Question 1). You have to compare Rupert’s demeanor to any type of food; how, or what, does his personality taste like?

Tania(tleo02):  Honey. Smooth, sweet, natural, humble although it is not the most fancy food, it is one that is well liked and good for you.

Question 2). If you combined all of the characters Rupert’s ever played(Ron, Allen, Ben, Malachy, Tony, Peter Pan, Nigel Molesworth) into oneperson, describe what kind of a super hero you would get.

Tania(tleo02): Let’s see- a superhero who comes from a humble background but wants to succeed. Kind of an unlikely superhero or even accidental hero. He never wanted to be a superhero but being good natured and willing to help, he becomes a superhero. Somewhat unconventional, he doesn’t wear any diguise- just recognise me by my ginger hair and I’m here to help!

Question 3). Finish this sentence: Rupert inspires me to-

Tania(tleo02):  To be a more humble person despite any success that comes my way.
Question 4). What is your favorite picture of Rupert and whywebsite03

Tania(tleo02): From Cherrybomb, blood on his face with the stormy background. It makes Rupert look strong, dark, rebellious; but there is a softness to that picture that reminds you that although Rupert’s acting talent can supersede his own persona, he is a sweet and humble person.

Question 5). What is your favorite video interview of Rupert and why

Tania(tleo02):  Interview with Rove in 2009. He seems very relaxed and therefore was willing to talk more, maybe not as much as Dan but more than he usually does.

Question 6). If you had a chance to meet and speak with Rupert for only 15 seconds. What would you say to him?

Tania(tleo02): ‘You are a brilliant actor who has a long and rewarding future in acting. You need to believe in yourself like we believe in you!’

Question 7). Caption one, two or all of these:


'Michelle, do you want me to take off my shirt as well?!'


'Aarrgh. Shit. I'm holding a gun.'

The Harry Potter Halloween Party In London (USA AND OZ ONLY)

'You know you want to, ladies.'

Question 8). This year, I hope that..

Tania(tleo02):’Rupert gets a girlfriend.’

Question 9). Take into account that Rupert is a Virgo, and combine that with your sign as well. Realistically, would you two get along? Why or why not.

Tania(tleo02): I’m a Scorpio and I have friends who are Virgos. We all get along well but I am somewhat more aggressive than Virgos. I found that Virgos are quite diplomatic and tend to be the calm under all circumstances and that has a calming effect on everyone else. So I’ll say that Rupert and I will get along.

Question 10). Where do you live? and if you had the chance to take Rupert on a tour of your city, where would you take him? Why do you think he would like any particular place or thing you were to show him?

australia-sydneyTania(tleo02): I live in Sydney, Australia. We are known for our beaches whether that be Bondi Beach or Manly Beach. I would take him to all. Any reason to see him without his shirt on really. But since he is like myself and gets sunburnt really easily, I would take him for a cruise on Sydney Harbour, it is absolutely spectacular. Just imagine, Rupert’s hair blowing in the wind, a smile across his face, blue sky and sun in the background. Perfect.

– Since Rupert is so creative and appreciates creativity, I would take him to P2030083Newtown. It is one of the oldest inner city suburbs of Sydney but has a great vibe. It is were many of the young and trendy lives. Newtown is very busy and everyone there is very friendly and unpretenious. The main street is filled with different restaurants that serve cuisine from so many cultures. There are many music shops that sell cds and vinyls as well as indie music. There are bars and pubs with live bands and small theatres that show local small productions plays, indie and arthouse films. I think Newtown will be right up Rupert’s alley.

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  1. Amu says:

    Very Nice Answers Tania!I like the answers to everything, especially the places you would take Rupert touring in Sydney. 🙂

  2. francaise3/Marite says:

    Firstly – yes to any reason to see Rupert shirtless! Second – the captions were great, especially the CB one! 😀 LOL And third – Rupert and honey go together very well!!!


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