Question 1:  Best new quote(about Rupert and/or from Rupert)

Junna: “From here on out, I don’t want to play it safe.” from FHM. I love that him saying this really makes everyone sit up in his or her chairs and wonder what he’s going to bring to the table.

Question 2:  Best new fact

Junna:  Rupert brings an old truck to the Harry Potter set that almost never works.

normal_IMG_0021.pngQuestion 3:  Best photoshoot

Junna:  Drama!

Question 4:  Best interview(printed and/or video)

Junna:  The interview with Emma and Rupert about Half Blood Prince on GMTV and Rupert talking about his “chair area.” I love how he was embarrassed and too much of a gentleman to talk about his bum! Plus, he looked very relaxed which is always nice.

Question 5:  Best appearence/event outing

Junna:  Rupert at the Rally of Great Britain. He just looked like a kid at the candy store!


Question 6:  Best candid shot of Rupert

Junna:  Rupert sipping beer at the V festival

Question 7:  Best Cherrybomb scene

Junna:  Malachy and Luke fighting in the pool. Once again, I’m a REALLY big fan of Luchy and Rupert and Robbie did such an amazing job with this scene. It’s always a treat seeing Rupert aggressive

Question 8:  Best Half-Blood Prince scene

Junna:  Ron asking Harry what Voldemort would want with a sod like Malfoy. It’s not very significant or anything but the easiness of the way Ron said it was very sexy. I love how chill and matter-of-factly he is. Rupert’s personality really came in during this one line.

Question 9:  Best movie promo stillnormal_malandluke

Junna:  Malachy and Luke lounging against the couch in Cherrybomb. I LOVE Luchy so much and I love how artistic the shot is. Everything about Malachy’s and Luke’s appearances balance out each other.

Question 10:  Best picture from a premiere this year

2530361279Junna:  Half Blood Prince London premiere. Rupert getting kissed by Maggie Smith was priceless! Once again, he can certainly get the older women!

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