Question 1: How has reading Harry Potter and getting to know Ron affected your life? Have you learned anything? Got an amazing opportunity that you would not have otherwise had?

Galadriel: I got into HP later in life, therefore I’m not sure if it really has affected my life except for the reading pleasure, joining the online world and getting to know many great people on the internet with who I would not have gotten into contact otherwise. Being able to discuss with all kinds of people from all over the world widens my perspective and I learn and hear from so many things that would have gotten unnoticed otherwise.

Question 2: What is your favorite Ron moment (either in the books or movies) and why?

Galadriel:  The Silver Doe, specifically the destruction of the Locket-Horcrux. It is, for me, the one big, huge, pivotal Ron moment. The moment he finally overcame all his fears, his self-doubts and his insecurities. It was the moment he grew up and matured. It’s the moment in the books when Ron’s character-arc was concluded. And it’s such a wonderful and important friendship moment between him and Harry. In this moment, finally, the two really see and understand each other. They always had this special connection, understanding each other better than others, but there was this small final step to be made to a complete understanding. And that was made when Ron destroyed the locket. And the hug …. oh, man, the hug … Need I say more?

Question 3: What is your favorite Ron picture, or Rupert as Ron picture? *this can be a photoshoot with Rupert as Ron, or a fanmade painting or drawing, made by your or someone ese*

Galadriel: While Rupert does not exactly look like the Ron I have in my head while I am reading, he has certainly influenced my vision of Ron. In a very good way. There are too many great pics of Ronpert to really choose from. I am drawn to those in which he looks badass, or in which he smiles.

Question 4: If you ever met Ron in real life, what would you say to him, or ask him?

Galadriel: I would like to talk to him about his (now overcome) insecurities. Since I do relate to those a bit, I would love to discuss all of that with him. And I would like to tell him how infinitely awesome he is.

Question 5: What is your favorite Ron quote?

Galadriel: There are so many, funny ones, emotional ones, serious ones, it’s almost impossible to choose. If I have to, I would go for one that sums up Ron in a nutshell. There are a couple of those, but for now I go with this one from DH:

“You can have me keep me”

It shows Ron’s loyalty to his friends, his bravery, his willingness to sacrifice himself for his friends and his love for Hermione.

Question 6: If Ron and Harry were to get into an arm wrestling match, who would win and why?

Galadriel: Duh! Ron of course. While Ron is lanky, Harry isn’t exactly muscle-man either. They both play Quidditch, they both do pretty much the same things, so it’s not that Harry worked out and thus had an advantage over Ron. Ron is taller though and has longer forearms so it would give him an advantage there.

Question 7: What aspects of Ron’s personality do you admire the most and wish you had for yourself

Galadriel: His bravery. I‘m a coward, afraid of everything. Really. What Ron has done in the books, and continues to do in his job as an Auror … Just wow. Admirable. His optimism. I tend to be a cynical negative person, and while Ron can be sarcastic too, he tends to be very cheery and see the good thing in situations.  And I do admire his unshakable loyalty. Even when he falls out with his friends, he still keeps looking out for them and he never goes behind their back. Many people argued Ron’s leaving in DH was disloyalty. I strongly disagree. He didn’t go to Voldemort and his followers telling them what Harry was up to and where he was to find, right? So, he made a stupid mistake, but he still was loyal. I like to think that I’m a loyal person too. Although my friendships have never been under such strain, so I never had to prove it.

Question 8: Do you think that Harry Potter, and the character of Ron, will endure for years to come? Why or not.

Galadriel:  I think it will die down a bit. I think it already has since DH was published. But HP has already become a classic, thus it will always gain new readership, new fans. But, unlike us, who became fans when the series was still in progress and had to wait years for a new book and didn’t know the outcome, new readers will be able to read the series in one go and they will know, or already do before reading, the outcome. I think that would make for a different reading experience. But HP will gain new fans (books and movies). Consequently, Ron will always have fans. Just like now, he will be a fan favorite. Same for the movies. People will watch and like Ron and Rupert as Ron.

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