Question 1:  Best Quote(either about and/or by Rupert)

Junna:  By Rupert- “I’ve never been too bright.” Regis and Kelly 2009. I don’t know why I find this sort of honesty sexy and I loved his facial expression when he said it.

Junna:  And about Rupert would be Julie Walters saying how Rupert is “big and strong” on Craig Ferguson show while promoting Driving Lessons in 2006. I love hearing older women talk about Rupert’s body. He can attract them all!

Question 2:  Best Appearence/Event Outing

Junna:  Half Blood Prince London premiere. He was wet and in a suit….any questions? He really did look like an angel and even in the rain, he was such a professional and he seemed to enjoy the weather.

Question 3:  Best Photoshootnormal_003.PNG

Junna:  Drama Photoshoot from 2009. I loved how edgy and androgynous Rupert looked! It was such a different side of him that I didn’t know he had and I love how brave he was to go there!

Question 4:  Best Interview(printed and/or video)

Junna:  Golf Interview 2008. I loved seeing Rupert in all black, hanging with the Phelps twins and being completely normal and put on the spot. I know how much he loves golf so it was great to see him in his element, lol. Plus, he had great answers for all of his questions.

Question 5:  Best T-shirt165069-rupert-grint-to-star-alongside-bill

Junna:  Who Killed Bambi’s mother? The Sex Pistols. It just looks so yummy and tight on him!

Question 5:  Funniest thing Rupert did on camera Junna:  Jump rope on the Generation Fame Game! How cool is he! He’s actually pretty good! Or him making the squirty cream can noise at the V festival! I love that black jacket he had on and he’s so so cute making the noise! His lips are ridiculously full.

Question 6:  Best Rupert moment

Junna:  Saying hello to everyone at Ice Cream Man during the Berlin premiere of Cherrybomb 2009. How could it not be? He’s so nice and took the time to say hello to us. It gets to me every time. Plus, his face after saying hello in the Belfast accent.  Rupert says hello to ICM at Berlin film festival!

Question 7:  Best Ron moment(in books and/or movies)

Junna:  In the book, punching Malfoy and calling him a two-faced bastard in Deathly Hallows. I was happy he finally got his moment to get back at Malfoy and he was so powerful during that. SEXY! In the movie, kissing Lavender normal_HBP_14_(065)after the quidditch match. I love Lavender and Ron together snogging.

Question 8:  Best Hairstyle

Junna:  Ron’s hair for Deathly Hallows. It’s long, soft, and so vibrant.

Question 9:  Movie Role you’re dying to see right now!

Junna:  Malachy Mckinney, Cherrybomb. I’ve seen the movie and I think about it all the time. It’s the best piece of art I’ve seen.

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