Blast From The Past-Rupert interviews from the SS(or PS) era

I thought it might be fun for everyone to vote for their favorite, or the best, interview from the SS(or PS) era! The results will be hidden, so in the next edition of Grintastic(which will be coming in the next week or so), the video will be revealed! Fun right?!

May 27th is the last day you can vote, so get to voting, and enjoy watching “ickle” Rupert. Oh, awwww!

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Spooferific Horoscopes!

Capricorn-You’ll be meeting someone who will present you with a unique career opportunity. With some luck, you won’t be introduced to the bumper of their Mini Cooper first.

Aquarius-Goodness, you’ve got a mouth like Ron Weasley, you have! It might be best to take a deep breath and remain calm before you let the proverbial bloody hells fly. You may end up something you regret.

Pisces– Feeling a bit blue? Fret not, you have a  friend who is willing to listen to your sad tune and offer up some much needed advice. Ahhh, the friendship of Harry and Ron…

Aries-In the next couple days, you’ll disarm some potentially important people with your words and your negotiating skills will be in top form. You’ll finally get that contract signed. Perhaps we should send YOU to get that Eddie The Eagle contract finalized, goodness.

Taurus-Don’t hold back your natural, personal talents in the next few days; as you will have some success in showcasing them to others. Think-Rupert Grint, post-Potter. Yeah!

Gemini-Much like Malachy McKinney, you’re oozing the sexy factor lately. Now might be a good time to get a makeover or go shopping for some new clothes.

Cancer-Hermione wants to attend a public meeting about abused house elves, while Ron wants to go to a Quidditch match. What a catastrophe.  You’re significant other wants to go somewhere  that you find weird and uninteresting. Pull the old quid pro quo trick and you’re mini crisis will be diverted quite successfully.

Leo-With all the chores you need to need to get done, you’ll wish you could whip up a brilliant housekeeping spell like Molly Weasley! But have no worries, you’ll be able to breeze through the big stuff with ease; just in time to have a leisurely evening with your friends.

Virgo-You’re full of boundless energy lately, but have some unchanneled anxiety. Instead of focusing on what you’re afraid is going to happen, envision what you want to happen. Follow the butterflies….

Libra-You’ll be a regular Hermione Granger when you point out the bigger picture to some friends or family members, who are wrapped up in some selfish concerns.

Scorpio-Much like our favorite ginger, Rupert Grint, you are coming upon a crossroads of your life, and are acutely aware of it. Follow your instinct, and be careful of how you react to change.

Sagittarius-Your desire to see “Cherrybomb” in a theater far away from you, is being thwarted by some traveling plans that have become somewhat of a challenge. Don’t give up-you’ll get where you need to go.

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In Celebration of Ron Weasley-In Celebration of Rupert Grint

Wether you’re a fan of Ron Weasley in the books, or a fan of Ron in the movies exclusively, it matters not. The truth is that the Harry Potter series is rapidly coming to a close; with shooting for the final movie installment, The Deathly Hallows, supposedly coming to an end in June.

The character of Ron Weasley has endeared himself to many a reader/viewer; with his sharp wit, ocassionally filthy mouth, his loyalty to family and friends, and the innate desire to sacrifice himself to save the ones he loves the most. Countless fan-fics have lovingly been written with love, care, and passion. Drawings, paintings, and various other media have been applied to applied to blank canvas, to pay homage to our favorite ginger Weasley. And you’d be hard pressed to NOT find thousands of fan-made videos in every corner of the internet. No matter what variation of Ron that you’ve created inside of your head and world, Ron has made a home inside all of our hearts.

But let’s not forget the man that brought Ron Weasley to life on screen, the man himself, Rupert Grint. We all fell in love with the tiny, ginger-haired 11-year-old boy; with the sweet cherubic face and bright eyes. It would soon become very apparent that this unassuming kid from Hertfordshire, had some major acting chops. Even when the camera wasn’t directly on him, or he wasn’t verbally delivering a line, he was always somewhere in the frame, constantly in character and acting with just his face. Often times than not, Ron’s/Rupert’s lines from the book were either cut or watered down in the movies. Nonetheless, Rupert made do with what he was given and always OWNED Ron. And quoting fellow staffer, and Ron’s fairy godmother, AJ, “He made us give a damn about him!”. Indeed he did; and he did all of that with class, a boat-load of talent, and a sincere passion for his craft.

So, this edition is dedicated to Ron and Rupert, entitled, “In Celebration of Ron Weasley, In Celebration of Rupert Grint,”.

We love you Ron. We love you Rupert.


To navigate your way around this edition, here are some links to help you!

Rosa’s “Farewell to Ron Weasley” fan video

Aracelli’s Ron/Rupert essay-Ron’s Biggest Wheezy runner-up(essay no. 2)

In Celebration of Ron-Galadriel, Staff Picks-Sam and Karo,

In Celebration of Rupert-Suzanne S., Francaise3/Marite, Staff Picks-Sam, Karo, and Michelle

Poll-Do you plan to visit Harry Potter Wizarding World?

Karo’s crossword puzzle-Ron Weasley puzzle, and answers here.

Michelle’s Spooferific Horoscopes

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Farewell Ron Weasley-Rosa’s Video

Artist/Singer:  David Bisbal

Song Title:  Mi princesa

What miracle would have pass for you to love me?
What star in the sky have to fall to convince you,
that my soul doesn’t feel lonely.
I want to escape from this eternal nightfall.

A lot of people say that men never cry,
but I have to return to my childhood once again.
I’m still asking myself,  why I love you
when you left me hurt.

I can’t give you jewelry or money,
but I could give you a true heart.
My wings in the wind need your kisses,
come with me on this trip that I can not fly alone

You know that you’re the princess of my dreams, fairy tales.
I have fought many wars to have you by my side.
I’m not tired of looking for you.
I wouldn’t mind risking, if at the end of this adventure, I’ll manage to conquer you.

I’ve painted my princess in an imaginary picture,
I sang to her whispering, slowly in her ear.
I’ve been sinking for a long time
and I know that it wasn’t in vain.
I haven’t stopped trying because I believe in miracles.

I’m still walking in the desert of desire..
I’ve spend a lot of early morning thinking about memories .
Living desperate.
Dying in the sadness because the destiny doesn’t change.

I can’t give you jewelry or money, but I could give you a true heart.
My wings in the wind need your kisses, come with me on this on the trip that I cannot fly alone

You know that you’re the princess of my dreams fairy tails.
I have fought many wars to have you by my side.
I’m not tired of looking for you.
I wouldn’t mind risking, if at the end of this adventure, I’ll manage to conquer you.

I’ve painted my princess in an imaginary picture,
I sang to her, whispering slowly in her ear.
I’ve been sinking for a long time and I know that it wasn’t in vain.
I haven’t stopped trying, because I believe in miracles.

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In Celebration of Rupert-Staff Picks

Question 1: What is the ONE thing that you admire the most about Rupert, above all the other traits that he has. Explain.
Sam: He’s humble. How can you not love someone who’s grown up in the spotlight, made millions of dollars, and is the little fluttering fantasy of many girls (and let’s face it, women too) who still blushes at compliment’s, doesn’t take himself too seriously, wears his favorite clothes because he likes them, and is so close with his family?

Question 2: What is your favorite “new” fact that you learned about him this year and why.
Sam: Well, I like seeing him out and about more with “lady friends”.

Question 3: Favorite interview of this year(so far)?

Sam: It’s not from this year, but The Daily Mail interview. It showed a vulnerable side to him we’ve yet to see. Sure, he’s humble, but he’s always been kind of emtionally distant. Having access to him in this way was touching and a little bit heartbreaking. Still, it was good to know a little of what’s going on inside of his head.

Question 4: If you could remake your favorite movie of all time, what would the movie be and what character would Rupert play?

Sam: First, let me say my favorite movie is The War Room, but since that’s a documentary, let’s leave it alone. Although, seeing Rupert as James Carville would be AWESOME. Other than that, it’s hard to say what my favorite movie is. I’d love to see him as Andrew Largemann in Garden State just because Rupert’s never really been melancholy and deadpan. He’d probably make me WEEP in Mysterious Skin. I might die if for some reason they remade that and he was in it. Some fans might not be able to handle him in that film though. I don’t’ want to go into detail, but suffice it to say it would be very heavy. But replacing Elijah Wood’s character in Everything is Illuminated would be so cool! I guess I’d just love to see Rupert play something kind of flat. Rupert’s got that expressive face, so he can say so much with the curve of his mouth, and that is a necessity in roles like this one.

Question 5: Finish the sentence-In the next five years, I want to see Rupert—

Sam: With some respectable, good, and critically acclaimed roles under his belt…well on his way to a prestigious award.


Question 1: What is the ONE thing that you admire the most about Rupert, above all the other traits that he has. Explain.

Karo: He has never openly talked badly about anyone or anything. How many celebrities can claim the same?

Question 2: What is your favorite “new” fact that you learned about him this year and why.

Karo: He’s excited about playing Eddie the Eagle as his first post-Potter project! 😀

Question 3: Favorite interview of this year(so far)?

Karo: NO Magazine. Raw and honest, and we hadn’t seen that before.

Question 4: If you could remake your favorite movie of all time, what would the movie be and what character would Rupert play? Explain.

Karo: lol, my favorite movie of all times is actually Dumbo (the Disney film with the flying elephant). So, if Rupert were to “play” anyone in it, I’d say he’d play the little mouse. 😀

Question 5: Finish the sentence-In the next five years, I want to see Rupert—

Karo: Filming, filming, filming.


Question 1: What is the ONE thing that you admire the most about Rupert, above all the other traits that he has. Explain.

Michelle: Rupert has so many traits that I admire, but what I love the most about him is that’s he’s remained completely himself throughout the years. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to be in the business that he’s in, where image is everything. It’s pretty brutal, but Rupert isn’t interested in impressing the press, or anybody else for that matter, by being someone that he’s not. He’s not going to make an interviewers job easier by being instantaneously quippy, talkative, and “sound-bite” ready. He’s not going to make himself uncomfortable at premiers by dressing in something he wouldn’t normally wear. He’s Rupert-what you see is what you get. I love that about him, he’s true to himself.

Question 2: What is your favorite “new” fact that you learned about him this year and why.

Michelle: So many great things that we’ve learned about this year, and it’s only April! But I think that my favorite was in the NO magazine article, see the reason why below in the next question. 🙂

Question 3: Favorite interview of this year(so far)?

Michelle: Actually there are three, because I can’t choose! lol One of them is the NO magazine interview. I was ecstatic when he confessed that playing Ron in Harry Potter was kind of holding him back, and he never got to push himself. Most of his fans have always felt this way, so it was comforting to get that  confirmation from the man himself. Another one of my favorites is the interview he and Robert Sheehan did with Empire, for the Cherrybomb press junkets. When they start discussing the fan campaign, just..the look on Rupert’s face is sad, overwhelming, happy, and a bit embarrased all at once. It’s a tiny glimpse of emotional!Rupert. Trust me, look close at about 2:49. 😉  My third one is the radio interview he did with Dermot O’Leary. The whole interview is just fun and brilliant, and I think that Dermot really brought out the best in Rupert, which is what a good interviewer does! Plus, Rupert’s voice on radio is  gorgeous.

Question 4: If you could remake your favorite movie of all time, what would the movie be and what character would Rupert play? Explain.

Michelle: I have a lot of favorites, but I would be the happiest girl in the world if Rupert played Robert DeNiro’s character,Travis Bickle, in the remake of Taxi Driver. The whole story line is really interesting and a little depressing; you watch the Bickle character, who’s a little obsessive and intense to begin with,  slowly start to go crazy. It’s a very character-driven movie, and I think Rupert would be perfect for this type of role. And there’s this  sort of appeal for me, with hearing the characters thoughts in a movie, I find it very interesting and engaging.

Question 5: Finish the sentence-In the next five years, I want to see Rupert—

Michelle: getting a lot of roles that will really challenge him and his talent. He’s got so much to offer, someone just needs to send him an awesome script that will allow him to unleash it.

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In Celebration of Ron-Staff Picks

Question 1: What is your favorite Ron moment(books and/or movies)? And why.

Sam:  It’s two moments from the “The Prisoner of Azkaban” and “The Deathly Hallows” books, but I think they coincide into one overarching theme:

Ron, however, spoke to Black.
“If you want to kill Harry, you’ll have to kill us too!” he said fiercely,
though the effort of standing upright was draining him of still more
color, and he swayed slightly as he spoke.

An excerpt from The Prisoner of Azkaban

Bellatrix: “Wait. All except…except for the Mudblood.
Ron: “No! You can have me, keep me!

An excerpt from The Deathly Hallows

Sam: Ron will die for the ones he loves, and that is more important than anything else in his character.

Question 2: What is your favorite Ron quote(books and/or movies)?

Sam: Well, I already listed my favorites, but here’s another one I love. It speaks to how humorous Ron is, even in the face of danger and his own overwhelming emotions.

“All’s fair in love and war, and this is a bit of both.”

Movies: Deleted scene: Fist Full of Weasley! HA!

Question 3: Finish this sentence-I’m a Ron fan because-

Sam: He is the reality in the face of fantasy, without taking away from the beauty of the books. My Ron slogan: “Ron Weasley does it anyway”. He’s scared, he’s not anything outwardly remarkable, and yet he becomes remarkable by going into the fray over and over again for those he cares about. He’ll always do it, he just might not be happy about it.

What is your favorite depiction of Ron?

Sam: Because it is the essence of Ron! He is our Knight, Keeper and King.  I do enjoy LeelaStarsky’s Ron, and Really Corking.

Question 5: If you were ever in the same room as the ‘real-life’ Ron, what would you say to him, and why.

Sam: You are brave, you are worth it, and you matter!


Question 1: What is your favorite Ron moment(books and/or movies)?

Karo: The moment when he destroys the locket. It’s the sum-up of all his fears and him overcoming them, and it’s a turning point for him, since he’s taking charge of everything after wards.

Question 2: What is your favorite Ron quote(books and/or movies)?

Karo: “She really needs to sort out her priorities”. This might seem random, but I like to work on many different things at the same time, and when things get to crazy, I tell myself just that and take a moment to, well, “sort out my priorities” to see what I should focus on first.

Question 3: Finish this sentence-I’m a Ron fan because-

Karo: Because he’s not perfect, and that’s what makes him perfect.

Question 4: What is your favorite depiction of Ron?

Karo: This is just typical Ron. And one of the first pictures I saw almost 10 years ago, so it’s always been one of my favourites.

Question 5: If you were ever in the same room as the ‘real-life’ Ron, what would you say to him, and why.

Karo: I would talk to him about Quidditch. Not only because it’s a cool sport, but it’s he’d be comfortable and would certainly have a lot to say about it.

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Do you plan to visit Harry Potter Wizarding World?

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What prizes would you like to see/win in future contests?

Since we launched our very first contest,”Are You Ron’s Biggest Wheezy”, the fan reaction has been awesome! So, we want to know: what would YOU like to win in any of our future contests? Please note in this poll, if we haven’t included a prize on the list, we created an option where you can add it.

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If Rupert decided to never act again, what career would you like to see him in?

We know, the thought of Rupert never acting again is utterly awful and to much to even fathom, but what if…

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Rupert Grint Character-Related Spooftastic Horoscopes!

Capricorn-You have no money, but have an urgent need to meet Rupert Grint at the Deathly Hallows premier in November. Avoid anything foolish, like selling both of your kidneys. Yes, Rupert is sexy, but portable dialysis machines are not sexy. Think of another way to get the money, perhaps you could become a hitman’s apprentice by night…

AquariusYou desperately need an escape route from real life issues that have torn you away from “Rupertland”. Use your strength, intelligence, and desire to help to make things go smoother. Think, Ron in Deathly Hallows.

PiscesNeed some alone time? Find a quiet space to meditate in; and continuously chant, “Super Rupert, Super Grint,” out loud until it becomes your mantra. By the time you reach transcendence, you will have devised a way to achieve world peace with ice cream and tasteful ginger wigs.

AriesA night out on the town is just what you need; however, someone may be trying to set you up on a hot date. And no, it’s not Rupert; unfortunately, it never is. But give the potential beau a fighting chance, preferably if you refrain from constantly fantasizing about Rupert’s legs in Wild Target.

Taurus-Smooth-talking your way into gainful employment is going to be quite easy for you in the near future, you should totally do it! Channel the character of Malachy McKinney before your interview to get yourself warmed up. Avoid the quiff and the heavy Irish accent though. Believe me, it won’t flatter you and your possible employer will think you’re focking mental.

Gemini-How can anyone study or get any work done with Cherrybomb and Wild Target so close to their release dates?! The universe is telling you to take a break-so fangirl to your heart’s content, you deserve it.

Cancer-You are full of energy and ideas lately. Make like Allen A. Allen and invent a machine that turns everyone in the world ginger. Sporting coke-bottle glasses, tightly permed hair, buck teeth, and an overly-starched schoolboy shorts suit optional.

Leo-You simply cannot understand why everyone on Earth doesn’t find Rupert Grint gorgeous and talented. To make yourself feel better, use your powers of verbal persuasion to convert one of your friends into a “Rupie Groupie”. Wear them down with an engaging, educational Powerpoint presentation of facts and visual proof that his royal gingerness will one day take over the world with award-winning indie movies.

Virgo-No, you don’t have the swine flu, it’s just the stress affecting your body. Relax, go watch NASCSAR and think of Rupert Grint in a racing suit. Or, go skiing and think of Rupert as Eddie The Eagle in a ski-jumping suit. Either way, the vision will be made of win and you’ll feel much better.

Libra-Someone much younger than you values your opinion and looks up to you. Make a day of watching Harry Potter films, being sure to point out the awesomeness that is Ron Weasley.

Scorpio-Spend some much needed time with your family. It will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, just like watching the Weasley clan at Christmas day. Only you won’t get an itchy jumper as a gift. Score!

Sagittarius-In the mood to spin a yarn or recite poetry aloud? Find a pal who is as nuts about Rupert Grint and Driving Lessons as you are; and hit an open mic night at a club. Dress up like Ben and Evie, and act out the “garden scene” in front of confused strangers. It’ll be great!

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Fan Favorites from ICMers: Tania

Question 1). You have to compare Rupert’s demeanor to any type of food; how, or what, does his personality taste like?

Tania(tleo02):  Honey. Smooth, sweet, natural, humble although it is not the most fancy food, it is one that is well liked and good for you.

Question 2). If you combined all of the characters Rupert’s ever played(Ron, Allen, Ben, Malachy, Tony, Peter Pan, Nigel Molesworth) into oneperson, describe what kind of a super hero you would get.

Tania(tleo02): Let’s see- a superhero who comes from a humble background but wants to succeed. Kind of an unlikely superhero or even accidental hero. He never wanted to be a superhero but being good natured and willing to help, he becomes a superhero. Somewhat unconventional, he doesn’t wear any diguise- just recognise me by my ginger hair and I’m here to help!

Question 3). Finish this sentence: Rupert inspires me to-

Tania(tleo02):  To be a more humble person despite any success that comes my way.
Question 4). What is your favorite picture of Rupert and whywebsite03

Tania(tleo02): From Cherrybomb, blood on his face with the stormy background. It makes Rupert look strong, dark, rebellious; but there is a softness to that picture that reminds you that although Rupert’s acting talent can supersede his own persona, he is a sweet and humble person.

Question 5). What is your favorite video interview of Rupert and why

Tania(tleo02):  Interview with Rove in 2009. He seems very relaxed and therefore was willing to talk more, maybe not as much as Dan but more than he usually does.

Question 6). If you had a chance to meet and speak with Rupert for only 15 seconds. What would you say to him?

Tania(tleo02): ‘You are a brilliant actor who has a long and rewarding future in acting. You need to believe in yourself like we believe in you!’

Question 7). Caption one, two or all of these:


'Michelle, do you want me to take off my shirt as well?!'


'Aarrgh. Shit. I'm holding a gun.'

The Harry Potter Halloween Party In London (USA AND OZ ONLY)

'You know you want to, ladies.'

Question 8). This year, I hope that..

Tania(tleo02):’Rupert gets a girlfriend.’

Question 9). Take into account that Rupert is a Virgo, and combine that with your sign as well. Realistically, would you two get along? Why or why not.

Tania(tleo02): I’m a Scorpio and I have friends who are Virgos. We all get along well but I am somewhat more aggressive than Virgos. I found that Virgos are quite diplomatic and tend to be the calm under all circumstances and that has a calming effect on everyone else. So I’ll say that Rupert and I will get along.

Question 10). Where do you live? and if you had the chance to take Rupert on a tour of your city, where would you take him? Why do you think he would like any particular place or thing you were to show him?

australia-sydneyTania(tleo02): I live in Sydney, Australia. We are known for our beaches whether that be Bondi Beach or Manly Beach. I would take him to all. Any reason to see him without his shirt on really. But since he is like myself and gets sunburnt really easily, I would take him for a cruise on Sydney Harbour, it is absolutely spectacular. Just imagine, Rupert’s hair blowing in the wind, a smile across his face, blue sky and sun in the background. Perfect.

– Since Rupert is so creative and appreciates creativity, I would take him to P2030083Newtown. It is one of the oldest inner city suburbs of Sydney but has a great vibe. It is were many of the young and trendy lives. Newtown is very busy and everyone there is very friendly and unpretenious. The main street is filled with different restaurants that serve cuisine from so many cultures. There are many music shops that sell cds and vinyls as well as indie music. There are bars and pubs with live bands and small theatres that show local small productions plays, indie and arthouse films. I think Newtown will be right up Rupert’s alley.

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Danpert: A Retrospective

2009 was The Year of The Grint, for sure. As fans, 2009 brought us goodie bags full of amazing Rupert Grint treats. There were so many new things that we learned about Rupert; and he also delivered some of his most beautiful photo shoots to date.

However, there is one other thing that 2009 brought to us Rupert fans that while may not be new, certainly took on a new form and meaning. I am of course, talking about Danpert. Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe’s friendship, AKA Danpert, is something that has been around since they started working together for the Harry Potter series. Throughout the years, we have seen them work and goof off, on and off, the set together. Their friendship is something that everyone can enjoy and find adorable. The pair has always been known as the gigglers of the bunch, but also some of the hardest workers. It has always been easy to see that Rupert and Dan enjoying working and playing together. Yet, by the time Goblet of Fire debuted and definitely after, it seemed that the dynamic duo took a break from their friendship. Some even questioned if they were still friends or just dearly acquainted co-workers. The lack of Harry/Ron friendship time in and after the third Harry Potter movies led to an even stiffer and colder looking Rupert/Dan friendship. For a while, it seemed that the magic and laughter in Danpert was lost; and that growing up and becoming increasingly different would keep them from being able to maintain the strong friendship that they started with.


A love-potioned Ron freaking out Harry in the Half-Blood Prince

However, in 2009, something opened up and changed. Half Blood Prince is the prime and juiciest example that the Danpert love and relationship is, in fact, still alive and kicking. Sure, the movie is about Harry finding out the truth about the half blood prince. It is about the audience finding out what Draco Malfoy was up to. It is about Harry coming to terms with his feelings for Ginny. It’s also about Ron turning up the heat by dating Lavender and making Hermione realize that she in fact fancies him. Conversely, what many fans of the movies/books and critics alike really remember and enjoy about the movie was the Ron/Harry friendship. Rupert and Dan stole the show and turned Half Blood Prince into a brilliantly special and hilarious display of the friendship that exists between Harry and Ron and at the core, Dan and Rupert. Some aspects of their scenes were so obviously Rupert and Dan’s friendship shining through. The two wrestling over the potions book, as well as the love potion scene, are two primary examples that Rupert and Dan’s chemistry was not only back, but also better and stronger than ever. After watching Half Blood Prince, fans could easily see that the magic was still between the two and that they might have been closer than anyone expected.


Rupert and Dan, having a photo op with co-star, Helena Bonham-Carter

The chemistry between them was visible long before HBP premiered. As promotion for the sixth installment went along, more and more Danpert appeared. Then again, it was not just Half Blood Prince promotion that brought out an older, stronger, and sexier Danpert. The two men were also shooting for Deathly Hallows and the behind the scenes photos and interviews brought us amazing Danpert. It seemed that many, if not all, of the behind the scenes shots for the Deathly Hallows movies that involved Rupert and Dan, were of them laughing and talking together. Going through the pictures, it is simple to see that Rupert and Dan are enjoying each other’s company; and that they really are taking into account that this is the last time the two would portray the Dream Team. I am sure they wanted to savor the moment and really enjoy the time they had left together. Yes, it seemed the guys did enjoy each other. The two always had wide grins on their faces and laughter in their eyes. Although they were older, the two still had the twinkle in their eyes when they talked just as they did in the early days.


Reading Festival 2009: Rupert and Dan with The Gallows lead singer, Frank Carter

The amazing Danpert of 2009 was not just limited to their time together on the HP set. The two also spent quite a lot of time together off set. In October of 2009, Rupert and Dan attended a Halloween party together where of course we all remember Rupert in the lovely costume from Clockwork Orange! They also attended the Reading Festival in August and seemed to really enjoy their time there together. Rupert and Dan going out together and enjoying each other’s company really helped undercut the ideas that the two didn’t want to see each other outside of Harry Potter.


Dan tugging on Rupert's fake beard, during a break on The Deathly Hallows set

In 2009, the Danpert was hotter and stronger than ever, but even more importantly, 2009 was the year that Daniel Radcliffe himself opened up and started to be seen as Rupert’s number one fan boy. It appeared that he brought up Rupert in every interview even if the question had nothing to do with Rupert. Dan always had the nicest and sweetest things to say about Rupert, including calling Rupert a “lust symbol” and “very impressive.” He always praised his acting and said he had a bright future ahead of him. Not only did he praise Rupert, but he also tried to boost his confidence. After Rupert’s confession in the Daily Mail interview about him not being sure if he was a good enough actor to make a long lasting career.  Dan came back and said that Rupert basically has no reason to be insecure; and that he is, in fact, a fantastic actor and would surely have a long and lasting career. In Dan’s interview with Alexa Chung for MTV, he was asked a question about if Dan was a good driver. The very  first words out of his mouth were about how Rupert is a great driver and has amazing cars. I doubt that Alexa had any intention to find out if Rupert was a good driver; and yet Dan couldn’t help but bring him up. In Dan’s BD live interview in December, he had so much to say about Rupert. Some of his thoughts on Rupert include that he and Rupert had great fun filming the fight over the book scene in HBP. He said that any excuse to hit each other on screen was welcomed. Dan also called Rupert a “physical comedy genius” and that all his talent is natural. One of the sweetest things that Dan also mentioned in this interview is that he likes to make Rupert laugh because it’s so easy to make him laugh. Dan can’t resist getting a joke in before the take of the scene because when they’re both in that type of mood; everything becomes funny and that’s his favorite moments. Of course, one of the best things Dan had to say about Rupert was when he, Rupert, and Emma were being interviewed about the theme park for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Rupert brought up that he would probably stay away from the Forbidden Forest and the spiders. Dan confidently said that he would hold his hand if he got scared because he knows how afraid of spiders Rupert is. Dan really went above and beyond the call of friendship in 2009. and the bloke could not stop complimenting and loving Rupert. It was beautiful.

However, it was not just Dan who had good things to say about Rupert. Rupert too had nothing but love for Dan. A great example was on the Rove show when Rove asked Rupert about Dan’s magic tricks. Rove poked fun at Dan and tried to get Rupert to go along with it.  But of course, Rupert being sweet and a good friend, stood behind Dan and said that he did not see anything wrong with Dan’s hobbies. He has also expressed how Dan is person he can easily get along with because they have similar senses of humors and how Dan is always full of energy and works very hard.

The love and commitment Rupert and Dan seemed to have was infectious to  and also helped bridge the gap that seemed to develop between the two fan bases over the years. There was so much Danpert love in 2009, that I wanted to know what some other people saw. I asked some fellow members of ICM what they thought of the Danpert of 2009.

“I can honestly say that Dan impressed the hell out of me and really made me take interest in him again. Every word out of his mouth seemed to be about Rupert and it was always caring and honest. He is certainly the poster child of a Rupert fan boy!” – Isaac

“Half Blood Prince really went to the guys this time. Rupert and Dan’s personalities came through and you can tell they have a strong friendship.” – Janine

“I’ve always seen Rupert and Dan as brothers. Rupert is the older and calmer one. He understands Dan and lets him know that he can be as unique as he wants and it’s okay. For Dan, he is certainly someone who looks up to Rupert. He supports him, believes in him, and picks him up when he feels doubtful. It’s a beautiful friendship and really shined through in 2009.” –Donna.

“2009 is all the proof in the world. There is no need to doubt it any longer. Rupert and Dan have and will always be friends and will share an unbreakable and loving bond. It doesn’t matter where life takes them. They will always have each other’s backs. They’re mates for life!” – Alysha

I could not agree more! There are so many different instances of where Danpert shown through a little more and brighter in 2009. It was a surprisingly loving and honest year for them. It was also a treat for us fans! For so long, there was wonder if they would ever be as close as they were when they were young blokes. However, they proved that growing up and going in different directions does not mean that the love or feeling left. No, as young men I believe that their bond is stronger and more secure now.

Therefore, I think that the men have put the rumor to rest. Rupert and Dan are, in fact, friends who have a lasting and loving relationship. No matter what the future holds for Danpert, I think it is clear that nothing will ever take away from all the experiences they have shared together; as well as all the feelings and confidence they have built in each other. Yes, 2009 was The Year of The Grint but it was also The Year of The Danpert!

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Are You Ron’s Biggest Wheezy Contest

amiAre you Ron’s biggest Wheezy and proud of it? Then prove it! We’re on a mission to find the one Muggle who shows the most love and devotion for our favorite ginger-haired Weasley.

The prizes: A Ron/Harry Potter T-shirt(of your choice) from Hot Topic and and an autographed picture signed by Rupert, exclusively for ICM!

How to Enter(first portion of contest): In a few paragraphs, explain how and why you’re the biggest Ron Weasley fan; and why you deserve to win this contest.

The deadline is February 7th. If you have any questions, or you’d like to email your entry, send it to us at

Rules(yeah, you knew they were coming):

-no one or two sentence entries please(ie:  “Ron rawks! I like his ginger hair.”)

-no abusive, racist, or sexually-related material will be considered

-You must be willing and able to complete the second portion of the contest as well(see below).

-If you feel that just a few paragraphs simply cannot capture the essence of your madness(err…fandom) for all things Ron, you may write a short essay. However, you might want to keep reading…

Second portion of contest: If your submission is chosen, you have the option of either writing an essay or making a fan video that are Ron/Rupert related. Not only will you win a T-shirt and a picture signed by Rupert, your creation will also be featured in the next edition of Grintastic!

Deadline for essay or fan video is February 21st.

How cool is that!? So, if you think you’re the biggest Ron fan, we’re ready to help you show the world! Come on you big Weasley lover, you know you want to! 😀

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Best of 2009, 2010 Has Finally Arrived!

2009 was a very eventful year for Rupert, with daring photshoots and revealing interviews. Here, you’ll find a list of staff picks/favorites for 2009.

Here’s to Rupert kicking some ass in 2010!!!!!

Best of 2009

Tao’s picks

Jo’s picks

Ivana’s picks

Michelle’s picks

Karo’s picks

AJ’s picks

Sam’s picks

Anna’s picks

Junna’s picks

Hassan’s picks

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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year everybody! 2009 was the Year of The Grint-so what does that mean? 2010 will be the Year of the Grint-2.0, of course!!! It can only get better from on here on out! So, in celebration, we’ve made a special edition of Grintastic for you!!!

In this edition, we’re taking you a trip down memory lane, with staff picks for what they thought was the best of the decade and of 2009, as well! So, get ready to see a load of staff favorites with video, pictures, and even a mini podcast from Jo!

We’ve also got some polls as well for your to get your itchy voting warmed up! What, don’t tell me you thought you weren’t going to have to vote again for at least a month?! Nay, Grintastic readers, your quest has only begun for 2010!

So, start your journey right here, since it can get a little confusing around here sometimes. Below is a list of links to the pages for staff picks of the decade!

Best of the Decade

Tao’s picks

Jo’s picks

Ivana’s picks

Michelle’s picks

Karo’s picks

AJ’s picks

Sam’s picks

Anna’s picks

Junna’s picks

Hassan’s picks

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Best of 2009-Staff Questionnaire(Michelle)

Question 1:  Best quote(by and/or about Rupert)

“I’ve sat in screenings with audiences who’ve watch what Rupert can do, and he obviously connects with them really brilliantly. That’s the comfort zone the audience had with him. It’s Rupert; he’ll be funny, and appealing. But, he can do really serious, straight stuff. And we’re seeing stuff Rupert do in the Hallows part 1 and Hallows part 2 which is really grown up and dark. You watch and, oh God, it’s really powerful.” –David Yates (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Ultimate Edition, December 2009)

Question 2:  Best new fact

Michelle: That he was obsessed with Napolean Dynamite. It just amuses me to know this, and what’s funnier is he couldn’t remember any lines from the movie either during the Heat interview! Or…did he?  I’m thinking Rupert’s a closet Napolean Dynamite fanboy, but is afraid to let it lose in public. lol

Question 3:  Best photoshoot

Michelle:  The Daily Mail.  He looked like such a man in this one.

Question 4:  Best interview(printed and/or video)

Michelle: Again, the Daily Mail interview pops back up into my mind. I’ve read it countless times, he’s so open, honest, and raw in this interview. He really made himself vulnerable, which I don’t think happened before. 

Question 5:  Best appearance/Event outingnormal_harry-potter-10319-4

Michelle: Rupert dressed up for Halloween as Alex DeLarge from “A Clockwork Orange”. Winner!!!

Question 6:  Best candid shot of Rupert

Michelle:  Rupert sporting a horse’s head at the V-Fetival, of course!

Question 7:  Best movie promo still

Michelle:  Wet, half-naked Tony with a gun.  I remember sitting in my car, throwing an epic fangirl squee-fest all by lonesome, when I saw this one.  Damn, just look at his face!! Look!!

Question 8: Best Half-Blood Prince scene

Michelle: Rupert owned that entire movie, in my opinion. So many great dramatic and emotional moments, as well as the bust a gut scenes. My favorite is love-potioned Ron; particularly when Harry walks into the room, and Ron says, “Isn’t it beautiful? The moon..”  The way  he says it, as if he’s going to break out into a love-drunk serenade at any moment. It kills me every time I see it, and that’s like six times or something….Moooooon Riverrrr…

normal_icm_big_hbppremiere11Question 9:  Best picture from a premier
Michelle:  The one where Maggie Smith is kissing him on the cheek; you can see the affection for him on her face. Rupert looked surprised, but didn’t seem to mind one bit.

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Best Harry Potter Actors Photoshoot Of The Decade!

There’s been a lot of photoshoots with just Rupert, Dan, and Emma; as well as with  other Harry Potter actors. Which one is your favorite? Vote!

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Best Of The Decade-Staff Questionnaire(Michelle)

Question 1:  Best Quote

“From here on out, I don’t want to play it safe…” Rupert in Daily Mail interview

Michelle:  I must admit that I when I read this, I got a bit emotional.  I’ve always been proud to be a Rupert Grint fan; but I was never as proud of him as I was the moment I read those words.  It was something I had been waiting to hear for years. I needed to know that his drive and desire to act was as strong as my belief in him and his talent.  The simple fact that he made himself so vulnerable and honest in this interview was something very new to the fandom. While he also addressed that he’s afraid his acting actor career will end after Harry Potter, which made the fans quite worried; but ultimately, the quote above cements the fact that Rupert isn’t going to rest on his laurels or stop what he was born to do. That small, simple quote wins out above all others for me;  it hits hard and shows the world that Rupert Grint is going to whoop that ass.

Question 2:  Best Photoshootnormal_IMG_0021.png

Michelle:  This is a hard one, but I  have to go with DRAMA.  It literally shook up the fandom, both negatively and positively.  Rupert had never done a photoshoot quite like this one before. I remember opening the DRAMA application on my phone,  and literally gasping because it wasn’t something I was expecting.  It was rebellious, sexy, innocent, and bold, simultaneously.  I’m not quite sure if Rupert was channeling some type of character acting in this, or if Ram Shergill had Rupert just tap into a part of himself that we just hadn’t seen before on camera. Regardless, it’s bloody brilliant.

Question 3:  Best Appearance/Even Outing

Michelle:  For me, it’s got to be the Hand/Foot/Wand ceremony.  I remember watching the footage, and I could just feel the excitement and nervousness just coming off of Rupert, and I wasn’t even there in person!  He was experiencing so many emotions all at once; you can hear it in his voice, it sounds as if he’s on the verge of either crying or squeeing. It was such a personal experience for him, and witnessing emotional! Rupert on display made me love him that much more.  I never get tired of watching it, and I still feel so happy and proud for Rupert, even after a couple of years.

Question 4:  Best interview(printed and/or video)
Michelle: BLAG, without a doubt. This was Rupert’s first magazine where he was on the cover by himself; we had all wanted this for him for such a long time.  He was on the cover, he had an awesome interview full of new tid-bits where he seemed to be a lot more open and relaxed, and he looked so handsome and sexy in the photoshoot as well. A ten-page spread of nothing but Rupert goodness.  Can’t beat it!

Question 5:  Best T-shirt
Michelle:  I just love this T-shirt. It’s amusing and sweet at the same time. The “God Save The Queen, but don’t forget the Dan” is just to adorable for words. Plus, Rupert just looks amazing in in all black.

Question 6:  Funniest thing Rupert did on camera
Michelle:  There are so many funny moments that I’ve watched more than once, but I chose the one where Rupert does the “pigeon sound” for Alfonso while they were shooting PoA. Rupert doesn’t realize the camera is on him, so he’s totally relaxed and is quite eager and giddy to do the impression for him.  It’s a sweet, private moment between Rupert and Alfonso that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. lol This is Rupert totally being himself: sweet, funny, and a top notch impressionist. I just love it!
Question 7:  Best Ron moment
Michelle:  All of the moments in the Deathly Hallows book.

Question 8:  Best Hairstyle
Michelle: I’ve always been a real sucker for a man with long, gorgeous locks. I was always very partial to Rupert’s long shaggy hairstyle, particularly at the PoA premiers. It was hanging in his eyes, he was such a cutie, and he looked like a ginger puppy dog! However, since we started seeing Rupert with a shorter, more grown-up hairstyle this year, I’ve been ahappily converted. He has such an amazingly unique and handsome face, and soulful, expressive eyes, it’s such a shame to cover all of that up with that ginger mop!
Question 9:  Movie you’re dying to see right now!
Michelle: Well, I want to see all of them..RIGHT now! lol However, if I had to choose, it would be Cherrybomb. I just can’t get enough of that deep Irish accent; plus, I’m so anxious to see Rupert act outside of the Harry Potter franchise, that it’s not even funny. I finally want to see what Tao, Jo, Ivana, Karo, and AJ have been fussing about for damn near a year already!

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Which movie are you most anxious to see in 2010!

2009 was most definitely the Year Of The Grint, but the new year is nearly here! Hopefully, 2010 will bring everyone’s one giant collective wish: to finally see no less then three movies, starring our one and only, Rupert!

But alas, there can only be one. So, which movie has your movie-viewing knickers in a knot, compulsively looking at movie promo shots, and happily declaring the loss of a kidney just to see a particular movie right this very minute?!

Let us know by taking this poll! We promise to leave you alone; and you can go mend your withered patience, whilst you wait for another trailer or release date.

Yes, we feel your pain, too! Come on 2010!

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Best Rupert Photoshoot Of The Decade!

It’s only fair to have a separate poll for our favorite ever so photogenic ginger man, isn’t it? We thought you’d agree.  😉   Some of us have our favorites, and some have their dislikes, for the variety of shots that graced our voracious eyes over the years.  Rupert being serious and moody, Rupert being funny and playful, and Rupert just being him with his million dollar smile! But, we want to know, what’s the BEST Rupert Photoshoot?  So, cast your vote!

Again, if you need a little coaxing in a particular direction to cast your vote, don’t be shy and visit the ICM gallery.

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Best Harry Potter Photoshoot Of The Decade!

There’s never been a shortage of Harry Potter-related photoshoots through the last 10 years! Ranging from serious and moody, to sweet and funny outtakes, to just plain old fun photoshoots. Everyone loves them, but what’s the most popular? We’re curious to know what you rabid fans think, so cast your vote for your favorite Harry Potter photoshoot of the decade!

And, if your itchy voting finger needs a little help in deciding which one you love the most, visit the ICM gallery to help aid you in your polling quest.

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Editorial: Oh! The Drama!

As if we needed anymore drama in our lives this year, Rupert’s photoshoot with high-fashion, art magazine DRAMA certainly brought more.normal_DRAMA_-_IPHONE_-_Issue_3_-_Harry_Potter_Covers3

When the news first broke-along with a sneak peak pic–that another photoshoot with Rupert was in our future, there was much speculation as to the final outcome. Some of us were were hoping the photoshoot would be unlike anything Rupert has ever done; yet, others were a bit put off by the past content of DRAMA, considering it to be “artsy-fartsy” and not to their exact taste. However, everyone was ecstatic that our favorite ginger man would get his very own photoshoot. But who could have known all the drama and discussion that would ensue when we all laid our eyes on the much sought after pictures.

The DRAMA photoshoot revealed a rather obvious feminine, softer side of Rupert, that was by turns,  just as manly and rebellious. Seeing him in such a new way, captured many different and strong emotions from all of his fans. Some fans reveled in this bold and delicate sexiness, others were more than slightly disturbed by it. Critics, passers-by, and fans alike were using the word “gay” to either describe the photoshoot itself, and sometimes using it to beg the question, “Is Rupert gay?”.

“I spoke to Rupert prior to the shoot and told him I wanted like a kind of rebel cool feel… without any effort he gave me the looks and the moods I wanted, he almost reminded me of a Young Michael Caine in Alfie mixed with the rebellion of a ” Clockwork Orange “. It was hot.” DRAMA Photographer Ram Shergill on working with Rupert.

normal_IMG_0021Rebellion in it’s truest sense, is to push away what is generally accepted as “the rules” , created by the status quo, on how someone should act, dress, look, or think. An individual who wants to break away from all of this, will challenge and question the ‘rules’ , because not everything is as it seems or can be placed neatly in categories, or in this case, stereotypes. 

Ram Shergill’s ideas for “rebel cool” were certainly not lost upon Rupert. While the photoshoot initially appears extremely feminine, it’s not. It can be noticed in nearly every picture, that Rupert is not without a bit of his ginger stubble framing his jawline and chin. Yet, with all of the stubble, his face itself is soft and contemplative; his lips are generous, feminine, and relaxed. However, his eyes are telling a different story altogether, they’re fierce, piercing, and challenging the onlooker.

Also, in certain pictures, his body posturing, or posing, is a combination of the two: feminine/masculine. For example, in the picture where he is pulling his collar of the sweater down, and I can only desribe this picture as “combatively coy.” The action of pulling down the collar of his sweater is a coy, come-hither action of a female. While his eyes have the piercing gaze of a soldier, challenging his enemy. Another picture that normal_005encapsulates the male/female aspects at the same time, is the shoulder picture. The sweater is clinging flirtaciously to his shoulder, begging for attention. But again, his eyes are burning desperately of a rebel, as if to say, “Yeah, so what! You like it? Come and get it.”

The pictures are all things at once: rebellious and submissive, masculine and feminine, fierce and soft. It cannot be categorized into a neat category, maybe that’s why the word “gay” was being used. The DRAMA photoshoot challenged the idea of how men should be portrayed, and having beliefs and ideas challenged isn’t always an easy thing to accept. It forces one to see things differently.

The fact that Rupert can display such complex,simultaneous emotions in just a photoshoot, without uttering a word, is a testament to his great talent. The DRAMA photoshoot proves, once again, that he’s going to push himself into territory he’s never been. He refuses to be judged by one particular character,  he’s not going to do something that is expected of him, he’s going to move forward and explore. And to me, that’s the ultimate rebellion.

Photo credits: Ram Shergill for DRAMA magazine

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Rupert And Me

I have to admit that my devotion for Mr. Rupert Grint could be defined as2i88ark fanatic. I’d even go as far to say that it can be obsessive at times. But really, what isn’t considered obsessive these days? I don’t know what I mean by that question. Neither do I intend on providing a rational answer to it.

The first time I saw Rupert Grint as separate from Ron Weasley, the character thousands of Harry Potter fans know him as, I fell in love. I mean I don’t know a lot about a lot but I know this: I freaking love me some Rupert Grint!

He’s ridiculously talented. Aside from the Potter films he’s played the leading role in “Driving Lessons” and the much talked about indie film “Cherrybomb”. He has a quiet nature that transforms and molds into whatever character he is portraying. His acting never feels inauthentic, it fully delves into the awkwardness of moments, the joys of friendship and the sadness of loneliness. 

Rupert is funny, quirky, cool and utterly sexy. And the more I learn about him the deeper I fall into Grintastic bliss. The fact that he owns an ice cream van, gives away his clothes for charity, signs hundreds of autographs, smiles while taking pictures with fans in the rain, and has a rad ass Mini Cooper (like myself) is more than enough reasons to love the guy.

Photo: courtesy of Sarah J. Edwards for Blag magazine

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Getting To Know The ICM Staff

If you’re like me, every day that you can, you visit the Ice Cream Man website for your regular fix of Rupert Grint news, photos, and conversation with like-minded Rupie Groupies. Along the way, we make some friends, share a lot of laughs, support and cheer each other on through life’s ups and downs, and, like in all big, boisterous families, occasionally exchange a sharp word or two. It’s an addicting site, to say the least, and one we might sometimes take for granted. But it’s worth stopping once in a while to acknowledge the people who work each and every day to keep the site running, keep us all updated with the absolute latest Rupert news, and work constantly to keep Ice Cream Man fresh, fun, and entertaining.

As a regular who has had the privilege of meeting some of these hard-working people in person, I’d like to give you all a bit of an “insider’s” view on who they are. I couldn’t even begin to encapsulate exactly what they’re all about in these few paragraphs, but I’ll give you some impressions, and maybe one or two little-known facts about each that I’ve picked up.

Lynn, Ivana, Jo, A.J., Tao, and Karo. What a charismatic sextet! What quirks lurk beneath those rosy cheeks? What mysteries do the muscles mask? Does courage lie beneath those curls? In short, what makes an ICM staffer tick? Me, myself and I want to know. Not to mention Grintastic readers. And though here, Rita would start with the youngest, I think I’ll go in order of how I met them.

normal_CB_LAIFF1First up is Lynn. To some of the newest members of ICM, she may not be as familiar as the other staffers, but she has been a long time member of the team. I met Lynn almost two years ago now, when we attended a Reelz Channel press event to help promote Rupert, and specifically Cherrybomb. The event was held at Cinespace, a nightclub in Hollywood, and I was to meet her there so that we could enter together as representatives of ICM. Previous to this, I’d only communicated with Lynn through a couple of emails and text messages,  so I didn’t quite know what to expect.  I was admittedly a bit nervous. I don’t even think I had an idea what she looked like or how I would recognize her. But as I approached the club entrance, and saw the blonde who looked like she was waiting for someone, I knew it was her. I think she probably just naturally gave off that friendly, open vibe that I’ve come to associate with many Rupert fans I’ve met. I introduced myself, and Lynn made me feel immediately comfortable with her warm nature.  When we entered the party, I discovered that her outwardly mild-mannered demeanor masked a real go-getter, for lack of a better word.  She was not afraid to walk up to total strangers, introduce herself, and press one of the ICM business cards she came armed with into their hands. Thanks to her, we ended up talking to one of Reelz Channel’s hosts about Rupert and she got the host’s assurance that Reelz would be on top of any Cherrybomb news that broke. In between the elbow-rubbing and the mingling, Lynn and I fell into easy conversation. Of course, we talked about our mutual love for Rupert; but I also learned that aside from her devotion to the red-haired angel, Lynn is also a keen baseball fan, something that served her as a good ice-breaker at this event. I had a great time with Lynn, and I was so happy to see her again at the recent LA Irish Film Festival. We sat together to watch the film, which was going to be her first time, and I found out another thing about Lynn that night: unlike the vampiric salivating reaction some of us had for bleeding, beaten Malachy, Lynn does NOT relish seeing one ginger hair harmed on Rupert’s fair head, even in make-believe. I think it’s safe to say, during the scene of Malachy’s beating, if Lynn could have crawled under her seat to wait until we told her it was safe to come out, she probably would have.


Staffer Ivana with "Cherrybomb" director Lisa Barros D'Sa

The second is Ivana. I met Ivana in Dublin, where my crazy ass went to see Cherrybomb for the first time at the Jameson Dublin Film Festival. If I’d known the film would be screened twice in the past thirty days right here in my own city, well, I STILL would have gone to Dublin because it was all worth it. Not least of all because it afforded me the chance to meet another incredible ICM staffer in Ivana. I saw the tall, fashionably dressed lady walking around the lobby of the movie house and having seen her photos online, was pretty sure it was her, though her hair was shorter and darker than the blonde in the photos. I inched my way over as we waited to enter the auditorium. When I heard her introducing herself to someone and mention ICM, I knew for sure it was her. I hadn’t told anybody I was going to Dublin, so when I walked up to Ivana and introduced myself .  I know it must have been a surprise for her, but we sat together for the screening. Afterwards, Ivana fired off one interesting question after another at the post-screening Q&A with the directors Glenn Leyburn,  Lisa Baros D’Sa, and members of the cast who attended, especially Robert Sheehan, who made quite an impression on her. Ivana, like Lynn, is pretty confident when it comes to approaching people, and she WILL get that interview or that photo, even if it has to be in the ladies’ toilet. It’s kind of hard to laugh and pee at the same time, but I couldn’t help it when I sat in the stall and heard her corralling Lisa Barros D’Sa for a photo op by the wash basins. You really have to admire that kind of verve, and Ivana has it in spades; not to mention a sunny, perpetual smile and a lovely, lilting voice. After the screening and her interview with another cast member Kat Kirk, Ivana and I went out for pints of Guinness and Rupert-gushing , we had blast. I spent the next day with her doing the tourist thing, having a lovely walk around Dublin. When it came time for her to leave for the airport, we hugged goodbye and I’d already felt I’d made a good friend. One thing you should know about Ivana: she’s as genuine and big-hearted as she comes across online. It’s not an act, she’s the real deal.


Soph with staffers Karo and Jo

Next is Jo. Flying half-way around the world once to see Cherrybomb is crazy enough. Doing it twice is pure, straight-jacket insanity. Luckily, I’m not the only one who suffers from this madness, and I met another world-Cherrybomb-traveler catching a connecting flight to Belfast in…gosh, was it New Jersey or Chicago? Can’t remember, and you’d think it would be ingrained in my memory since we had to wait on the tarmac for about thirty minutes while they looked under the hood. Let me tell you, it does nothing for pre-flight nerves to sit on a plane watching mechanics streaming in and out of the cockpit trying to fix a vessel that’s supposed to carry you across the Atlantic. Fortunately, I had yet another ICM staffer beside me who is utterly ballsy and fearless…except when it comes to air travel. Yes, the intrepid Jo we’ve all come to know and admire, the one who will bravely face down a certain exquisite redhead when most of the rest of us would be rendered mute and drooling, is an armrest-gripping, white-knuckled air traveler who does NOT like turbulence. But what she lacks in airplane courage she more than makes up for in general feistiness.  That feistiness carries over into her fierce devotion to Rupert, he couldn’t have a more loyal champion. This is something we all know, though. What you perhaps don’t know about Jo is she has a great, bubbly laugh. The the fact that even after an overnight flight in a cramped coach seat, with little or no sleep whatsoever, she will still look impeccable and have an incredible, unflagging energy, when I looked and felt like death warmed over. She’s also, in spite of the impression her well-put-together appearance may give, a very low-maintenance, flexible, and game traveller. Once she’s assured she’ll get to her destination in one piece, she’s up for anything, takes the glitches (like sleeping next to a boiling radiator all night) in stride, and is eager to get the most enjoyment she can out of getting to know a new city. Her humor and  high spirits made the long flights to and from Belfast much more enjoyable than they should have been. Once we made it to Belfast, we were greeted by the rest of the ICM team: A.J., Tao, and Karo.


Staffer A.J. with "Cherrybomb" actor, Conor MacNeill

A.J. is one of those people who you just instantly like. She has a really warm spirit that attracts you immediately. We often see A.J. being the peacemaker online and that is who she is, a friendly, easy-going person who knows how to get along with everybody. I don’t think I ever saw A.J. without a smile on her face. Nothing fazed her, not Billy Bob and his ominous whistling, not getting locked out of the hostel in the middle of the night for missing curfew due to a certain infamous after-party. She knows how to laugh at things, how to let things roll off her shoulders. She’s blessed with patience and a good nature. Staying up with her all night talking on her last night in Belfast was one of the highlights of the trip. She’s funny, lovely, and a lot of fun to be with. I have to say, when I think of what my perception of what Rupert is like in person, A.J. seems to be very like him. One area where she might differ from him, though, is food. I’m under the impression that Rupert will eat anything you set before him (didn’t he once talk about attending a haggis festival? Does he know what’s IN haggis??). But A.J. is very particular about her food. Oh, and she doesn’t like nipples. Don’t tell me you already knew that.


Karo with Conor

Karo. Initially, I kept mispronouncing her name as “kay-roh.” I finally learned to pronounce it correctly “car-oh,” and it shouldn’t have taken me so long. I should have associated Karo with “car” from day one because she was our very brave and able driver the whole first day, even if she spent most of the time behind the wheel going, “AHHH!!” and “OOOPS!” But I give her a ton of credit, because I probably would have killed us all ten minutes out of the airport, trying to navigate those Belfast roads where everyone is going the WRONG WAY! She got us through our whole Cherrybomb pilgrimage in one piece; and as for not having any run-ins with local police, well, she just missed it by that much. But good effort though, and it was no help to her that we were all piled into this tiny vehicle like a clown-car at the circus. So it’s not her fault we were pulled over and very nearly ticketed by Belfast’s finest. But thanks to Karo’s blonde good-looks and German driver’s license and the rest of us putting on our best clueless tourist faces, we got out of it. Karo is extremely bright and has a memory like a steel trap. When we were sitting after the screening talking about the movie and making notes for our reports and reviews, Karo remembered details that would have probably slipped past most viewers’ eyes on the fifth, sixth, or one-hundredth viewing. When I could be struggling to remember a bit of dialogue from the movie, Karo would not only remember what was said, she’d remember how many times the character blinked while saying it. But even if she’s meticulous and detail-oriented, she also knows how to let her hair down and have a good time. And I think she just might have left Belfast with Lalor Roddy’s heart.


L-R: Soph with ICM staffers Jo, A.J., Tao's mom, Tao; center: Karo

Which brings us finally to our webmistress Tao. She may initially seem quiet and reserved, but in almost no time she warms up to you and one most certainly warms up to her with her gentle nature and  shy but sincere smile.  Even if she’s not loud and outspoken, she’s probably one of the fiercest warriors in Rupert’s army. Well, she’d have to be, wouldn’t she? It’s after all thanks to her and her mom that we have this fine bastion of Rupert-worship to come to in the first place.  Even if she isn’t yelling the loudest, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t hold on to her convictions. On the contrary, she sticks to her guns and sticks to her beliefs. She’s solid and principled and she’s committed to making ICM the best site it can be. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting her in person, keep in mind that behind her soft voice and downcast eyes beats the heart of a Gryffindor lion. She saw something lacking in the online world of HP cast fansites. She took the initiative and gathered a staff to create a real and active community, where Rupert fans could come to discuss everything and anything under the sun concerning Rupert and even occasionally not concerning Rupert. And once she did, she didn’t rest on her laurels. She and the rest of the staff keep improving the site, keep it a work in progress. So don’t be fooled by her sweet demeanor. There are schemes and plans and plots afoot. Didn’t Malachy tell you? It’s always the quiet ones!

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All Hallow’s Eve

Heed my warning, one and all37461_harry-potter-pumkin-stencil
All Hallow’s Eve has come to call
Lock  your doors and windows tight
Lest  you get visited from Creatures of The Night
Owls hooting in distant trees
Witches, Vampires and Ghosts, if you please
Every year, on October thirty-one
Everyone dresses up to have some fun
Now eat your candy and don’t be obscene
just remember, stay safe this

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Relentless in your pursuit of Ronhorsehead
Undeniable talent
Perfect comedic timing
Eccentric extraordinairre
Redheaded role model
Thoroughly delicious
Gorgeous to the Nth degree
Rare diamond
Inner strength
Nicest person ever
The absolute best

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Editorial: The Evolution of Rupert Grint

normal_tomstockill_7Stop any Rupert Grint fan in the street, or online, and we’ll be more than happy to tell any clueless stranger the myriad of reasons why we love Rupes so much. Ranging from his ability to climb inside of a character and completely own it, to his humble, kind personality, to his wonderfully quirky sense of humor, to the breathtakingly gingery eyelashes, we’ll most certainly sing his praises.

However, we all remember the interviews conducted in the past, and back then Rupert was hardly an easy guy to interview. Rupert could hardly have been called “articulate”; often resorting to his now infamous verbal ticks, such as “uhh”, “err”, and everyone’s favorite and often imitated, “dunno really,” and more than once, sticking with very generic answers for a lot of questions. He was also known to get rather fidgety, constantly touching his face, rubbing his thighs and knees, playing with his hair, and almost constantly shifting in his seat. He wasn’t the most talkative or candid guy either, which seemed to irritate some “journalists” who had just interviewed Dan or Emma, and who sometimes made snide remarks about how “inarticulate” Rupert was in their articles. However, as fans, we all knew better that there was so much more to Rupert than all of his verbal hiccups and his deceptively generic question-answering. However, it’s been proven time and time again, that when Rupert had a good interview, or a good interviewer more likely, he and the interview were simply golden.

As in the “Moviefone” interview he did with director, Jeremy Brock, for the promotion of “Driving Lessons” at the Tribeca film festival.

Rupert seemed a little more anxious and self conscious than usual, which was to be expected and forgiven, as this was his first break out role as a leading man in a film that had nothing to do with Harry Potter. Rupert was quite flushed during the entire interview, and his verbal ticks and fidgeting were obviously in high gear the whole time. I would like to point out now, that when Rupert did have something important to say, he had a tendency to dive in with an answer rather quickly, with very little thought, which caused him to become tongue-tied and maybe not say exactly what he wanted. But I digress. Putting all of this aside, this is one of the “golden” interviews that I simply adore. Any thoughts of Rupert not being candid were delightfully laid to rest in this interview. When asked what three of his favorite things about movies were, Rupert had answers that revealed an incredibly thoughtful, sensitive person. One of my favorite was when he said that he wasn’t the most confident upfront person, hence he loved the fact that he can use a character to hide behind, and get to be someone else.

But as the years have gone on, we have witnessed Rupert become a little more confident, a little more sure of himself. It had become ubundantly clear that he had reached a personal milestone when he was promoting “Cherrybomb” at the Berlinale film festival this year. An interview in particular was the Spiegel TV interview he did with co-star, Kimberley Nixon.

While this had no brilliant revelations in it, Rupert presented himself in a way that made me realize how much he has changed and matured. His fiddling, while still present, was noticeably less. He seemed to gain control of his nervous hands by interlacing his fingers; in addition to that, he was also using his hands more demonstratively when he spoke. Overall, he seemed more relaxed, and quieter. But in a way that was helpful to him, he still had the verbal ticks, but these were fewer and far between than in the past. He seemed more comfortable with pausing before he spoke, and was able to articulate what he wanted to say. But this was just a small taste of what was to come at us in the months to follow.

If any Rupert fan had been waiting for the best, most candid interview in printed media, they certainly got what was a long to coming. One of them was in the form of BLAG magazine. A massive pictorial spread, complete with a six-page interview, that made every Rupert fan finally get a glimpse of who he really was as a person, how candid he could get, and a Rupert that was a bit bolder in what he said. Revealing how weird his sense of humor is, how he’d love to be in a Quentin Tarantino movie, and how he’d be happy to get offered interesting, diverse roles in his career.

normal_article-1195468-0536d0e0000005dc-362_306x423Whatever glass roof Rupert was operating under, was gloriously torn asunder during the promotion of “Half-Blood Prince.” The more interviews he gave, Rupert got that much better at controlling his nervousness, his verbal ticks, and obviously, got better at expressing himself. While I love watching all the videoed interviews, a majority of the “golden” interviews are in printed form. One of my favorites is the Daily Mail interview, in which he makes the most rock and roll statement of all time:

From here on, I don’t want to play it safe. I need to take on roles that are as far away from Harry Potter as it’s possible to get. If I’m to continue as an actor, I need to play characters that are nothing like me at all.

A man addressing his future, with his fist in the air, ready to take on the world. A far cry from the nervous, fidgety guy who was more often times than not, misunderstood or judged because he wasn’t able to articulate himself very well.

This year has been a revelation for Rupert, and for his fandom. Evolution comes in small steps, takes years, and a lot of mistakes need to be made in order to get to the goal. We are witnessing the evolution, the era, the realization of the true Rupert Grint. A boy who couldn’t quite get the words right, but who now speaks boldy and honestly, and yet he is still the same humble, kind-hearted, quirky, talented, driven guy who can really surprise you sometimes. This is the real Rupert that we’ve all been waiting for years to see, and it’s finally arrived. I can’t help but think that in years to come, Rupert, and being his fan, will only get better and better.

Photo credits: Ian Derry for Mail Online, Tom Stockill for Times Online
Video credits: MSN Moviefone, Spiegel TV (the clip uses footage from the film Cherrybomb, courtesy of Generator Entertainment and The Little Film Company)

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If I was Rupert Grint’s Personal Assistant…

A celebrity’s Personal Assistant (PA) has many responsibilities. It is the PA’s job to make appointments, create schedules, and arrange for any number of special requests and requirements. The PA often is responsible for seeing that the celebrity arrives on time with all supplies or equipment he/she needs to be successful on the job at hand. PAs make themselves available to run errands and fulfill various needs of the celebrity.

With all this in mind, I’d like to suggest some of the specific tasks I would like to accomplish in the position as Rupert Grint’s PA. I’m sure Rupert is quite happy with his current PA, but just in case there’s an opening…..

If I was Rupert Grint’s Personal Assistant, on working days I’d make sure he had a ‘live’ wake-up call with a chauffer waiting in the driveway.
Wakey, wakey, Mary Sunshine. See, isn’t it much nicer when I do it, than using that nasty alarm clock?

If I was Rupert Grint’s Personal Assistant, I’d make sure he is only seen in public wearing tight black jeans.
You pick out the tee-shirt Rupe, I’ll get the rest.

If I was Rupert Grint’s Personal Assistant, I’d help him go over his lines from the daily call sheets. Of course, the Hermione/Ron scenes would demand much attention, just to make sure there’s enough emotional integrity.

If I was Rupert Grint’s Personal Assistant, I would make sure Quentin Tarantino and Bill Murray received a birthday card each year from Rupert.

If I was Rupert Grint’s Personal Assistant, he would never miss a phone call or a script sent from his agent.
The title says ‘My Little Pony,’ but I think you should still take a look at it.

If I was Rupert Grint’s Personal Assistant, I would ask him to help me improve my golf swing.
Now let me see, is this the proper stance? How’s my follow-through? Come over here and show me.

If I was Rupert Grint’s Personal Assistant, I would carry around an extra cell phone (mobile) for him….just in case.
Bilius, have you seen my mobile? I think I’ve lost it again.

If I was Rupert Grint’s Personal Assistant, fans asking for hugs might have to fill-out a personality inventory first.
All Manics and Personality Disorders are dismissed. Obsessives and all others, the line forms on the right. Please wait your turn.

If I was Rupert Grint’s Personal Assistant, I would have Stickley turn Rupert’s ‘bumcast’ into a lovely new set of chairs and sofa for my living room.
Ahhh, these are the most comfortable chairs I’ve ever sat upon.

If I was Rupert Grint’s Personal Assistant, I would ask all the Stills Photographers for first pick of Rupert’s set shots.

If I was Rupert Grint’s Personal Assistant, the infamous audition tape would never see the light of day, except when I take it out of the vault to watch it.

And last but not least…

If I was Rupert Grint’s Personal Assistant, I would log in anonymously to the ICM Forum and spill all the juicy bits to you bums.

Good news Rupert, I talked to the lads in ‘Props’ at Leavesden. There’s a 75% chance they’ll let me sneak the bumcast out while everyone’s on hiatus!
Rupert Grint with his real PA, Sarah

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Rupert Grint: Annual Horoscope for 2009/10!

Prof. Trelawney’s Divination Class

I am in no way affiliated with Rupert Grint, his family and representatives. I do not know them personally, and I do not know any of their friends, relatives or casual acquaintances.
I am solely responsible for the content of this text, which expresses my personal opinions (which may or may not be accurate). Oh, and I’m neither clairvoyant nor psychic.
The article has been written for fun: no harm intended. People who feel that this is an invasion of Rupert’s privacy should not read this text. People who think that astrology equals loads of tosh shouldn’t read it either.
The article is not recommended to readers aged 15 and younger.

Technicalities and Explanations

As we all know, Rupert Grint celebrates his birthday on 24 August, so now is the perfect time to see what lies ahead of him. The most common type of horoscope used to predict future events is the so-called Solar chart. It is valid from the exact moment when Rupert’s Sun returns to the position it occupies in his natal chart (1° 15′ Virgo) until his next birthday. This yearly horoscope will help us outline all the major events, all the good and bad things awaiting the 21-year-old Rupert.

Since Rupert’s exact time of birth is unknown to me, I’m unable to do the natal and solar charts based on the Ascendant. Instead, I’ll be using the charts based on the exact moment of sunrise on 24 August 1988. In this type of chart, the Ascendant occupies the exact same degree as Rupert’s Sun (i.e. 1° 15′ Virgo), and the remaining house cusps are derived from it.

As for the Solar chart itself, it is a snapshot of the planetary transits at the moment of Sun’s return to its original position. The aspects formed between the planets in the Solar chart are indicative of some events, but they only gain full importance when compared to the planetary positions from Rupert’s natal chart. Thus, I shall briefly examine the Solar chart itself, and then compare it to Rupert’s own. So, please reread Rupert’s natal horoscope (published in the last issue of Grintastic), just to refresh your memory, and then return to this text.

Let me also note that the main problem with not knowing Rupert’s exact time of birth (and, consequently, the exact Ascendant) is that I can never be sure whether the events I am describing are the actual events from Rupert’s real life, or the scenes from his movies! As those who had been reading my predictions in the past already know, this is the funny thing with analysing horoscopes of actors: one can never tell if the planetary configurations represent actual events from the actor’s life, or the roles s/he plays – because all actors’ roles can be seen in their natal and solar charts! Now, if we knew the correct Ascendant we’d be able to discern where “the real Rupert” ends and “the fictional character” begins, because the Ascendant describes the way we present ourselves to others, and the roles we choose to play.

Thus, if anyone can dig out Rupert’s correct time of birth, it’d be muchly appreciated!

Anyway, if some parts of the text you’re about to read happen to make you feel upset/worried/mad/disappointed, please remember that some of the paragraphs might well be applying to the fictional characters Rupert is paid to portray on screen. Also remember that this analysis has been written for fun and it is by no means the Holy Writ. Okay? Thanks!

And now, Back to the Future…

Rupert’s Solar chart for year 2009 looks like this:

24/08/2009 at 6:35 AM TimeZone: GMT+0 [Standard Time]
Longitude: 000E15 Latitude: 51N52
Birth Julian Day: 2455067.77 GMST: 4:46 LMST: 4:47
Equal Houses System

Sun 01 VIR 15 11 N 02 1 NO
Moon 22 LIB 50 13 S 42 2 NO
Mercury 28 VIR 31 01 S 20 1 NO
Venus 27 CAN 08 20 N 22 11 NO
Mars 29 GEM 05 23 N 30 10 NO
Jupiter 20 AQU 49 15 S 37 5 YES
Saturn 21 VIR 58 04 N 59 1 NO
Uranus 25 PIS 35 02 S 30 7 YES
Neptune 24 AQU 56 13 S 37 6 YES
Pluto 00 CAP 42 17 S 50 4 YES
Ascendant 01 VIR 15 N/A 1 N/A
MidHeaven 01 GEM 15 N/A 10 N/A

Sun Sextile Mars Orb = 2° 10′
Sun Opposite Neptune Orb = 6° 19′
Sun Trine Pluto Orb = 0° 33′
Moon Square Venus Orb = 4° 19′
Moon Trine Mars Orb = 6° 15′
Moon Trine Jupiter Orb = 2° 01′
Moon Trine Neptune Orb = 2° 06′
Moon Sextile Pluto Orb = 7° 52′
Mercury Sextile Venus Orb = 1° 23′
Mercury Square Mars Orb = 0° 34′
Mercury Conjunct Saturn Orb = 6° 33′
Mercury Opposite Uranus Orb = 2° 56′
Mercury Square Pluto Orb = 2° 11′
Venus Sextile Saturn Orb = 5° 10′
Venus Trine Uranus Orb = 1° 34′
Mars Trine Jupiter Orb = 8° 16′
Mars Square Saturn Orb = 7° 07′
Mars Square Uranus Orb = 3° 30′
Mars Trine Neptune Orb = 4° 09′
Mars Opposite Pluto Orb = 1° 37′
Jupiter Conjunct Neptune Orb = 4° 06′
Saturn Opposite Uranus Orb = 3° 37′
Uranus Square Pluto Orb = 5° 07′
Neptune Sextile Pluto Orb = 5° 46′

EARTH Sun Mercury Saturn Pluto
AIR Moon Mars Jupiter Neptune
WATER Venus Uranus

CARDINAL Moon Venus Pluto
FIXED Jupiter Neptune
MUTABLE Sun Mercury Mars Saturn Uranus

The most noticeable feature of the Solar chart is the lack of planets in Fire signs. The lack of Fire may make Rupert somewhat passive this year, thus he might allow others to take charge and lead the way. This is confirmed by a conjunction of Saturn with Rupert’s ruler planet, Mercury. Saturn tends to slow a person down and drain his energy – while it also makes a person mature on a much faster pace. There are quite a few planets in Air signs, which indicates lots of mental activity. Lots of planets are in mutable signs too, which indicates numerous changes in Rupert’s life, for better or worse; and the involvement of Saturn indicates a beginning of a completely new chapter in his life.

We may notice lots of good aspects involving Moon and Venus, which is excellent for love, business, popularity, financial affairs, and overall success. However, a very dangerous configuration of T-square is formed, comprising Mercury conjunct Saturn in Virgo, square Mars in Gemini, opposite Uranus in Pisces. The planets in the Solar chart take up the pattern of a “train”, with Uranus in Pisces being the “engine”: thus, Uranus is the strongest planet in this T-square configuration. The meaning of this all will be explained below.

Now, when we compare these Solar planets to the planets from Rupert’s natal chart, we get the following aspects:

Sun Conjunct Sun Orb = 0° 00′
Mercury Square Saturn Orb = 2° 34′
Mercury Square Uranus Orb = 1° 25′

Mars Sextile Sun Orb = 2° 10′
Mars Opposite Uranus Orb = 1° 59′
Saturn Conjunct Mercury Orb = 2° 04′
Uranus Square Saturn Orb = 0° 22′
Uranus Square Uranus Orb = 1° 31′

Neptune Sextile Saturn Orb = 1° 01′
Neptune Sextile Uranus Orb = 2° 10′
Pluto Trine Sun Orb = 0° 33′

good aspects // bad aspects

I should add that Pluto in retrograde movement is approaching the conjunction with Rupert’s natal Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius. Even more importantly, these three planets (natal Saturn and Uranus and transiting Pluto) form a configuration of Cross with the transiting T-square, because they’re all opposed to Mars in Gemini, and in the aspects of squares with Mercury and Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. Like this:

natal planets // transiting (solar) planets

This is a fascinating, though challenging configuration, and I shall explain it in detail. For now, please think of all the symbols associated with the cross: a crossroad, a windmill, the Crucifix, etc. These notions should give you an indication of what this configuration is all about: changes, instability, uncertainty which direction to take, feeling overstretched or torn between conflicting aims and needs. Luckily, the trio of Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius and Pluto in Capricorn is in the aspect of trine with Rupert’s natal and solar Sun, which greatly improves this, otherwise quite ominous, configuration.

Now, to sum up the entire annual horoscope in three sentences: Rupert’s got a rather messy year ahead of him, filled with lots of radical changes, adjustments to new situations, inner and outer conflicts. His actions will keep him in the spotlight and bring him lots of success and financial reward, however he might also find himself in some risky situations, and it will take lots of maturity and wisdom – and even more luck – to get out of there. Dark and difficult times lay ahead of Rupert, and he should better get ready!

Now, the details. First of all, no less than five planets are situated in Virgo (solar and natal Sun, solar and natal Mercury, and solar Saturn), thus all Rupert’s Virgo traits are amplified. This year, Rupert will be quite shy and not very self-assertive. He will be supercritical about how he appears to others, and his usually high standards will be even higher. To others, Rupert will appear graceful, sensible and reserved; sharp, observant, crisp and dedicated to the work ethic. His thinking will be lucid and grasping, however he will be reluctant to share his insights with others. Five planets in Virgo make him willing to serve the others and help them.

Saturn has been transiting the constellation of Virgo for about two years now. This planet makes Rupert wish his life were orderly and practical, full of known and familiar routines. However, the fact that Saturn is a part of the Cross will make his life everything but stable in the forthcoming months. Rupert’s self-esteem will be quite low; he will be very critical of himself (and others), and at times quite self-deprecating. Saturn makes him reflexive and nostalgic, reserved and unassuming around others, and at times even depressive. Saturn also slows him down, makes him learn self-discipline and moderation, determination and seriousness. He should try to relax a bit and not be afraid of failure.

Sun sextile Mars makes Rupert energetic, vital and charming, and empowers him with zest and enthusiasm to accomplish many things. Working with close associates – especially males – should prove favourable. This aspect also improves communication, so Rupert shouldn’t be afraid to speak his mind. The combination of Sun and Mars signifies an extremely constructive time – a time of relentless energy, a time to realise personal goals and ambitions and make dreams come true. This aspect emphasises Rupert’s leadership qualities, gives him an air of confidence and authority, and others will be willing to follow his lead, either on a professional or personal basis. Business transactions are also favoured, as Rupert will be more constructive and goal-oriented than usual. However, the aspect of Mercury square Mars which is formed a few days before Rupert’s birthday may make him a bit verbally aggressive. Though he is usually very good natured, he might be irritable, moody and bad tempered (or maybe he will be filming the scenes in which Ron Weasley gets to be irritable, moody and bad tempered)!

Sun trine Pluto is a transit of great personal growth. This transit confers a strong will and an excellent ability to concentrate. This is a perfect time for Rupert to get to know himself and impress others with his strong will and self control. At this point in his life he may be feeling a strong sense of achievement and satisfaction. He should be reaping the rewards of all his previous hard work, will power and dedication. The image that he will project is that of a confident, determined individual who knows what he wants from life. Awards and pay rises are likely to come his way. A person in authority – say a director, or a movie producer – has been keeping a close eye on Rupert’s work recently, and they value what they see. Thus, Rupert will be offered some new roles and other good opportunities, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he jumped into another project right after completing Deathly Hallows! This new project might be a real-life story, or a biopic. Sun trine Pluto also improves Rupert’s endurance, and he might take up a new sport or physical regime.

The aspects between solar Moon in Libra, Venus in Cancer and Jupiter in Aquarius suggest that Rupert will work on “beautifying” his surroundings. He will be uncomfortable with strangers, but at ease and sociable with friends and associates. Indeed, he would rather socialize than work, and he is likely to use his prodigious charm to avoid unpleasant tasks; thus, at times, he may be overly self-indulgent. His refined aesthetic sensibilities will attract him to music, theatre, art and any other cultured activity. He will need emotional support, but he will also be willing to give it to others.

Neptune makes a nice sextile to Rupert’s Saturn and Uranus and tells us that Rupert won’t be interested in lighthearted social activities. As we all know, Rupert is on the verge of a major new chapter in his life. Once he’s done filming Deathly Hallows, which should happen very soon, his life will change completely. He will no longer be a part of the incredibly successful Harry Potter franchise, and although he will be free to try out some new and different things, he will also lose the sense of security and purposefulness that being a part of Harry Potter brought with it. Moreover, he will lose his “second family” – his friends and co-workers. He has admitted that being in Harry Potter is similar to living in a bubble – well, this bubble is about to burst soon. Hence, this will be a time of self reflection for Rupert – he will spend lots of time looking over what he has achieved in his life to date. He should try to channel his energy in a constructive, objective and disciplined manner. No task will seem too great and whatever he does now will withstand the test of time. This is a time for work which requires concentration and patience, and a time to make long term plans. He’ll be able to balance his material and more spiritual, idealistic desires. He’ll be keen to help others; he might form new friendships, and he will have more contact than usual with his parents or other older members of his family.

Neptune sextile Uranus raises Rupert’s understanding of the world and the people in it to a new level. He might develop an interest in some social causes, or maybe religion or the occult; in any case, this will be a time of great spiritual awareness and learning. He’ll be more prepared to acknowledge and listen to his inner voice and follow his intuition. On a more material level, he could transform his creative and artistic ideas, his personal goals and ambitions into concrete reality. However, as he’ll be feeling more sympathetic, compassionate and selfless than usual, he’ll also be prepared to turn other people’s goals and ambitions into reality! And he’ll be happy to give a helping hand to those who need it.

Now, the bad aspects. As I’ve already mentioned, lots of planets constitute the configuration of Cross, in mutable signs. I’m not going to sugarcoat things – I feel it’s my duty to warn Rupert and those who are close to him of the potential dangers of this configuration, and hopefully protect him. Life brings us various challenges from time to time, and it is an astrologer’s duty to prepare the clients to face them.


Rupert Grint filming Deathly Hallows Part I in London, June 2009

As mentioned, this is a year of major changes in Rupert’s life. The loss of his Harry Potter “family” will affect him a lot. He might be quite sad when the filming wraps. The configuration of Cross indicates that he will probably be filming all those physically and emotionally most demanding scenes from Deathly Hallows in the period around his birthday. Of course, I cannot say whether they will be filming the Silver Doe scene, or the Malfoy Manor dungeon, or the attack of the Death Eaters during the Bill/Fleur wedding, or – most likely – the scene when Ron abandons Harry and Hermione; but Rupert should definitely channel all his inner tensions indicated by the Cross into a heartbreaking portrayal of Ron.

What tensions exactly? First of all, Mercury square Saturn and Saturn conjunct Mercury make Rupert’s intellect very sharp, but they also make him excessively critical of others. It may be difficult for Rupert to express his wishes or opinions to co-workers, or he might have problems communicating with loved ones. Uranus opposite Mercury makes him gain new insights into an unresolved problem at work. The time is also conductive in researching and gaining as much information as possible about a new business venture or investment. However he should not be initiating any business transactions at the moment, especially those involving joint finances or partnership agreements. He should avoid making business or property related decisions, as he might find himself entangled in legal and financial difficulties.

Saturn’s entrance into the sign of Virgo and its conjunction with Rupert’s Sun indicated a beginning of a period when Rupert started to reap the rewards of many years of hard work. Lots of doors were opening for him, and he started to take himself more seriously and accept responsibilities. He might have felt a conflict between professional and personal life, with the professional life occupying the central spot. Now that Saturn has moved into conjunction with Mercury – the planet that represents Rupert himself – his efforts to attain a state of ultimate perfectness could leave him emotionally and physically drained. He should exercise optimism and stay open-minded. This might be difficult because he’ll constantly feel that his feelings and opinions are misunderstood. In his work, he could be burdened with extra responsibilities, made even more difficult by his inability to concentrate. Mercury afflicted by Saturn indicates that Rupert should avoid cold drinks, smoking, or anything that might damage his throat, lungs and vocal cords and affect his speech.

Uranus opposite Mercury affects Rupert’s curiosity, learning, communication skills, self-promotion, the formulation of ideas, and his ability to rationalise and think logically. This aspect indicates that Rupert should be extremely careful in all practical affairs at this time, otherwise he’ll tend to overlook details, make silly mistakes, or be forgetful. The tempo of his life is very fast at this time, and he should give every effort to slow down a bit.

Mars in Gemini creates an aspect of opposition to Rupert’s natal Saturn and Uranus since mid-August, making him feel very frustrated. In fact this could be the culmination of months — even years — of frustration, thus ego clashes are likely. Rupert is full of intense feelings waiting to erupt. Mars opposite Uranus makes him crave for personal freedom and independence. This is a transit of tremendous energy and desire to improve his position. As someone who is normally shy and receding, Rupert will burst out of his shell now, and his unusual behaviour could provoke and irritate others and cause emotional confrontations. He may rebel against anyone trying to hold him back or constrain him; and people with some kind of authority over him are likely to bear the brunt of his frustration. Some sort of physical activity, like workout, would be a good outlet for this aspect.

This aspect could also cause conflicts with those closest and nearest to him. He might quarrel with family members, friends, neighbours, lovers, business partners. All stale relationships are likely to end. Mars in Gemini means that Rupert’s attention span will be short, and it’ll be difficult for him to complete tasks at hand. Mars opposite Uranus indicates radical and too-fast action, whose goal is to establish a change, for better or worse. This is an explosive, “now or never” combination, which urges Rupert to take up action which might collide with the life and will of others or even with the law. He will be very demanding and difficult to please, and others will wonder what the hell is disturbing him.

Mars is also approaching the opposition with Pluto, confirming that Rupert must find a satisfying outlet for his frenetic, intense and extremely high energy levels. However, there are no planets in fire signs in the Solar chart, and the Cross is formed in mutable signs: thus, Rupert should beware power struggles, both in his personal and professional life. Confrontations could particularly concern finances, legal or tax matters.

To make matters more interesting, the transiting Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces are not only opposed to each other, but they also form aspects of square to Rupert’s natal Saturn and Uranus in Sagittarius. Rupert may well wish he were someone else, he will be questioning his position in life and work, and he will surely contemplate a major career shift.  Uranus square Uranus is a transit occurring only twice in life – at 21 and 63, and it signifies that Rupert’s fundamental beliefs about his position in society and responsibilities as an adult are seriously examined. The conflicting energies of Saturn and Uranus make him desire freedom and may bring an end to a serious relationship in his life, or maybe a start of a new one. Some family, personal and professional ties may be severed.

As a person with Earth as his dominant element, Rupert greatly desires security and stability in life; however, he will find very little of those in the forthcoming year. His mind will be like quicksilver – restless and constantly flitting back and forth between dozens of different ideas and projects. This could cause mental confusion and exhaustion, and he will be prone to jump to conclusions. All important personal and business decisions should be postponed until he is less impulsive and more practical. Though this is not a good time to make changes in his life, he will nevertheless be forced to make them. He might experience physical exhaustion or nervous tension as a result of overworking or overworrying himself; he should treat his health with the respect that it deserves, and try not to make too many important decisions at once. Rest and relaxation and a little bit of meditation would help soothe raw nerves and prevent a major mental “overload”.

As we know, Rupert is normally a very placid person, sensitive to other people’s needs. Hence he might be tempted to hold all this rebellious anger within him – just for the sake of keeping the peace. However, all this dynamic energy must find an outlet, be it sport or physical work because, otherwise, pent up emotions could lead to illness. The abundance of Uranus aspects stimulates intense but short-lived interests in people and situations that offer a momentary opportunity to break up routine patterns and introduce fresh stimulation. Rupert will surprise people with the gutsiness and a straightforwardness that he seldom has shown in the past. This planet makes him adopt an “I don’t care, it’s gotta go. Now!” stance when confronting the past structures of his life; thus, sudden turnabouts and disruptions in his affairs are to be expected.

More than anything, Rupert craves professional and private FREEDOM at this time – and yet he is terrified of gaining it! He might feel a bit like an animal who was born and bred in a Zoo, and wishes to run free in the wild – and yet feels completely unprepared for a life in the wilderness! Finding himself in unfamiliar territory could leave Rupert feeling confused, bewildered and unsure of what to do next. This is a time of testing his abilities and inner strength, especially because he will feel that every effort or move he makes is being blocked by previously unforeseen difficulties or obstacles.

At times like this, irritability and temper may be difficult to control; Rupert can no longer tolerate interference in his life, and his mood will be extremely changeable. Saturn square Saturn indicates that his confidence may be easily shattered, and self inflicted feelings of self doubt could create problems where there are none. In other words, he could go looking for trouble – and, by worrying too much, he could create anxiety attacks and problems which should never have existed in the first place.

He might also feel that he cannot rely too heavily on others at the moment – no matter what they promise, they’re likely to let him down. A close loved one may rebel against him or betray him. Some family members could cause problems – or Rupert himself may let others down by making promises that he cannot keep. Normally, he has a tendency to go to extremes: he’s capable of extremely hard work, full of determination and energy. However, he also goes through periods of extreme self-indulgence and/or self-doubt: periods when he feels that no matter how hard he’s trying he’s getting nowhere fast. Patience has never been Rupert’s strongest asset, and yet he will need it now more than ever. Considering himself both invincible and indestructible, he might try to achieve too much too quickly and place unrealistic expectations on himself and others. If he promises more than he can deliver then squandered energy could result in disappointment and even total exhaustion.

All these drastic changes in Rupert’s life – the end of a professional engagement with the Harry Potter franchise, the shattering of some personal, professional, business and family ties – will only prove beneficial if they encourage Rupert to question the direction and value of his life. He will crave both security and independence, stability and novelty in equal measures, and it will be extremely difficult for him to find a balance between these conflicting needs. These aspects are there to test Rupert’s patience and endurance. The last thing he’ll want to do at the moment is to sit back and be patient – but that’s exactly what he needs to do. He should try to achieve a compromise between his personal and professional life, so that one no longer interferes with the other. I would also advise Rupert to be realistic, stay positive and not perceive his employers or any other type of authority as the enemy. He should try to be realistic about his goals and abilities, instead of alternately underestimating and overestimating himself.

Another thing. Again, I feel it is my duty to warn Rupert to be extra careful, precisely because I care a lot about him and wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to him. The configuration of Cross in mutable signs makes Rupert (and his movie characters) quite accident prone. All these squares and oppositions involving Mercury, Saturn, Uranus, Mars and Pluto may indicate accidents, physical injuries, mental breakdowns, operations and such. Of course, all these can be avoided, but Rupert should be extra careful when driving, handling any sort of machinery, weapons, sharp objects, electricity or fire. He should drive carefully and avoid speeding at all costs (or even better, not drive at all). The places where he’ll be most vulnerable are the crossroads. He shouldn’t even be driving his ice cream van, as it might malfunction. Additionally, Rupert shouldn’t be doing his own stunts now; he should avoid verbal conflicts which could lead into fights; he shouldn’t be walking on his own late at night, as he may get attacked. The configuration of Cross is actually formed a few days before Rupert’s birthday, so he should lay low and, if possible, spend the entire week between, say, 19 and 26 August at home (but not unleash his frustration for being stuck at home on his family members!) Luckily, the aspects of Sun sextile Mars and Sun trine Pluto are protecting him at this time. These aspects give him an excellent ability to regenerate, both physically and mentally. So even if he does experience some injuries, health problems or mental and physical exhaustion, he should recover quickly and successfully.

As for you who are reading these lines, if you love Rupert and care for him, you can help him by either praying for him or simply sending him positive energy. It’s easy: every morning after you wake up and every evening before sleep, lay down, relax and visualise Rupert. Imagine him being happy, cheerful and satisfied; visualise him in pleasant situations, such as going out and having fun, receiving awards, or just enjoying himself at home. Imagine him surrounded by loving friends and family, overwhelmed by love and respect. Trust me, these simple techniques of sending positive energy really work: the entire physical world we live in is actually made of energy, and human thought is the most powerful energy of them all. Each one of us can be a generator of positive change in the lives of other people, so let’s use this power to help Rupert sail through this challenging period undamaged.

To conclude, the forthcoming months will be a crucial period in Rupert’s life. They will eventually lead to him gaining all those things he desires most, above all security and stability – and, on the other hand, independence and freedom to live his life the way he chooses to.

Love, Prof. Trelawney

In the next issue of Grintastic: Rupert Grint and Jessie Cave: Compared Analysis!

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Harry, Ron and the Full-Blood Bromance

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from a Haron/Danpert point of view

As expected, the latest installment of the Harry Potter franchise, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a hugely successful movie: it has already beaten several box office records and received excellent reviews. It’s been hailed as “the best Potter movie so far,” and I can’t help but think it is mostly due to the two stars, Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe and their portrayals of best mates Ron Weasley and Harry Potter.

haron2Ron and Harry have been best friends practically since they met. Throughout the series they have been through the worst of times and best of times together. They have laughed, fought, cried, and saved the Wizarding World together. In my opinion, their friendship is the strongest relationship in the entire book series. There is something about the connection between Harry and Ron that is so intense that nothing matters but being there for each other.

However, their relationship is not just about drama and bravery. They also make a dynamic and hilarious duo. They are two very cheeky blokes and it is great to read their conversations and interactions. Their friendship is one that everyone can identify with to some degree with their own mates.

Unfortunately, in the movies, their friendship has taken a back seat to the drama and recently romance. Yes, it is clear that Ron and Harry are best friends and care about each other, but we have not seen many moments of them just being blokes, moments that would really show their range as friends. Rupert and Dan, up until this point, had their best moments together in Potter movies one and two. From Prisoner of Azkaban on, their relationship has hit a dry spell. It is maddening really, because they have magic together: Rupert is so incredible, Dan feeds off it, and the two of them steal the show together every time.

haron5Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has finally opened the door to Ron and Harry’s friendship and, even more fitting — bromance. People can finally see a bit of the everyday Ron and Harry and how they are when death isn’t right at their doorstep. Ron is not just the one-lining sidekick and Harry is not all doom and gloom.

Ron’s very first line, “I think I would know if my best friend was in my room,” made me sit up straighter in my chair. It was funny and Rupert delivered it brilliantly, but more importantly, it was nice to hear Ron address Harry as his best friend. (The only other time this has happened is in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, when they were arguing in the boys’ dorm.)

The ensuing hug between Ron and Harry almost brought tears to my eyes. It was not a second or two of awkward patting, no, they embraced each other and held tightly. Harry had the biggest smile on his face when Ron walked up to him and hugged him. For once, I was happy something new was added. In the books, they always shook hands but this was a real hug. It was a simple, innocent gesture; but for someone like me who is a Best Mate shipper at heart, it was magical. For the first time I felt like Harry and Ron were happy to be friends and relieved to see each other. Not to mention, Rupert and Dan just looked yummy hugging each other. It was a delicious teaser for the upcoming Silver Doe scene in Deathly Hallows.

The movie really paid attention to detail, and not only do we see Ron and Harry as best friends, but more of their character was allowed to shine through. A great example of this is a scene when Harry was late to the Great Hall. He asked Ron what he had missed and Ron informed him that the Sorting Hat told them all to be brave and strong. Ron added, “Easy for it to say, it’s a hat, innit?” Harry made this agreeing gesture with his hand and nodded. Details like this may seem small, but Harry and Ron are known for agreeing and understanding each other easily.

However, it doesn’t always have to be verbal. Like with the hug, an excellent moment was when Ron and Harry were standing against the wall laughing while other students rushed off to class. They stood above everyone else and looked as if they were really enjoying themselves. I am sure it wasn’t hard for Rupert and Dan to pull this off — on and off set they burst into laughter and affect each other with the corpsing all the time!

Perhaps one of the most fantastic moments is right after they arrive to the potions class. Ron tried to explain how he was rubbish in potions and turned around to walk out. Harry grabbed his arm and pulled him back in. I couldn’t stop laughing. Ron would only stay in that class for Harry. I could just hear Harry saying in his head, “You’re not getting out of this if I can’t.” Rupert and Dan pulled that off smoothly.

The wrestling over the book bit was beyond amazing. Ron and Harry gave each other a serious look before going at it. This scene produced one the biggest laughs. Rupert and Dan looked great wrestling each other and I thought it was hilarious how poor, little Dan tried his hardest to take on tall and burly Rupert. It was even more better when Ron had the look of triumph and Harry hit his book in defeat. It was a great moment of them being friends. They weren’t fighting Death Eaters or talking about the war, but they were just being playful. So far we’ve never seen Ron and Harry playful in the movies, and it was refreshing to see it in the film. Besides, there was so much chemistry between Rupert and Dan. It was obvious they had a great time with it, and it was beautiful to see them commanding a scene without having to speak.

Throughout the movies, we have seen moments where Ron is always there for Harry. While it is true to the book, there are great moments of Harry being there and wanting to look out for Ron. It was touching when Ron tried out for keeper and Harry breathed, “Come on Ron.” It is exactly what he did in the book and I liked seeing it on the screen. Harry really wanted Ron on the team and it showed. He cares for his best mate and wants him to be happy.

In the books, it is obvious sometimes Ron and Harry get a bit tired of Hermione blabbing on and they tend to read each others’ minds and finish each others’ sentences. On their way to the Three Broomsticks, Hermione complains about not knowing anything about the Half-Blood Prince and she said she went to the library to research more on the matter. Ron and Harry said “library” at the same time to finish her sentence for her. It was perfect. It only got better when Hermione said Harry slept with the potion book and Harry answered that he didn’t. Ron was like: “Yeah you do. I like a nice chat before I go to bed but you’re always reading that book.” I think the drool was down my neck before I finally wiped it off.

Next is when Harry says he’d be honoured to attend Slughorn’s party and Ron asks him, “What are you playing at?” He has a very serious look on his face as if a bit peeved. Harry explains to him that he is just doing it for Dumbledore and Ron nods in understanding. I think it was very important for Harry to explain to Ron why he was doing it, knowing how Slughorn treated Ron. It’s a testament to their friendship and commitment to each other.

The entire talk about girls’ skin was amazing. It was the first time we see them talking alone and about something real and normal. I loved how Rupert and Dan fed off each other and made the scene very realistic. It was so authentic that it was almost as if David Yates simply told them to talk to each other the way they thought their characters would.


The game scene was fantastic. Rupert looked amazing in his quidditch gear and he displayed Ron’s nervousness so perfectly. Also I really liked how, after Ron thought he took the luck potion, he and Harry did this bromancy handshake. There is a lot of physical contact between Harry and Ron in Half-Blood Prince that we haven’t seen before. It was just as great after their win, when Harry just watches Ron with the biggest grin on his face; and when Lavender kisses him, Harry gives this amazing expression of shock and excitement for his best mate.

On the train back to the Burrow, they talk about the unbreakable vow in the compartment. Once again, they were alone together and talked face to face. It’s rare in the Potter movies to see them without Hermione or without them going on about Voldemort or something. I loved Harry playing with the seat table as Lavender ogled Ron. That was very Harry. Whenever Ron had girl issues, rather it with Lavender or Hermione, Harry always tried to blend in with the scenery. It was hilarious when Ron explained how all Lavender wanted to do was snog him. He said, “My lips are getting chapped, look.” Ron puckered up and leaned into Harry as if to kiss him. Harry rushed back with, “I’ll take your word for it.” This part got a huge laugh in the cinema.

The poisoning scene was the best Haron/Danpert moment in the film. It was sweet how Ron talked about the moon being beautiful. The close up of Rupert was stunning. You could see his lush lips and golden eyelashes up close. His bed wear was nice at displaying his assets as well. 😉

It only got better when Harry teased him about the chocolate and Ron told him he could not stop thinking about her and climbed into bed with him. The actors just went for it: Rupert held the comedy so close to him — he had no problem just leaning right into Dan’s bubble — and Dan fed off his work and came back with his own comedy. The “who are you talking about?” exchange between them was not only extremely Ron and Harry, but Rupert and Dan’s personalities came out as well. The chemistry was impeccable.

haron1I also loved how Ron threw the box at Harry and explained how his feelings were not a joke. Rupert made the perfect pout and confessed his love. It was great how Harry took his hand and led him to Slughorn. Rupert is so much bigger than Dan and it was interesting seeing Dan take command and pull him to the office.

Rupert completely became the love-sick Ron. When he held on to Slughorn, called him darling, and asked if he wanted a drink everyone in the cinema lost it. I was so proud of Rupert. He’s a genius with comedy. There were a lot of physical interactions between Ron and Harry in this scene as well. Another example of it is when Harry led Ron to the couch and shoved a pillow in his lap. While this scene was funny, the actual poisoning was quite scary. Up until this point it was all fun but when Ron collapsed the audience quieted. Watching Ron foam at the mouth was breathtaking and chilling. Rupert did such an amazing job. It was touching how Harry panicked and searched for the bezoar after Ron fell. He just shoved it in his mouth and begged him to come on. I held my breath just as I did when reading the book. It gave me goose bumps and it was supposed to. I am so happy Rupert and Dan were able to work together, deliver the scene, and make it powerful like it should have been.

A simple but great moment was when Harry thanked Madame Pomfrey for taking care of Ron. He was happy that not only were Hermione and Ron going to be friends again but also his best mate was going to make a full recovery.

Regrettably, there was not much after that, at least, until the very end. There is a lot of controversy over the last scene. While it did cut Ron off, it foreshadowed what was to come of the duo in Deathly Hallows. As Hermione is talking about the locket and Harry explains how it is a fake, he looks over at Ron in a longing sort of way. I think he already could feel something was different about his best mate and I loved how Ron just rather gave him a dull stare. It built up a lot of tension, as it showed how something had changed between them. Throughout the entire movie they were at each others’ side, they talked and helped each other, but now they were far apart and did not carry conversation. It created the much-needed uncertainty about what was to come in the next film.

haron4Overall, the Best Mates were the best part of the film and really gave it authenticity. I am so happy with how Rupert and Dan worked together. They had the best chemistry in the film. They were real teenage boys and I believed them. They handled situations and treated each other as real friends would and, more importantly, how Ron and Harry would. Rupert was able to show that Ron was more than just the one-liner and Dan displayed a bit of his playful side. And while Half-Blood Prince brought the laughs, it also highlighted what they would go through in Deathly Hallows. I can’t wait! I love Haron and Danpert and Half-Blood Prince gave me what I had hoped for. So, check your shoes for spiders before slipping them on and go see it! Red hair and black rimmed glass is canon this time around!

All images courtesy of Warner Bros. via Oclumencia

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