Question 1: Best Quote(by our about Rupert)
…“..Grint can do more acting with only his eyes than most actors can do with their whole bodies…”   Tom’s Mini Movie Reviews

Sam: This says it all. It says why we are Rupert fans. It says why everyone who downplays him and his skill are full of shit. And it says he’s the best of the young actors on set!


Question 2:  Best Photoshoot

Sam: I don’t care what anyone says, it’s DRAMA baby! All that skin….so delicious. I loved see the colors and the paleness of his skin.

Question 3: Best Interview

Sam:  I know it’s fairly recent, but Blag was the best one. It was just so long! So full of info!

Question 4:  Best Appereance/Event Outing

Sam: V-Fest in 2007! He was just so very Rupert.B6DB22A5-BF69-6183-A1CE7783B07D78D2 The goggle shirt is so awesome, and he looked adorable wearing it. And then the Squirty Cream Can impression? Priceless.

Question 5:  Funniest thing Rupert did on camera
Sam:  I’ve got to go with the Squirty Cream Can impression again.

00-00-11~0Question 6:  Best T-shirt

Sam:  There’s a reason behind this. He was doing an interview when he was wearing this shirt, I think it was on CNN, and they asked him if he knows about Roswell and Area 51. He had no idea. He just liked the shirt! That is sooooo Rupert.

Question 7:  Best Rupert moment

Sam: The Premiere of Cherrybomb at Berlinale. That was his moment. It was his turn to shine! He proved to the world that he has what it takes.

Question 8:   Best Ron moment(in books and/or movies)

“You can have me, Keep me!”
Sam: That is a perfect summation of Ron’s character. Loyal, self sacrificing, and brave.


Question 9: Best Hairstyle

Sam:  I love the long shaggy look of the PoA era. Sure, he was a bit young, but that hair needs to always be on display!

Question 10:  Movie Role you’re dying to see right now!

Sam:  Tony in Wild Target!  (bathtub…bathtub…bathtub)

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