Question 1:  Best Quote

“I have always played the good guys so far,” he says. “I’d love to play a baddy and maybe beat some people up – do something different. I’m definitely a character actor.” – Rupert

Ivana:  Hell yes! We all see him as a character actor, don’t we? :))))
Question 2:  Best Photoshoot

normal_sum_1435602cIvana:  FHM. It was unlike anything he’d done before, very adult, very blokey, and the clothes were great too!

Question 3:  Best Appereance/Event Outing

Ivana:  For me it has to be the Half-Blood Prince premiere in London, because that’s the first time I saw Rupert one-on-one and got a greeting from him for all the ICMers. London was hit by a monsoon that day and we were all drenched, but somehow Rupert still managed to look absolutely adorable (unlike me)!

Question 4:  Best Interview(printed and/or video)

Ivana:  Since I’m a musician, I love interviews where Rupert discusses his musical tastes. There was this interview with The Times where he mentioned for the first time his didgeridoo and how his mother was a punker. And in 2009 he talked to The Musical Observer weekly about his favourite bands and whatnot (and the photo that accompanied that interview was amazing!) The Observer Interview

Question 5:  Best T-shirtnormal_Grint_Rupert_40088
Ivana:  The Harry Potter shirt he donned for the OotP LA premiere. Such a classic. :))))

Question 6:  Funniest thing Rupert did on camera
Ivana:  The entire “golf” interview. The look on his face when he said “Jesus” was priceless!

Question 7:  Best Rupert moment

Ivana:  Gosh, I love the baby interviews, the PS/SS era… Among the recent ones, I’d have to opt for Rupert having a dragon painted on his face at the Great Ormond Children’s Hospital charity event.

Question 8:  Best Ron moment
Ivana:  In books, the Silver Doe face-your-inner-dark-side moment is beyond competition. In the movies, the best Ron moment so far is his Yule Ball trying-hard-to-hide-his-jealousy and RG pulled it off perfectly.

normal_565843Question 9:  Best Hairstyle

Ivana:  The super long shaggy red locks! 2004-2005.

Question 10:  Movie Role you’re dying to see right now!
Ivana:  Deathly Hallows 1, because we already know that the Silver Doe will be in the first movie.

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