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Rupert Grint Birthday Revelations!

ICM Exclusive Birthday Interview with Rupert Grint:

ICM: What is your best birthday experience?

Rupert: My 21st – I had it at the studios with the cast and crew and the theme was a ‘kid’s party’.

ICM: If you could bring back anybody from the past to celebrate your birthday with you who would it be and why? (It can be anybody, a celebrity or somebody you know.)

Rupert: The original A-Team

ICM: We know you love 99 flake Ice Cream cones, but what about cake? What’s your ultimate favorite kind of cake to eat? Have you ever baked a cake, and if so, what kind have you baked?

Rupert: My mum used to make wedding cakes and I’d help her out sometimes when I was very young. I’d say I was more of a cake ‘decorator’ than an actual baker though.

ICM: In the past it’s been reported that you’ve received pajamas and a Cd with ice cream truck tunes as birthday gifts, can you tell us something interesting that you’ve received for your birthday by fans in recent years?

Rupert: I did a cover shoot for BLAG Magazine and my fans sent me a book filled with pictures of them taken with the magazine from all over the world. It was very cool… some were walking the wall of China; others in New York and even someone crossing a bridge over a river with a 100ft drop: all the while with my issue of BLAG

(ICM sent Rupert the Blag birthday gift and we are very excited that he really enjoyed it as much as we did putting it together. If you haven’t checked it out we still have all of the entries in our gallery here.)

ICM: Marilyn Monroe sung Happy Birthday, Mr. President to President John Kennedy for this birthday. Who would you love to serenade you on your birthday?

Rupert: Got to be my karaoke partner Sarah… We did it while in Orlando Florida for the opening of the HP theme park and it was very funny. Even made youtube:

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Happy 22nd Birthday Rupert Grint!

ICM asks the RNLI donors a few birthday themed questions !

Q: What is your best birthday experience?

A: It’s not very special, but for my 18th birthday, I went to Ibiza with a few friends to have a huge party over there. It was an amazing time.

Q: If you could bring back anybody from the past to celebrate your birthday with you who would it be and why? (It can be anybody, a celebrity or somebody you know.)

A:  My grandma. She died before I was born. She was known as a very kind, nice and funny person and I would have loved to celebrate one of my birthdays with her. I think it would have been a lot of fun when I was a young girl.

Q: Who doesn’t like ice cream and cake for their birthday? What is your favorite ice cream flavor, and what is your ultimate favorite kind of cake to eat?

A: I think there are waaaay too many flavor’s to call one my favourite, but I really like raspberry.  My favorite kind of cake to eat is chocolate cake. I could die for eating a piece of it, yuuummmy!!

Q: What is something interesting that you’ve received by your family and/or friends for your birthday in recent years?

A:  Rupert Grint! Well, not Rupert himself of course (unfortunately :P). But for my last birthday my mum got me a cardboard figure of Rupert (okay actually it was a cardboard figure of Rupert as Ron Weasley) just as tall as me. It was standing behind the door and when I walked in and looked slightly over my shoulder I jumped a little, because for a second I actually thought that there was indeed standing a real redheaded guy haha. But I got used to it by now

Q: Marilyn Monroe sung Happy Birthday, Mr. President to President John Kennedy for his birthday. Who would you love to serenade you on your birthday?

A: Robbie Williams. I always thought this guy was a unique womanizer and it would be really amazing if he suddenly appeared and sang a birthday song (just) for me! *squee*


Julia Lance


Q: What is your best birthday experience?

A: My best birthday experience was when i celebrated my birthday in a circus tent.

Q: If you could bring back anybody from the past to celebrate your birthday with you who would it be and why? (It can be anybody, a celebrity or somebody you know.)

A: I´d like to bring my grandfather back to celebrate my birthday with him because he died when I was very young and I would like to meet him again now.

Q: Who doesn’t like ice cream and cake for their birthday? What is your favorite ice cream flavor, and what is your ultimate favorite kind of cake to eat?

A: My favourite ice cream flavour is Choco-Chilli and my favourite cake are Chocolate muffins.

Q: What is something interesting that you’ve received by your family and/or friends for your birthday in recent years?

A: Last birthday, I was on a concert and my best friend told the band that it was my birthday and then they sang a song for me.

Q: Marilyn Monroe sung Happy Birthday, Mr. President to President John Kennedy for his birthday. Who would you love to serenade you on your birthday?

A:  I would love the band “The Kooks” to play on my birthday.




Q: What is your best birthday experience?

A: My best birthday experience was staying at the Ritz in Chicago with my mom.

Q: If you could bring back anybody from the past to celebrate your birthday with you who would it be and why? (It can be anybody, a celebrity or somebody you know.)

A:  I’d love to celebrate my birthday with Audrey Hepburn.

Q: Who doesn’t like ice cream and cake for their birthday? What is your favorite ice cream flavor, and what is your ultimate favorite kind of cake to eat?

A: I like the classics: vanilla ice cream and yellow cake with fudge filling and buttercream frosting.

Q: What is something interesting that you’ve received by your family and/or friends for your birthday in recent years?

A:  For my last birthday, my aunt gave me a terrific present–she flew me down to Orlando and we had a great time at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  (Although the Forbidden Journey made her sick and my butterbeer kept overflowing onto the table–we named it the exploding butterbeer!)

Q: Marilyn Monroe sung Happy Birthday, Mr. President to President John Kennedy for his birthday. Who would you love to serenade you on your birthday?

A: Well, I’d like Rupert to serenade me, of course, but if we’re talking professional singers, Owl Cityi!


Amanda Hedberg


Q: What is your best birthday experience?

A: I found out on my 7th or 8th birthday that I shared a birthday with AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys. When you’re that age it’s mega exciting and gives extraordinary bragging rights. (I also share with Imelda Stauten(or however you spell it))

Q: If you could bring back anybody from the past to celebrate your birthday with you who would it be and why? (It can be anybody, a celebrity or somebody you know.)

A: Joan Rivers. I want her career one day. Not the plasitc surgery, mind you, but to pick her brain and banter with her would be amazing. I just noticed “from the past,” so I would like to amend my answer to “Joan Rivers before the plastic surgery,” so that will cover everything.

Q: Who doesn’t like ice cream and cake for their birthday? What is your favorite ice cream flavor, and what is your ultimate favorite kind of cake to eat?

A: Ice cream flavor would have to be coffee. I only started drinking coffee when I was 19, but even as a kid (who didn’t like the taste of regular coffe) I loved coffee ice cream. And as for cake, it’d actually have to be ice cream cake. I don’t really like the regular cake consistency. It’s gotten better once I’ve started baking for myself, but ice cream cake is the best. My favorite cake, however, was the one I made for my high school graduation party. I made the snitch cake molly made for harry’s 17th, and nailed that particular snitch gold color when I was making the icing.

Q: What is something interesting that you’ve received by your family and/or friends for your birthday in recent years?

A: In my early high school years (not very recent), my friend gave me a gift card for barnes and noble with the specific instructions that I MUST buy something Spice Girls related with it. I had all of their stuff, so it practically turned into a game.

Q: Marilyn Monroe sung Happy Birthday, Mr. President to President John Kennedy for his birthday. Who would you love to serenade you on your birthday?

A: Carol Burnett. Easy.


Katharine Vatter


Q: What is your best birthday experience?

A: When I turned five. All of my family from my mom and dad’s side was there. We had a big BBQ, my parents inflated two kiddie pools for all of us kids to swim in, and I got to wear my new purple swimsuit with yellow polka dots. It was an awesome birthday because everyone I loved was there and they were all there for me.

Q: If you could bring back anybody from the past to celebrate your birthday with you who would it be and why? (It can be anybody, a celebrity or somebody you know.)

A: My Uncle Sonny. He died four years ago and he was my favorite uncle. He had such high hopes for me and I would love to be able to hang out with him and tell him about how I’m doing and how things have been for me.

Q: Who doesn’t like ice cream and cake for their birthday? What is your favorite ice cream flavor, and what is your ultimate favorite kind of cake to eat?

A:  I’m actually really picky when it comes to birthday type treats. I really only eat Ben&Jerry’s Half Baked ice cream. It’s got chocolate ice cream, fudge brownie, and chocolate chip cookie dough. Favorite cake would have to be the classic yellow cake with chocolate icing.  It’s really the only kind of cake I like. 

Q: What is something interesting that you’ve received by your family and/or friends for your birthday in recent years?

A: I really love Hello Kitty so a close guy friend of mine bought Hello Kitty boxer-briefs for himself but said I could see them on him whenever I wanted, lol.

Q: Marilyn Monroe sung Happy Birthday, Mr. President to President John Kennedy for his birthday. Who would you love to serenade you on your birthday?

A: Chris Martin from Coldplay. I love his voice.


Janine Blue 


Q: What is your best birthday experience?

A: I never make a huge deal out of my birthday with parties or many guests – I like to celebrate the day with my immediate family. It’s become a sort of tradition that every year we take a small road trip around the country, and my best birthday experiences have always been these trips with my family.

Q: If you could bring back anybody from the past to celebrate your birthday with you who would it be and why? (It can be anybody, a celebrity or somebody you know.)

A: I would probably bring back my nanny – we used to call her Aunt Lis (even though we weren’t related in any way) but she was almost a grandmother to me for years. 

Q: Who doesn’t like ice cream and cake for their birthday? What is your favorite ice cream flavor, and what is your ultimate favorite kind of cake to eat?

A: My favorite ice cream flavor is pistachio or licorice – yum!
My mom always makes the best layer cakes for birthdays, and her best one is with bananas and kiwis – it’s a classic.

Q: What is something interesting that you’ve received by your family and/or friends for your birthday in recent years?

A: My sister always surprises me with extraordinary gifts – one year she ordered an Arsenal football jersey (my favourite team!) and even managed to get a personalized autograph on it from my all-time favourite player Thierry Henry.
Q: Marilyn Monroe sung Happy Birthday, Mr. President to President John Kennedy for his birthday. Who would you love to serenade you on your birthday?

A: Probably Dave Grohl from Foo Fighters or Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam. Those guys are quite legendary in my book.


Malene Sørensen


Q: What is your best birthday experience?

A: Every year I’m still alive is a good year, but I suppose my best birthday experience (that I remember) happened on my 30th birthday.  My husband arranged for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants where many of our dearest friends joined us.  It was a night of great food, great company, great conversations, and after dinner great laughs at the local comedy club.  It was wonderful that so many of my loved ones (some of which I don’t see often) could all be with me at the same time.

Q: If you could bring back anybody from the past to celebrate your birthdaywith you who would it be and why? (It can be anybody, a celebrity or somebody you know.)

A: I would bring back my step-dad, who has never met my kids because he died over seven years ago from cancer.  He would have been a fantastic grandfather to them, and it would be an awesome birthday present to see him interact with my kids.

Q: Who doesn’t like ice cream and cake for their birthday? What is your favorite ice cream flavor, and what is your ultimate favorite kind of cake to eat?

A: Mint-chocolate chip is my all time favorite ice cream, and it always pairs well with my favorite cake, a rich dark chocolate cake (with chocolate-chips) that I bake myself then frost with chocolate ganache.

Q: What is something interesting that you’ve received by your family and/or friends for your birthday in recent years?

A: My kids always get me the most interesting things for my birthday, among them are silcone pig pot holders and cupcake holders with legs, but my favorite thing from them has to be the bunches of chocolate they’ve given me
the last few years.

Q: Marilyn Monroe sung Happy Birthday, Mr. President to President John Kennedy for his birthday. Who would you love to serenade you on your birthday?

A: It would have to be my friend Michael, who I’ve known since I was 12.  He has the most beautiful singing voice, and he lives far away, so if he wouldserenade me on my birthday I would get to see him and it would be a fabulous.


Amber Koppenhofer


Q: What is your best birthday experience?

A: I had a Disney Princess themed party for my 21st birthday. My friends and I dressed as princesses (even the men) and played drinking games to Disney music. The next morning we went to a water park near where I live, then to one of my favorite restaurants. It was pretty epic.

Q: If you could bring back anybody from the past to celebrate your birthdaywith you who would it be and why? (It can be anybody, a celebrity or somebody you know.)

A: I would bring back Dumbledore…just I would bring back The Temptations because I love their music. Each member had such an intense life. I would love to sit with them for hours talking to them about their experiences and music.

Q: Who doesn’t like ice cream and cake for their birthday? What is yourfavorite ice cream flavor, and what is your ultimate favorite kind of caketo eat?

A: My favorite ice cream flavor is Moose Tracks (Vanilla with fudge swirls and mini peanut butter cups). I prefer ice cream cake because I’m not keen to frosting. I love nearly all ice cream cakes but I prefer cookies and cream.

Q: What is something interesting that you’ve received by your family and/or friends for your birthday in recent years?

A: My most prized birthday gift was a nightstand that my grandfather made for me just he passed away. I didn’t know he had made it for me until after he passed.

Q: Marilyn Monroe sung Happy Birthday, Mr. President to President John Kennedy for his birthday. Who would you love to serenade you on your birthday?

A: Rupert Grint of course!




Q: What is your best birthday experience?

A: I have to say this is a very hard question to answer for a person who feels that there is a birthday curse set up around hers. I don’t have one that stands out.

Q: If you could bring back anybody from the past to celebrate your birthday with you who would it be and why? (It can be anybody, a celebrity or somebody you know.)

A: As a quick response I will say Heath Ledger. I would love for him and Matilda to get to spend another day together. He doesn’t have to celebrate it with me. A raised glass might be nice though.

Q: Who doesn’t like ice cream and cake for their birthday? What is your favorite ice cream flavor, and what is your ultimate favorite kind of cake to eat?

A: A local shop in Wadsworth has Butterfinger Flurries. I treat myself only a couple times a year. Mini M&M mint is a close runner up though. The kind of cake is not important as long as it is rich and moist. I can’t stand dry crumbly cake. Whatever kind of cake it is, it should have a whipped cream frosting and fresh strawberry filling. Nom, nom, nom…

Q: What is something interesting that you’ve received by your family and/or friends for your birthday in recent years?

A: I got some fantastic, handcast, dragonfly measuring spoons from a local art gallery last year.

Q: Marilyn Monroe sung Happy Birthday, Mr. President to President John Kennedy for his birthday. Who would you love to serenade you on your birthday?

A: I have a thing for Gavin DeGraw. His music is so emotive. But, I would take Rupert singing karaoke, Let’s Get It On over Gavin any day!




Q: What is your best birthday experience?

A: I would say when I was getting pied in the face at one of my birthdays. I wanted to get pied like when nickelodeon did it back in the day

Q: If you could bring back anybody from the past to celebrate your birthday with you who would it be and why? (It can be anybody, a celebrity or somebody you know.)

A: If I could bring anybody back that would be my cousin that passed away from a stroke 2 years ago. I miss her.

Q: Who doesn’t like ice cream and cake for their birthday? What is your favorite ice cream flavor, and what is your ultimate favorite kind of cake to eat?

A: I love cookie cake and traditional vanilla ice cream for birthday.

Q: What is something interesting that you’ve received by your family and/or friends for your birthday in recent years?

A: Nothing unusual really

Q: Marilyn Monroe sung Happy Birthday, Mr. President to President John Kennedy for his birthday. Who would you love to serenade you on your birthday?

A: Of course I would want Rupert sing happy birthday to me


Ashley Barham


Q: What is your best birthday experience?

A: Having a good time with my family and friends, having cake and ice cream, and going to The Big Texan for a nice steak.

Q: If you could bring back anybody from the past to celebrate your birthday with you who would it be and why? (It can be anybody, a celebrity or somebody you know.)

A: My dad. I miss him so much. I was a daddy’s girl indeed. He’d be tickled to help me celebrate that particular day.

Q: Who doesn’t like ice cream and cake for their birthday? What is your favorite ice cream flavor, and what is your ultimate favorite kind of cake to eat?

A: Hard to pick a favorite but but if I had to pick one to go with cake would be BlueBell’s Vanilla Bean. I like cake. Period. Any will do, but a white cake with white icing would satisfy me.

Q: What is something interesting that you’ve received by your family and/or friends for your birthday in recent years?

A: INTERESTING? My b-day is two days after Christmas so I get gifts mixed up a lot. Notrecent but the one “gift” I can’t forget was a big poster board with Happy 21st Birthday written on it with the number 21 framed by pennies. I’ve no clue why that was the tradition but we all three got one. Sorry I can’t think of anything else other than clothes, money, blah blah blah.

Q: Marilyn Monroe sung Happy Birthday, Mr. President to President John Kennedy for his birthday. Who would you love to serenade you on your birthday?

A: Rupert Grint of course but Paul McCartney would be amazing!


Susan Watson

Comments welcome!

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The Wild Hesitation Of Movie Distributors(Or, The Reason Why Indie Movies Aren’t An Obvious Target)

To most of us, the words “distributor“ makes us think of Cherrybomb and our campaign.

At the European Film Market, an Industrial Debate on independent distributors and their role in film financing (and marketing) took place, so here is what was mentioned and discussed that might be of interest for us, especially in regards to Cherrybomb. 😉

When it comes to selling independent films nowadays, two things are said to be relevant: the quality of the film, and the discipline and continuity behind the marketing.
Earlier on, the name of the people attached to the film (actors, directors, scriptwriters etc.) had a big influence, but due to the amount of people working in film and the long- (or rather short-) levity of an actor’s success, the importance of names has been reduced. Just think of big names like Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey and Keavu Reeves, whose names are well-know, yet in recent years, none of them had a major hit.

Nowadays, buyers are interesting in the appeal to the future audience, and how many people might consider watching the film. Currently, there are stories of vampires coming up everywhere, about ten years ago it was the time of family-fantasy films (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Lemony Snicket, Golden Compass, Narnia, …). Stories about the cruel reality of teenage life are somewhat rare at the moment. Unless of course a bunch of people start campaigning and collecting signatures to prove that there is an interested audience…

Also, there are far less distributors for independent films than a few years ago. This entails that less films are being sold, and only the best films are being released in theaters.

Many films already have a distributor prior to the start of production. Since these distributors often take part in funding the film, they have a bigger interest in eventually releasing the film to regain their money, hence distribution is more likely for these films. Harry Potter, for example, is being funded AND (in most countries) distributed by Warner Bros.
On the other hand, those distributors like to have a say during the production, and stop the directors from taking films into territory that might not appeal to the audience they have in mind. The story of Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow and Disney’s initial reaction is well known.

This also means that directors and actors cannot always do what they want if they have a financing distributor. If they do, the films might be incredibly great, but not see the light of theatres if no distributor finds it marketable enough. These films have to rely on distributors believing in the film as it is – or in the future audience.
Cherrybomb did not have any distributors among the funding companies.

Additionally, foreign distributors prefer buying films that already have other distributors, in particular, US films. For one, the costs for promotion are incredibly high (especially in the US), and (since word goes around), can be less for European distributors if a film has already been released in the states, and second, they have a reference if a film might be successful. As an example: A few films of Jim Carrey’s were flops in the US and never made it across the Atlantic, because nobody wanted to buy them. In contrast to that, they even had problems finding international distributors for Dr. Parnassus before they were able to show the box office numbers from the UK (and with a cast of Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and Jude Law, one would think it would be easy…).

So hopefully, with the UK release in the near future, some other distributors might gain confidence in Cherrybomb as well…

Also, the costs for promotion are immense. Posters, interviews, premieres, trailers, TV spots, online promotion,… all needs to be paid. Particularly promotion in the US is very expensive, as to buy up a film that has other distributors and, by the time it will be released,  has already had media coverage from other releases, is popular. Also, Twitter has become a very interesting tool to reach the audience and keep them up to date.

Nowadays, online marketing can take up up to 20% of marketing costs. So, you might have an idea of what we’ve been working on… And Cherrybomb does have a Twitter, and Facebook, AND Myspace… 😉

The financial crisis has also left its mark on the film industry, in addition to other difficulties:
The US market is “in tatters” when it comes to independent film, and many European productions do not make it to the US because the art divisions of distributors are cut down due to financial issues.

The European market has been less affected, e.g. France and Germany (along with the UK, the biggest markets in film business after the US): In France, about 50% of all distributions are local (= French), and “only” 50% are imported. Germany has about 26-27% of local distributions. Those market have been able to be at least somewhat steady as well .

In comparison, Japan’s local productions are pretty close to non-existent, and almost all films are imported.
While the UK is much less patriotical than France or Germany, they are struggling less than the US. However, the UK has the difficulty of having the same language, and audiences are more interested in US films unless they have a typical British appeal (set in London, British accent, well-known British actors, British humor…)

Russian distributors are hesitant to buy independent films because they have a huge piracy problem, which of course, reduces the number of sold tickets.

Difficulties for deals in China include that there is a restricted number of international films that can be sold, and that particularly films with drug usage, violence and political themes are hard to sell.

So, what’s the outlook for Cherrybomb? UK: check. Germany: check. US: fingers crossed/looking good. China: possibly difficult due to the amount of drugs and swearing and violence. The others?
Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.


*Karo was very lucky to have seen Wild Target at the EFM! For more info, check out her review on our Press Archives, get tons of info about Wild Target on the Filmography pages, and lots of spoiler-y goodies in the forums!

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Best of 2009-Staff Questionnaire(Michelle)

Question 1:  Best quote(by and/or about Rupert)

“I’ve sat in screenings with audiences who’ve watch what Rupert can do, and he obviously connects with them really brilliantly. That’s the comfort zone the audience had with him. It’s Rupert; he’ll be funny, and appealing. But, he can do really serious, straight stuff. And we’re seeing stuff Rupert do in the Hallows part 1 and Hallows part 2 which is really grown up and dark. You watch and, oh God, it’s really powerful.” –David Yates (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Ultimate Edition, December 2009)

Question 2:  Best new fact

Michelle: That he was obsessed with Napolean Dynamite. It just amuses me to know this, and what’s funnier is he couldn’t remember any lines from the movie either during the Heat interview! Or…did he?  I’m thinking Rupert’s a closet Napolean Dynamite fanboy, but is afraid to let it lose in public. lol

Question 3:  Best photoshoot

Michelle:  The Daily Mail.  He looked like such a man in this one.

Question 4:  Best interview(printed and/or video)

Michelle: Again, the Daily Mail interview pops back up into my mind. I’ve read it countless times, he’s so open, honest, and raw in this interview. He really made himself vulnerable, which I don’t think happened before. 

Question 5:  Best appearance/Event outingnormal_harry-potter-10319-4

Michelle: Rupert dressed up for Halloween as Alex DeLarge from “A Clockwork Orange”. Winner!!!

Question 6:  Best candid shot of Rupert

Michelle:  Rupert sporting a horse’s head at the V-Fetival, of course!

Question 7:  Best movie promo still

Michelle:  Wet, half-naked Tony with a gun.  I remember sitting in my car, throwing an epic fangirl squee-fest all by lonesome, when I saw this one.  Damn, just look at his face!! Look!!

Question 8: Best Half-Blood Prince scene

Michelle: Rupert owned that entire movie, in my opinion. So many great dramatic and emotional moments, as well as the bust a gut scenes. My favorite is love-potioned Ron; particularly when Harry walks into the room, and Ron says, “Isn’t it beautiful? The moon..”  The way  he says it, as if he’s going to break out into a love-drunk serenade at any moment. It kills me every time I see it, and that’s like six times or something….Moooooon Riverrrr…

normal_icm_big_hbppremiere11Question 9:  Best picture from a premier
Michelle:  The one where Maggie Smith is kissing him on the cheek; you can see the affection for him on her face. Rupert looked surprised, but didn’t seem to mind one bit.

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Cherrybomb In Theaters: How Fans Lit The Fuse!

On May 1st, 2009 Ice Cream Man with the help of The Little Film Company which handles sales distribution of the film for around the world created the Cherrybomb Distribution Campaign . It was simple: Put together petitions in some of the biggest territories/regions interested in normal_malandlukeRupert Grint and Cherrybomb and get the fans to sign the petition to show potential distributor companies the intense interest in the film. So the US, UK, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Australia/New Zealand, and Asia fans got together and signed, posted, and did whatever they could to help promote the movie in their regions. The result? Distribution!

It was revealed on October 4th by UK newspaper The Independent that the fan campaign had helped secure a release in the UK for the film as well as a potential interest in the US. In these two areas around 7,000 fans showed their support for Rupert and Cherrybomb. Not only was it mentioned that the UK had secured a distributor but also one of the UK’s biggest distributing company. Also, news came up how delighted Rupert himself was with the efforts of his fans.

This revelation also set off a fury of news stories coming out about how the fans had helped the movie. From controversial blogger Perez Hilton to the respected BBC; everyone had a story about this. It is big news. The only other movie to get help by fan support so far this year is paranormal thriller Paranormal Activity, which garnered a wider release because of fan support. However does it even come close? The movie had already been in theaters as a small independent film, and like so many independent films before it, the buzz surrounding the film got it a wider release. Cherrybomb is in a completely different boat. The truth is, this may never had seen the light of day, other than in film festivals and probably a DVD release, had it not been for fans who did their best to show support for the film.

No matter what happens from here, there is one thing we can be sure of: The fan campaign for Cherrybomb has shown that the power of the people still matters. If they can get together and get a film released, they can certainly do anything they want. One thing I had always heard was, “Internet petitions never work.” But we fans, the ones who believed, showed everyone. Every fan who helped in some capacity, no matter how large or small, should give themselves a pat on the back. They did it; the showed everyone, and they helped Rupert‘s film hit the big screen!

Unfortunately we still have a long way to go. While the UK is set, the US is still working on ironing out details, and the other countries and such listed above still have no word. We’re working hard, so don’t forget to check out the Cherrybomb Distribution Campaign site because if we have gotten this far, we can work it elsewhere!

You can read all about the campaign here, watch the trailer here, read rave reviews from critics here as well as fan reviews here. Keep the hope alive!


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Getting To Know The ICM Staff

If you’re like me, every day that you can, you visit the Ice Cream Man website for your regular fix of Rupert Grint news, photos, and conversation with like-minded Rupie Groupies. Along the way, we make some friends, share a lot of laughs, support and cheer each other on through life’s ups and downs, and, like in all big, boisterous families, occasionally exchange a sharp word or two. It’s an addicting site, to say the least, and one we might sometimes take for granted. But it’s worth stopping once in a while to acknowledge the people who work each and every day to keep the site running, keep us all updated with the absolute latest Rupert news, and work constantly to keep Ice Cream Man fresh, fun, and entertaining.

As a regular who has had the privilege of meeting some of these hard-working people in person, I’d like to give you all a bit of an “insider’s” view on who they are. I couldn’t even begin to encapsulate exactly what they’re all about in these few paragraphs, but I’ll give you some impressions, and maybe one or two little-known facts about each that I’ve picked up.

Lynn, Ivana, Jo, A.J., Tao, and Karo. What a charismatic sextet! What quirks lurk beneath those rosy cheeks? What mysteries do the muscles mask? Does courage lie beneath those curls? In short, what makes an ICM staffer tick? Me, myself and I want to know. Not to mention Grintastic readers. And though here, Rita would start with the youngest, I think I’ll go in order of how I met them.

normal_CB_LAIFF1First up is Lynn. To some of the newest members of ICM, she may not be as familiar as the other staffers, but she has been a long time member of the team. I met Lynn almost two years ago now, when we attended a Reelz Channel press event to help promote Rupert, and specifically Cherrybomb. The event was held at Cinespace, a nightclub in Hollywood, and I was to meet her there so that we could enter together as representatives of ICM. Previous to this, I’d only communicated with Lynn through a couple of emails and text messages,  so I didn’t quite know what to expect.  I was admittedly a bit nervous. I don’t even think I had an idea what she looked like or how I would recognize her. But as I approached the club entrance, and saw the blonde who looked like she was waiting for someone, I knew it was her. I think she probably just naturally gave off that friendly, open vibe that I’ve come to associate with many Rupert fans I’ve met. I introduced myself, and Lynn made me feel immediately comfortable with her warm nature.  When we entered the party, I discovered that her outwardly mild-mannered demeanor masked a real go-getter, for lack of a better word.  She was not afraid to walk up to total strangers, introduce herself, and press one of the ICM business cards she came armed with into their hands. Thanks to her, we ended up talking to one of Reelz Channel’s hosts about Rupert and she got the host’s assurance that Reelz would be on top of any Cherrybomb news that broke. In between the elbow-rubbing and the mingling, Lynn and I fell into easy conversation. Of course, we talked about our mutual love for Rupert; but I also learned that aside from her devotion to the red-haired angel, Lynn is also a keen baseball fan, something that served her as a good ice-breaker at this event. I had a great time with Lynn, and I was so happy to see her again at the recent LA Irish Film Festival. We sat together to watch the film, which was going to be her first time, and I found out another thing about Lynn that night: unlike the vampiric salivating reaction some of us had for bleeding, beaten Malachy, Lynn does NOT relish seeing one ginger hair harmed on Rupert’s fair head, even in make-believe. I think it’s safe to say, during the scene of Malachy’s beating, if Lynn could have crawled under her seat to wait until we told her it was safe to come out, she probably would have.


Staffer Ivana with "Cherrybomb" director Lisa Barros D'Sa

The second is Ivana. I met Ivana in Dublin, where my crazy ass went to see Cherrybomb for the first time at the Jameson Dublin Film Festival. If I’d known the film would be screened twice in the past thirty days right here in my own city, well, I STILL would have gone to Dublin because it was all worth it. Not least of all because it afforded me the chance to meet another incredible ICM staffer in Ivana. I saw the tall, fashionably dressed lady walking around the lobby of the movie house and having seen her photos online, was pretty sure it was her, though her hair was shorter and darker than the blonde in the photos. I inched my way over as we waited to enter the auditorium. When I heard her introducing herself to someone and mention ICM, I knew for sure it was her. I hadn’t told anybody I was going to Dublin, so when I walked up to Ivana and introduced myself .  I know it must have been a surprise for her, but we sat together for the screening. Afterwards, Ivana fired off one interesting question after another at the post-screening Q&A with the directors Glenn Leyburn,  Lisa Baros D’Sa, and members of the cast who attended, especially Robert Sheehan, who made quite an impression on her. Ivana, like Lynn, is pretty confident when it comes to approaching people, and she WILL get that interview or that photo, even if it has to be in the ladies’ toilet. It’s kind of hard to laugh and pee at the same time, but I couldn’t help it when I sat in the stall and heard her corralling Lisa Barros D’Sa for a photo op by the wash basins. You really have to admire that kind of verve, and Ivana has it in spades; not to mention a sunny, perpetual smile and a lovely, lilting voice. After the screening and her interview with another cast member Kat Kirk, Ivana and I went out for pints of Guinness and Rupert-gushing , we had blast. I spent the next day with her doing the tourist thing, having a lovely walk around Dublin. When it came time for her to leave for the airport, we hugged goodbye and I’d already felt I’d made a good friend. One thing you should know about Ivana: she’s as genuine and big-hearted as she comes across online. It’s not an act, she’s the real deal.


Soph with staffers Karo and Jo

Next is Jo. Flying half-way around the world once to see Cherrybomb is crazy enough. Doing it twice is pure, straight-jacket insanity. Luckily, I’m not the only one who suffers from this madness, and I met another world-Cherrybomb-traveler catching a connecting flight to Belfast in…gosh, was it New Jersey or Chicago? Can’t remember, and you’d think it would be ingrained in my memory since we had to wait on the tarmac for about thirty minutes while they looked under the hood. Let me tell you, it does nothing for pre-flight nerves to sit on a plane watching mechanics streaming in and out of the cockpit trying to fix a vessel that’s supposed to carry you across the Atlantic. Fortunately, I had yet another ICM staffer beside me who is utterly ballsy and fearless…except when it comes to air travel. Yes, the intrepid Jo we’ve all come to know and admire, the one who will bravely face down a certain exquisite redhead when most of the rest of us would be rendered mute and drooling, is an armrest-gripping, white-knuckled air traveler who does NOT like turbulence. But what she lacks in airplane courage she more than makes up for in general feistiness.  That feistiness carries over into her fierce devotion to Rupert, he couldn’t have a more loyal champion. This is something we all know, though. What you perhaps don’t know about Jo is she has a great, bubbly laugh. The the fact that even after an overnight flight in a cramped coach seat, with little or no sleep whatsoever, she will still look impeccable and have an incredible, unflagging energy, when I looked and felt like death warmed over. She’s also, in spite of the impression her well-put-together appearance may give, a very low-maintenance, flexible, and game traveller. Once she’s assured she’ll get to her destination in one piece, she’s up for anything, takes the glitches (like sleeping next to a boiling radiator all night) in stride, and is eager to get the most enjoyment she can out of getting to know a new city. Her humor and  high spirits made the long flights to and from Belfast much more enjoyable than they should have been. Once we made it to Belfast, we were greeted by the rest of the ICM team: A.J., Tao, and Karo.


Staffer A.J. with "Cherrybomb" actor, Conor MacNeill

A.J. is one of those people who you just instantly like. She has a really warm spirit that attracts you immediately. We often see A.J. being the peacemaker online and that is who she is, a friendly, easy-going person who knows how to get along with everybody. I don’t think I ever saw A.J. without a smile on her face. Nothing fazed her, not Billy Bob and his ominous whistling, not getting locked out of the hostel in the middle of the night for missing curfew due to a certain infamous after-party. She knows how to laugh at things, how to let things roll off her shoulders. She’s blessed with patience and a good nature. Staying up with her all night talking on her last night in Belfast was one of the highlights of the trip. She’s funny, lovely, and a lot of fun to be with. I have to say, when I think of what my perception of what Rupert is like in person, A.J. seems to be very like him. One area where she might differ from him, though, is food. I’m under the impression that Rupert will eat anything you set before him (didn’t he once talk about attending a haggis festival? Does he know what’s IN haggis??). But A.J. is very particular about her food. Oh, and she doesn’t like nipples. Don’t tell me you already knew that.


Karo with Conor

Karo. Initially, I kept mispronouncing her name as “kay-roh.” I finally learned to pronounce it correctly “car-oh,” and it shouldn’t have taken me so long. I should have associated Karo with “car” from day one because she was our very brave and able driver the whole first day, even if she spent most of the time behind the wheel going, “AHHH!!” and “OOOPS!” But I give her a ton of credit, because I probably would have killed us all ten minutes out of the airport, trying to navigate those Belfast roads where everyone is going the WRONG WAY! She got us through our whole Cherrybomb pilgrimage in one piece; and as for not having any run-ins with local police, well, she just missed it by that much. But good effort though, and it was no help to her that we were all piled into this tiny vehicle like a clown-car at the circus. So it’s not her fault we were pulled over and very nearly ticketed by Belfast’s finest. But thanks to Karo’s blonde good-looks and German driver’s license and the rest of us putting on our best clueless tourist faces, we got out of it. Karo is extremely bright and has a memory like a steel trap. When we were sitting after the screening talking about the movie and making notes for our reports and reviews, Karo remembered details that would have probably slipped past most viewers’ eyes on the fifth, sixth, or one-hundredth viewing. When I could be struggling to remember a bit of dialogue from the movie, Karo would not only remember what was said, she’d remember how many times the character blinked while saying it. But even if she’s meticulous and detail-oriented, she also knows how to let her hair down and have a good time. And I think she just might have left Belfast with Lalor Roddy’s heart.


L-R: Soph with ICM staffers Jo, A.J., Tao's mom, Tao; center: Karo

Which brings us finally to our webmistress Tao. She may initially seem quiet and reserved, but in almost no time she warms up to you and one most certainly warms up to her with her gentle nature and  shy but sincere smile.  Even if she’s not loud and outspoken, she’s probably one of the fiercest warriors in Rupert’s army. Well, she’d have to be, wouldn’t she? It’s after all thanks to her and her mom that we have this fine bastion of Rupert-worship to come to in the first place.  Even if she isn’t yelling the loudest, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t hold on to her convictions. On the contrary, she sticks to her guns and sticks to her beliefs. She’s solid and principled and she’s committed to making ICM the best site it can be. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting her in person, keep in mind that behind her soft voice and downcast eyes beats the heart of a Gryffindor lion. She saw something lacking in the online world of HP cast fansites. She took the initiative and gathered a staff to create a real and active community, where Rupert fans could come to discuss everything and anything under the sun concerning Rupert and even occasionally not concerning Rupert. And once she did, she didn’t rest on her laurels. She and the rest of the staff keep improving the site, keep it a work in progress. So don’t be fooled by her sweet demeanor. There are schemes and plans and plots afoot. Didn’t Malachy tell you? It’s always the quiet ones!

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The Challenge of Challenging Others: A Q&A with Morgan

210kqp5Every week, we are bestowed a challenge, the challenge of writing to unknowing media sources. None of us have been a stranger to the long, heavily-linked diatribes we anxiously write, in an effort to get Rupert and his movie, Cherrybomb some much needed buzz. A challenge it is indeed, as it requires a decent amount of time to prepare and think of what you’d like to say.

However, maybe as you’re checking the email you’re about to send off, you start wondering who the mysterious person is, that is behind creating those challenges for us every week.

Meet Morgan, aka Cookimonstress, who creates these weekly challenges for the Cherrybomb Distribution Campaign. She took some time from her very busy life to answer some questions, that maybe shed some light on what it is she does exactly for the campaign!

1).  Were you approached about helping run the campaign, or did you offer?

Well, I wasn’t directly approached. But, the staff at ICM said that they needed help maintaining the petition site, so I volunteered.

2). What made you want to take on the Cherrybomb campaign?Cherry_Berlin_Low_Resfinal_{30EAAD1E-11D7-4D2B-9C4E-AC05D33361A4}

My love for Rupert and his fandom. From the time ICM announced that they had launched the campaign and why, I knew I wanted to help out with it in some way. So, when ICM asked for volunteers to help with the petition site, of course I jumped right on it. Plus, I couldn’t wait to see Cherrybomb, myself. I have heard so many wonderful things about it!

3). What is your method of deciding which media outlets to contact?

I do internet searches on entertainment sites and magazines and such. There have been times where I have written challenges telling people to write to newspapers. And we have even written to television shows like BBC News.

4). How long does it take to do the research?

It really depends on what my search engine gives me when I’m looking for that sort of thing. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to find something immediately. Then, there are other times where it could take me several days before I find something good for challenges. I usually like to find media sources that reach broad audiences.

5). You mentioned to me that the campaign had stalled at one point, what were your thoughts and ideas at that time?

For several weeks, there were only 20 people who participated in the challenges each week. So, I tried to think of a way to get people more involved. I then decided to work on an article for the August edition of Grintastic. But, before I could finish, people who were regularly participating in the challenges got their friends and coworkers to participate. I believe the week after that started happening, we had 90 people to participate in a challenge writing to Variety Magazine.

6). How did it make you feel when you heard that CB had gained a distribution deal with the UK and were in talks with the US?

Very, very happy! I was so proud of the fandom and Rupert’s Army making this happen. Without the fans, Cherrybomb may not have gotten any distribution deals at all. I’m quite pleased with our accomplishments.

7). You’re currently in college/university, how was it to juggle the campaign and your studies?

It’s difficult, but I manage. I write challenges whenever I can get to a stopping point in my schoolwork.

8). Is what you’re doing now for the campaign be applied to what you’re majoring in/studying?

I am majoring in Communications, so I would definitely have to say yes. Communications deals with things like writing for types of media, so writing challenges and updating the petition site has helped me understand a field I will be working in one day.

9.) Did you tell any of your friends, family, classmates about what you were doing for Rupert, CB, and the campaign? What did they say or think?


Yes, I did. Their thoughts on it depended on who I was talking to. But, I had a few people who said that they wanted to help out. I have a 10-year-old brother and when I told him about the campaign he immediately wanted to help out in any way he could even though he isn’t old enough to go see Cherrybomb. He just “wanted to be a good brother.” He’s so sweet!

10). Did you promote Rupert and CB in any other way, besides creating the challenges? What did you do?

Yes. I went to different sites and got on their forums and made threads about it. I also wrote to sites that weren’t posted on the petition site as challenges. And, of course, I told my friends about it.
11). What do you think it is about Rupert (or his fandom) that makes everyone ban together for such an important cause?

It’s because we all love Rupert and really look up to him. He’s such a great role model with his genuine warmth and kindness toward others. And the way he interacts with his fans is just amazing. I remember seeing this thing on YouTube where a Japanese fan had won a contest and got to interview the Harry Potter trio. And when she interviewed Rupert he let her touch his eyelashes and then ride on his back. That was awesome!

I think that Rupert taking part in Cherrybomb also makes him a positive role model. In an interview he did for Blag Magazine, they asked him what the message of the film was, he said:

6a010536c52fa7970c0111689d3531970c-800wi “It deals with consequences. The consequences of doing wrong. It deals with how drugs, lust, and violence can destroy your world. It is really a coming of story, especiially for my character who is seen growing out of that lifestyle and realizing there’s more to life. It may be a lesson to young people to try and keep to the right path, communicate with your friends and family, and don’t try and impress people to get liked.”

That quote in itself made me incredibly proud to be a Rupert fan. Cherrybomb deals with issues that are a big problem in society today and I think it can reach out to people who deal with things like peer pressure on a daily basis. And by being in this movie Rupert will also be reaching out to those people, which I think is absolutely wonderful.

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Ask the Doctor: Rupert Grint and Swine Flu

or: How to contract Swine Flu and alienate people! 😀

swineflu5All of us were shocked when we heard the news about Rupert having caught the swine flu. When the news came up on 4 July 2009, I was on holiday and had just texted Jo about information on the Harry Potter London premiere. Instead of a reply, I got a message saying: “Rupert caught the swine flu! :(” After a panicky back-and-forth of texts (as I was stuck in a hostel without internet), Jo finally told me “His press team says he will be fine :)”.
As the swine flu is still all over the press and Rupert’s name is still associated with it, we thought it would be a good idea to give you some non-hyped-up information, and to explain a few things about the virus and how it might have affected Rupert.

The information about the swine flu has been taken from the websites of the World Health Organisation ( and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control ( I tried to make this essay as understandable as possible. If you have questions, please ask.
Btw I’m graduating medicine this autumn, so the information is reliable, and you can use it to show off if you want to. *wink*

About the virus:
Swine Flu is caused by the virus called “Influenza A(H1N1)v”.
A virus is a non-living particle consisting of genes (in form of DNA or RNA) and the outer body built. The outer body has specific structures, so-called antigens.
The “H1N1” in the name are actually two antigens specific for this virus. For example, another virus called “H1N2” shares one antigen with the H1N1 (the H1 antigen), but has one different antigen (N2 instead of N1).There are 9 different Hs (H for Haemaglutinine) and 16 different Ns (N for Neuraminidase).
There have been H1N1 viruses in the past, but this new virus contains a combination of genes from influenza viruses seen in birds, pigs and humans. The “older” swine flu viruses did not get transferred from one human to another.

How does the virus get transferred:
The viral particles are transferred from human to human via droplets, when coughing or sneezing, or when the droplets end up on a person’s hand and get transferred to this person’s nose or mouth, even via contaminated surfaces (where they can remain for up to 8 hours).
The time from when a person has “picked up” the viral particle until the first symptoms appear is from one to seven days.
The mostly affected age group are young people. Small children and older people are less exposed to large crowds, hence it is less likely for them to be infected. On the other hand, teens and young adults go to school/work, to discos, bars, they meet friends… All these are opportunities to pick up the virus.
Transmission from animal (pigs) to humans has not been proven.

This means that it is unlikely that Rupert was infected by his recently acquired pigs. Aside from the transmission being unlikely, the United Kingdom has very strict regulations for bringing animals into the country, as they go into quarantine for at least a week. By this time, the pigs would have had symptoms if they had been infected, unless the virus had not caused a reaction.
If Rupert had been infected via his pigs, it is likely that one or more members of his family would have had symptoms as well, which Rupert probably would have mentioned in interviews.

Why does the body react the way it does?
The human’s immune system has the ability to distinguish between “this belongs to me” and “this is dangerous”. Almost all human cells have specific structures on their outside that the immune system recognizes as belonging to the human, and other, foreign structures are likely to be seen as dangerous. swineflu3Over the years (starting during the last months of a pregnancy), the immune system is exposed to various antigens and “gets used” to them. It is a “learning” process for the immune system.
The immune cells (who act like police officers), “operate” on several locations in the body: lymph glands, tonsils, mucosa. So, when exposed to foreign antigens, the immune cells in those areas start a “war” against the “intruder”, which causes most of the symptoms:

  • Sore throat: immune reaction in tonsils and other areas in the throat causes the throat to swell slightly (due to increased blood flow meant to bring those foreign cells into the area where the “police officers” operate!) and become painful (caused by the stretching of the skin due to swelling).
  • Fever: many chemical reactions work better at a higher temperature. While the normal body temperature is perfect for the “normal” processes in the cells, fever helps the immune cells to produce more antibodies in a shorter time. In the case of flu, fever is caused by proteins that are created during the immune reaction.
  • Headache, muscle pain, fatigue: immune cells need a lot of energy to fight the viruses, hence they pick up most of the energy (in the form of glucose). Which, in turn, leaves less energy for the muscles and the brain, so they react with pain or fatigue (that’s why you want to sleep more, because then the brain needs less energy than when you’re awake).
  • Vomiting, diarrhoea: The stomach has an immune system on its own. If it reacts to the infection, the bowels usually react with more movement, hence pushing the food backwards (vomiting) or pushing it too fast forward for the bowels to digest (resulting in diarrhoea).

The time needed for recovery is about 7 to 10 days, and adults are infectious to others for about five days, counting from the first day when the symptoms appear (seven days for children because their immune system is less developed).

Rupert said in recent interviews himself that it “felt like any other flu I had”, and that he suffered from a sore throat. He also mentioned that he had to spend five days in bed (the time he was most likely been infectious); so, by the time he started promoting Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, he was no longer infectious to his fans or media.

Aside from the acute reaction, one part of the immune system works as a memory and will remember the antigens for the future. This is also used in vaccination: the body is exposed to a small number of antigens or to “disabled” (genetically modified) viruses. The immune system recognises the antigens in the case of an infection and is able to cause a reaction much faster (because it already knows the “weapons” to fight), hence it prevents the virus from reproducing much earlier and requires a smaller reaction (also meaning less or no symptoms).
As the new swine flu contains the aforementioned new combination of genes, it is unknown to everyone’s immune system, hence the body’s reaction is noticeable in more people than the symptoms of regular flu.

The good thing: Rupert’s body knows the virus now, so if he is exposed to it again, he will have little or no symptoms.

How do I know I have Swine Flu?
It is impossible to tell the difference between a regular flu and the swine flu without help, as the symptoms are the same.
When you go to the doctor, he will take a nose and throat swab and send it to the laboratory.

Imagine someone taking a long tip and sticking up your nose and into the back of your throat… yes, poor Rupert!

In the lab, the virus RNA can be copied with specific methods if viral particles are found on the swab. If there is evidence of the H1N1 RNA, the result has to be reported to the national health authority, who keep track of the epidemics of certain infectious diseases.

So yes, Rupert has been reported…

How do I get treated if I have swine flu?
The medical treatment varies. Young, healthy people do not necessarily need specific medication. Antivirals might alleviate the symptoms and reduce the time of recovery, but they do not reduce the time of being infectious. Instead, they could also increase the possibility of the virus becoming resistant to the medication, and there is only one type of medication available.
Young, healthy patients can be given painkillers or medication to reduce fever if necessary.
Antivirals should be given if underlying medical problems exist (heart disease, diabetes, asthma, weak immune system), as these people might suffer more from the symptoms and are at an increased risk of complications (like pneumonia).
The antiviral medication that helps against the H1N1 virus (mostly known as Tamiflu®) makes the virus unable to reproduce as quickly as it normally would, thus enabling the immune system to tackle the smaller number of viruses in the circulation.
Aside from antiviral medication, patients with aforementioned medical problems may also receive antibiotics to avoid further complications caused by additional infections with bacteria (e.g. pneumonia). However, antibiotics do not work against swine flu!

swineflu4This is where it gets confusing: Rupert has said he was given antibiotics. As mentioned, antibiotics do not help against swine flu. Since Rupert has said he had regular symptoms of a flu, it is unlikely he had an additional bacterial infection, and as he is otherwise young and healthy, he would not have needed a prophylaxis.
Soooo, either Rupert was given medication he did not need (received no antivirals, but antibiotics), in which case he should consider changing his doctor, or he does not know what kind of medication he took, in which case he ought to read this article.

Aside from this, patients should be isolated (meaning to stay at home and have contact to as few people as possible) and only admitted to hospital if complications arise or are likely to.
Additionally, close contacts (people who live with or are in contact with a patient) should be given antiviral prophylaxis to avoid infection.

So yes, it was okay that Rupert stayed at home, and most likely the entire family got a prescription for antivirals.

Swine flu is actually considered as dangerous as the regular seasonal flu in terms of mortality. Out of 1000 patients, about 40 need hospital treatment, 1 patient dies. The difference is that nobody is immune, so it is more likely to develop symptoms when infected with the H1N1 virus. Hence, more people become patients, and the number of deaths increases accordingly.

How do you avoid swine flu?
By not picking up viral particles. You should avoid huge crowds and people with symptoms, and avoid touching contaminated surfaces. Wash your hands and try not to touch your mouth, nose and eyes. Be physically active, drink fluids and eat healthy food to keep your immune system active.
Infection does not occur by eating infected meat IF (and only if) the meat is cooked properly. Proteins are destroyed when heated, so the viral particles are destroyed when the meat is cooked.
A mask can be used, but it should only be used if the person knows how to use it. Inappropriate use increases the risk of infection. (If a viral particle lands on the outside, and the person wearing it accidentally touches it, the virus lands on the hand and might be transferred to the person’s mouth and cause an infection).
A vaccine against the new swine flu does not exist yet, but is in development. Other vaccinations against seasonal flu do not prevent this infection.

We all know that Rupert’s hands have a tendency to end up in his face 😉 so it is very likely he picked up the virus like that.
The media people who wore masks while interviewing him obviously did not research properly, as by the time Rupert was doing HBP promotion he was no longer infectious; besides, the wearing of masks is not recommended anyway.
As for the vaccination: Rupert has already been infected, so his body knows the virus. He doesn’t need the vaccination anymore.
All is well.

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Rupert’s favourite…

… places in Northern Ireland: Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge and Giant’s Causeway

c1 g1

This summer, a friend of mine and me spent our holiday on a three-week tour around the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. I knew beforehand that Rupert had once mentioned enjoying going to Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, but as major tourist attractions they were on our list of places to visit anyway.
So, here is a report along, with some of the pictures we took (a selection from over 411 pictures…) to give you an idea of what Rupert might have loved about those two places.


c2c3Carrick-a-Rede itself is a small island separated from the main land by a deep gap. The name Carrick-a-Rede translates to “Rock in the Road” (carraig = rock, rade = road). At least 100 million years ago, the area was covered by a calm and warm sea, and the skeletons of the small creatures having died there formed a lime-rich mud which eventually was compressed onto the white limestone, or chalk, forming the coast. Changes in sea level shaped the cliffs, and when a volcano blew depris into the air around 60-55 million years ago that created a conglomerate upon settling down, dark boulders (known as “volcanic bombs”), today’s scenery (or at least a very similar one) was completed.

c4Numerous seabirds can be found on the island, where they breed from May to July. Most of them are guillemots, razorbills, kittwakes and fulmars. From the early 17th century until 2002, Carrick-a-Rede was a place for commercial fishing, as salmons on their way to the rivers of their birth swam close to the coast and had to swim around the island as it obstructed their way (this is also the most popular explanation for the island’s name). c5Fishery was also the reason why the Rope Bridge was built about 250 years ago. Fishing ceased in 2002, as the average number of salmons had decreased to 200 a year (compared to 300 fish a day in 1962). But back in the days when the bridge was serving its purpose, the fishermen could get onto the island during the summer, while the bridge was dismantled in winter to protect it from damage done by the weather.

c6Even nowadays, the bridge is re-erected each year before Easter and taken off at the end of September. It may also be closed during the windy or rainy weather. For many years, the bridge only had one handrope. A second one was added a few years ago to enable the less-courageous tourists to cross the bridge as well…

c7You arrive at a car park just on top of the cliffs and have to walk for about twenty minutes to get to the bridge. On the way, you can already see the cliffs and get occasional glimpses of Carrick-a-Rede island, and sometimes you can even see the rope bridge. If you are lucky and you are alone, all you hear is the sea on the shore and the cries of birds.

c8After a few minutes, you have to cross a small wooden bridge across a gap in the cliff. The closer you get to the island, the more windy it becomes (although me and my friend visited the place on a really warm and sunny day), and it becomes easy to understand why the bridge is taken off during the winter months.

c11a c9

c10Steep metal stairs lead down to a small platform before you reach the actual rope bridge. The bridge itself sways due to the people walking across, but it even moves when you are standing on it all alone because of the strong wind. Due to the gap between the islands being so narrow, the scenery changes with every single step you take, and it does so both on your left and your right. So, if you get a chance to visit this place, take your time and enjoy the view.

From the other side of the bridge (on the island itself), you can also take a look back to the main land and the white cliffs and turquoise water to the northwest and the dark cliffs with caves to the southeast.

c12 c13

c14Right behind the bridge on the right hand side is the old fishermen’s harbour, which is nowadays nothing more than ruins. On the left hand side is a steep rocky wall down to the water which is covered with breeding birds. The birds’ cries are so loud that you can barely hear the sea, and you have to raise your voice when talking to someone. The island itself is almost like a raised platform, as the cliffs are so steep that you have to stay on the central part, which is covered in grass. If you are brave enough, you can walk up to the edge of the island (carefully, of course!) and see the “volcanic bombs” scattered around.

c15 c16 c17

c18To get back, you have to cross the bridge once again. After that, make sure to walk back by taking the slightly longer way (towards the left), because you get an amazing view of Carrick-a-Rede island from that side!

[Here’s a clip of what it is like to cross the bridge. Staffer Karo is the person on the bridge. Watch her hair to get an idea of how windy it was (although, according to the staff members there, it was NOT very windy…)]

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Giant’s Causeway

g2 g3

Like the area around Carrick-a-Rede, part of the landscape at Giant’s Causeway was created about 60 Million years ago and is made of white limestone. When the continental plates pulled apart (separating America from Europe), hot magma surfaced along the fissures and spread over the landscape. When the lava cooled down, it cracked, similar to dried mud, with the difference of the cracks in the cooled lava going all the way through and therefore creating tall basalt columns. Most of these have five or four sides; some have more, others less, but only one is said to have three sides.

g4g5After the last ice age (15000 to 10000 years ago), the sea level was raised and formed the seaside landscape. The landscape with basalt columns spreads along the coast for several miles. For example, you can find the Organ (see the picture on the right), the Harp, the Chimney Tops or the Horse’s Back.

g6g7According to a legend dating back to the Third Century, the giant Finn MacCool (his Irish name is Finn mac Cumaill) wanted to battle with Benandonner, a rivalling giant living on the scottish island Staffa (one of the Outer Hebrids), and built a huge bridge across the sea to enable Benandonner to come to Ireland. Upon seeing the much bigger giant approaching, Finn MacCool fled and hid in a huge cradle, asking his wife to tell Benandonner that the “baby” was actually Finn’s son. Upon seeing the “baby”, Benandonner assumed that Finn was gigantic and fled in terror, destroying the bridge so that Finn would not follow. g8The remnants of the bridge are said to be the the columns at the Giant’s Causeway, as well as similar basalt columns found at Fingal’s Cave on Staffa. Another, more romantic legend tells us that giant Finn MacCool built the bridge across the sea to visit his beloved girlfriend on Staffa…

If you happen to visit this place, you will arrive at the visitor centre and then either take a walk (for about 10 minutes) or take the bus to the Giant’s Causeway, which actually consists of the Little, the Middle and the Grand Causeway (each spreading more or less into the sea).

g9 g10

The basalt columns differ in shape (4-8 sides) and height, some being below the sea level and others being up to 10 feet high. They also have different colours, from black to grey, others are reddish.

g11g12 g13 g14

g15There are also little ecosystems on the columns, when rain has accumulated in a socket and algae have grown and or shells have been washed onto the columns with a huge wave. Grass and flowers grow in-between some of the columns set further away from the water. You should also keep an eye out for bird and other animals…

Make sure to climb onto the high columns and see how they lean to the side, and how high they actually are.

g16 g17

By following the path, you reach the organ and, by climbing up to the top of the cliffs, you can walk along the coast to take a look at the other Causeway areas, or walk back to the visitor centre and see the Giant’s Causeway from above.

g18 g19

Disclaimer: Information taken from Explore The Giant’s Causeway and Explore Carrick-a-Rede by The National Trust. Pictures and video clip by Karo and Lars. Please do not reproduce without permission.

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The Harry Potter fandom has a variety of wonderful in depth podcasts which delve deep into the books, the characters and the events that surround them. While we love and appreciate the entire story of Harry Potter, let’s face it we all have our preferences. There always seemed to be very little Ron Weasley showcased in the Harry Potter podcast discussions, and that is a shame because he is the most relatable, the most loyal, the most humorous, the most likely to wear his heart on his sleeve and not sugar coat things when something needs to be said. And that isn’t even the half of it!

Also many perceptions about Ron are incredibly silly to the point that you wonder where people get these ideas. Did they read another book? Or maybe perhaps people really just don’t understand him. Well we plan to change those misinterpretations……. and for the Ron lovers this one goes out to you.

Your Hosts….

Sam will be your host and each show we will feature guests from the fandom to join in. This segment she is joined by the lovely Sabine and Dove who came into this thing in full Hermione mode, meaning they know the books well and plan to pick Ron apart from beginning to end.

A different song every week that will intro and wind between segments. This song will be discussed toward the end. It’ll be Ron or plot related in some way.

This Segment.

  • Intro Song: Be Somebody
  • ICM News
  • The Ron Quote of the month
  • Spoiler Zone
  • Bonnie, Tom and Twins in Paris
  • Ron through the Pages
  • The Bromantics
  • Ron Onscreen
  • Ron and Friends
  • HeRo Chat
  • Sidekick
  • Ron Vs. The Fandom
  • Fanfiction Corner

Download Roncast and ICM Staff Podcast from the blue Podcast box in the top right corner, and ENJOY! (NOTE: the links will take you to separate SendSpace pages, where you’ll find download links.)

If you guys haven’t already noticed, the song in the background is Be Somebody by Kings of Leon. Every podcast, we’ll pick a different song based on your suggestions. If you’ve got a song that you think fits Ron Weasley perfectly, just get a hold of us at

We would love to have you on show. Email us to land a guest spot, or if you have any comments or suggestions please send them over. We would love to hear them and want to make this as enjoyable as possible for you.

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On Fanzines, Ice Cream And Whatnot

Hello fellow Rupert Grint fans, and welcome to the first edition of Grintastic!

The idea for an interactive, online “fanzine” was born about this time last year. While Ice Cream Man focuses on the talents of our favorite actor, Rupert Grint, Grintastic was created to focus on the many talents of his dedicated fanbase. Since the forums are booming with lots of love for your fellow fans and an innate desire to share your various forms of artwork with one another, creating Grintastic was an obvious choice.

A Short History of “Fanzines”

The term “fanzine” was first used back in October of 1940, by the science fiction community. Fans of sci-fi movies and literature needed a place to share similar interests and talents. And so, the “fanzine” was born. Not long after, everyone else followed suit. Horror movie buffs, comic book creaters/readers, sports fanatics, rock and roll lovers, and punkers were soon making their own variations of the publication. Remember Blag magazine? Of course you do! When Sarah and Sally Edwards first came up with the idea, Blag started out as a fanzine, too.


When the fanzines first kicked off, all someone needed to make such a publication was a great idea, a typewriter, and a copier. Often made in small numbers, they were frequently hard to come by. In addition, they were also either sold at an extremely cheap price, or even given away for free.

Fanzines have come quite a long way since 1940. These publications can still be found being passed out in front of clubs, and even appear on the internet. These are known as ezines; or prozines, which are made by business people looking to expand their network of customers.

The Grintastic Fanzine

Grintastic is a bi-montly “publication” with lots of stuff to do, all aimed at you, the fan! You can guarantee that we’ll always have something new and fun for you, with things like contests, quizzes, fanfics, fanart and comics. We’ll also be sure to include essays, opinions, and editorials for you to read; plus, exclusive treats that you’ll only find on Grintastic to adorn your frequent online haunts! And last, but certainly not least, our Rupert-centric podcasts.

When we say that ICM is “by the fans, for the fans”, that’s no joke. If it were not for any of you rabid Rupert fans, ICM wouldn’t be where it is now. So, this is for all of you. We love you guys! Enjoy!


If you have anything that you’d like to see featured in one of the future issues of Grintastic — for example your essays/fanfics/fanart/poetry/stories/reviews or any other creative undertaking, just send us your material to and we’ll be happy to review it and, hopefully, include it in the next issue! Simple as that! (We can’t pay you lol, but we promise to make you famous — at least in the Rupert fandom!)

Also, feel free to comment on the articles in the first issue. If you want to send us a more elaborate feedback, or recommend someone else’s work, again, email us to the address above: we welcome all comments and criticism, good or bad. Tell us what you would love to read about, help us improve our content, help us make Grintastic the funkiest fanzine ever — Rupert surely deserves that!

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Behind The Scenes Of ICM or Welcome To The Madness Within

“Yeah, Rupert!!! Weeeeeee…. I’m hungry.” (AJ, slightly off-topic)

As you know, Ice Cream Man operates by the motto “For the fans, by the fans”, so we decided to give you an exclusive look “behind the scenes” of our website for this first edition of Grintastic!

All of us staffers are huge Rupert Grint fans from all over the world (in case you want to know more about us, go here) and all of us are doing this for fun.

This means we are forced to juggle working on the site with our private lives, which happen to include work/school and family, so occasionally one of us has to take a few days off because a kid is ill or because an exam is coming up.

It also means that we’re doing this not only for free, but actually have to pay for things like our host, new layouts, travels and also for some of those high-res pictures everyone enjoys most.

Being fans also means that we’re forced to switch between the fan-mode (“THUNDER THIGHS!!!”) and professional-mode (“Inquiry: Interview with Robert Sheehan”) when we are writing official emails while browsing the forums at the same time.

As all of us live in different places and time zones, we have the advantage that we can almost always have a staffer online; but it also makes things difficult when the person you desperately need to talk to is asleep.

When you’re a staffer, one of the most important things is, of course, posting news. So, whenever you’re online, you need to simultaneously
– check your emails regularly for “Submit News” emails,
– browse the forums,
– read the comments (in case someone posts news there,
– browse our partner websites, and
– google for news,
because you never know where the news might appear.

Once news come up (and it deserves a “New Post” instead of an “Update”), the panic begins (as Neglo put it once, “I was literally shaking when I typed that up!”). Sometimes, when we decide that a news piece is not too urgent, or needs checking, one staffer will prepare the draft and then someone else will take over and publish it later.

The staff exchange about 127 emails a day (!), not to mention PMs, text messages, and an occasional panicky phone call.

“Jo you made me a mod, I think. But I don’t see any of the controls or anything like that. What does the plus next to people’s names mean?” (Dove, on being a forum moderator)

Aside from that, we’re also busy reading the forum threads, posting ourselves and answering questions, PMing and giving out passwords. You all know how busy the forums are, so imagine you are almost obliged to read everything to capture news, keep track of discussion, calm people down, dismiss rumours, set things right, or try to help people find links or pictures. Sometimes you can even pick up ideas for things you might do in the future on the site (and be assured, some of things you are/have been talking about are currently in the process of coming to life).

ICM fan convention at the LA OotP premiere

ICM fan convention at the LA OotP premiere

Next are the regular updates on the site. These include: redoing the Gallery (which went slightly wonky during the Berlinale frenzy and eventually crashed a few weeks ago), updating the Rave Reviews (whenever a new review appears), updating the Media Section (and converting the files into different formats so that everyone is happy), keeping the pages on the main site up to date and making sure that the Rupert Facts now include Bill Murray as one of his favourite actors.

Our other sites also need to be up-to-date, so we regularly have to work on our three Myspaces (ICM, Cherrybomb and Wild Target), Live Journal, Facebook (shamefully neglected), and now even Twitter! And from time to time, we also post our news on Popstar (We should mention here that someone actually submitted our own Popstar post to ICM as a news tip… thanks for that!)

Then there are of course the “big events” we are working on, like the Cherrybomb screenings in Berlin, Dublin and Belfast, or the Preview of the Harry Potter Exhibition. That does not just mean booking the train/plane and getting a hotel, but also scheduling the time there, organising interviews (or filming location tours) and coming up with good questions, getting tickets and background information, having technical devices (camera, camcorder and dictaphone) at the ready, and making sure that the staff at home is up to spending the day online to post news and upload the images/videos as they come.

ICM girls in Belfast, with BLAG

ICM girls in Belfast, with BLAG

We have already started planning the Half-Blood Prince coverage, and with three events in three consecutive days, try to imagine our current dilemma of having “only” nine staffers to cover the Japan, London and New York premieres, plus having someone online 24/7. Any ideas? Help is always appreciated!

Furthermore, we are constantly working on new things. As you can see, we have now launched Grintastic, which has been in the works for exactly a year (lol, we’re slow!). Not only did we need a layout (and had long discussions about what it should look like), but we also had to decide what to include in the first issue, and finally write up the damn articles!

A number of other things are currently in the works, none of which we can talk about just yet. These are things that take time to be set up and need a lot of organisation on our part. We don’t want to rush them either, and with the “other things” going on, those new things sometimes do have to wait. Stay tuned, though, and you’ll be in for some surprises in the future.

“Karma is a b*tch.” (Ivana, re: someone-who-must-not-be-named)

To give you an impression of how we work, here are some scenarios that have happened in the past three months:

1) 6am, you have just gotten up to go to work and you go online before even taking a shower. Tired as you are, you check if any of the bands from the Cherrybomb soundtrack have replied to your emails yet, and there is indeed a message, from none other than David Holmes: “Call me tonight at 7pm Belfast time, and I’ll do your interview”. That’s less than 14 hours, and you’re gonna spend 9 of them at work. Send message to staff: “HELP! I need questions!”

2) It is 10am on a February morning, you’re in the middle of a hospital ward round with Senior and Chief Consultant. Your mobile beeps (embarrassing enough) no less than 3 times. All of them texts from Jo, who is trying to secure tickets for the Cherrybomb World Premiere:
Text No1: “Site’s down! Can’t order tickets!”
Text No2: “All sold out! Didn’t get tickets!”
Text No3: “DID YOU GET THAT!!!”

3) It is 10pm, February, and you have only slept four hours total for the past three nights because you were doing stuff for the site. Jo sends a message to all staff: “Unfortunately Rupert won’t be able to come to Dublin because he’s filming, but GUESS WHAT!!!! RUPERT JUST FINISHED A PHOTOSHOOT AND INTERVIEW!!! And we’ll get more information on that tomorrow, including a PICTURE!”
A few hours later (after almost no sleep due to excitement of the upcoming news), you’re at work. A helpful text from Jo, whom you had asked to text you about the news as soon as they come up: “THE PICTURE!!!” And this is supposed to help you spend the next five hours WITHOUT internet???

4) After a web-free weekend in April, you’re back online and read the exciting news Ivana posted: One of us has been invited to the Preview of the Harry Potter Exhibition! Michelle manages to get off from work, and see all those Harry Potter objects before anyone else. You’re tempted to jump across the Atlantic just to hug her for this amazing opportunity.
Then you read that Michelle wonders what to wear…

5) You’re at the Belfast Film Festival and have just seen Cherrybomb with the entire (well, almost) crew in the same room. In the foyer, the Cherrybomb crew is still around and you get to talk to David Holmes and Glenn Leyburn. Some minutes later, you leave the cinema about to burst with excitement, because David and Glenn have just invited you to join them at the private aftershow party. By 2am, you and the rest of ICM girls are in the middle of the Cherrybomb crew, dancing and singing: “Hello daddy, hello mum, Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-CHERRYBOMB!!!”

ICM_LAMany of you have little idea of all the hard work done behind the scenes, because you only get to see the final product after weeks or months of work. In a way, it feels weird, because you, as the members of “ICM Street Team” and “Rupert’s Army” contribute more than you might realise to help with what this site is, and what we have been able to do. That is why we owe you a big THANK YOU!

We hope you continue to enjoy visiting ICM, and any ideas, thoughts and criticism are always welcome.

Stay tuned for what’s to come, and don’t forget to Keep Calm And Carry On!

Your Ice Cream Team

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