Question 1: Best Quote

“I’ve sat in screenings with audiences who’ve watch what Rupert can do, and he obviously connects with them really brilliantly. That’s the comfort zone the audience had with him. It’s Rupert; he’ll be funny, and appealing. But, he can do really serious, straight stuff. And we’re seeing stuff Rupert do in the Hallows part 1 and Hallows part 2 which is really grown up and dark. You watch and, oh God, it’s really powerful.”– David Yates    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Ultimate Edition, December 2009

“But I did learn to take a 9mm Glock handgun apart and put it back together again blindfolded.”- Rupert in Daily Mail interview, about working on Wild Target

AJ:  A gun-wielding Tony! Yee-haw!


Question 2:  Best Photoshoot

AJ: As stated for the decade, I just love this photoshoot.  I just want to invited Ian Derry over for tea and cookies, but he’s probably British and wouldn’t want fake tea and “biscuits from an American.

Question 3:  Best appearance/event outingnormal_INFphoto_1103593

AJ:  It’s often been mentioned that Rupert would be great in a character role along the lines of Alex DeLarge from “A Clockwork Orange” and then we SEE him dressed as the character. All I have to say is, “Thanks, Rupert!”.

Question 4:  Best interview(printed and/or video)

AJ: Blag interview.  It started an influx of magazine interviews spotlighting Rupert Grint for 2009.

Question 5: Best candid shot of Rupertnormal_Rex_RUPERT_GRINT_961939a

AJ:  Because he looks like he’s either headed for the party, or coming from having a good time at the party. *wink* Also, he has this, “I’m the…. well, you know” look.

normal_cbhq05Question 6: Best movie promo still

AJ: Is an explanation really necessary?

Question 7: Best Cherrybomb scene

AJ:  When Malachy lays Luke out after Luke causes him to crash his car.  I love seeing Rupert in intense scenes

Question 8: Best Half-Blood Prince scene

AJ: My favorite scene is when Ron licks his lips on the train when they are traveling to Hogwarts for the first time.  Oh come on ya’ll know that I’m an advocate for thespian Rupert.  I love all of his “acting” scenes in the Half-Blood Prince, so let me just enjoy my moment, goodness gracious.

Question 9: Best picture from a premierlondon

AJ: It’s such a wonderful shot.

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    Great choices Ivana! 😀 I cant wait to see Tony with a gun! 😀


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