When I read about the contest I thought it would be easy to define the similarities and differences between the character and the actor, and then find some way to related to each other … how wrong I was, now I’ve been hours trying to write something decent and consistent.

But it seems that words do not come to me, my inspiration went to the post office to await the long-awaited picture, everyone hovers around me saying things like, “you can do it” “concentration”, “in the future you can write a book, I’ll be your manager”.  I have news for them, it’s not easy!

The only thing I am sure is that I want to participate and will do my best effort …Why keep talking about me when we can talk about two wonderful men? I’ll start with Ron Weasley.   What do we know about him? He is the sixth child of a large family with little money, for that reason he always wears second hand, he eats too much, he’s afraid of spiders, is jealous, grumpy and has a serious problem of insecurity and inferiority.

On the other hand, Rupert Grint is the eldest of five children, suffers from arachnophobia, he never had economic problems, but neither had money in excess, at least before working on Harry Potter. At a very early age, he became famous and is now a recognized/famous young actor. At first glance, Ron and Rupert don’t have things in common outside of the appearance/body, they hate spiders, they were born in the 80s and both share the “R” as initial in their names.

Ron Weasley in all respects, is a guy that you’ll love if he comes  your way. Constantly, he is known for being a good friend, faithful, loyal and courageous, he always support Harry and Hermione, and his smile and joy never disappeared when they were the most needed.

We have seen Ronald grow,  surrounded by people who overcome him in different areas, but after the boy befriends the world’s most famous magician, Harry Potter. And as if that were not enough, Hermione Granger join this group, the most smart girl of the class. That would be enough to unbalance  anyone, but Ron didn’t shows major problems until later, when jealousy emerge or rather, the doubts. In my opinion Ron is angry because Harry is in the tournament. He wonders why Harry didn’t talk about it? He has doubts about the confidence of his friend. But, would we  not feel sad if we believe that our best friend does not trust us?

Rupert and Ron, Ron and Rupert two personalities in one body, which after all, are not so different.  Both are happy with the life they have, they enjoy it, are good friends, are loyal guys with values. I think if a person is declared fan of Rupert maybe that person is not suitable for this job. Even though they are so different, I’m sure that no other actor would have played better,the role of Ron. He is Ron, he won the role with his effort, he and only he deserves to succeed.  I cannot imagine Ron played by another person who is not Rupert Grint.

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