ron and Hermione were going to get together and that it is a wonderful thing. She told Regis and Kelly that Hermione couldn’t marry Harry because she had to marry Ron and have beautiful redheaded babies. I don’t think she understands Ron and Hermione sometimes – though that could be because of how the Warner Bros had changed their relationship – but she certainly believes in R/Hr and even more importantly knows and doesn’t mind telling and showing her opposition to H/Hr. Emma being a R/Hr shipper really shows in her acting. Her best moments are when she’s either gushing/nagging or giving Ron looks. All the movies are great examples of these, especially Order of the Phoenix and all the gazes she gave him during the DA meetings and the smile of admiration at Christmas.

10. Your expectations: Emma in Deathly Hallows I and II, and beyond Harry Potter
I don’t think she will show much growth in Deathly Hallows Part I and II. She will be a bit weak in emotional parts, she will have a shaky voice, she will rush lines, and she will not be as strong and fierce as Hermione should be. However, knowing how she did in Half-Blood Prince, I hope that when Ron leaves she will show how depressed Hermione was. Emma did a great job showing Hermione’s pain over Ron in Half-Blood Prince. She has always been good at showing Hermione smitten over Ron.
I also expect the kiss to be good, not only because Rupert is her snogging partner but she’s said countless times that she just had to get it right and wanted to get it right. I think she will bring enthusiasm and daze like in the book. It helps that Rupert is playing Ron. He’s inspiration enough.
I think post-Deathly Hallows she will stay in school and out of the headlines for a while. I’m sure she will make appearances like if she goes to movie premieres, shops, or does the occasional photo shoot, but I think for the next few years she will be devoted to her studies. After University, she will start acting again and will become an actress much like Keira Knightley. She won’t be the strongest actress but she will be beautiful and will work with great actors and directors that will make her movies successful. I see many photo shoots and magazine covers in her future as well. As an actress, she will probably do many period pieces like Kiera and romantic comedies; she will stick to the classic and simple movies. I cannot see her in heavy dramas, indie, or action films; I cannot see her really transforming for a role. She will be known as a fashion icon and beauty but I don’t think the role of Hermione Granger will ever leave her.

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The Harry Potter fandom has a variety of wonderful in depth podcasts which delve deep into the books, the characters and the events that surround them. While we love and appreciate the entire story of Harry Potter, let’s face it we all have our preferences. There always seemed to be very little Ron Weasley showcased in the Harry Potter podcast discussions, and that is a shame because he is the most relatable, the most loyal, the most humorous, the most likely to wear his heart on his sleeve and not sugar coat things when something needs to be said. And that isn’t even the half of it!

Also many perceptions about Ron are incredibly silly to the point that you wonder where people get these ideas. Did they read another book? Or maybe perhaps people really just don’t understand him. Well we plan to change those misinterpretations……. and for the Ron lovers this one goes out to you.

Your Hosts….

Sam will be your host and each show we will feature guests from the fandom to join in. This segment she is joined by the lovely Sabine and Dove who came into this thing in full Hermione mode, meaning they know the books well and plan to pick Ron apart from beginning to end.

A different song every week that will intro and wind between segments. This song will be discussed toward the end. It’ll be Ron or plot related in some way.

This Segment.

  • Intro Song: Be Somebody
  • ICM News
  • The Ron Quote of the month
  • Spoiler Zone
  • Bonnie, Tom and Twins in Paris
  • Ron through the Pages
  • The Bromantics
  • Ron Onscreen
  • Ron and Friends
  • HeRo Chat
  • Sidekick
  • Ron Vs. The Fandom
  • Fanfiction Corner

Download Roncast and ICM Staff Podcast from the blue Podcast box in the top right corner, and ENJOY! (NOTE: the links will take you to separate SendSpace pages, where you’ll find download links.)

If you guys haven’t already noticed, the song in the background is Be Somebody by Kings of Leon. Every podcast, we’ll pick a different song based on your suggestions. If you’ve got a song that you think fits Ron Weasley perfectly, just get a hold of us at

We would love to have you on show. Email us to land a guest spot, or if you have any comments or suggestions please send them over. We would love to hear them and want to make this as enjoyable as possible for you.

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What Were They Thinking

Andrea’s Fashion Police

Over the years we have all come to learn that the young females in the Harry Potter films have become quite the fashionistas. Some of them have shown us very elegant outfits that had us ooohing and ahhhing at them and admiring their taste, and then there were some that brought our eyes out of our skulls and “What were they thinking?!” to our minds.

andrea1Let’s start with Emma Watson, shall we? I think that ever since Emma was a little girl she adored fashion and the cute little dresses she got to wear at the Harry Potter premieres; but as she grew older and learned the ropes when it comes to choosing the right outfits to wear, she has impressed some and failed to impress others.

The dress she wore at the Bafta Nominations Party on February 7, 2009 left me speechless. In a bad way that is. First of all, the top of her dress brings way too much attention to her shoulders and makes her look too flat-chested; and the mid-section of the dress has an odd looking belt type thing that continues to the bottom of her dress, which is not form fitting. The only good thing about that dress was the color! Emma looks great in navy/royal blue, it must be a favorite of hers, having worn many dresses that included those colors.

Andrea2A favorite dress of mine was the one that Emma wore at the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix French Premiere in July 2007.  Here Emma is flaunting a simple, yet elegant dress with little silver, gold and black jewels to bump up the extravagant factor. This dress works for her because it is very glamorous and seems to compliment her in the right places.

andrea3This next dress is one of Emma’s most recent. I can’t help but think that a young child put this together, saw Emma and begged her to wear it — and she did, just because she pitied this innocent child with good intentions, but horrible taste. I don’t even know where to start! Well, for one, it looks like it was rushly put together (which may or may not have been the designer’s intention); the dress includes too many different fabrics; and, most of all, this dress DOES NOT look like it should be worn to an elegant dinner party but to a Halloween Party where you don’t expect a compliment from the fellow party-goers.

andrea4Bonnie Wright, a.k.a. Ginny Weasley has done nothing but unimpress me when it comes to her fashion sense. This is the outfit she wore at the London Premiere of Bourne Ultimatum in August 2007.  The problem with this outfit is that it’s absolutely terrifying to look at! It looks like she randomly put this together and actually thought it looked good! I can’t help but wonder if she looked in the mirror before she left. The shirt is too casual and obviously doesn’t match her skirt and looks even worse because it’s tucked into her skirt. The skirt still leaves me speechless. All I can say is that I hope she didn’t pay a large sum of money for it and doesn’t plan on wearing it again! At least not to a huge publicized event. The shoes themselves are quite nauseating to look at: orange can be a nice color, but not for shoes!

andrea5This next outfit was worn at the 2007 First Light Film Awards. Just looking at this outfit makes me think that she really doesn’t care what she wears or doesn’t make an effort to look good. The dress itself looks like a good summer dress alone, but when she adds the terrible green sweater and the random necklace she ruins the entire outfit! And I’m not feeling the boots either.

andrea6Or, take a look at this dress she wore at the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Afterparty in London. It looks like Bonnie is wearing one large curtain! This is the most unflattering type of dress I have seen her wear yet. As one sees, the dress gets wider and wider as it goes down her body, causing the unflattering part to come in. If she wore a fancy belt around it, it may not have looked that bad, but still I see this dress as a major fashion faux pas. The fact that she’s wearing those awful orange heels again is doing nothing to help her pull off this look.

andrea7Like Emma Watson, Katie Leung a.k.a. Cho Chang has worn some beautiful pieces and some that made us want to look away. This is the dress she wore at the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Premiere and Afterparty in London. I kind of have mixed-feelings about it. As a dress itself I think it’s great, but the leopard design IS NOT! It makes the dress look too busy. Just staring at it gives me a headache! If it was plain and didn’t have any wacky designs on it than I’m pretty sure that she would win me over with it. If she could loose the little colar/tie thing around her neck that would be great too!

andrea8.jpgThis is the dress she wore at the Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire World Premiere and Afterparty. I love the simplicity of the dress and that it shows that she’s got a tiny waist herself. I think it’s a great color and the bottom of the dress flows nicely. The top of her dress has little gold designs on it which compliment the light blue-ish color of the entire outfit. I really admire how this dress is not showing too much or too little. This was a great choice on Katie’s part.

andrea9I’m also having mixed feelings about this dress that she wore at the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire New York Premiere and Afterparty. I’m totally loving the black, a color that looks great on her, but the dress itself? Well, to make a long story short, I like the dress more than I hate it. I like that a person can see that the dress has just a little bit of sparkle on it, but doesn’t overdo it. The bottom of the dress could be a bit thinner though. I think it would look great as a longer, thinner dress. However, the shoes look awful. They just look like red velvet slippers. C’mon Katie, add a little heel to this dress!

andrea10Evanna Lynch to me is very much like Bonnie Wright, choosing the wrong outfits that do everything to make a not-so-great impression. This dress she wore at the Sony Ericsson Empire Awards in 2008. Like I was with Emma’s first dress, I’m speechless. When I first saw this dress I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! The form of the dress isn’t what bothers me, it’s the pattern, I hate it! And the yellow shoes! Ick! I don’t know what made her think that those shoes would look good with that dress?!

andrea11This next dress is the one she wore at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards in 2009. It looks like colors black and blue got into a fight and this was the outcome! The dress itself looks a little uneven and uncomfortable. In my opinion, this outfit does not work for her at all.

andrea12However, there is one dress of Evanna’s that is actually quite pretty. This is what she wore to the World Premiere of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It’s elegant, classy yet simple. I love the blue which looks like a great color for her to wear and it also matches her eyes. This is the best dress I have ever seen Evanna wear.

These four young women have very different personalities and styles. Some of their styles reflect on their personality, whether it be quirky and bizarre or elegant and stylish. They are all still learning and will eventually learn what works for them and what does not. If any of them feel like following fashion trends then be my guest, but if they’re dressing a certain way for people, maybe they should think twice about it and ask themselves: “Is this what I really want to wear?”

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On Hollywood, Potato Peelers and Cherrybomb

Anyone who’s even remotely been paying attention to current events knows that the global economy is in recession. The stock market in America fell, followed shortly by all other major stock indexes in the world. Real Estate is lagging in every Western country, manufacturing is slowing down, and consumer spending is falling. We hear about it every day. And just about every other day, you can see some news organization report on how Hollywood is not recession proof any longer. The movies are losing money, and even though the percentages are minuscule in comparison to other industries, major production companies and not so major production companies are tamping down costs whenever they can.

According to Time in September of 2008, even Steven Spielberg’s production company was having trouble finding buyers and getting approved lines of credit. This was a sharp wake up call for studio that just two years before this were enjoying the biggest boon they’d ever seen. The article goes on to say that now investors in these large studio stocks are demanding more market discipline in every area of film production, from special effects to marketing. Studios used to save all the revenue from gems like Spiderman and expect investors to make up for the more lackluster performers. With the increasing fear in the safety of their investments, holders are justifiably weary.

But what does this mean for the Indie film and foreign film circuits? What does this mean for movies like… oh I don’t know… Cherrybomb? It’s not looking good at all. Investment in all overseas entertainment is down across the board, and American companies aren’t buying. Where once they would take a risk on sleeper hits like France’s The Class, now they will only make movies with guaranteed returns, since studios can trust investors to pick up the tab on underperformers anymore. This becomes most poignant when you think about one of Rupert’s most famous costars in his recent Irish project. According the BBC news on June 09, 2009, James Nesbitt is going to Hollywood to find work, since he can’t find anything baying anywhere in the U.K.

We, as Rupert Grint fans, have all felt this effect first hand. While The Little Film Company is working diligently to get Cherrybomb picked up by distributors, no one seems to want to bite on what has the makings to be a great and popular film. And after hearing all the doom and gloom of economic forecasters, no one is taking a risk on anything that isn’t a sequel, doesn’t have explosions of Michael Bay proportions, or doesn’t have teen romance with a compulsory happyend. Our ‘Little Film That Could’ may get all the critical claim under the sun, but without the critical formula that the mainstream investors seems to think necessary, it will never see the light of the international stage. Case in point, Melissa Leo was nominated for an Oscar, but did anyone actually get to see Frozen River in theaters?

And therein lies our conundrum: How do you get investors who are so afraid of losing any more money, to allow their company to distribute what is essentially a risk? It’s either change the economy or keep doing what we’re doing and trying to prove this is less of a risk than investors think through the actions of Rupert’s Army. We all as fans have to remember, that while the work we are doing is important and can make a difference, we are one splash in the large ocean of a much bigger problem. The world isn’t working against us, not necessarily anyway, and we have to keep our chins up. It’s the equivalent of a potato famine for Indie Films, and we’re deep in the heart of Northern Ireland selling potato peelers.

There is hope! This year may prove to be a lot more fruitful than 2008 was, and perhaps a few more months in good numbers may make film investors less paranoid. According to the Film Journal in February of 2009:

As of Feb. 16, year-to-date box office was 15 percent higher than last year’s, and the Presidents’ Day weekend gross was up an impressive 32% from 2008. People are flocking to nearly everything on the big screen, and with this kind of depth in the marketplace, 2009 can be a giant year.

The Little Film Company also offers up some good solutions. Where most studios are still struggling with the tight belts of the investors, TLFC has been working with non-traditional outlets to get their film distributed. They are reaching out to fansites and media outlets that haven’t before been considered. By stretching out their efforts, they are circumventing the serious problem of smaller budgets and less risky investors by proving their point without the validation of the established and powerful industry. Going right to the fans could start a serious trend in Independent Films.

In my opinion, the big wigs and wasps that run the American Film Industry have their heads up their asses, but how is that different from any other point in Hollywood history? We just have to hope that they will see the upward trend in film attendance, and start taking chances again. I’m positive that the success of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince this summer is going to boost the hopes and spirit of the film industry and make investors a little more comfortable in the stability of the market overall. It may take a lot of time, and a lot of hoping, but banking on a good summer box office and excellent DVD sales, I’d say 2009 could still be the Year of the Grint.

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