Are You Ron’s Biggest Wheezy-Part 2 by Aracelli

When I read about the contest I thought it would be easy to define the similarities and differences between the character and the actor, and then find some way to related to each other … how wrong I was, now I’ve been hours trying to write something decent and consistent.

But it seems that words do not come to me, my inspiration went to the post office to await the long-awaited picture, everyone hovers around me saying things like, “you can do it” “concentration”, “in the future you can write a book, I’ll be your manager”.  I have news for them, it’s not easy!

The only thing I am sure is that I want to participate and will do my best effort …Why keep talking about me when we can talk about two wonderful men? I’ll start with Ron Weasley.   What do we know about him? He is the sixth child of a large family with little money, for that reason he always wears second hand, he eats too much, he’s afraid of spiders, is jealous, grumpy and has a serious problem of insecurity and inferiority.

On the other hand, Rupert Grint is the eldest of five children, suffers from arachnophobia, he never had economic problems, but neither had money in excess, at least before working on Harry Potter. At a very early age, he became famous and is now a recognized/famous young actor. At first glance, Ron and Rupert don’t have things in common outside of the appearance/body, they hate spiders, they were born in the 80s and both share the “R” as initial in their names.

Ron Weasley in all respects, is a guy that you’ll love if he comes  your way. Constantly, he is known for being a good friend, faithful, loyal and courageous, he always support Harry and Hermione, and his smile and joy never disappeared when they were the most needed.

We have seen Ronald grow,  surrounded by people who overcome him in different areas, but after the boy befriends the world’s most famous magician, Harry Potter. And as if that were not enough, Hermione Granger join this group, the most smart girl of the class. That would be enough to unbalance  anyone, but Ron didn’t shows major problems until later, when jealousy emerge or rather, the doubts. In my opinion Ron is angry because Harry is in the tournament. He wonders why Harry didn’t talk about it? He has doubts about the confidence of his friend. But, would we  not feel sad if we believe that our best friend does not trust us?

Rupert and Ron, Ron and Rupert two personalities in one body, which after all, are not so different.  Both are happy with the life they have, they enjoy it, are good friends, are loyal guys with values. I think if a person is declared fan of Rupert maybe that person is not suitable for this job. Even though they are so different, I’m sure that no other actor would have played better,the role of Ron. He is Ron, he won the role with his effort, he and only he deserves to succeed.  I cannot imagine Ron played by another person who is not Rupert Grint.

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In Celebration of Rupert-Suzanne S.

Question 1: What is your favorite quote from Rupert from this year, so far? And why.

“I never got to push myself”

Suzanne:  I like to think he never HAD to push himself – he got his character and what was happening without needing to push himself.  Unfortunately, I also understand what he meant.

Question 2: Rupert’s been more candid in 2010 than he’s ever been in the past ten years. What do you think of this and how does it make you feel.

Suzanne: I think this is great and shows how down to earth and “real” he is – not figuring out what will “play best” or sounds “right” or even put him in the best light.   I think he is his own man and says what he thinks.

Question 3: What is your favorite quote about Rupert?

Suzanne:  Alfonso Cuarón saying while directing Prisoner of Azkaban that Grint is “the likely future star out of the Hogwarts trio”.

And of course in a reply to an interview question about this more recently Grint saying that Cuarón was kind of crazy.

Question 4: If you had only one picture of Rupert that you could look at the rest of your life, which one would you choose and why.

Suzanne:  I really liked the picture of him from the London HBP Premier when Maggie Smith kissed him on the cheek.  I just think that is a sweet picture.

Question 5: If Rupert were turned into ice cream, what flavor would he be?

Suzanne: Chocolate with coconut and cherries

Question 6: What is your favorite interview(video or printed) with Rupert?

Craig Ferguson interview in 2007

Question 7: What song or poem reminds you of Rupert and why.

Suzanne:  “Love the one you’re with” Stephen Stills, 1970

He always looks so happy wherever he is and with whomever he is with and I thought of this song.

Question 8: I smile whenever Rupert…

Suzanne:  is in on screen

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In Celebration of Rupert-Francaise3/Marite

Question 1: Rupert’s been more candid in 2010 than he’s ever been in the past ten years. What do you think of this and how does it make you feel.

Marite:  I love that he is opening up and revealing more info about himself. I love to hear his insights on different aspects and how he perceives the things around him. I really hope he keeps this up!

Question 2: If you had only one picture of Rupert that you could look at the rest of your life, which one would you choose and why.

Marite: I would choose this pic from Tribeca shoot. I love the picture because he looks absolutely boyishly happy in it! Like he is enjoying what he is doing and where he is in his life! Adorable! Although, that shirtless sword-fighting Tony pic is in serious competition! 😀

Question 3: Finish this sentence> Being a fan of Rupert, I feel that-

Marite: I will undoubtedly be a witness of great talent and passion for acting in future.

Question 4: Rupert-related horror scenario No. 58>You only have enough money to see ONE of Rupert’s movies(you’ll have to wait for the other one to come out on DVD! *gasp*); which do you choose(CB or WT) and why?

Marite: If I really MUST choose, I would choose WT, because it sounds like my kind of movie! I love British black humour! 😀 And I love Tony’s scruffy look! 😀

Question 5: I smile-

Marite: whenever Rupert smiles!

Question 6: What song or poem reminds you of Rupert and why.

Marite: I have the poem recited by Ben in Driving Lessons stickered to my cubicle wall at work, and it always reminds me of Rupert. Especially the last 3 lines. They really communicate that being yourself is ok, and I think Rupert believes it as well.

Some mysteries I will never understand,
The way the Earth rotates around the Sun,
Three minutes shorter every day.
Or the way the dead are gone,
Like putting down a phone, or turning a corner.
The future… that’s another whopper.
We can never know what we can never know,
Except- Whoever you are,
And whoever I am,
You made it alright to be me.

Question 7: Make an acronym out of the letters of Rupert’s name







Question 7: Caption this!

Aaaaaand.. the Best Rupert fansite award goes to… *pause* ICM!!!!

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In Celebration of Ron Weasley-Galadriel

Question 1: How has reading Harry Potter and getting to know Ron affected your life? Have you learned anything? Got an amazing opportunity that you would not have otherwise had?

Galadriel: I got into HP later in life, therefore I’m not sure if it really has affected my life except for the reading pleasure, joining the online world and getting to know many great people on the internet with who I would not have gotten into contact otherwise. Being able to discuss with all kinds of people from all over the world widens my perspective and I learn and hear from so many things that would have gotten unnoticed otherwise.

Question 2: What is your favorite Ron moment (either in the books or movies) and why?

Galadriel:  The Silver Doe, specifically the destruction of the Locket-Horcrux. It is, for me, the one big, huge, pivotal Ron moment. The moment he finally overcame all his fears, his self-doubts and his insecurities. It was the moment he grew up and matured. It’s the moment in the books when Ron’s character-arc was concluded. And it’s such a wonderful and important friendship moment between him and Harry. In this moment, finally, the two really see and understand each other. They always had this special connection, understanding each other better than others, but there was this small final step to be made to a complete understanding. And that was made when Ron destroyed the locket. And the hug …. oh, man, the hug … Need I say more?

Question 3: What is your favorite Ron picture, or Rupert as Ron picture? *this can be a photoshoot with Rupert as Ron, or a fanmade painting or drawing, made by your or someone ese*

Galadriel: While Rupert does not exactly look like the Ron I have in my head while I am reading, he has certainly influenced my vision of Ron. In a very good way. There are too many great pics of Ronpert to really choose from. I am drawn to those in which he looks badass, or in which he smiles.

Question 4: If you ever met Ron in real life, what would you say to him, or ask him?

Galadriel: I would like to talk to him about his (now overcome) insecurities. Since I do relate to those a bit, I would love to discuss all of that with him. And I would like to tell him how infinitely awesome he is.

Question 5: What is your favorite Ron quote?

Galadriel: There are so many, funny ones, emotional ones, serious ones, it’s almost impossible to choose. If I have to, I would go for one that sums up Ron in a nutshell. There are a couple of those, but for now I go with this one from DH:

“You can have me keep me”

It shows Ron’s loyalty to his friends, his bravery, his willingness to sacrifice himself for his friends and his love for Hermione.

Question 6: If Ron and Harry were to get into an arm wrestling match, who would win and why?

Galadriel: Duh! Ron of course. While Ron is lanky, Harry isn’t exactly muscle-man either. They both play Quidditch, they both do pretty much the same things, so it’s not that Harry worked out and thus had an advantage over Ron. Ron is taller though and has longer forearms so it would give him an advantage there.

Question 7: What aspects of Ron’s personality do you admire the most and wish you had for yourself

Galadriel: His bravery. I‘m a coward, afraid of everything. Really. What Ron has done in the books, and continues to do in his job as an Auror … Just wow. Admirable. His optimism. I tend to be a cynical negative person, and while Ron can be sarcastic too, he tends to be very cheery and see the good thing in situations.  And I do admire his unshakable loyalty. Even when he falls out with his friends, he still keeps looking out for them and he never goes behind their back. Many people argued Ron’s leaving in DH was disloyalty. I strongly disagree. He didn’t go to Voldemort and his followers telling them what Harry was up to and where he was to find, right? So, he made a stupid mistake, but he still was loyal. I like to think that I’m a loyal person too. Although my friendships have never been under such strain, so I never had to prove it.

Question 8: Do you think that Harry Potter, and the character of Ron, will endure for years to come? Why or not.

Galadriel:  I think it will die down a bit. I think it already has since DH was published. But HP has already become a classic, thus it will always gain new readership, new fans. But, unlike us, who became fans when the series was still in progress and had to wait years for a new book and didn’t know the outcome, new readers will be able to read the series in one go and they will know, or already do before reading, the outcome. I think that would make for a different reading experience. But HP will gain new fans (books and movies). Consequently, Ron will always have fans. Just like now, he will be a fan favorite. Same for the movies. People will watch and like Ron and Rupert as Ron.

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Ron’s Biggest Wheezy Contest Runner-Up: Aracelli

My idolatry, fanaticism, unbridled love, madness, infatuation by RonWeasley or whatever you call my friends, started a love-hate relationship. When you release “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” I was eight and knew nothing of the saga. When I saw my charm, but there was something that was the point of contention, Ronald Weasley, the redheaded boy, freckled, grumpy, foul-mouthed as the cause of my anger. I could see it without being upset, and is not caviar in my mind that was so bad with poor Hermione could not believe it was so cruel as to say he had no friends, and although Hermione forgives him and then become friends I wasupset, and this anger was precisely because I would hurt a lot for a guy to treat me so stupid. Thus came the premiere of “Harry Potter and theChamber of Secrets” and my view of Ron, took a 360 º turn … for me was
the most they would defend Hemion Ron Draco Malfoy, even though everything went wrong and was ultimately he who vomit slugs for me was …unbelievable, that guy annoying and “ugly” “because I said so, that was ugly, it was my last resort to defend my position anti-Ron Weasley, had defended his friend, for me was very tender, and thereafter loves Ron, especially in this movie, as when Ron is very upset seeing a petrified Hermione or when the end of the film come together in way of greeting …in each one of these scenes a strange cramps in my stomach made me curious.

“Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” was my discovery of Rupert Grint, so far only thought of Ron Weasley, the character, but did not see the actor behind … and I discovered just in the scene where Ron eat candy and roars like a lion … she looked very manly, strong, handsome… was 11 and felt an incredible desire to scream like crazy, in fact I cover your mouth with your hands, pruning not understand what was going, I was 11 and never before had I felt nervous watching a movie … that
feeling in my stomach bothered me. While in this film, Ron and Hermione are always arguing, I saw them differently, as two poles that attract, my brother always said “those who fight you love” and I immediately thought of them. That Christmas my older sister gave her the second book in the saga, of course I read the book as fast as I could, and discovered that Rupert Grint redhead very well characterized. I began to investigate what more could Rupert and Ron, at that time had not HP-Latin American pages and if there was I could not find them. With each passing film and they gave me the books I liked the pretty redhead, her way of being carefree, hungry, funny, “something” childish … and I grew them, I realized I had a platonic love for a character in the book and an actor, Ron loved him for his nature and because he believed that was what Hermione needed, something of amusement, laughter, pranks, being happy and although too always arguing and that was reconciled what I liked best, which is really wanted. And Rupert, what looked like a completely different person, he never smoke rose to the head, always so calm, being nice, laughing, that drove me crazy … when I saw videos of him in interviews, or the premier films, is my stomach, I wanted to cry, saying that was the best, being there to see it and somehow feel like the real thing … when you live in
a country like Chile where the stars usually do not come, you see almost as an individual gold with Rupert untouchable … something happens to me different from other celebrities, I feel that somehow … it feels like before, that you feel uncomfortable in interviews, he does not like it relate to people … sorry it still feels like an also-ran who had the opportunity-a wonderful opportunity “to act and to do what he likes.

Moreover, I see Ron as the groom that someday I want to find … I love Ron Weasley because I just knew love, gestures as nice as defending the people she wants, love a man who dares to defend and protect the person you love … LOVE Billius Ronald Weasley for who he is …

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Ron’s Biggest Wheezy Contest Runner-Up: Jasmine

I have  noticed that it is often common for people to name Ron Weasley as the less valued member of the Trio, or to name Rupert Grint as ‘the lower key’ star.

Such statements as these are easy to contradict, as it can be clear from any reasonable and sane mind, that Ron Weasley and Rupert Grint are the ones that keep everything together.

Ron Weasley is the glue that keeps The Trio’s friendship together. Yes, it is understandable to say that he doesn’t have as well-defined skills as Harry and Hermione do, but he is nonetheless important. His humour and strength of heart gives him the title of the best friend that Harry and Hermione need to stay sane. Without Ron, Hermione and Harry wouldn’t have nearly as much fun. Harry says himself that he likes having Hermione as his best friend, but there ‘were less laughs and more trips to the library’ (Gof). Not only does Ron keep the other two laughing, he also loyally keeps them in line, giving Harry support and standing up for Hermione and making sure she has some time for fun.

Ron has his heart in what he does. Everything he does he does it because he feels it, which makes him not only thoroughly entertaining, but also gives him a different and more open persona than Hermione and Harry. He’s easier to read, being unable to hide his true feelings, even if he doesn’t know what they mean (’you’re fraternizing with the enemy’- Gof)which makes him an easy character to understand.

In the movies, Ron is portrayed as the ‘comic relief’, which Rupert Grint acts brilliantly and with such strong verve that the Harry Potter films wouldn’t be nearly as good without him. However,  in J.K. Rowlings version he is a much more complicated character.

He has problems with being poor and being overshadowed by his siblings and his best friend, the famous Harry Potter. This makes readers sympathize with him, especially as they see what such deep potential as a hero he has.

Ron’s heroic moments are bigger and more important than he realises. He just sees himself as stupid Ronald Weasley, but there is so much more to him than that, and so much more that he is able to be and do.

He sacrifices himself to save Harry and Hermione in the quest towards the Philosophers Stone, he helps Gryffindor win the House Cup, he courageously enters the Forbidden Forest alongside Harry despite his fear of spiders, he helps Harry in the Chamber of Secrets and earns 200 points plus a Special Award For Services To The School Award. Though there is a period between the Prisoner of Azkaban, and the beginning of The Order of the Phoenix, where he emotionally goes through arguments with his best friends and doesn’t bare any major heoric moments of his own, it developes the complexity of him as a character; giving him more depth than just being the ‘sidekick’. He has problems with insecurity besides Harry and learns that he’s been harboring Voldemort’s servent all that time. But through this, he is still loyal to his friends in the end, standing up against Sirius Black (‘if you kill him, you’ll have to kill us too’) and helping Harry with the preperations for the Second and Third Task. The next year, He loyally takes part in Dumbledores Army, manages to throw off the Inquistirial Squads hold and fights against the Death Eaters until he is put under that spell and almost strangled by the Brains. In the Half-Blood Prince, he again causes problems for himself with his impulsive feelings; and again comes close to death, but he outwits that by helping fight the Death Eaters in the battle, comforting Hermione at Dumbledore’s Funeral and remaining a loyal friend to Harry. Despite all this, it is not until the Deathly Hallows that he truly demonstrates his importance to the Trio and his true heroic moments. He’s not perfect in the book, but he is sincerely sorry for leaving Hermione and Harry, and otherwise helps that countless of times. He gives them important information on the Ministry of Magic which helps them in their plan, he saves Harry, obtains the sword and destroys the locket, he saves Hermione from the Malfoy Manor, he plays an important part in the Grigott’s scheme, he thinks of a way to destroy the Hufflepuff cup and enters the Chamber of Secrets for a second time to do so, he finally takes things further with his love interest Hermione, he saves Goyle from the fiend-fyre and he fights more Death Eaters, including Fenrir Grayback.

Ron has his own interesting and entertaining story in the novels, and without him, the Harry Potter books wouldn’t quite have the same touch. We need him for his imperfectness (which ironically makes him a perfect character) and his humur. And its the same with Rupert Grint. How could they have ever found a better actor to play the brilliance of Ron Weasley?

I have thoroughly studied Ron Weasley’s parts in the novels and Rupert Grint steals the screen for me. If there was no such thing as “the red-headed sidekick” I would never have liked the Harry Potter books and movies as much. Ron Weasley makes it the best story ever written. Without him it would be good, but not abnormally and entertainingly brilliant. He is the best character ever written into any story and deserves full acknowledgement and love; that is what he rightly deserves.

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Becoming The Eagle

In late 2009 we learned that Rupert had received the script for “Eddie The Eagle”, and later, director Dena Lowery had confirmed Rupert’s involvement. In early 2010, we learned that Eddie himself was quite pleased with the casting! In fact, he described it as “excellent casting”. A lot of hype has surrounded the movie and Eddie himself. He’s been declared “lovable loser” and “the worst Olympic ski-jumper” just to name a few labels. But Eddie’s story is of intrigue and smiles, disappointments and laughter. He is more than a lovable loser or the worst Olympic ski-jumper. He is all heart, but he’s far from a loser.

In the late 1980s, Eddie had a dream, he wanted to go to the Olympics as a ski jumper. Unlike most of his competitors he had no formal training, no money, and no backing. All he simply had was a dream. This is the kind of story we as human beings thrive on because Eddie went out and accomplished what most of us only dare to dream. I’ve often said that I think Rupert can relate to Eddie in a lot of ways. He too had a dream. He wanted to be an actor and he wanted to be Ron Weasley. Like Eddie, Rupert took a shot, even willing to embarrass himself (a rap video dressed up as his drama teacher?!) to get the part. He got his chance, as did Eddie. The only difference? Eddie’s dream didn’t turn out as well as Rupert’s. We all know Rupert’s story – fame, popularity, a movie career. Eddie got shut out of the ’92 Winter Olympics by the British Olympic Committee who was afraid he was making a mockery out of them.

Eddie was born as Michael Edwards in Cheltenham, England. Eddie was actually an excellent downhill skier and narrowly missed out on being on the Great Britain Olympic team in 1984! He decided to improve his chances to make it to the 1988 Olympic Games by moving to Lake Placid, New York, USA to train but his funds began depleting and Eddie found it easier to switch to ski jumping which would also make it easier to enter the Olympics. Eddie began his training under Chuck Berghorn.

Unfortunately, Eddie had some shortcomings when it came to this switch. His weight came in at 181lbs which is more than 20lbs over what one of his competitors weighed. Eddie was also short-sighted and it required him to wear glasses all of the time. Because of this, his glasses would fog up while skiing. And lastly his financial situation as previously mentioned. Eddie was self-funded. Interestingly, to this day America and Canada teams still have trouble getting financial support, some 20 years later!

Later, Eddie ended up training in Finland after he was finally picked for the Olympics. As noted, Eddie suffered with financial woes and his trainer in Finland invited him to stay at the mental hospital where he worked. He also slept in car parks, corridors, and cowsheds. Eddie even admits to eating scraps of food he scavenged from the trash!

Because of no sponsorship, Eddie claims to have been 7,000 pounds in debt and was a one-man show: Coach, doctor, driver and baggage man. But he admits that because of becoming “Eddie the Eagle” he was able to pay off the debt in one day!

Eddie ended up looking like an “idiot” for so many reasons. Many of which I’ve already mentioned (like the fogging up glasses); but when he first came to Canada, for the whole world to see at the airport, his bag ripped open and all his belongings flew everywhere. To make matters worse, he ended up walking right into a glass wall!

But finally, he got to make his debut at the Olympics. Sadly, it didn’t end as well as he hoped of course. He came in last in the jump, but he did hold the record for British Ski jumping at the time. He was also the world number nine in amateur speed skiing (106.8mph) and the stunt jumping world record holder (10 cars/6 buses).  From there, the British Ski Federation and the  International Olympic Committee made sure that Eddie would never be able to compete again because, as I said, believing that he was making a mockery of the olympics and the ski jumping sport. The rule, which requires Olympic hopefuls to compete in international events and place in the top 30 percent or the top 50 competitors, whichever is the lesser, was dubbed the “Eddie the Eagle” rule. Eddie tried but failed to get into the 1992, 1994, and 1998 Olympics (despite having a five year 5 year sponsorship with Eagle Airlines, which was a small business charter company).

It’s obvious that Eddie is so much more than what some people might think. All the struggles he endured, all the heart he mustered, and yes he came in last, but he was no ‘lovable loser’ but a guy with a dream that didn’t turn into Olympic Gold but did turn into a fascinating story. I am eager to see Rupert playing this. The drama of sleeping in cowsheds and eating out of trash cans. Training hard and having so many shortcomings. And yes the comedy of your bag ripping and your glasses fogging up. And the eventual disappointment of not making it anywhere but last. And of course, the fact that he’ll be the star of the movie. He won’t be starring along side, but the star of it all!

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Fan Favorites From ICMers: Rosa

Question 1). You have to compare Rupert’s demeanor to any type of food; how, or what, does his personality taste like?

Rosa: I don’t know, maybe he would taste like a lollipop. It’s the second thing that came to my mind, after  ice-cream, hehe. A lollipop is sweet and I think that Rupert it’s a sweet person .

Question 2: What is your favorite video interview of Rupert and why

Rosa: I can’t understand a word of what are they talking about, but I love Rupert’s faces, the way he talks, the gum in his mouth

Also I love this interview. Well, it’s not only a Rupert interview, but they are so cute!

Question 3). What is your favorite picture of Rupert and why57856623

Rosa: Maybe this one. And, why? I don’t know really why I like it. I just like it.

Question 4: . If you had a chance to meet and speak with Rupert for only 15 seconds. What would you say to him?

Rosa: Only 15 seconds? I think that in only 15 seconds I wouldn’t be original, I’d say typical fan things,hahaha. “Hi! You’re great! Two kisses?A photo? Thank you a lot” , hahaha. But the most probably thing that will happen it’s that I couldn’t say anything, I’ll be shocked!! haha

Question 5). This year, I hope that…

Rosa: I’ll see ALL Rupert films!!! Also I’ll try to go to DH Premiere and see Rupert in person!! (well, part of DH Premiere it’s a bit impossible, but I can dream, can I? hehe)

Question 6). Take into account that Rupert is a Virgo, and combine that with your sign as well. Realistically, would you two get along? Why or why not.

Rosa: Well, my sign is Virgo too, so I think that we would get along well. We have similar characters, so it’ll be easy to understand each other. Maybe at the beginning the silent will be so much present, because we could be shy, but I’m sure that we’ll make him disappear, hehe

Question 7). Where do you live? and if you had the chance to take Rupert on a tour of your city, where would you take him? Why do you think he would like any particular place or thing you were to show him?

Rosa: I live in small Spanish city, but it hasn’t anything to visit, it could be the opposite of a touristic city. We don’t have anything interesting to visit but we have our FAIR; where everyone has a lot of fun. I think that he would like it, because there you can taste some delicious food, have fan with your friends, drink something, go to a concert, have fun in the attractions…Also I would take him to walk around my peaceful city and enjoy our delicious food. =)

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Best Of The Decade-Staff Questionnaire(Anna)

Question 1:  Best Quote

“…The chant rose fast and furious “Rupert, Rupert, Rupert!”  Rupert turned to the crowd, then turned to us with a shrug, with bewildered dismay, with a touch of chagrin.  Why would anyone chant for him?  He was just another kid who would rather be in his basement with his buddies and a root beer having fun.  What was the fuss?  Not that he doesn’t want attention, but he wants to earn it. Rupert is happy to meet you, but it would have to be as equals.  As a person.” – Fred Soffa for Presscorps, GoF NY premiere.

Anna : He is not a spoiled super star. He is aware of what his fans do for him and he rewards them everytime he can.
Question 2:  Best photoshoot
Anna:  DRAMA.  He is pushing is own limits and breaking the limits people or fans are trying to draw around him
normal_rupert-grint-harry-potter-and-the-chamber-of-secrets-premiere-london-UWufvGQuestion 3:  Best Outfit
Anna:  CoS London Premier .  That outfit is just perfect!! Everything’s perfect, the hair, the shoes and I am sure nobody forced him to wear that outfit.
13 years old and already a  great sense of fashion. Purple!!!

Question 4:  Best Interview

Anna: The Heat interview.  Why?   Well watch it and you will understand why!! 🙂 Chewing gum + Rupert Thinking face = Pure joy! Ahah Totally fan girling now! I should say The Blag Interview, one of the first interview about him not about one of his characters. All about him! Finally!

Question 5:  Best T-shirt

Anna:  eeeeeeehhhhhhhh so many!!!!  I am litterally obssessed with Black and Pink clothes! lol Yeah call me loopy! lol This one was hard because all his t-shirt are cool, since kids he always wear cool stuff, but it’s just the black and his bright red hear match very good! Oh and the Madonna t-shirt at the V festival was excellent too. So unexcpected!

Question 6:  Funniest thing Rupert did on camera

Anna:  I will say during DL. It’s a BTS with Evie in the car when he say “we are breaking the law” Corpsing! it’s around 5min10.  Why?: H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!!!

Question 7:  Best Rupert moment

Anna:  When he visited the boy who was dying of Leukemia.  Rupert Visits Harry Potter Fan with Leukemia

Question 8:  Best Ron moment

Anna:  I still haven’t finished  DH yet (yeah I know!!) So I will say the Chess scene.  Why?  Can’t resist at the bravery of an eleven year old child! Go Ron!!!

normal_fuse9Question 9:  Best Hairstyle

Anna:  I really like is hair back in 2007, a bit long, a bit messy but totally stylish! Or totally stylish when he was promoting DL. Love it!  Better than a shampoo ad!

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Best of 2009-Staff Questionnaire(AJ)

Question 1: Best Quote

“I’ve sat in screenings with audiences who’ve watch what Rupert can do, and he obviously connects with them really brilliantly. That’s the comfort zone the audience had with him. It’s Rupert; he’ll be funny, and appealing. But, he can do really serious, straight stuff. And we’re seeing stuff Rupert do in the Hallows part 1 and Hallows part 2 which is really grown up and dark. You watch and, oh God, it’s really powerful.”– David Yates    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Ultimate Edition, December 2009

“But I did learn to take a 9mm Glock handgun apart and put it back together again blindfolded.”- Rupert in Daily Mail interview, about working on Wild Target

AJ:  A gun-wielding Tony! Yee-haw!


Question 2:  Best Photoshoot

AJ: As stated for the decade, I just love this photoshoot.  I just want to invited Ian Derry over for tea and cookies, but he’s probably British and wouldn’t want fake tea and “biscuits from an American.

Question 3:  Best appearance/event outingnormal_INFphoto_1103593

AJ:  It’s often been mentioned that Rupert would be great in a character role along the lines of Alex DeLarge from “A Clockwork Orange” and then we SEE him dressed as the character. All I have to say is, “Thanks, Rupert!”.

Question 4:  Best interview(printed and/or video)

AJ: Blag interview.  It started an influx of magazine interviews spotlighting Rupert Grint for 2009.

Question 5: Best candid shot of Rupertnormal_Rex_RUPERT_GRINT_961939a

AJ:  Because he looks like he’s either headed for the party, or coming from having a good time at the party. *wink* Also, he has this, “I’m the…. well, you know” look.

normal_cbhq05Question 6: Best movie promo still

AJ: Is an explanation really necessary?

Question 7: Best Cherrybomb scene

AJ:  When Malachy lays Luke out after Luke causes him to crash his car.  I love seeing Rupert in intense scenes

Question 8: Best Half-Blood Prince scene

AJ: My favorite scene is when Ron licks his lips on the train when they are traveling to Hogwarts for the first time.  Oh come on ya’ll know that I’m an advocate for thespian Rupert.  I love all of his “acting” scenes in the Half-Blood Prince, so let me just enjoy my moment, goodness gracious.

Question 9: Best picture from a premierlondon

AJ: It’s such a wonderful shot.

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Best of 2009-Staff Questionnaire(Hassan)

Question 1:  Best new quote(about Rupert and/or from Rupert)

“…he almost reminded me of a Young Michael Caine in Alfie mixed with the rebellion of a ” Clockwork Orange “. It was hot.” -Photographer Ram Shergill, on working with Rupert for the DRAMA photoshoot

Question 2:  Best new fact

Hassan: Now I know he loves the micropigs…and that is very nice for me coz I’m a vegetarian

Question 3:  Best photoshoot

Hassan:  DRAMA magazine..again.

Question 4:  Best appearence/event outing

Hassan: Half-Blood Prince premiere in London

Question 5:  Best interview(printed and/or video)

Hassan:  I repeat…the interview with Jo…

Question 6:  Best candid shot of Rupert

“I try not to Google myself, because I’d find the results too uncomfortable.” Rupert in FHM magazine interview

normal_Cherrybomb-08041Question 7:  Best movie promo still

Hassan:  Cherrybomb…intense.

Question 8:  Best Cherrybomb scenenormal_cbhq05
Hassan:  Love scene, because it is sweet and funny, but very erotic. About Kim-she is a doll. I love her and I love their interaction in the scene *sigh* It’s so real.

Question 9:  Best Half-Blood Prince scene

Hassan:  when he plays Quidditch..he is the king of Hogwarts…yeah…

Question 10:  Best picture from a premier this year

Hassan:  Half-Blood Prince premier in London..when he is dancing in the rain…lolnormal_vuXL7svA2pn18vliYZTHWyCRo1_500

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Best Of The Decade-Staff Questionnaire(Hassan)

Question 1:  Best Quote

“I’ve never seen a young actor with such a brilliant timing for comedy.  But that’s Rupert in real life as well.  Definitely there’s a career there for both of them (Rupert and Emma) if they want it.”- Alfonso Cuaron , Growing up with Harry Potter, The Telegraph, 24 May 2004

Question 2: Best Photoshootnormal_DRAMA_-_IPHONE_-_Issue_3_-_Harry_Potter_Covers3

Hassan:  DRAMA magazine..definitely.

Question 3:  Best Appereance/Event Outing

Hassan:  Half-Blood Prince premiere New York

Question 4:  Best Interview(printed and/or video)

Hassan: ICM Exclusive Interview with Rupert Grint at the premier of Cherrybomb in Berlin.  By Jo Galloway…she is the best…lol



Question 5:  Best T-shirt

Hassan: The boxing gloves T-shirty by Martin Margiela..I need this shirt right now.

Question 6:  Funniest thing Rupert did on camera

Hassan:  When Rupert was a child and spoke in Japanese with Daniel and Emma…(he was teasing daniel)

Question 7:  Best Rupert moment

Hassan:  His speech at the Hand, Foot, Wand Ceremony

Question 8:  Best Ron moment(in books and/or movies)

Ron: An unbreakable vow? Nah, are you sure?

Harry:  Yes, I’m sure. Why?

Ron: Well, you can’t break an unbreakable vow…

Hassan: lol

Question 9:  Best Hairstylegrint-cherrybomb

Hassan:  Malachy hairstyle…yeah…

Question 10:  Movie  you’re dying to see right now!

Hassan: Tony in Wild Target…please.

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Best of 2009-Staff Questionnaire(Tao)

Question 1:  Best new quote(about Rupert and/or from Rupert)

“Everyone to be ginger would be good. A ginger world, that would be cool.”

Tao:  Honestly, how could you not agree with Rupert? 😉

Question 2:  Best new fact
Tao:  That Rupert has a hovercraft. Between that and that David Barron got him goggles to see on his hovercraft. LOL Either way, it all leads to the hovercraft!

Question 3:  Best photoshoot
Tao:  The Daily Mail

Queston 4:  Best appearence/event outing
Tao:  The Halloween Party because he was dressed up as Alex DeLarge after fans were talking about wanting to see him as that character!

Question 5:  Best interview(printed and/or video)

Tao:  Daily Mail because it was intimate, different and has a photoshoot that I love!

normal_bm_vfest_efg8737_07Question 6:  Best candid shot of Rupert

Tao: Rupert wearing a horse’s head is absolutely priceless! Especially since it didn’t work!

Question 7:  Best movie promo stillnormal_Cherrybomb-08041
Tao:  This is tough because there are quite a few of them that I liked. I’m going with the one of bloody Malachy standing with the storm clouds behind him simply because of the artistic factor behind it.

Question 8:  Best Cherrybomb scene2lnzspw

here truly are so many great ones. It’s a difficult decision because there are several different scenes that show off his acting ability. I went with this scene because it shows off why he is just so good at what he does as it’s subtle acting at it’s finest and it’s the beginning of the movie which immediately draws you in!

Question 9:  Best Half-Blood Prince scene
Tao:  Him falling off the couch in Slughorn’s office! Funny. Every. Time. I can’t stop chuckling at this moment!

Question 10:  Best picture from a permier this yearnormal_icm_big_hbppremiere11
Tao:  This was a tough one because the HBP UK one had many great pictures that included Rupert having fun in the rain but in the end I chose the one of Maggie Smith kissing him on the cheek.  it’s truly a cute and beautiful moment. Maggie, who obviously was still getting over her Breast Cancer treatment, went out for the fans and showed how much she adores the “kids” that she’s worked with since they were so young!

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Best Of The Decade-Staff Questionnaire(Tao)

Question 1: Best Quote(either about and/or by Rupert)
“He’s always been the funny one, but he has so much more as an actor than that. In Prince, he has lovely stuff that’s funny and true, but in Deathly Hallows, he must be defensive and haunted, and Rupert took to that like a duck to water.” David Yates, Baltimore Sun, April 2009

Question 2:  Best Photoshoot
Tao:  Blag! For Rupert it’s the first cover, the first fashion shoot, the first solo shoot, and it’s the first time we really started knowing things about him that he tends to keep to himself. So this will always be my all time favorite for those reasons.

Question 3:  Best Appereance/Event Outing
Tao:  The Hand/Wand/Foot ceremony. There are so many great appearances throughout the decade, but none showed such a vulnerable side to Rupert. Everyone talked about how nervous he was, and we knew it. He said he was so nervous and how much his hands were shaking. It was adorable and real and just who Rupert is.

Question 4:  Best Interview(printed and/or video)
Tao:  I know there are a lot of great ones but I think my favorite of the decade has to be Moviefone’s Unscripted in 2007 with Dan and Emma. It was nice to see these three interact like they used to in interviews and just be the charming trio they are. It was funny and informative and they looked like they had a blast doing it!

Question 5:  Best T-shirtnormal_Grint_Rupert_40088
Tao:  There are so many great t-shirts. He has a great collection. However I went with his Harry Potter shirt moment at the LA Order of the Phoenix Premiere!

Question 6:  Funniest thing Rupert did on camera
Tao:  His screen test for HP! It just draws you in… the way he acts just like Ron, mocking Hermione and rolling his eyes. And the cutest moment of him lifting his ears all the way up as he’s listening to Hermione read! Just great and funny and adorable.

Question 7:  Best Rupert moment

Tao:  For me personally it was at the Goblet of Fire premiere in NYC. Rupert had just lost his grandfather, and he was obviously very sad and mourning his loss. However when he arrived he did a few interviews, and then ran to the line of people seeking autographs – started at one end and then made his way down the whole entire line. And then went even further by making a special trip to where the special needs fans were waiting. It was just wonderful to see and cemented my fandom forever.

Question 8:  Best Ron moment(in books and/or movies)
Tao:  Ron destroying the horcrux with the Gryffindor sword!

Question 9:  Best Hairstyle

Tao:  His quiff in Cherrybomb! Just lovely. 😀

Question 10:  Movie Role you’re dying to see right now!
Tao:  Wild Target!

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Best Of 2009-Staff Questionnaire(Anna)

Question 1:  Best new quote

“I’ve sat in screenings with audiences who’ve watch what Rupert can do, and he obviously connects with them really brilliantly. That’s the comfort zone the audience had with him. It’s Rupert; he’ll be funny, and appealing. But, he can do really serious, straight stuff. And we’re seeing stuff Rupert do in the Hallows part 1 and Hallows part 2 which is really grown up and dark. You watch and, oh God, it’s really powerful.” David Yates

Anna:   He has been so much underestimate by certain people that it’s just soooo good to read this kind of stuff by somebody as David.

Question 2:  Best new fact

Anna:  Well as I am new in the fandom every fact is new for me! lol Aaaaahhh! I know!!!! Inside swimming pool, How cool is that!!?!?

Question 3:  Best Photoshoot

Anna: Photshoot from The Times. Why?  No need a tone of make up, hours with a hair dresser, fancy clothes. Unshaved, messy hair with his own clothes and a really nice photoshoot.

Question 4:  Best appearence/event outing

Anna:  Halloween Party!  Why? Because most of people think is the poor shy guy.   I think a few have been a bit in shock!

Question 5:  Best interview

Anna:  The Blag Interview,  because it was not an interview as the others. It was him, he was true, not that he isn’t during other interviews;  but most of the time it’s always the same question about the same movies. It was a change.

Question 6:  Best candid shot of Rupert

Anna:  The V festival. That horse hat to get rid of the fans was a splendid idea! So Rupert!

Question 7:  Best movie promo still

Anna:  Wild Target….Tony….Gun….Fierce….Naked and Wet. Mama mia!!!!! And all CB stills.

Question 8:  Best Half-Blood Prince scene

Anna:  The whole love potion scene. I bet everybody answers that too. “I’m in love with her!!” Ahahah, pure comedy acting skills!

Question 9:  Best picture from a premiere

Anna:  HBP UK premiere.  There is so much respect in his look for Maggie, a bit protective too I think.  After all, she has been through with her cancer. Something special, with two special people in a special moment.  Perfect!

Question 10:  Movie Role you’re dying to see right now!

Anna:  If you are talking about a role he already played, I will say Malachy McKinney!! Otherwise don’t care.   I am not dying to see him play a certain role, as much he is happy with his choices; and as much as not a role like in a movie like “Amercian Pie, Scary Movies“. Please please please Rupert don’t do that, never!!

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Cherrybomb In Theaters: How Fans Lit The Fuse!

On May 1st, 2009 Ice Cream Man with the help of The Little Film Company which handles sales distribution of the film for around the world created the Cherrybomb Distribution Campaign . It was simple: Put together petitions in some of the biggest territories/regions interested in normal_malandlukeRupert Grint and Cherrybomb and get the fans to sign the petition to show potential distributor companies the intense interest in the film. So the US, UK, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Australia/New Zealand, and Asia fans got together and signed, posted, and did whatever they could to help promote the movie in their regions. The result? Distribution!

It was revealed on October 4th by UK newspaper The Independent that the fan campaign had helped secure a release in the UK for the film as well as a potential interest in the US. In these two areas around 7,000 fans showed their support for Rupert and Cherrybomb. Not only was it mentioned that the UK had secured a distributor but also one of the UK’s biggest distributing company. Also, news came up how delighted Rupert himself was with the efforts of his fans.

This revelation also set off a fury of news stories coming out about how the fans had helped the movie. From controversial blogger Perez Hilton to the respected BBC; everyone had a story about this. It is big news. The only other movie to get help by fan support so far this year is paranormal thriller Paranormal Activity, which garnered a wider release because of fan support. However does it even come close? The movie had already been in theaters as a small independent film, and like so many independent films before it, the buzz surrounding the film got it a wider release. Cherrybomb is in a completely different boat. The truth is, this may never had seen the light of day, other than in film festivals and probably a DVD release, had it not been for fans who did their best to show support for the film.

No matter what happens from here, there is one thing we can be sure of: The fan campaign for Cherrybomb has shown that the power of the people still matters. If they can get together and get a film released, they can certainly do anything they want. One thing I had always heard was, “Internet petitions never work.” But we fans, the ones who believed, showed everyone. Every fan who helped in some capacity, no matter how large or small, should give themselves a pat on the back. They did it; the showed everyone, and they helped Rupert‘s film hit the big screen!

Unfortunately we still have a long way to go. While the UK is set, the US is still working on ironing out details, and the other countries and such listed above still have no word. We’re working hard, so don’t forget to check out the Cherrybomb Distribution Campaign site because if we have gotten this far, we can work it elsewhere!

You can read all about the campaign here, watch the trailer here, read rave reviews from critics here as well as fan reviews here. Keep the hope alive!


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True Blood – From Books To The Small Screen

33416445Anyone who truly knows me knows one thing: I love to read. Obviously I have read the Harry Potter series, considering my love for Ron Weasley and subsequently Rupert Grint. However, I love a great many books in a variety of genres, and one set of stories I love in particular are vampire tales. Thanks to my mother I became a fan of the 1960s soap opera Dark Shadows which featured vampires, witches, werewolves and the like. Then came Buffy the Vampire Slayer and its spin off series, Angel. And then I got into the books: Dracula, Twilight and True Blood, also known as the Sookie Stackhouse Novels or Southern Vampire Tales written by Charlaine Harris. There are currently nine books in the series, and HBO is currently airing season 2 of the eponymous TV show. In other news, I am about to read The Vampire Diaries which is also set to come to the small screen on The CW Network in the US.

But let’s focus on True Blood which this article is about. The books are adult – and I mean, if you captured True Blood on HBO first assuming that was just their way of making it sexier, don’t be fooled. The novels are just as sexually explored as the show is. Obviously, the show will create some sexual scenes that you won’t find in the books, as they did with Sookie’s brother Jason. In the books Jason is only described as a sexual being, a ladies man, etc. On the TV show they had to be visual with this, so you can see Jason’s exploits. Of course, this is important because… SPOILER ALERT!!! … everyone Jason has sex with ends up dying! Naturally, this leads to him being suspected in every death that occurs.

257885831Before I go into characters, let me tell you a little bit about the series and the books. The premise is basically that vampires have, as they put it, “come out of the coffin” a few years ago. Then one day a vampire walks into the bar that Sookie is working at. Sookie is a telepathic waitress but she cannot read vampires’ minds. I know what you’re thinking — “Wow, isn’t this the plot to Twilight?” As much as I love Twilight for its simplicity, it could well be said that the Twilight books are a rip off of these novels, because The Sookie Stackhouse books were published long before Twilight.

So, Sookie is telepathic and when she meets this new vampire, Bill, she is over the moon because she cannot hear his thoughts. As you can imagine, struggling to keep out of other people’s thoughts is constant work, so when she can be around Bill and hear — excuse the term — dead silence, it’s amazing to her; it attracts her even further to the vampire. Meanwhile, young girls are dying all over town. These girls have one thing in common: they’ve been around or slept with vampires! Sadly, this problem hits real close to Sookie when her grandmother, Adele, is found dead. (Plot point/spoiler alert: Sookie and Jason were raised by her grandmother when their parents were killed in a flash flood.) As Sookie races to find out why her grandmother was killed and why all these women are being knocked off, and to prove her brother’s innocence, she finds herself in danger from the killer.

true-blood-2As for the TV show, Sookie herself is pretty much on the mark. Anna Paquin has been criticized for not being the perfect Sookie, but I think she embodies the character well enough. In fact, I enjoy her take on Sookie more than how the character is written in the book. To me, Anna’s Sookie is more determined and human. On the other hand, Sookie of the novels is quite funny, whereas the writing for Anna’s Sookie tends to leave that side out. Her chemistry with Stephen Moyer‘s Bill is off the charts and that’s the only thing you can ask for. In the novels, Bill and Sookie are together for three books (this is a span of maybe a year and a half however).

Continuing on with main character is Bill. Looks wise Bill is a bit off, however written wise the character seems to be pretty spot on. However, book Bill always seems to be a little more deadpan to me, while TV Bill seems to be more interactive and interesting. Bill is a tough character to get your head around and the TV show does a good job of, forgive the term, humanizing him. When reading the novels you often wonder just how great his love for Sookie truly is — and this gets questioned further inside the series, as secrets are revealed about Bill’s intentions of walking into Merlott’s Bar in Bon Temps. It needs to be said that both in the books and in the TV series, Sookie and Bill end up into bed together quite early on, as the death of Sookie’s grandmother brings them closer. In the TV series, after her death, Sookie goes running to Bill and the consumate their love for one another, while in the books it’s a few days after.

true-blood-anna-paquin-stephen-moyerBoth in the TV show and the books, Sookie is beaten up badly by a couple who sell vampire blood for money — the so-called “drainers”. Sookie had saved Bill’s life from this couple, and for revenge they beat her up and try to kill her. Bill comes to her rescue killing this couple and has Sookie drink from him — it heels her completely. All the injuries she suffers are instantly fixed. The other effects of vampire blood? Her sex drive is increased, her senses are more in-tuned, and Bill can feel her when she’s in danger.

Speaking of Merlott’s, the bar is much how I imagined it; however, the owner, not so much. In the books Sam Marlott has red hair (probably lighter than Rupert’s), but TV Sam has light brown hair going slightly gray — though his build and height seem right. In the book, Sam doesn’t have much of a back story but the TV series gives him an interesting one. What I mean is (SPOILER ALERT!!!) in the books Sam comes from pure breed shape shifters. Both his mother and father can shape shift and thus, as Sam was first born, he can too. Both in the books and in the TV show Sam prefers shifting into a border collie. We learn in later books that Sam’s mother married someone else who was not a shape shifter and they are from Texas. In the TV show, we hear a reference to Texas, though it seems to be mostly made up. Sam doesn’t “exist” until he arrives in Bon Temps. We learn that he was adopted and that his adoptive parents left when they saw him shift into a dog one night. This makes for an interesting background, and continues a story that is presently playing out in season 2.

Then there are lesser known characters. In the books Sookie’s best friend, Tara Thorton, tends to be someone who just pops up every once in a while. From the description you tend to believe that she is well adjusted and doesn’t hold a grudge from her childhood. In the TV show however they decided to be a bit more inventive. Tara is a fast talking, hard nosed woman who takes her family situation to heart. Her mother is an alcoholic (in the books — SPOILER ALERT — Tara’s parents are dead) and would beat her and Sookie’s grandmother always took her in, fed her, clothed her. In the series Tara has a huge crush on Jason.

Tara’s cousin Layfette Reynolds is a character in the books but like Tara his part had changed drastically. While in both mediums he is a gay short order cook at Merlott’s, in the books he is barely visible. However, Layfette in the show sells V (vampire blood) and other assorted drugs, he is a male prostitute, and one of Jason’s best friends.

Some characters who take a back seat in Season 1 were more prominent in the books. For instance, Eric Northman, the owner of Vampire Bar “Fangtasia” (the bar is for humans to gawk at vampires who dress the way they are perceived, though not necessarily accurately). Like in the books, he is a tall blond viking vampire. His personality seems to be pretty much intact leaving out one detail: his attraction to Sookie. While it somewhat exists, in the books Eric makes no bones about it, including scenes that did not appear in the show such as Sookie ending up in the hospital after her encounter with the murderer (more on this later) and Eric floating outside the window and sending her flowers, flirting with her, calling her his future lover.

Then there is Pam. Eric sired her long ago and she now works for him in Fangtasia. Pam in the books becomes Sookie’s friend and is much more interesting. She’s funny and witty. They make sure in the show to show off how different her persona in the bar is from her true self outside. In the TV show, she’s more modern and button down. However that does not take away from her wit, sarcasm, and interestingly enough her good nature. Of course, this doesn’t mean she’ll throw back a bottle of True Blood!

Of course, there is Rene too. While I describe him, you must know that there will be spoilers abound. So if you do not wish to know the basic plot to the first novel and season 1 of the TV show, please stop reading now! Rene in the books and TV show are definitely different as well as their fates by the end. On the TV show, Rene has a Cajun accent: this is to help Sookie realize there isn’t something “quite right” about him, because when she hears his thoughts, he speaks in his regular, American accent. Rene is engaged to Sookie’s friend and co-worker Arleen and tries to settle down in the city of Bon Temps. In the books we learn that Rene’s sister has died; however in the TV series we know nothing about his family or his life. We do get a “weird moment” from him in the beginning of the show where Rene stands up for Sookie at the bar and tells her, “You remind me of my sister…” But nothing else is made of it.


Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer

As the series continues and young girls die, Sookie is becoming more endangered. Both series of course have Sookie’s grandmother dying and both series have her cat being killed and strung up. But in the TV show we learn the second to the last episode who the killer is. I’m sure you guessed by now that Rene is the killer. He does so because his sister has had sex with a vampire and it sets him off in his brain. So now he goes around killing any young girl who has sex with vampires. In the books Sookie hurts Rene as she tries to get away from him, but she never kills him. In the show though, when she finally figures it out, having heard his thoughts while in her home, she runs away through the cemetery to Bill’s house. Earlier I told you about the bond made when Sookie drank Bill’s blood; so now Bill can sense when Sookie is in trouble. This does not happen in the books, but in the show Bill senses Sookie is in danger and runs out in the sun to try and save her. Fortunately while she is being beaten by Rene, Sam is to the rescue as the dog! He sniffed out Rene’s scent (he picked this up from one of the crime scenes) and tracked them. However, Rene begins to beat on Sam. This gives Sookie plenty of time to pick up a shovel and kill Rene with it.

By the end, all is well in Bon Temps until one of the detectives who was assigned to the case and believed Jason was the murderer, gets stinking drunk in Merlott’s. Sookie and Tara lead him out to his car only to find another dead body! In the books it’s Layfette who’s discovered in the car; but in the series, due to the immense popularity of the character, someone else, a lesser known character who does not have anything to do with Tara’s background story, meets this fate instead.

true-blood-hboSeason 2 has just started so it’s hard to comment on any similarities or differences. There are some, but I’d have to watch the entire season to give it a run down. Perhaps soon enough.

All in all, both the TV show and the books are worth your time and I highly recommend them. The show does the books justice and even sometimes turns out better than the books. Of course, the books have some parts better than the TV show. As mentioned, Eric’s role in the first season is sadly missed and there is also a great vampire character in the books that does not appear in the series. His name is Bubba and he technically is The King of Rock ‘N’ Roll himself; Elvis! He’s a great, funny character who isn’t “quite right in the head” because of all the drugs he had in his system when he was found dead.

To keep this Rupert related, I often read books trying to find a character Rupert Grint could play. Honestly, nothing pops up in the True Blood books, but because the TV show goes its own course, clearly one could be written for him. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Rupert as a bad ass vampire? I think so. His hair slicked back like in Blag and a smirk on his face…

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