Question 1:  Best Quote

“With Rupert, I always believed – having seen him in all the Harry Potter films – that he has a naturalness that is special to him.  He has a uniquely natural gift for communicating emotion without effort, which is a very, very singular and difficult skill.  You really have to be born with it.  35mm cameras do not forgive an actor if they overwork or overplay a moment.  You can tell, you can see it in the eyes.  Rupert’s just a naturally gifted person and when you’re playing a character who’s very still and doesn’t have a lot of dialogue, they’ve got to be able to play the emotion on their face which is what he does.” -Jeremy Brock  FilmFocus, 09 September 2006

AJ: I choose this quote because one of the things that drew me to Rupert, was his ability to express numerous emotions at one time.  To hear a director verbalize what I’ve known all along…man, I knew I wasn’t crazy!

Question 2:  Best photoshootarticle-1195468-0536D56C000005DC-770_634x396

AJ:  The Daily Mail.  I have always wanted to see Rupert in a photoshoot dressed to the nines. When I saw this photoshoot, and especially this picture.  I wanted Ian Derry to be my best friend!

Question 3:  Best appearance/Event Outing

POApremNYC_(05)AJ: This picture is just a representation of all of the pictures from the Prisoner of Azkaban New York premier.  Before seeing these photos, I was already a fan of book and movie Ron, but it was this even that brought me to “discover” Rupert in the fandom sense.  I remember like it was yesterday saying, “That’s Ron!”.  Also, it was the beginning  of seeing Rupert in his trademark look of Chucks, a tee-shirt, jeans, blazer, and long hair.

Question 4:  Best interview(printed and/or video)

AJ:  Best print interview is Blag magazine, because it was the first Rupert-only multi-page interview and photoshoot. I also loved that the interviewer asked interesting questions.  Best video interview goes to both the Driving Lessons and Order of the Phoenix Moviefone interviews.  I love them both, because we were given access to a candid Rupert. I love the Driving Lessons interview, because Rupert offered insight into why he enjoys acting.  As far as the Order of the Phoenix interview, I enjoyed watching him interact with his co-stars off the set.  He was more relaxed.

normal_ootpfrenchhigh012Question 5:  Best T-shirt

AJ:  I think one of the most memorable shirts has to be the “Keep Calm and Carry On” shirt that he wore to the Order of the Phoenix premiere in Paris.  I had the quote on my cell phone wall paper for a long while, even though I’m more of a “Panic Now and Freak Out” person myself.

I also have to mention the “Harry” shirt that normal_00028296he wore to the OotP US premiere. I remember being at the premiere and saying to myself, “is he wearing a Harry shirt?”.  Man, what better way to draw attention to yourself. What a conversation starter!

Question 6:  Funniest thing Rupert did on camera

AJ: There are so many funny moment to choose from, and I know it’s wrong, but I did laugh out loud when Rupert “got it” in the face with the Quaffle in the Half-Blood Prince DVD extra.  I also, would like to mention the classic Bogies competition and Rupert’s apperance with his grandfather on the Generation Fame game.


Question 7:  Best Rupert moment

AJ:  Rupert’s thank you speech from the Hand, Wand, Foot ceremony in LA.  Being there, it was an emotionally charged moment for the fans. Rupert seemed so nervous, yet truly appreciative for the honor. Ahh, bless.

Question 8: Best Ron moment

AJ:  There are so many great moments, but I have to say for both the books and the movies, it’s the chess scene from the first entry. He was a little knight who grew into a king.

Question 9: Best hairstyleoclumenciaexclusivo-odffotos_(5)

AJ: Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Rupert’s hair long or short, but I’ve always loved this cut on him in the movie.  I have to mention his quiff in Cherrybomb as well.

Question 10:  Movie you’re dying to see right now!

AJ: Wild Target, of course! Bring it on!

Question 10:  Best candid shot

AJ: I love this picture, because it’s like his own “King of the World” shot.


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    Oh AJ! Moviefone interviews are my favourites as well!

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