Capricorn-You’ll be meeting someone who will present you with a unique career opportunity. With some luck, you won’t be introduced to the bumper of their Mini Cooper first.

Aquarius-Goodness, you’ve got a mouth like Ron Weasley, you have! It might be best to take a deep breath and remain calm before you let the proverbial bloody hells fly. You may end up something you regret.

Pisces– Feeling a bit blue? Fret not, you have a  friend who is willing to listen to your sad tune and offer up some much needed advice. Ahhh, the friendship of Harry and Ron…

Aries-In the next couple days, you’ll disarm some potentially important people with your words and your negotiating skills will be in top form. You’ll finally get that contract signed. Perhaps we should send YOU to get that Eddie The Eagle contract finalized, goodness.

Taurus-Don’t hold back your natural, personal talents in the next few days; as you will have some success in showcasing them to others. Think-Rupert Grint, post-Potter. Yeah!

Gemini-Much like Malachy McKinney, you’re oozing the sexy factor lately. Now might be a good time to get a makeover or go shopping for some new clothes.

Cancer-Hermione wants to attend a public meeting about abused house elves, while Ron wants to go to a Quidditch match. What a catastrophe.  You’re significant other wants to go somewhere  that you find weird and uninteresting. Pull the old quid pro quo trick and you’re mini crisis will be diverted quite successfully.

Leo-With all the chores you need to need to get done, you’ll wish you could whip up a brilliant housekeeping spell like Molly Weasley! But have no worries, you’ll be able to breeze through the big stuff with ease; just in time to have a leisurely evening with your friends.

Virgo-You’re full of boundless energy lately, but have some unchanneled anxiety. Instead of focusing on what you’re afraid is going to happen, envision what you want to happen. Follow the butterflies….

Libra-You’ll be a regular Hermione Granger when you point out the bigger picture to some friends or family members, who are wrapped up in some selfish concerns.

Scorpio-Much like our favorite ginger, Rupert Grint, you are coming upon a crossroads of your life, and are acutely aware of it. Follow your instinct, and be careful of how you react to change.

Sagittarius-Your desire to see “Cherrybomb” in a theater far away from you, is being thwarted by some traveling plans that have become somewhat of a challenge. Don’t give up-you’ll get where you need to go.

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  1. Karo says:

    I will go follow the butterflies then! 😀 Better than spiders anyway.



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