Question 1:  Best Quote

“…The chant rose fast and furious “Rupert, Rupert, Rupert!”  Rupert turned to the crowd, then turned to us with a shrug, with bewildered dismay, with a touch of chagrin.  Why would anyone chant for him?  He was just another kid who would rather be in his basement with his buddies and a root beer having fun.  What was the fuss?  Not that he doesn’t want attention, but he wants to earn it. Rupert is happy to meet you, but it would have to be as equals.  As a person.” – Fred Soffa for Presscorps, GoF NY premiere.

Anna : He is not a spoiled super star. He is aware of what his fans do for him and he rewards them everytime he can.
Question 2:  Best photoshoot
Anna:  DRAMA.  He is pushing is own limits and breaking the limits people or fans are trying to draw around him
normal_rupert-grint-harry-potter-and-the-chamber-of-secrets-premiere-london-UWufvGQuestion 3:  Best Outfit
Anna:  CoS London Premier .  That outfit is just perfect!! Everything’s perfect, the hair, the shoes and I am sure nobody forced him to wear that outfit.
13 years old and already a  great sense of fashion. Purple!!!

Question 4:  Best Interview

Anna: The Heat interview.  Why?   Well watch it and you will understand why!! 🙂 Chewing gum + Rupert Thinking face = Pure joy! Ahah Totally fan girling now! I should say The Blag Interview, one of the first interview about him not about one of his characters. All about him! Finally!

Question 5:  Best T-shirt

Anna:  eeeeeeehhhhhhhh so many!!!!  I am litterally obssessed with Black and Pink clothes! lol Yeah call me loopy! lol This one was hard because all his t-shirt are cool, since kids he always wear cool stuff, but it’s just the black and his bright red hear match very good! Oh and the Madonna t-shirt at the V festival was excellent too. So unexcpected!

Question 6:  Funniest thing Rupert did on camera

Anna:  I will say during DL. It’s a BTS with Evie in the car when he say “we are breaking the law” Corpsing! it’s around 5min10.  Why?: H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!!!

Question 7:  Best Rupert moment

Anna:  When he visited the boy who was dying of Leukemia.  Rupert Visits Harry Potter Fan with Leukemia

Question 8:  Best Ron moment

Anna:  I still haven’t finished  DH yet (yeah I know!!) So I will say the Chess scene.  Why?  Can’t resist at the bravery of an eleven year old child! Go Ron!!!

normal_fuse9Question 9:  Best Hairstyle

Anna:  I really like is hair back in 2007, a bit long, a bit messy but totally stylish! Or totally stylish when he was promoting DL. Love it!  Better than a shampoo ad!

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