2009 was The Year of The Grint, for sure. As fans, 2009 brought us goodie bags full of amazing Rupert Grint treats. There were so many new things that we learned about Rupert; and he also delivered some of his most beautiful photo shoots to date.

However, there is one other thing that 2009 brought to us Rupert fans that while may not be new, certainly took on a new form and meaning. I am of course, talking about Danpert. Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe’s friendship, AKA Danpert, is something that has been around since they started working together for the Harry Potter series. Throughout the years, we have seen them work and goof off, on and off, the set together. Their friendship is something that everyone can enjoy and find adorable. The pair has always been known as the gigglers of the bunch, but also some of the hardest workers. It has always been easy to see that Rupert and Dan enjoying working and playing together. Yet, by the time Goblet of Fire debuted and definitely after, it seemed that the dynamic duo took a break from their friendship. Some even questioned if they were still friends or just dearly acquainted co-workers. The lack of Harry/Ron friendship time in and after the third Harry Potter movies led to an even stiffer and colder looking Rupert/Dan friendship. For a while, it seemed that the magic and laughter in Danpert was lost; and that growing up and becoming increasingly different would keep them from being able to maintain the strong friendship that they started with.


A love-potioned Ron freaking out Harry in the Half-Blood Prince

However, in 2009, something opened up and changed. Half Blood Prince is the prime and juiciest example that the Danpert love and relationship is, in fact, still alive and kicking. Sure, the movie is about Harry finding out the truth about the half blood prince. It is about the audience finding out what Draco Malfoy was up to. It is about Harry coming to terms with his feelings for Ginny. It’s also about Ron turning up the heat by dating Lavender and making Hermione realize that she in fact fancies him. Conversely, what many fans of the movies/books and critics alike really remember and enjoy about the movie was the Ron/Harry friendship. Rupert and Dan stole the show and turned Half Blood Prince into a brilliantly special and hilarious display of the friendship that exists between Harry and Ron and at the core, Dan and Rupert. Some aspects of their scenes were so obviously Rupert and Dan’s friendship shining through. The two wrestling over the potions book, as well as the love potion scene, are two primary examples that Rupert and Dan’s chemistry was not only back, but also better and stronger than ever. After watching Half Blood Prince, fans could easily see that the magic was still between the two and that they might have been closer than anyone expected.


Rupert and Dan, having a photo op with co-star, Helena Bonham-Carter

The chemistry between them was visible long before HBP premiered. As promotion for the sixth installment went along, more and more Danpert appeared. Then again, it was not just Half Blood Prince promotion that brought out an older, stronger, and sexier Danpert. The two men were also shooting for Deathly Hallows and the behind the scenes photos and interviews brought us amazing Danpert. It seemed that many, if not all, of the behind the scenes shots for the Deathly Hallows movies that involved Rupert and Dan, were of them laughing and talking together. Going through the pictures, it is simple to see that Rupert and Dan are enjoying each other’s company; and that they really are taking into account that this is the last time the two would portray the Dream Team. I am sure they wanted to savor the moment and really enjoy the time they had left together. Yes, it seemed the guys did enjoy each other. The two always had wide grins on their faces and laughter in their eyes. Although they were older, the two still had the twinkle in their eyes when they talked just as they did in the early days.


Reading Festival 2009: Rupert and Dan with The Gallows lead singer, Frank Carter

The amazing Danpert of 2009 was not just limited to their time together on the HP set. The two also spent quite a lot of time together off set. In October of 2009, Rupert and Dan attended a Halloween party together where of course we all remember Rupert in the lovely costume from Clockwork Orange! They also attended the Reading Festival in August and seemed to really enjoy their time there together. Rupert and Dan going out together and enjoying each other’s company really helped undercut the ideas that the two didn’t want to see each other outside of Harry Potter.


Dan tugging on Rupert's fake beard, during a break on The Deathly Hallows set

In 2009, the Danpert was hotter and stronger than ever, but even more importantly, 2009 was the year that Daniel Radcliffe himself opened up and started to be seen as Rupert’s number one fan boy. It appeared that he brought up Rupert in every interview even if the question had nothing to do with Rupert. Dan always had the nicest and sweetest things to say about Rupert, including calling Rupert a “lust symbol” and “very impressive.” He always praised his acting and said he had a bright future ahead of him. Not only did he praise Rupert, but he also tried to boost his confidence. After Rupert’s confession in the Daily Mail interview about him not being sure if he was a good enough actor to make a long lasting career.  Dan came back and said that Rupert basically has no reason to be insecure; and that he is, in fact, a fantastic actor and would surely have a long and lasting career. In Dan’s interview with Alexa Chung for MTV, he was asked a question about if Dan was a good driver. The very  first words out of his mouth were about how Rupert is a great driver and has amazing cars. I doubt that Alexa had any intention to find out if Rupert was a good driver; and yet Dan couldn’t help but bring him up. In Dan’s BD live interview in December, he had so much to say about Rupert. Some of his thoughts on Rupert include that he and Rupert had great fun filming the fight over the book scene in HBP. He said that any excuse to hit each other on screen was welcomed. Dan also called Rupert a “physical comedy genius” and that all his talent is natural. One of the sweetest things that Dan also mentioned in this interview is that he likes to make Rupert laugh because it’s so easy to make him laugh. Dan can’t resist getting a joke in before the take of the scene because when they’re both in that type of mood; everything becomes funny and that’s his favorite moments. Of course, one of the best things Dan had to say about Rupert was when he, Rupert, and Emma were being interviewed about the theme park for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.  Rupert brought up that he would probably stay away from the Forbidden Forest and the spiders. Dan confidently said that he would hold his hand if he got scared because he knows how afraid of spiders Rupert is. Dan really went above and beyond the call of friendship in 2009. and the bloke could not stop complimenting and loving Rupert. It was beautiful.

However, it was not just Dan who had good things to say about Rupert. Rupert too had nothing but love for Dan. A great example was on the Rove show when Rove asked Rupert about Dan’s magic tricks. Rove poked fun at Dan and tried to get Rupert to go along with it.  But of course, Rupert being sweet and a good friend, stood behind Dan and said that he did not see anything wrong with Dan’s hobbies. He has also expressed how Dan is person he can easily get along with because they have similar senses of humors and how Dan is always full of energy and works very hard.

The love and commitment Rupert and Dan seemed to have was infectious to  and also helped bridge the gap that seemed to develop between the two fan bases over the years. There was so much Danpert love in 2009, that I wanted to know what some other people saw. I asked some fellow members of ICM what they thought of the Danpert of 2009.

“I can honestly say that Dan impressed the hell out of me and really made me take interest in him again. Every word out of his mouth seemed to be about Rupert and it was always caring and honest. He is certainly the poster child of a Rupert fan boy!” – Isaac

“Half Blood Prince really went to the guys this time. Rupert and Dan’s personalities came through and you can tell they have a strong friendship.” – Janine

“I’ve always seen Rupert and Dan as brothers. Rupert is the older and calmer one. He understands Dan and lets him know that he can be as unique as he wants and it’s okay. For Dan, he is certainly someone who looks up to Rupert. He supports him, believes in him, and picks him up when he feels doubtful. It’s a beautiful friendship and really shined through in 2009.” –Donna.

“2009 is all the proof in the world. There is no need to doubt it any longer. Rupert and Dan have and will always be friends and will share an unbreakable and loving bond. It doesn’t matter where life takes them. They will always have each other’s backs. They’re mates for life!” – Alysha

I could not agree more! There are so many different instances of where Danpert shown through a little more and brighter in 2009. It was a surprisingly loving and honest year for them. It was also a treat for us fans! For so long, there was wonder if they would ever be as close as they were when they were young blokes. However, they proved that growing up and going in different directions does not mean that the love or feeling left. No, as young men I believe that their bond is stronger and more secure now.

Therefore, I think that the men have put the rumor to rest. Rupert and Dan are, in fact, friends who have a lasting and loving relationship. No matter what the future holds for Danpert, I think it is clear that nothing will ever take away from all the experiences they have shared together; as well as all the feelings and confidence they have built in each other. Yes, 2009 was The Year of The Grint but it was also The Year of The Danpert!

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  1. Amu says:

    Ah! Written so beautifully Rose. You brought out the amazing relationship shared between Dan and Rupert so well in such simple words.

    I am a Rupert Junkie. Absolutely NO DOUBT about that but Dan and his insistent support and encouragement to Rupert makes him endearing to me. Dan can definitely be the Poster Boy for Rupert Fans.We should ask/request him to join our Discussion Forums and Campaigns showing our love to Rupert. What say Girls and Boys? 😉

    I sincerely pray that their Friendship stays like this forever. *touchwood*

  2. Lola says:

    Great article. I love their on- screen characters as best friends and I certainly admire their off- screen relationship. I have always found their “bromance” very endearing and they always have very nice things to say about each other and it does not sound forced or scripted. I certainly hope that their friendship will not waver after the end of HP but only grow stronger.


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