My idolatry, fanaticism, unbridled love, madness, infatuation by RonWeasley or whatever you call my friends, started a love-hate relationship. When you release “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” I was eight and knew nothing of the saga. When I saw my charm, but there was something that was the point of contention, Ronald Weasley, the redheaded boy, freckled, grumpy, foul-mouthed as the cause of my anger. I could see it without being upset, and is not caviar in my mind that was so bad with poor Hermione could not believe it was so cruel as to say he had no friends, and although Hermione forgives him and then become friends I wasupset, and this anger was precisely because I would hurt a lot for a guy to treat me so stupid. Thus came the premiere of “Harry Potter and theChamber of Secrets” and my view of Ron, took a 360 º turn … for me was
the most they would defend Hemion Ron Draco Malfoy, even though everything went wrong and was ultimately he who vomit slugs for me was …unbelievable, that guy annoying and “ugly” “because I said so, that was ugly, it was my last resort to defend my position anti-Ron Weasley, had defended his friend, for me was very tender, and thereafter loves Ron, especially in this movie, as when Ron is very upset seeing a petrified Hermione or when the end of the film come together in way of greeting …in each one of these scenes a strange cramps in my stomach made me curious.

“Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” was my discovery of Rupert Grint, so far only thought of Ron Weasley, the character, but did not see the actor behind … and I discovered just in the scene where Ron eat candy and roars like a lion … she looked very manly, strong, handsome… was 11 and felt an incredible desire to scream like crazy, in fact I cover your mouth with your hands, pruning not understand what was going, I was 11 and never before had I felt nervous watching a movie … that
feeling in my stomach bothered me. While in this film, Ron and Hermione are always arguing, I saw them differently, as two poles that attract, my brother always said “those who fight you love” and I immediately thought of them. That Christmas my older sister gave her the second book in the saga, of course I read the book as fast as I could, and discovered that Rupert Grint redhead very well characterized. I began to investigate what more could Rupert and Ron, at that time had not HP-Latin American pages and if there was I could not find them. With each passing film and they gave me the books I liked the pretty redhead, her way of being carefree, hungry, funny, “something” childish … and I grew them, I realized I had a platonic love for a character in the book and an actor, Ron loved him for his nature and because he believed that was what Hermione needed, something of amusement, laughter, pranks, being happy and although too always arguing and that was reconciled what I liked best, which is really wanted. And Rupert, what looked like a completely different person, he never smoke rose to the head, always so calm, being nice, laughing, that drove me crazy … when I saw videos of him in interviews, or the premier films, is my stomach, I wanted to cry, saying that was the best, being there to see it and somehow feel like the real thing … when you live in
a country like Chile where the stars usually do not come, you see almost as an individual gold with Rupert untouchable … something happens to me different from other celebrities, I feel that somehow … it feels like before, that you feel uncomfortable in interviews, he does not like it relate to people … sorry it still feels like an also-ran who had the opportunity-a wonderful opportunity “to act and to do what he likes.

Moreover, I see Ron as the groom that someday I want to find … I love Ron Weasley because I just knew love, gestures as nice as defending the people she wants, love a man who dares to defend and protect the person you love … LOVE Billius Ronald Weasley for who he is …

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  1. Amu says:

    This is beautifully written Aracelli. I love the way how your hate for Ron has turned into love/like. Talking about Rupert has made the Write-Up even more appealing.

    Well Done and CONGRATULATIONS! ~ 🙂

  2. Aracelli says:

    Thanks Amu … I can not wait to read yours 😀


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