Question 1). You have to compare Rupert’s demeanor to any type of food; how, or what, does his personality taste like?

Rosa: I don’t know, maybe he would taste like a lollipop. It’s the second thing that came to my mind, after  ice-cream, hehe. A lollipop is sweet and I think that Rupert it’s a sweet person .

Question 2: What is your favorite video interview of Rupert and why

Rosa: I can’t understand a word of what are they talking about, but I love Rupert’s faces, the way he talks, the gum in his mouth

Also I love this interview. Well, it’s not only a Rupert interview, but they are so cute!

Question 3). What is your favorite picture of Rupert and why57856623

Rosa: Maybe this one. And, why? I don’t know really why I like it. I just like it.

Question 4: . If you had a chance to meet and speak with Rupert for only 15 seconds. What would you say to him?

Rosa: Only 15 seconds? I think that in only 15 seconds I wouldn’t be original, I’d say typical fan things,hahaha. “Hi! You’re great! Two kisses?A photo? Thank you a lot” , hahaha. But the most probably thing that will happen it’s that I couldn’t say anything, I’ll be shocked!! haha

Question 5). This year, I hope that…

Rosa: I’ll see ALL Rupert films!!! Also I’ll try to go to DH Premiere and see Rupert in person!! (well, part of DH Premiere it’s a bit impossible, but I can dream, can I? hehe)

Question 6). Take into account that Rupert is a Virgo, and combine that with your sign as well. Realistically, would you two get along? Why or why not.

Rosa: Well, my sign is Virgo too, so I think that we would get along well. We have similar characters, so it’ll be easy to understand each other. Maybe at the beginning the silent will be so much present, because we could be shy, but I’m sure that we’ll make him disappear, hehe

Question 7). Where do you live? and if you had the chance to take Rupert on a tour of your city, where would you take him? Why do you think he would like any particular place or thing you were to show him?

Rosa: I live in small Spanish city, but it hasn’t anything to visit, it could be the opposite of a touristic city. We don’t have anything interesting to visit but we have our FAIR; where everyone has a lot of fun. I think that he would like it, because there you can taste some delicious food, have fan with your friends, drink something, go to a concert, have fun in the attractions…Also I would take him to walk around my peaceful city and enjoy our delicious food. =)

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  1. Amu says:

    Very sweet and honest answers Rosa. 🙂
    I am sincerely wishing that your dream to attend the DH premiere comes true and you get to meet Rupert.

  2. francaise3/Marite says:

    Great chnoice of favourite pic! I love it too!

  3. Tania says:

    I love your answers. And I love the clip with Emma as well. They just look so comfortable and sweet together.

    Hmm… Rupert and a lollipop… sorry, got a little distracted there.


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