Question 1:  Best new quote(about Rupert and/or from Rupert)

“Everyone to be ginger would be good. A ginger world, that would be cool.”

Tao:  Honestly, how could you not agree with Rupert? 😉

Question 2:  Best new fact
Tao:  That Rupert has a hovercraft. Between that and that David Barron got him goggles to see on his hovercraft. LOL Either way, it all leads to the hovercraft!

Question 3:  Best photoshoot
Tao:  The Daily Mail

Queston 4:  Best appearence/event outing
Tao:  The Halloween Party because he was dressed up as Alex DeLarge after fans were talking about wanting to see him as that character!

Question 5:  Best interview(printed and/or video)

Tao:  Daily Mail because it was intimate, different and has a photoshoot that I love!

normal_bm_vfest_efg8737_07Question 6:  Best candid shot of Rupert

Tao: Rupert wearing a horse’s head is absolutely priceless! Especially since it didn’t work!

Question 7:  Best movie promo stillnormal_Cherrybomb-08041
Tao:  This is tough because there are quite a few of them that I liked. I’m going with the one of bloody Malachy standing with the storm clouds behind him simply because of the artistic factor behind it.

Question 8:  Best Cherrybomb scene2lnzspw

here truly are so many great ones. It’s a difficult decision because there are several different scenes that show off his acting ability. I went with this scene because it shows off why he is just so good at what he does as it’s subtle acting at it’s finest and it’s the beginning of the movie which immediately draws you in!

Question 9:  Best Half-Blood Prince scene
Tao:  Him falling off the couch in Slughorn’s office! Funny. Every. Time. I can’t stop chuckling at this moment!

Question 10:  Best picture from a permier this yearnormal_icm_big_hbppremiere11
Tao:  This was a tough one because the HBP UK one had many great pictures that included Rupert having fun in the rain but in the end I chose the one of Maggie Smith kissing him on the cheek.  it’s truly a cute and beautiful moment. Maggie, who obviously was still getting over her Breast Cancer treatment, went out for the fans and showed how much she adores the “kids” that she’s worked with since they were so young!

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