Question 1: What is your favorite quote from Rupert from this year, so far? And why.

“I never got to push myself”

Suzanne:  I like to think he never HAD to push himself – he got his character and what was happening without needing to push himself.  Unfortunately, I also understand what he meant.

Question 2: Rupert’s been more candid in 2010 than he’s ever been in the past ten years. What do you think of this and how does it make you feel.

Suzanne: I think this is great and shows how down to earth and “real” he is – not figuring out what will “play best” or sounds “right” or even put him in the best light.   I think he is his own man and says what he thinks.

Question 3: What is your favorite quote about Rupert?

Suzanne:  Alfonso Cuarón saying while directing Prisoner of Azkaban that Grint is “the likely future star out of the Hogwarts trio”.

And of course in a reply to an interview question about this more recently Grint saying that Cuarón was kind of crazy.

Question 4: If you had only one picture of Rupert that you could look at the rest of your life, which one would you choose and why.

Suzanne:  I really liked the picture of him from the London HBP Premier when Maggie Smith kissed him on the cheek.  I just think that is a sweet picture.

Question 5: If Rupert were turned into ice cream, what flavor would he be?

Suzanne: Chocolate with coconut and cherries

Question 6: What is your favorite interview(video or printed) with Rupert?

Craig Ferguson interview in 2007

Question 7: What song or poem reminds you of Rupert and why.

Suzanne:  “Love the one you’re with” Stephen Stills, 1970

He always looks so happy wherever he is and with whomever he is with and I thought of this song.

Question 8: I smile whenever Rupert…

Suzanne:  is in on screen

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