Question 1:  Best new quote(about Rupert and/or from Rupert)

“What would you change most about the world?” Rupert then gives the best answer of all:

“Everyone to be ginger would be good. A ginger world, that would be cool.”


Question 2:  Best New Fact

Sam:  Rupert did crossword puzzles during breaks from his incredibly intimate scenes with Kim in Cherrybomb.


Question 3:  Best Photoshoot

Sam:  I’m going to pick a different one just for the sake of it. FHM…smoking Rupert!

Question 4:  Best interview(printed and/or video)
This was the most brilliant! He was so cute and she was just adorable. He was so obliging. It was a great demonstration about how sweet he is.

normal_msg-125709407644-3Question 4:  Best appearence/event outing

Sam: Halloween!!! That was so hot.

Question 6:  Best candid shot of Rupertarticle-0-04AB7360000005DC-975_468x340
Sam:  I was really happy to see him out on a date! It excites me that he’s finally pursuing more romantic adventures!

Question 7:  Best movie promo still


Sam:  I just loved his look for Cherrybomb period.

Question 8:  Best Half-Blood Prince scene

The love potion scene of course! He was just brilliant. When he says “Hello Darling” and hugs Slughorn, I can’t help but giggle.

normal_88886056Question 9:  Best picture from a normal_vuXL7svA2pn18vliYZTHWyCRo1_500premier this year

Sam:  It’s a tie:

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