Question 1:  Best Quote

“From here on out, I don’t want to play it safe…” Rupert in Daily Mail interview

Michelle:  I must admit that I when I read this, I got a bit emotional.  I’ve always been proud to be a Rupert Grint fan; but I was never as proud of him as I was the moment I read those words.  It was something I had been waiting to hear for years. I needed to know that his drive and desire to act was as strong as my belief in him and his talent.  The simple fact that he made himself so vulnerable and honest in this interview was something very new to the fandom. While he also addressed that he’s afraid his acting actor career will end after Harry Potter, which made the fans quite worried; but ultimately, the quote above cements the fact that Rupert isn’t going to rest on his laurels or stop what he was born to do. That small, simple quote wins out above all others for me;  it hits hard and shows the world that Rupert Grint is going to whoop that ass.

Question 2:  Best Photoshootnormal_IMG_0021.png

Michelle:  This is a hard one, but I  have to go with DRAMA.  It literally shook up the fandom, both negatively and positively.  Rupert had never done a photoshoot quite like this one before. I remember opening the DRAMA application on my phone,  and literally gasping because it wasn’t something I was expecting.  It was rebellious, sexy, innocent, and bold, simultaneously.  I’m not quite sure if Rupert was channeling some type of character acting in this, or if Ram Shergill had Rupert just tap into a part of himself that we just hadn’t seen before on camera. Regardless, it’s bloody brilliant.

Question 3:  Best Appearance/Even Outing

Michelle:  For me, it’s got to be the Hand/Foot/Wand ceremony.  I remember watching the footage, and I could just feel the excitement and nervousness just coming off of Rupert, and I wasn’t even there in person!  He was experiencing so many emotions all at once; you can hear it in his voice, it sounds as if he’s on the verge of either crying or squeeing. It was such a personal experience for him, and witnessing emotional! Rupert on display made me love him that much more.  I never get tired of watching it, and I still feel so happy and proud for Rupert, even after a couple of years.

Question 4:  Best interview(printed and/or video)
Michelle: BLAG, without a doubt. This was Rupert’s first magazine where he was on the cover by himself; we had all wanted this for him for such a long time.  He was on the cover, he had an awesome interview full of new tid-bits where he seemed to be a lot more open and relaxed, and he looked so handsome and sexy in the photoshoot as well. A ten-page spread of nothing but Rupert goodness.  Can’t beat it!

Question 5:  Best T-shirt
Michelle:  I just love this T-shirt. It’s amusing and sweet at the same time. The “God Save The Queen, but don’t forget the Dan” is just to adorable for words. Plus, Rupert just looks amazing in in all black.

Question 6:  Funniest thing Rupert did on camera
Michelle:  There are so many funny moments that I’ve watched more than once, but I chose the one where Rupert does the “pigeon sound” for Alfonso while they were shooting PoA. Rupert doesn’t realize the camera is on him, so he’s totally relaxed and is quite eager and giddy to do the impression for him.  It’s a sweet, private moment between Rupert and Alfonso that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. lol This is Rupert totally being himself: sweet, funny, and a top notch impressionist. I just love it!
Question 7:  Best Ron moment
Michelle:  All of the moments in the Deathly Hallows book.

Question 8:  Best Hairstyle
Michelle: I’ve always been a real sucker for a man with long, gorgeous locks. I was always very partial to Rupert’s long shaggy hairstyle, particularly at the PoA premiers. It was hanging in his eyes, he was such a cutie, and he looked like a ginger puppy dog! However, since we started seeing Rupert with a shorter, more grown-up hairstyle this year, I’ve been ahappily converted. He has such an amazingly unique and handsome face, and soulful, expressive eyes, it’s such a shame to cover all of that up with that ginger mop!
Question 9:  Movie you’re dying to see right now!
Michelle: Well, I want to see all of them..RIGHT now! lol However, if I had to choose, it would be Cherrybomb. I just can’t get enough of that deep Irish accent; plus, I’m so anxious to see Rupert act outside of the Harry Potter franchise, that it’s not even funny. I finally want to see what Tao, Jo, Ivana, Karo, and AJ have been fussing about for damn near a year already!

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