amiAre you Ron’s biggest Wheezy and proud of it? Then prove it! We’re on a mission to find the one Muggle who shows the most love and devotion for our favorite ginger-haired Weasley.

The prizes: A Ron/Harry Potter T-shirt(of your choice) from Hot Topic and and an autographed picture signed by Rupert, exclusively for ICM!

How to Enter(first portion of contest): In a few paragraphs, explain how and why you’re the biggest Ron Weasley fan; and why you deserve to win this contest.

The deadline is February 7th. If you have any questions, or you’d like to email your entry, send it to us at

Rules(yeah, you knew they were coming):

-no one or two sentence entries please(ie:  “Ron rawks! I like his ginger hair.”)

-no abusive, racist, or sexually-related material will be considered

-You must be willing and able to complete the second portion of the contest as well(see below).

-If you feel that just a few paragraphs simply cannot capture the essence of your madness(err…fandom) for all things Ron, you may write a short essay. However, you might want to keep reading…

Second portion of contest: If your submission is chosen, you have the option of either writing an essay or making a fan video that are Ron/Rupert related. Not only will you win a T-shirt and a picture signed by Rupert, your creation will also be featured in the next edition of Grintastic!

Deadline for essay or fan video is February 21st.

How cool is that!? So, if you think you’re the biggest Ron fan, we’re ready to help you show the world! Come on you big Weasley lover, you know you want to! 😀

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  1. Amu says:

    I am doing it! I am big RON junkie! so yeah I have to do it…atleast to give me a chance at the Autographed photo from Rupert because I am bigger Rupert Junkie! 😉

  2. Jasmine Blackney says:

    I have often noticed that it is often common for people to name Ron Weasley as the less valued member of the Trio or to name Rupert Grint as ‘the lower key’ star.
    Such statements as these are easy to contradict, as it can be clear from any reasonable and sane mind that Ron Weasley and Rupert Grint are the ones that keep everything together.
    Ron Weasley is the glue that keeps The Trio’s friendship together. Yes, it is understandable to say that he doesn’t have as well defined skills as Harry and Hermione do, but he is nonetheless not important. His humour and strength of heart gives him the title of the best friend that Harry and Hermione need to stay sane. Without Ron, Hermione and Harry wouldn’t have nearly as much fun. Harry says himself that he likes havinf Hermione as his best friend, but there ‘were less laughs and more trips to the library’ (Gof). Not only does Ron keep the other two laughing, he also loyally keeps them in line, giving Harry support and standing up for Hermione and making sure she has some time for fun.
    Ron has his heart in what he does. Everything he does he does it because he feels it, which makes him not only thoroughly entertaining but also gives him a different and more open persona than Hermione and Harry. He’s easier to read, being unable to hide his true feelings even if he doesn’t know what they mean (‘you’re fratinizing with the enemy’- Gof)which makes him an easy character to understand.
    In the movies Ron is potrayed as the ‘comic relief’, which Rupert Grint acts brilliantly and with such strong verve that the Harry Potter films wouldn’t be nearly as good without him, but in J.K. Rowlings version he is a much more complicated character.
    He has problems with being poor and being overshadowed by his siblings and his best friend, the famous Harry Potter. This makes readers sympathise with him, especially as they see what such deep potential as a hero he has.
    Ron’s heroic moments are bigger and more important than he realises. He just sees himself as stupid Ronald Weasley, but there is so much more to him than that.
    He sacrifices himself to save Harry and Hermione in the quest towards the Philosophers Stone, he helps Gryffindor win the House he courageously enters the Forbidden Forest alongside Harry despite his fear of spiders, he

  3. jo says:

    Amazing comment Jasmine. Everything you said is exactly Ron and 100% true. You should drop us a line at and write something on Ron for our next Grintastic launch.

  4. Cara Dornan says:

    Wel i am a real ron/rupert fan. everybody loves him am sure, but if you now me yo would now that i am the biggest there can be, here are reason why. I have read evry harry potter books and love when ron comes up in the books i read the line about three times because he is in it, any coment that is made by rupert grint i read carefully because i love him. I watch every interview that he was in, and yeah maybe i havnt wrote that much but hey, am from northern ireland and it would be nice to get something for a change because i have never been it a primere before to wait on rupert but i would die for him to know me or even to say “Yeah i will sign a shirt for her” would been a great life moment. So please i would love to have something from rupert grint, he is a role model for young actors, and he has really come out of his shell since harry potter. He has made me want to be a actress, and maybe ishould do what he did, go on a website (Newsround) and send me doing something funny. Rupert Grint is. . well theres no words he is that great, everybody loves him ther hasnt been a bad word said about him in anything i have read, plus he is one of the mist kindest most funnest young uk actor in the world.So if i had the chance to get a signed shirt or even if rupert grint got to read this i would be the most happest girl in the world and i think i should win because you will never geta bigger fan than me, plus i know what he did before he came on harry potter, i would of loved to see him do a fish in the story of Noah’s ark, plus i cant believe he was a bellringer (shocker, and i think he was really good doing the voce of peter pan on BBC he should do that much more. I think he is so cute when he puts on a belfast voice when i was doing CherryBomb. And like rupert he also likes drawing so do i i do it in my extra time. I also so have arachnophobia when you are scared of spiders but worse.. But i thought he should of won for best actor to daniel radcliff, and he really does have the best haircut ever. So please i would love to have signed shirt from Rupert Grint because i hvae lots of poster up all over my room of him/harry potter movies. I know everything about what happens after Hogwart, that he helped his brother run the joke shop and got his picture in one of ron’s fav sweet chocolate frog. Plaese let me win, Thank-you xxx

  5. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the great entry Cara! I got your email as well.

  6. Michelle says:

    I also got Jasmin and Amu’s emails as well! Thanks guys, we’ll let everyone know who won in a couple days. Lots of amazing entries, you all really DO love Ron!

  7. Amu says:

    Sent you guys my entry…

    Heres the link in case you dont get to open the email attachements.

    Hope you like it…
    Thank You…Amu

  8. Cara Dornan says:

    Hey it meh again jus to say cant wait to see who wins (Hope it’s meh Lol) no buhh honestly who even win good on ya Lol
    Good Luck Everyone

  9. Sydney Grint says:

    Of course I read this and got excited and found out it was like a year ago….


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