Wether you’re a fan of Ron Weasley in the books, or a fan of Ron in the movies exclusively, it matters not. The truth is that the Harry Potter series is rapidly coming to a close; with shooting for the final movie installment, The Deathly Hallows, supposedly coming to an end in June.

The character of Ron Weasley has endeared himself to many a reader/viewer; with his sharp wit, ocassionally filthy mouth, his loyalty to family and friends, and the innate desire to sacrifice himself to save the ones he loves the most. Countless fan-fics have lovingly been written with love, care, and passion. Drawings, paintings, and various other media have been applied to applied to blank canvas, to pay homage to our favorite ginger Weasley. And you’d be hard pressed to NOT find thousands of fan-made videos in every corner of the internet. No matter what variation of Ron that you’ve created inside of your head and world, Ron has made a home inside all of our hearts.

But let’s not forget the man that brought Ron Weasley to life on screen, the man himself, Rupert Grint. We all fell in love with the tiny, ginger-haired 11-year-old boy; with the sweet cherubic face and bright eyes. It would soon become very apparent that this unassuming kid from Hertfordshire, had some major acting chops. Even when the camera wasn’t directly on him, or he wasn’t verbally delivering a line, he was always somewhere in the frame, constantly in character and acting with just his face. Often times than not, Ron’s/Rupert’s lines from the book were either cut or watered down in the movies. Nonetheless, Rupert made do with what he was given and always OWNED Ron. And quoting fellow staffer, and Ron’s fairy godmother, AJ, “He made us give a damn about him!”. Indeed he did; and he did all of that with class, a boat-load of talent, and a sincere passion for his craft.

So, this edition is dedicated to Ron and Rupert, entitled, “In Celebration of Ron Weasley, In Celebration of Rupert Grint,”.

We love you Ron. We love you Rupert.


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    What a wonderful tribute to Ron guys.


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