Question 1: Rupert’s been more candid in 2010 than he’s ever been in the past ten years. What do you think of this and how does it make you feel.

Marite:  I love that he is opening up and revealing more info about himself. I love to hear his insights on different aspects and how he perceives the things around him. I really hope he keeps this up!

Question 2: If you had only one picture of Rupert that you could look at the rest of your life, which one would you choose and why.

Marite: I would choose this pic from Tribeca shoot. I love the picture because he looks absolutely boyishly happy in it! Like he is enjoying what he is doing and where he is in his life! Adorable! Although, that shirtless sword-fighting Tony pic is in serious competition! 😀

Question 3: Finish this sentence> Being a fan of Rupert, I feel that-

Marite: I will undoubtedly be a witness of great talent and passion for acting in future.

Question 4: Rupert-related horror scenario No. 58>You only have enough money to see ONE of Rupert’s movies(you’ll have to wait for the other one to come out on DVD! *gasp*); which do you choose(CB or WT) and why?

Marite: If I really MUST choose, I would choose WT, because it sounds like my kind of movie! I love British black humour! 😀 And I love Tony’s scruffy look! 😀

Question 5: I smile-

Marite: whenever Rupert smiles!

Question 6: What song or poem reminds you of Rupert and why.

Marite: I have the poem recited by Ben in Driving Lessons stickered to my cubicle wall at work, and it always reminds me of Rupert. Especially the last 3 lines. They really communicate that being yourself is ok, and I think Rupert believes it as well.

Some mysteries I will never understand,
The way the Earth rotates around the Sun,
Three minutes shorter every day.
Or the way the dead are gone,
Like putting down a phone, or turning a corner.
The future… that’s another whopper.
We can never know what we can never know,
Except- Whoever you are,
And whoever I am,
You made it alright to be me.

Question 7: Make an acronym out of the letters of Rupert’s name







Question 7: Caption this!

Aaaaaand.. the Best Rupert fansite award goes to… *pause* ICM!!!!

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  1. Alexandra says:

    Good Questions/Answers !§!

    About first pic, I love this scene !§!



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