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Best Of The Decade-Staff Questionnaire(Anna)

Question 1:  Best Quote

“…The chant rose fast and furious “Rupert, Rupert, Rupert!”  Rupert turned to the crowd, then turned to us with a shrug, with bewildered dismay, with a touch of chagrin.  Why would anyone chant for him?  He was just another kid who would rather be in his basement with his buddies and a root beer having fun.  What was the fuss?  Not that he doesn’t want attention, but he wants to earn it. Rupert is happy to meet you, but it would have to be as equals.  As a person.” – Fred Soffa for Presscorps, GoF NY premiere.

Anna : He is not a spoiled super star. He is aware of what his fans do for him and he rewards them everytime he can.
Question 2:  Best photoshoot
Anna:  DRAMA.  He is pushing is own limits and breaking the limits people or fans are trying to draw around him
normal_rupert-grint-harry-potter-and-the-chamber-of-secrets-premiere-london-UWufvGQuestion 3:  Best Outfit
Anna:  CoS London Premier .  That outfit is just perfect!! Everything’s perfect, the hair, the shoes and I am sure nobody forced him to wear that outfit.
13 years old and already a  great sense of fashion. Purple!!!

Question 4:  Best Interview

Anna: The Heat interview.  Why?   Well watch it and you will understand why!! 🙂 Chewing gum + Rupert Thinking face = Pure joy! Ahah Totally fan girling now! I should say The Blag Interview, one of the first interview about him not about one of his characters. All about him! Finally!

Question 5:  Best T-shirt

Anna:  eeeeeeehhhhhhhh so many!!!!  I am litterally obssessed with Black and Pink clothes! lol Yeah call me loopy! lol This one was hard because all his t-shirt are cool, since kids he always wear cool stuff, but it’s just the black and his bright red hear match very good! Oh and the Madonna t-shirt at the V festival was excellent too. So unexcpected!

Question 6:  Funniest thing Rupert did on camera

Anna:  I will say during DL. It’s a BTS with Evie in the car when he say “we are breaking the law” Corpsing! it’s around 5min10.  Why?: H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!!!

Question 7:  Best Rupert moment

Anna:  When he visited the boy who was dying of Leukemia.  Rupert Visits Harry Potter Fan with Leukemia

Question 8:  Best Ron moment

Anna:  I still haven’t finished  DH yet (yeah I know!!) So I will say the Chess scene.  Why?  Can’t resist at the bravery of an eleven year old child! Go Ron!!!

normal_fuse9Question 9:  Best Hairstyle

Anna:  I really like is hair back in 2007, a bit long, a bit messy but totally stylish! Or totally stylish when he was promoting DL. Love it!  Better than a shampoo ad!

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There’s No Harry Potter Without You, Mother

This year has no doubt been amazing for me in terms of Rupert Grint fandom. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to Berlin and Belfast to see Cherrybomb, to Chicago to see Harry Potter: The Exhibition, and to New York to attend the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince premiere. Through my travels, I’ve connected with fellow fans old and new; andof course, I got to see Rupert again. In addition, I became an ICM staffer, gaining an appreciation of what it takes to bring news to the fans (and I’m still learning.)I’ve seen Rupert expand his acting horizon, portraying Malachy in Cherrybomb, and fine tuning his approach to Ron in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

However, I would never have become such a fan without first being “exposed!” When I was in college and reading “serious text books,I could have cared less about the Harry Potter phenomenon that was brewing around me. I thought folks who were willing to get in line at midnight were crazy;  and when the first two films came out, I declared that they were “kiddie movies” and that the Lord of the Rings films were better.

Yet, I couldn’t avoid those movies, as every time I went to visit my mother, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone would be on. Why? Because my little cousin, who was two at the time, watched the movie so much that his mother told him that his VHS had “broken” so he would stop. Leave it to my mother to get her own copy (DVD), for when he found out, he would leave his house at night,  ring my mother’s bell (she lived next door) and get in her bed to watch it until he fell asleep. This was their little ritual.

I was sucked into Potterverse, when my Dearie became ill and went into the hospital. My mother tried to cheer me up by taking me to a local record and tape shop. I bought severalmovies; among them were the first two Harry Potter movies, used. Of course, my mother and her “baby” had already known the greatness of Chamber of Secrets, but I became a fan after watching the films.

Sometime later, I experienced my first hint of Harry Potter fandom excitement when my mother and I were sitting at the table and an advertisement for the Prisoner of Azkaban came on the television.  We screamed like little kids. We were excitedly remarking about how much older the trio had become, and we were going to see the movie the first day it opened. The day after the movie came out, my Dearie, my mother and I braved rain that I’m sure included cats, dogs and perhaps some teacup pigs, to see the film. We LOVED it! (Of course, I hadn’t been introduced to book!Ron, yet.)

When the DVD came out, it was our MISSION to get to the store to buy it the first day. Right after work, we bought our DVDs, and when I dropped her off at home, my box set of hardcover HP books 1-5 (that I had ordered) were delivered to her house. That was a kick behind day!!!

By the time Goblet of Fire came out, I was fully in the fandom, so I kept my mother updated on movie related news and showed her pictures as they were released. My mother was entertained by my actions, always rolling her eyes, because I was always uber excited about everything.

When the time came, my Dearie, my mother, my cousin “her baby”, and myself went to see the latest Potter flick. To be honest, she wasn’t as into GoF as she was into the others.I think it was because she was a fan of the “whimsy” of the first two movies, but she did like it.

Over the years, I’ve tried to get her to read the books (I recall having her help me to put an iron-on on a shirt for the Half-Blood Prince book release), but she never would. So, I was constantly telling her about how the books and the movies were different, and how Ron was the best thing since sliced bread.

By the time Order of the Phoenix came out, I had already started traveling to Rupert Grint and Harry Potter related events. Whenever I flew, (my companion gifted to me years ago by my mother), “travel bear,” would fly with me. It was like taking my mother along for protection, which was a nice feeling, because by this time, my mother wasn’t able to get to the theater to see the movie as she did with previous installments. When it finally came out on DVD, she saw it. I think she liked it, I don’t recall exactly.

Once again, when Half-Blood Prince was released in the theaters, she wasn’t to go, she couldn’t (not easily, anyway.) When the movie came out, I told her about it and as usual, I was looking forward to the DVD being released on December 8th. I bought a blu-ray player just because I was going to get the Ultimate Editions 1 and 2. I told my mother in September that I had asked my Dearie to make me a chicken potpie for the release date, because it was going to be a special day. I was going to buy my mother the DVDalso, so she could have her own copy, as well.

However, in the month before the movie was to come out on DVD, Harry Potter was the last thing on my mind. For something that I knew deep inside was coming for at least the last two years was finally approaching. On December 3rd, it finally did.

My mother, who put me on the road to Harry Potter left this earth, and me, her only child. I knew it was coming,  I was right in the middle of making a comment in the forum when I got the news.

For the next couple of days, plans had to be made and without thinking about it, I scheduled the service for Tuesday, December 8th, the day of the Harry Potter releases(the day I had been looking forward to for months.) I woke up that day, and I bought my blu-rays (I knew I would need them.) I went through the day and through the service; andwhen I came home, I crawled into bed and watch Half-Blood Prince (or rather, it watched me.) And guess what? The next day, I spent the entire day eating my chicken potpie, while watching my discs and the special features, …..with my mother, just as we planned.

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A Treatise on the Defamation of Literary Minds(Or, At Least the Twinkie Tastes Good)

Sam’s Twilight Rant

*Note: Sam welcomes rebuttals, and mature open discussion on this topic.*


You’re starving. You need a snack badly. You walk into your nearest Kwik E Mart and eye the Twinkies with a covetous glare. This is a crossroads for you: Do you break every rule and convention you know about dieting and good nutrition and eat that delicious cream filled confection with an enormously long shelf-life? Or do you grab the granola bar that is inexplicably on display right next to your temptation?

The Twinkie, of course! Geesh, we’re only human.

Now that you’ve been sufficiently fed, let’s stretch this imaginary scenario further. The Twinkie is deep fried (as they have been known to be at county fairs and on the outskirts of humanity), and you eat one for every meal every day. How does your stomach feel now? What’s your blood pressure like? Is your skin still looking well?

You see, a deep fried Twinkie is delicious, and a guilty pleasure for those of us lucky enough to partake. But any one of you reading this understands that there is no way you can consume more than one of those things a year! The rest of the time, most of us try to eat healthy and take care of ourselves. And those of us who don’t, usually pay for it dearly.

Good eating habits are common knowledge to most of us, whether we choose to ignore them or not. But what about good pop culture habits, good reading habits, and even good viewing habits? Sure, everyone has the occasional Twinkie (I’m looking at you American Idol), but how many of you out there are guilty of the deep fried Twinkie consumption on a daily basis? How many of you watch things that rot your mind so sufficiently, you might as well be sucking the warm cream filling of a fat-induced-heart-attack-causing foodstuff?

Bottom line, what we watch and read could be bad for us.

Which is why I’m shocked, nay appalled, at the success of the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. Like the nutrition labels on your favorite crème filled snack, the problems with Twilight are laid out in obvious ways for everyone to see. And yet, the following of these books and movies is nearly cult-like and has spurned the careers of some previously no named actors, given a small backwoods town in Washington a booming tourist industry, and created a millionaire out of a mediocre author. At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, I fear that the world is doomed to a future of a pop culture heart attack if something is not done about these deep fat fried excuses for books.

In this very serious opinion piece, I aim to tell you why Twilight will ruin you by first pointing out how Twilight enforces poor personality choices with no consequences, shines a positive light on male dominance and unproductive relationships, and sets back the value of self worth at every turn. I know what you are saying: “But Sam, they are just books!” To which I answer “Just books, or the end of common sense as we know it?”

The first glaring problem we come across is that Twilight casts negative emotions in a positive light with no consequences. There is vanity throughout the series in which the characters are so bent on physical beauty that they make large sacrifices for it. In lieu of paying for such vanity, they are rewarded. A good example of this is Bella’s obsession with getting older. She has nightmares about being old and wrinkly while Edward still sparkles. It seems okay that Bella doesn’t want to get old, doesn’t feel good enough around her beautiful boyfriend. Instead of learning to love herself, she is changed to be good enough to be with Edward.

There is also a serious set of messed up priorities that seem to turn out fine, when in any actual circumstance, the opposite would happen. We are forced to root for her to never finish school, never consider her father’s feelings, never gain outside friendships, to act reckless just to see his face, and to give up your life for the sole purpose of love, even though there are other options. She gets no consequences to any of this, as she ends up a very powerful vampire, with her love, and with a family to show for it. Oh, and she gets to be with her father too. What sort of lesson does that convey? Sure, this is a work of fiction, and many of us can understand that the real world doesn’t work this way. But what about those who haven’t yet grasped the full impact of the real world? They happen to be Twilight’s main fanbase.

The melodrama of these characters also never results in consequences. Twilight makes romance and seeing your lover a matter of life and death. This is not a tired concept in literature, but this goes a bit too far. Sitting, alone, and turning yourself off for the sake of a broken heart shows us that reacting in exactly the way our hearts want to won’t be a problem because the moment you get better everything will be okay. Edward is saved, Bella gets all her friends back, her father isn’t mad at her, her grades did not fail, and she has her pretty sparkly boyfriend back. What if your teenage cousin or sister or even yourself were to do the same thing?

We often hear a raging debate between abstinence only and sexual education. Some people think that teaching abstinence is the only way to make sure our teens don’t fall subject to the dangers of pregnancy and disease. Okay, to each their own. But what if that abstinence is forced on unwilling parties due to a patriarchal sense of purity? The consequences of that in the real world is an increase in sexual exploration resulting in disease in pregnancy due to ignorance. The consequence in Twilight: Bella’s sexuality is seen as something that destroys, something that has to be tamped down, and something that could destroy her. How is that going to be viewed by the impressionable masses? To add to this, the moment they are allowed to surrender to their baser urges, the consequences aren’t there…almost like marriage makes it all okay. If that were the case, why did we wait four books? Antiquated senses of female physicality?

Another issue that makes me fret for the fate of humanity is the rampant male dominance and sexism in the series. Bella goes from her mother’s household because her mother needs time to be with a new man. Why should that even be an option? When Bella arrives in her father’s household, she becomes his cook. It seems as though he’s in need of a caretaker, and that is what her role in the new household becomes. Sure, her father is a redeemable character and very doting, but why is Bella’s worth in her home seen in this primarily care taking role? The other women in the series also take this role. Why is Esme at home? Why is she just the mother and nothing more? Certainly there is nothing wrong with that, but in this breath, she seems nothing more than a figurehead. Furthermore, why is it Rosalie’s role to protect the unborn child? Will only women be open to doing that?

Bella’s romantic entanglements seem to hinge on her needing protection, and only men providing it. When one lover leaves, she is automatically thrown into the arms of another impossibly strong man. Why is it okay for both of these men to use physical force on her to win emotional dominance? It’s never seen as harmful or with any consequence. Edward tries to keep her in a glass case, and this is seen as romantic. Jacob actually forces himself on her at one point, and it is written that she comes to enjoy it. In the very ending, Bella saves the day…but only in an immortal form. And even then, her prowess is not in the physical, and she still needs the physical security of the men in her life.

Finally, the Twilight series is rife with an appalling lack of self worth in our heroine. Bella does not value anything in herself that isn’t tied to her relationship with Edward. She starts to find it, but even then, it’s tied to Jacob. All the women are coupled, none has qualities that stand alone. Why do they all need to be couples? The whispers of independence seem to be only extenuated by their current relationships with men. Even the non-vampires are all paired off by something that feels like necessity. Rosalie was actually only considered to be turned in the beginning to be a partner for Edward! Luckily she found her own man. Carlisle turned Esme because he wanted her. Bella didn’t want to date Mike, but Jessica didn’t have a boyfriend, and we all know every girl needs a boyfriend! Angela is still single? I’ll not hear of it, let’s pawn her off to Eric so that everyone is in pairs. Hell, Renesmee is barely out of the rock solid Super Womb Of Doom before the only remaining single male is paired off with her. Does anyone have any value outside of their romantic relationships at all?

Don’t you feel heavy after all of that deep fried sugary filth? Need something to cleanse your pop culture palate? Never fear, good readers, Harry Potter is here! And not just The Chosen One, but all of his friends. They will give you the wholesome goodness of granola with a yummy chocolate coating for good measure! Where Twilight makes me weep for humanity, Harry Potter makes me wish wizards really did exist.

In The Harry Potter Series, whenever the priorities are mixed up, the consequences are dire. An excellent example of this occurring in romantic relationships is with Ron and Hermione. When they seek to hurt the other, or act out of jealousy, they only manage to hurt themselves. McClaggen probably seemed like a great idea until he accosted Hermione under the mistletoe. And I’m sure Ron thought it was a good idea to hurt Hermione with Lavender until he got that awful necklace, broke an innocent girl’s heart, and got attacked by rapid canaries! Snape acts in his own self-interest instead of out of a need for the greater good, and what does he get? He hurts the woman he loves, she dies, and then later a snake eats him. Sure, he died somewhat a hero, but he did pay for his transgressions. When Harry acts out of rage, he pays for it by nearly killing Malfoy.

There are also rewards to positive priorities in the Harry Potter series. When Ron and Hermione seek to act for each other and not to hurt each other, we get a lot of beautiful moments and even some moments that become a matter of life and death. Harry gets his happy ending just like Bella does, but to get that ending, Harry had to go through so much pain and loss. Harry had to learn so much about himself and what it meant to do good for others before he got the family he always wanted. Again, I ask, what did Bella have to do?

When vanity appears in the Harry Potter series, it’s usually attributed to a villain, or someone we later come to see as a fool. (See: Gilderoy Lockhart). Even when vanity happens to the main characters, it’s an uncommon occurrence, and almost endearing in its quality. The ultimate vanity is punished in the ultimate way. Lucius Malfoy thinks himself above others, and that quality is shown as villainous and undesirable instead of something necessary to move the plot forward and find romantic value.

Sex is never outwardly mentioned in the Harry Potter series, but you get no indication that it is wrong either. Ginny is said to be a great beauty, and it’s not to her detriment. She isn’t going to harm herself or the man she loves by being a beautiful woman. When any of the female characters are shown as beautiful and desirable, that isn’t all they are, and they aren’t shunned or forced to suppress this for the safety of themselves and others. Fleur openly flaunts her loveliness, and is arguably the most beautiful character in the series. But that beauty isn’t her sole trait, nor does it make her appear wrong in some way. Instead, she turns it into something strong when she delivers her speech about her loyalty to Bill at the end of Half Blood Prince. She is strong, smart, and brave…her beauty is just a supplement that means no one any harm.

When a character becomes melodramatic in the Harry Potter series, it is a flaw that they must learn to correct. Harry himself in Order of the Phoenix was incredibly quick tempered, saw everything as an affront, and generally put on a hopeless malaise about the world around him. It was only when he overcame this ennui that he achieved what he needed to achieve and became the man that would eventually save that fictional world. Furthermore, melodrama is punished instead of rewarded. Cho Chang couldn’t stop crying, and playing emotionally manipulative games. Instead of being rewarded with her own sparkly vampire and special super sparkly vampire powers and non-aging babies, she was cast aside until she grew up.

Male dominance is there, as there are many very powerful male characters. The difference is, in the Harry Potter series, the females are just as strong, independent, and impactful. You can name all the strong female characters on both hands and still need more room. No one is forced to couple; single females can remain single even when there are male prospects available (see Luna Lovegood, who didn’t marry until much later…or Minerva McGonagall who is never mentioned as having married.) The traditionally and incorrectly portrayed female role of child rearing and protecting is given to males as well. For confirmation of this, all we have to do is look at Harry’s argument with Remus in Deathly Hallows. Remus longs to fight in the war, but Harry is upset, saying that Remus needs to be there for his wife and child. Fatherhood and Motherhood are equally valuable in the Harry Potter Series, even if Mothers are given a special role.

And self worth among all of the young characters is rampant. The teenage characters grow and change, and in doing so find the good things about themselves without needing a romance to make it so. As mentioned before, McGonagall needs no man, and yet she survives FIVE STUNNERS during the first attack on Hogwarts. Everything about Hermione Granger screams self worth. She is upset with Ron and heartbroken many times, but she functions. Hermione knows her own value, understands what she can do, and despite being in a lot of pain over Ron, she manages to hold on and do what needs to be done. Ron and Hermione only become a functioning and successful couple after Ron independently conquers his demons and finds out how important he is. Neither of them need a super hot sparkling vampire to show them that they are good enough. Instead, throughout the series, Ron and Hermione grow and learn that they are powerful and brilliant wizards, and then they get together.

So there you have it: the literary indigestion that threatens to send the entire book reading movie-viewing world to the bathroom. You’ve read for yourself why Twilight is harmful, from misguided priorities with no consequence to forced abstinence. However, you’ve also seen that there is hope out there in the pop culture universe, all you have to do is wave your wand! Why would anyone want to eat something that is slowly killing them day in and day out, when there’s a wholesome solution just around the corner?

Perhaps, in reading this rant, you’ve been rolling your eyes. “Sure, Twilight sucks, but we’re grown ups. It’s just a guilty pleasure,” You’re saying to yourself. Maybe you’ll be singing a different tune when 12 year old girls are walking around wearing shirts proclaiming their support for fictional sexism, when urban dictionary comes up with a term for the Edward Cullen Effect that causes women to think men like him really exist, when formerly fashion forward retail chains start selling replicas of the clothing a fictional character wears for vastly inflated prices, when people are screaming at movie screens just to see these characters come to life, when once awesome Indie Rock bands are creating ballads about a vapid young girl and her obsession with a man who wants to eat her, and when a poorly educated overly religious housewife with terrible writing skills sells millions of books to young, impressionable women.

…. Oh wait.

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Best of The Decade/Best of 2009(Ivana)

Question 1:  Best Quote

“I have always played the good guys so far,” he says. “I’d love to play a baddy and maybe beat some people up – do something different. I’m definitely a character actor.” – Rupert

Ivana:  Hell yes! We all see him as a character actor, don’t we? :))))
Question 2:  Best Photoshoot

normal_sum_1435602cIvana:  FHM. It was unlike anything he’d done before, very adult, very blokey, and the clothes were great too!

Question 3:  Best Appereance/Event Outing

Ivana:  For me it has to be the Half-Blood Prince premiere in London, because that’s the first time I saw Rupert one-on-one and got a greeting from him for all the ICMers. London was hit by a monsoon that day and we were all drenched, but somehow Rupert still managed to look absolutely adorable (unlike me)!

Question 4:  Best Interview(printed and/or video)

Ivana:  Since I’m a musician, I love interviews where Rupert discusses his musical tastes. There was this interview with The Times where he mentioned for the first time his didgeridoo and how his mother was a punker. And in 2009 he talked to The Musical Observer weekly about his favourite bands and whatnot (and the photo that accompanied that interview was amazing!) The Observer Interview

Question 5:  Best T-shirtnormal_Grint_Rupert_40088
Ivana:  The Harry Potter shirt he donned for the OotP LA premiere. Such a classic. :))))

Question 6:  Funniest thing Rupert did on camera
Ivana:  The entire “golf” interview. The look on his face when he said “Jesus” was priceless!

Question 7:  Best Rupert moment

Ivana:  Gosh, I love the baby interviews, the PS/SS era… Among the recent ones, I’d have to opt for Rupert having a dragon painted on his face at the Great Ormond Children’s Hospital charity event.

Question 8:  Best Ron moment
Ivana:  In books, the Silver Doe face-your-inner-dark-side moment is beyond competition. In the movies, the best Ron moment so far is his Yule Ball trying-hard-to-hide-his-jealousy and RG pulled it off perfectly.

normal_565843Question 9:  Best Hairstyle

Ivana:  The super long shaggy red locks! 2004-2005.

Question 10:  Movie Role you’re dying to see right now!
Ivana:  Deathly Hallows 1, because we already know that the Silver Doe will be in the first movie.

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Best of 2009-Staff Questionnaire(AJ)

Question 1: Best Quote

“I’ve sat in screenings with audiences who’ve watch what Rupert can do, and he obviously connects with them really brilliantly. That’s the comfort zone the audience had with him. It’s Rupert; he’ll be funny, and appealing. But, he can do really serious, straight stuff. And we’re seeing stuff Rupert do in the Hallows part 1 and Hallows part 2 which is really grown up and dark. You watch and, oh God, it’s really powerful.”– David Yates    Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Ultimate Edition, December 2009

“But I did learn to take a 9mm Glock handgun apart and put it back together again blindfolded.”- Rupert in Daily Mail interview, about working on Wild Target

AJ:  A gun-wielding Tony! Yee-haw!


Question 2:  Best Photoshoot

AJ: As stated for the decade, I just love this photoshoot.  I just want to invited Ian Derry over for tea and cookies, but he’s probably British and wouldn’t want fake tea and “biscuits from an American.

Question 3:  Best appearance/event outingnormal_INFphoto_1103593

AJ:  It’s often been mentioned that Rupert would be great in a character role along the lines of Alex DeLarge from “A Clockwork Orange” and then we SEE him dressed as the character. All I have to say is, “Thanks, Rupert!”.

Question 4:  Best interview(printed and/or video)

AJ: Blag interview.  It started an influx of magazine interviews spotlighting Rupert Grint for 2009.

Question 5: Best candid shot of Rupertnormal_Rex_RUPERT_GRINT_961939a

AJ:  Because he looks like he’s either headed for the party, or coming from having a good time at the party. *wink* Also, he has this, “I’m the…. well, you know” look.

normal_cbhq05Question 6: Best movie promo still

AJ: Is an explanation really necessary?

Question 7: Best Cherrybomb scene

AJ:  When Malachy lays Luke out after Luke causes him to crash his car.  I love seeing Rupert in intense scenes

Question 8: Best Half-Blood Prince scene

AJ: My favorite scene is when Ron licks his lips on the train when they are traveling to Hogwarts for the first time.  Oh come on ya’ll know that I’m an advocate for thespian Rupert.  I love all of his “acting” scenes in the Half-Blood Prince, so let me just enjoy my moment, goodness gracious.

Question 9: Best picture from a premierlondon

AJ: It’s such a wonderful shot.

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Best Of The Decade-Staff Questionnaire(AJ)

Question 1:  Best Quote

“With Rupert, I always believed – having seen him in all the Harry Potter films – that he has a naturalness that is special to him.  He has a uniquely natural gift for communicating emotion without effort, which is a very, very singular and difficult skill.  You really have to be born with it.  35mm cameras do not forgive an actor if they overwork or overplay a moment.  You can tell, you can see it in the eyes.  Rupert’s just a naturally gifted person and when you’re playing a character who’s very still and doesn’t have a lot of dialogue, they’ve got to be able to play the emotion on their face which is what he does.” -Jeremy Brock  FilmFocus, 09 September 2006

AJ: I choose this quote because one of the things that drew me to Rupert, was his ability to express numerous emotions at one time.  To hear a director verbalize what I’ve known all along…man, I knew I wasn’t crazy!

Question 2:  Best photoshootarticle-1195468-0536D56C000005DC-770_634x396

AJ:  The Daily Mail.  I have always wanted to see Rupert in a photoshoot dressed to the nines. When I saw this photoshoot, and especially this picture.  I wanted Ian Derry to be my best friend!

Question 3:  Best appearance/Event Outing

POApremNYC_(05)AJ: This picture is just a representation of all of the pictures from the Prisoner of Azkaban New York premier.  Before seeing these photos, I was already a fan of book and movie Ron, but it was this even that brought me to “discover” Rupert in the fandom sense.  I remember like it was yesterday saying, “That’s Ron!”.  Also, it was the beginning  of seeing Rupert in his trademark look of Chucks, a tee-shirt, jeans, blazer, and long hair.

Question 4:  Best interview(printed and/or video)

AJ:  Best print interview is Blag magazine, because it was the first Rupert-only multi-page interview and photoshoot. I also loved that the interviewer asked interesting questions.  Best video interview goes to both the Driving Lessons and Order of the Phoenix Moviefone interviews.  I love them both, because we were given access to a candid Rupert. I love the Driving Lessons interview, because Rupert offered insight into why he enjoys acting.  As far as the Order of the Phoenix interview, I enjoyed watching him interact with his co-stars off the set.  He was more relaxed.

normal_ootpfrenchhigh012Question 5:  Best T-shirt

AJ:  I think one of the most memorable shirts has to be the “Keep Calm and Carry On” shirt that he wore to the Order of the Phoenix premiere in Paris.  I had the quote on my cell phone wall paper for a long while, even though I’m more of a “Panic Now and Freak Out” person myself.

I also have to mention the “Harry” shirt that normal_00028296he wore to the OotP US premiere. I remember being at the premiere and saying to myself, “is he wearing a Harry shirt?”.  Man, what better way to draw attention to yourself. What a conversation starter!

Question 6:  Funniest thing Rupert did on camera

AJ: There are so many funny moment to choose from, and I know it’s wrong, but I did laugh out loud when Rupert “got it” in the face with the Quaffle in the Half-Blood Prince DVD extra.  I also, would like to mention the classic Bogies competition and Rupert’s apperance with his grandfather on the Generation Fame game.


Question 7:  Best Rupert moment

AJ:  Rupert’s thank you speech from the Hand, Wand, Foot ceremony in LA.  Being there, it was an emotionally charged moment for the fans. Rupert seemed so nervous, yet truly appreciative for the honor. Ahh, bless.

Question 8: Best Ron moment

AJ:  There are so many great moments, but I have to say for both the books and the movies, it’s the chess scene from the first entry. He was a little knight who grew into a king.

Question 9: Best hairstyleoclumenciaexclusivo-odffotos_(5)

AJ: Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Rupert’s hair long or short, but I’ve always loved this cut on him in the movie.  I have to mention his quiff in Cherrybomb as well.

Question 10:  Movie you’re dying to see right now!

AJ: Wild Target, of course! Bring it on!

Question 10:  Best candid shot

AJ: I love this picture, because it’s like his own “King of the World” shot.


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Best of 2009-Staff Questionnaire(Michelle)

Question 1:  Best quote(by and/or about Rupert)

“I’ve sat in screenings with audiences who’ve watch what Rupert can do, and he obviously connects with them really brilliantly. That’s the comfort zone the audience had with him. It’s Rupert; he’ll be funny, and appealing. But, he can do really serious, straight stuff. And we’re seeing stuff Rupert do in the Hallows part 1 and Hallows part 2 which is really grown up and dark. You watch and, oh God, it’s really powerful.” –David Yates (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Ultimate Edition, December 2009)

Question 2:  Best new fact

Michelle: That he was obsessed with Napolean Dynamite. It just amuses me to know this, and what’s funnier is he couldn’t remember any lines from the movie either during the Heat interview! Or…did he?  I’m thinking Rupert’s a closet Napolean Dynamite fanboy, but is afraid to let it lose in public. lol

Question 3:  Best photoshoot

Michelle:  The Daily Mail.  He looked like such a man in this one.

Question 4:  Best interview(printed and/or video)

Michelle: Again, the Daily Mail interview pops back up into my mind. I’ve read it countless times, he’s so open, honest, and raw in this interview. He really made himself vulnerable, which I don’t think happened before. 

Question 5:  Best appearance/Event outingnormal_harry-potter-10319-4

Michelle: Rupert dressed up for Halloween as Alex DeLarge from “A Clockwork Orange”. Winner!!!

Question 6:  Best candid shot of Rupert

Michelle:  Rupert sporting a horse’s head at the V-Fetival, of course!

Question 7:  Best movie promo still

Michelle:  Wet, half-naked Tony with a gun.  I remember sitting in my car, throwing an epic fangirl squee-fest all by lonesome, when I saw this one.  Damn, just look at his face!! Look!!

Question 8: Best Half-Blood Prince scene

Michelle: Rupert owned that entire movie, in my opinion. So many great dramatic and emotional moments, as well as the bust a gut scenes. My favorite is love-potioned Ron; particularly when Harry walks into the room, and Ron says, “Isn’t it beautiful? The moon..”  The way  he says it, as if he’s going to break out into a love-drunk serenade at any moment. It kills me every time I see it, and that’s like six times or something….Moooooon Riverrrr…

normal_icm_big_hbppremiere11Question 9:  Best picture from a premier
Michelle:  The one where Maggie Smith is kissing him on the cheek; you can see the affection for him on her face. Rupert looked surprised, but didn’t seem to mind one bit.

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Best of 2009-Staff Questionnaire(Karo)

Question 1:  Best new quote

“Being in Harry Potter is like living in a bubble, and it slightly hinders your independence. […] You have got a lot of people doing stuff for you. So I guess that doesn’t help.”

Question 2:  Best new fact

Karo:  While still not officially confirmed, I’ll take the Eddie the Eagle rumours. Ski jumping is one of my favourite sports to watch, and I remember Eddie at the Olympics a little (I was 5 when he was at Calgary ). And my fave actor in that part would just be aaaaawesome.


Question 3:  Best photoshoot

Karo:  BLAG. Rupert has such an amazing face, and we barely get to see it. So yay for Blag! (And Live, but Blag had more pics…)

Question 4:  Best interview

Karo:  This one of course! Duh!


Question 5:  Best appearence/event outingnormal_RupertGrint_SS15RallyGB2009

Karo:  The Rally of Britain . It was great to see him out with his family in a totally different environment than the glitzy showbiz.


Question 6:  Best candid shot of Rupert

Karo:  As Alex at Halloween

Question 7:  Best Cherrybomb scene

Karo:  I’d say the entire sequence at Luke’s place on Sunday. First we get smug Mal, luchy Mal, smitten Mal, whipped! Mal, sad Mal, confused Mal… there’s so much emotional uproar in that scene, and the three just had amazing chemistry.

Question 8:  Best Half-Blood Prince scene

Karo:  Quidditch. Both training and the game, since he got to do the full range from scared to hero-like. And he just owned those scenes.  I did like the shot of Ron/Lav kissing on the dormitory staircase, but that wasn’t really a full scene…

Question 7:  Best movie promo stillnormal_Cherrybomb-08041CherryBomb-RS-00523

Karo:  Oh dear… Tony and his gun? Wet Mal covered in blood? Nah. This one, or this one!

normal_icm_big_hbppremiere11Question 8:  Best picture from a premier this year

Karo:  Priceless. Absolutely priceless 😀

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Best Harry Potter Actors Photoshoot Of The Decade!

There’s been a lot of photoshoots with just Rupert, Dan, and Emma; as well as with  other Harry Potter actors. Which one is your favorite? Vote!

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Best Of The Decade-Staff Questionnaire(Karo)

Question 1:  Best Quote

“I’m definitely a character actor”. (The Man himself)

Karo:  Not just because I think this is totally true, but also because it’s proof of how much he has developed from 2000, when he said he just wanted to be Ron in the films because it would be so cool. J


Question 2:  Best Photoshoot

Karo:  Parade 2006. Very simple, very effective, very Rupert. God, that smile…

Question 3:  Best Interview

Karo:  Unscripted with Jeremy Brock. First time Rupert mentioned he’s quite shy, and he giggled. The one with Emma and Dan was brilliant, too, though.

Question 4:  Best Appereance/Event Outingnormal_aPOLFOTO1

Karo:  Wearing the Harry shirt to the OotP premiere. Has any other actor ever dared to do something like that?!

Question 5:  Funniest thing Rupert did on camera

Karo:  On Al Murray, back in 2005. When he was there with the twins and Al asked him how old he was to get a pint. That entire thing was hilarious.


Question 6:  Best T-shirt

Karo:  Keep calm and carry on. The slogan is so perfect for Rupert, and we’ve used it quite a bit on the site as well. And he looks great in it.

Question 7:  Best Rupert moment

Karo:  Seeing Rupert and me getting a hug at Berlin . J The entire premiere in general.

Question 8:  Best Ron moment

Karo:  Destroying the Locket Horcrux. If they screw this up in the film…

normal_ron8Question 9:  Best Hairstyle

Karo:  Prisoner of Azkaban. The slightly shorter, more shaggy style. I love it to actually see more of his face (as is the case in PoA and CB), and PoA seems to be more suitable for Rupert than Malachy’s quiff.

Question 10:  Movie Role you’re dying to see right now!

Karo:  Wild Target. Cause Eddie has not officially been confirmed by Rupert’s people, and I’ve already seen Cherrybomb.

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Best of 2009-Staff Questionnaire(Junna)

Question 1:  Best new quote(about Rupert and/or from Rupert)

Junna: “From here on out, I don’t want to play it safe.” from FHM. I love that him saying this really makes everyone sit up in his or her chairs and wonder what he’s going to bring to the table.

Question 2:  Best new fact

Junna:  Rupert brings an old truck to the Harry Potter set that almost never works.

normal_IMG_0021.pngQuestion 3:  Best photoshoot

Junna:  Drama!

Question 4:  Best interview(printed and/or video)

Junna:  The interview with Emma and Rupert about Half Blood Prince on GMTV and Rupert talking about his “chair area.” I love how he was embarrassed and too much of a gentleman to talk about his bum! Plus, he looked very relaxed which is always nice.

Question 5:  Best appearence/event outing

Junna:  Rupert at the Rally of Great Britain. He just looked like a kid at the candy store!


Question 6:  Best candid shot of Rupert

Junna:  Rupert sipping beer at the V festival

Question 7:  Best Cherrybomb scene

Junna:  Malachy and Luke fighting in the pool. Once again, I’m a REALLY big fan of Luchy and Rupert and Robbie did such an amazing job with this scene. It’s always a treat seeing Rupert aggressive

Question 8:  Best Half-Blood Prince scene

Junna:  Ron asking Harry what Voldemort would want with a sod like Malfoy. It’s not very significant or anything but the easiness of the way Ron said it was very sexy. I love how chill and matter-of-factly he is. Rupert’s personality really came in during this one line.

Question 9:  Best movie promo stillnormal_malandluke

Junna:  Malachy and Luke lounging against the couch in Cherrybomb. I LOVE Luchy so much and I love how artistic the shot is. Everything about Malachy’s and Luke’s appearances balance out each other.

Question 10:  Best picture from a premiere this year

2530361279Junna:  Half Blood Prince London premiere. Rupert getting kissed by Maggie Smith was priceless! Once again, he can certainly get the older women!

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Best Of The Decade-Staff questionnaire(Junna)

Question 1:  Best Quote(either about and/or by Rupert)

Junna:  By Rupert- “I’ve never been too bright.” Regis and Kelly 2009. I don’t know why I find this sort of honesty sexy and I loved his facial expression when he said it.

Junna:  And about Rupert would be Julie Walters saying how Rupert is “big and strong” on Craig Ferguson show while promoting Driving Lessons in 2006. I love hearing older women talk about Rupert’s body. He can attract them all!

Question 2:  Best Appearence/Event Outing

Junna:  Half Blood Prince London premiere. He was wet and in a suit….any questions? He really did look like an angel and even in the rain, he was such a professional and he seemed to enjoy the weather.

Question 3:  Best Photoshootnormal_003.PNG

Junna:  Drama Photoshoot from 2009. I loved how edgy and androgynous Rupert looked! It was such a different side of him that I didn’t know he had and I love how brave he was to go there!

Question 4:  Best Interview(printed and/or video)

Junna:  Golf Interview 2008. I loved seeing Rupert in all black, hanging with the Phelps twins and being completely normal and put on the spot. I know how much he loves golf so it was great to see him in his element, lol. Plus, he had great answers for all of his questions.

Question 5:  Best T-shirt165069-rupert-grint-to-star-alongside-bill

Junna:  Who Killed Bambi’s mother? The Sex Pistols. It just looks so yummy and tight on him!

Question 5:  Funniest thing Rupert did on camera Junna:  Jump rope on the Generation Fame Game! How cool is he! He’s actually pretty good! Or him making the squirty cream can noise at the V festival! I love that black jacket he had on and he’s so so cute making the noise! His lips are ridiculously full.

Question 6:  Best Rupert moment

Junna:  Saying hello to everyone at Ice Cream Man during the Berlin premiere of Cherrybomb 2009. How could it not be? He’s so nice and took the time to say hello to us. It gets to me every time. Plus, his face after saying hello in the Belfast accent.  Rupert says hello to ICM at Berlin film festival!

Question 7:  Best Ron moment(in books and/or movies)

Junna:  In the book, punching Malfoy and calling him a two-faced bastard in Deathly Hallows. I was happy he finally got his moment to get back at Malfoy and he was so powerful during that. SEXY! In the movie, kissing Lavender normal_HBP_14_(065)after the quidditch match. I love Lavender and Ron together snogging.

Question 8:  Best Hairstyle

Junna:  Ron’s hair for Deathly Hallows. It’s long, soft, and so vibrant.

Question 9:  Movie Role you’re dying to see right now!

Junna:  Malachy Mckinney, Cherrybomb. I’ve seen the movie and I think about it all the time. It’s the best piece of art I’ve seen.

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Best Of The Decade-Staff Questionnaire(Michelle)

Question 1:  Best Quote

“From here on out, I don’t want to play it safe…” Rupert in Daily Mail interview

Michelle:  I must admit that I when I read this, I got a bit emotional.  I’ve always been proud to be a Rupert Grint fan; but I was never as proud of him as I was the moment I read those words.  It was something I had been waiting to hear for years. I needed to know that his drive and desire to act was as strong as my belief in him and his talent.  The simple fact that he made himself so vulnerable and honest in this interview was something very new to the fandom. While he also addressed that he’s afraid his acting actor career will end after Harry Potter, which made the fans quite worried; but ultimately, the quote above cements the fact that Rupert isn’t going to rest on his laurels or stop what he was born to do. That small, simple quote wins out above all others for me;  it hits hard and shows the world that Rupert Grint is going to whoop that ass.

Question 2:  Best Photoshootnormal_IMG_0021.png

Michelle:  This is a hard one, but I  have to go with DRAMA.  It literally shook up the fandom, both negatively and positively.  Rupert had never done a photoshoot quite like this one before. I remember opening the DRAMA application on my phone,  and literally gasping because it wasn’t something I was expecting.  It was rebellious, sexy, innocent, and bold, simultaneously.  I’m not quite sure if Rupert was channeling some type of character acting in this, or if Ram Shergill had Rupert just tap into a part of himself that we just hadn’t seen before on camera. Regardless, it’s bloody brilliant.

Question 3:  Best Appearance/Even Outing

Michelle:  For me, it’s got to be the Hand/Foot/Wand ceremony.  I remember watching the footage, and I could just feel the excitement and nervousness just coming off of Rupert, and I wasn’t even there in person!  He was experiencing so many emotions all at once; you can hear it in his voice, it sounds as if he’s on the verge of either crying or squeeing. It was such a personal experience for him, and witnessing emotional! Rupert on display made me love him that much more.  I never get tired of watching it, and I still feel so happy and proud for Rupert, even after a couple of years.

Question 4:  Best interview(printed and/or video)
Michelle: BLAG, without a doubt. This was Rupert’s first magazine where he was on the cover by himself; we had all wanted this for him for such a long time.  He was on the cover, he had an awesome interview full of new tid-bits where he seemed to be a lot more open and relaxed, and he looked so handsome and sexy in the photoshoot as well. A ten-page spread of nothing but Rupert goodness.  Can’t beat it!

Question 5:  Best T-shirt
Michelle:  I just love this T-shirt. It’s amusing and sweet at the same time. The “God Save The Queen, but don’t forget the Dan” is just to adorable for words. Plus, Rupert just looks amazing in in all black.

Question 6:  Funniest thing Rupert did on camera
Michelle:  There are so many funny moments that I’ve watched more than once, but I chose the one where Rupert does the “pigeon sound” for Alfonso while they were shooting PoA. Rupert doesn’t realize the camera is on him, so he’s totally relaxed and is quite eager and giddy to do the impression for him.  It’s a sweet, private moment between Rupert and Alfonso that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. lol This is Rupert totally being himself: sweet, funny, and a top notch impressionist. I just love it!
Question 7:  Best Ron moment
Michelle:  All of the moments in the Deathly Hallows book.

Question 8:  Best Hairstyle
Michelle: I’ve always been a real sucker for a man with long, gorgeous locks. I was always very partial to Rupert’s long shaggy hairstyle, particularly at the PoA premiers. It was hanging in his eyes, he was such a cutie, and he looked like a ginger puppy dog! However, since we started seeing Rupert with a shorter, more grown-up hairstyle this year, I’ve been ahappily converted. He has such an amazingly unique and handsome face, and soulful, expressive eyes, it’s such a shame to cover all of that up with that ginger mop!
Question 9:  Movie you’re dying to see right now!
Michelle: Well, I want to see all of them..RIGHT now! lol However, if I had to choose, it would be Cherrybomb. I just can’t get enough of that deep Irish accent; plus, I’m so anxious to see Rupert act outside of the Harry Potter franchise, that it’s not even funny. I finally want to see what Tao, Jo, Ivana, Karo, and AJ have been fussing about for damn near a year already!

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Best of 2009-Staff Questionnaire(Hassan)

Question 1:  Best new quote(about Rupert and/or from Rupert)

“…he almost reminded me of a Young Michael Caine in Alfie mixed with the rebellion of a ” Clockwork Orange “. It was hot.” -Photographer Ram Shergill, on working with Rupert for the DRAMA photoshoot

Question 2:  Best new fact

Hassan: Now I know he loves the micropigs…and that is very nice for me coz I’m a vegetarian

Question 3:  Best photoshoot

Hassan:  DRAMA magazine..again.

Question 4:  Best appearence/event outing

Hassan: Half-Blood Prince premiere in London

Question 5:  Best interview(printed and/or video)

Hassan:  I repeat…the interview with Jo…

Question 6:  Best candid shot of Rupert

“I try not to Google myself, because I’d find the results too uncomfortable.” Rupert in FHM magazine interview

normal_Cherrybomb-08041Question 7:  Best movie promo still

Hassan:  Cherrybomb…intense.

Question 8:  Best Cherrybomb scenenormal_cbhq05
Hassan:  Love scene, because it is sweet and funny, but very erotic. About Kim-she is a doll. I love her and I love their interaction in the scene *sigh* It’s so real.

Question 9:  Best Half-Blood Prince scene

Hassan:  when he plays Quidditch..he is the king of Hogwarts…yeah…

Question 10:  Best picture from a premier this year

Hassan:  Half-Blood Prince premier in London..when he is dancing in the rain…lolnormal_vuXL7svA2pn18vliYZTHWyCRo1_500

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Best Of The Decade-Staff Questionnaire(Hassan)

Question 1:  Best Quote

“I’ve never seen a young actor with such a brilliant timing for comedy.  But that’s Rupert in real life as well.  Definitely there’s a career there for both of them (Rupert and Emma) if they want it.”- Alfonso Cuaron , Growing up with Harry Potter, The Telegraph, 24 May 2004

Question 2: Best Photoshootnormal_DRAMA_-_IPHONE_-_Issue_3_-_Harry_Potter_Covers3

Hassan:  DRAMA magazine..definitely.

Question 3:  Best Appereance/Event Outing

Hassan:  Half-Blood Prince premiere New York

Question 4:  Best Interview(printed and/or video)

Hassan: ICM Exclusive Interview with Rupert Grint at the premier of Cherrybomb in Berlin.  By Jo Galloway…she is the best…lol



Question 5:  Best T-shirt

Hassan: The boxing gloves T-shirty by Martin Margiela..I need this shirt right now.

Question 6:  Funniest thing Rupert did on camera

Hassan:  When Rupert was a child and spoke in Japanese with Daniel and Emma…(he was teasing daniel)

Question 7:  Best Rupert moment

Hassan:  His speech at the Hand, Foot, Wand Ceremony

Question 8:  Best Ron moment(in books and/or movies)

Ron: An unbreakable vow? Nah, are you sure?

Harry:  Yes, I’m sure. Why?

Ron: Well, you can’t break an unbreakable vow…

Hassan: lol

Question 9:  Best Hairstylegrint-cherrybomb

Hassan:  Malachy hairstyle…yeah…

Question 10:  Movie  you’re dying to see right now!

Hassan: Tony in Wild Target…please.

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Best of 2009-Staff Questionnaire(Tao)

Question 1:  Best new quote(about Rupert and/or from Rupert)

“Everyone to be ginger would be good. A ginger world, that would be cool.”

Tao:  Honestly, how could you not agree with Rupert? 😉

Question 2:  Best new fact
Tao:  That Rupert has a hovercraft. Between that and that David Barron got him goggles to see on his hovercraft. LOL Either way, it all leads to the hovercraft!

Question 3:  Best photoshoot
Tao:  The Daily Mail

Queston 4:  Best appearence/event outing
Tao:  The Halloween Party because he was dressed up as Alex DeLarge after fans were talking about wanting to see him as that character!

Question 5:  Best interview(printed and/or video)

Tao:  Daily Mail because it was intimate, different and has a photoshoot that I love!

normal_bm_vfest_efg8737_07Question 6:  Best candid shot of Rupert

Tao: Rupert wearing a horse’s head is absolutely priceless! Especially since it didn’t work!

Question 7:  Best movie promo stillnormal_Cherrybomb-08041
Tao:  This is tough because there are quite a few of them that I liked. I’m going with the one of bloody Malachy standing with the storm clouds behind him simply because of the artistic factor behind it.

Question 8:  Best Cherrybomb scene2lnzspw

here truly are so many great ones. It’s a difficult decision because there are several different scenes that show off his acting ability. I went with this scene because it shows off why he is just so good at what he does as it’s subtle acting at it’s finest and it’s the beginning of the movie which immediately draws you in!

Question 9:  Best Half-Blood Prince scene
Tao:  Him falling off the couch in Slughorn’s office! Funny. Every. Time. I can’t stop chuckling at this moment!

Question 10:  Best picture from a permier this yearnormal_icm_big_hbppremiere11
Tao:  This was a tough one because the HBP UK one had many great pictures that included Rupert having fun in the rain but in the end I chose the one of Maggie Smith kissing him on the cheek.  it’s truly a cute and beautiful moment. Maggie, who obviously was still getting over her Breast Cancer treatment, went out for the fans and showed how much she adores the “kids” that she’s worked with since they were so young!

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Best Of 2009-Staff questionnaire(Sam)

Question 1:  Best new quote(about Rupert and/or from Rupert)

“What would you change most about the world?” Rupert then gives the best answer of all:

“Everyone to be ginger would be good. A ginger world, that would be cool.”


Question 2:  Best New Fact

Sam:  Rupert did crossword puzzles during breaks from his incredibly intimate scenes with Kim in Cherrybomb.


Question 3:  Best Photoshoot

Sam:  I’m going to pick a different one just for the sake of it. FHM…smoking Rupert!

Question 4:  Best interview(printed and/or video)
This was the most brilliant! He was so cute and she was just adorable. He was so obliging. It was a great demonstration about how sweet he is.

normal_msg-125709407644-3Question 4:  Best appearence/event outing

Sam: Halloween!!! That was so hot.

Question 6:  Best candid shot of Rupertarticle-0-04AB7360000005DC-975_468x340
Sam:  I was really happy to see him out on a date! It excites me that he’s finally pursuing more romantic adventures!

Question 7:  Best movie promo still


Sam:  I just loved his look for Cherrybomb period.

Question 8:  Best Half-Blood Prince scene

The love potion scene of course! He was just brilliant. When he says “Hello Darling” and hugs Slughorn, I can’t help but giggle.

normal_88886056Question 9:  Best picture from a normal_vuXL7svA2pn18vliYZTHWyCRo1_500premier this year

Sam:  It’s a tie:

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Best Of The Decade-Staff Questionnaire(Tao)

Question 1: Best Quote(either about and/or by Rupert)
“He’s always been the funny one, but he has so much more as an actor than that. In Prince, he has lovely stuff that’s funny and true, but in Deathly Hallows, he must be defensive and haunted, and Rupert took to that like a duck to water.” David Yates, Baltimore Sun, April 2009

Question 2:  Best Photoshoot
Tao:  Blag! For Rupert it’s the first cover, the first fashion shoot, the first solo shoot, and it’s the first time we really started knowing things about him that he tends to keep to himself. So this will always be my all time favorite for those reasons.

Question 3:  Best Appereance/Event Outing
Tao:  The Hand/Wand/Foot ceremony. There are so many great appearances throughout the decade, but none showed such a vulnerable side to Rupert. Everyone talked about how nervous he was, and we knew it. He said he was so nervous and how much his hands were shaking. It was adorable and real and just who Rupert is.

Question 4:  Best Interview(printed and/or video)
Tao:  I know there are a lot of great ones but I think my favorite of the decade has to be Moviefone’s Unscripted in 2007 with Dan and Emma. It was nice to see these three interact like they used to in interviews and just be the charming trio they are. It was funny and informative and they looked like they had a blast doing it!

Question 5:  Best T-shirtnormal_Grint_Rupert_40088
Tao:  There are so many great t-shirts. He has a great collection. However I went with his Harry Potter shirt moment at the LA Order of the Phoenix Premiere!

Question 6:  Funniest thing Rupert did on camera
Tao:  His screen test for HP! It just draws you in… the way he acts just like Ron, mocking Hermione and rolling his eyes. And the cutest moment of him lifting his ears all the way up as he’s listening to Hermione read! Just great and funny and adorable.

Question 7:  Best Rupert moment

Tao:  For me personally it was at the Goblet of Fire premiere in NYC. Rupert had just lost his grandfather, and he was obviously very sad and mourning his loss. However when he arrived he did a few interviews, and then ran to the line of people seeking autographs – started at one end and then made his way down the whole entire line. And then went even further by making a special trip to where the special needs fans were waiting. It was just wonderful to see and cemented my fandom forever.

Question 8:  Best Ron moment(in books and/or movies)
Tao:  Ron destroying the horcrux with the Gryffindor sword!

Question 9:  Best Hairstyle

Tao:  His quiff in Cherrybomb! Just lovely. 😀

Question 10:  Movie Role you’re dying to see right now!
Tao:  Wild Target!

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Which movie are you most anxious to see in 2010!

2009 was most definitely the Year Of The Grint, but the new year is nearly here! Hopefully, 2010 will bring everyone’s one giant collective wish: to finally see no less then three movies, starring our one and only, Rupert!

But alas, there can only be one. So, which movie has your movie-viewing knickers in a knot, compulsively looking at movie promo shots, and happily declaring the loss of a kidney just to see a particular movie right this very minute?!

Let us know by taking this poll! We promise to leave you alone; and you can go mend your withered patience, whilst you wait for another trailer or release date.

Yes, we feel your pain, too! Come on 2010!

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Best Of The Decade-Staff Questionnaire(Sam)

Question 1: Best Quote(by our about Rupert)
…“..Grint can do more acting with only his eyes than most actors can do with their whole bodies…”   Tom’s Mini Movie Reviews

Sam: This says it all. It says why we are Rupert fans. It says why everyone who downplays him and his skill are full of shit. And it says he’s the best of the young actors on set!


Question 2:  Best Photoshoot

Sam: I don’t care what anyone says, it’s DRAMA baby! All that skin….so delicious. I loved see the colors and the paleness of his skin.

Question 3: Best Interview

Sam:  I know it’s fairly recent, but Blag was the best one. It was just so long! So full of info!

Question 4:  Best Appereance/Event Outing

Sam: V-Fest in 2007! He was just so very Rupert.B6DB22A5-BF69-6183-A1CE7783B07D78D2 The goggle shirt is so awesome, and he looked adorable wearing it. And then the Squirty Cream Can impression? Priceless.

Question 5:  Funniest thing Rupert did on camera
Sam:  I’ve got to go with the Squirty Cream Can impression again.

00-00-11~0Question 6:  Best T-shirt

Sam:  There’s a reason behind this. He was doing an interview when he was wearing this shirt, I think it was on CNN, and they asked him if he knows about Roswell and Area 51. He had no idea. He just liked the shirt! That is sooooo Rupert.

Question 7:  Best Rupert moment

Sam: The Premiere of Cherrybomb at Berlinale. That was his moment. It was his turn to shine! He proved to the world that he has what it takes.

Question 8:   Best Ron moment(in books and/or movies)

“You can have me, Keep me!”
Sam: That is a perfect summation of Ron’s character. Loyal, self sacrificing, and brave.


Question 9: Best Hairstyle

Sam:  I love the long shaggy look of the PoA era. Sure, he was a bit young, but that hair needs to always be on display!

Question 10:  Movie Role you’re dying to see right now!

Sam:  Tony in Wild Target!  (bathtub…bathtub…bathtub)

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Best Of 2009 and the decade-Jo’s mini podcast and picks!

This is Jo’s mini podcast for her picks of the decade and of 2009! Just click on the link below! *Note: if you don’t have Windows Media Player, please check out the link below.* (temporarily unavailable)

Best of Decade

Best Photo-shoot: FHM


Best Appearance: NMA’s

Best Interview: Blag


Best T-shirt: LA Premiere


Funniest Rupert Moment: Al Murray

Best Rupert moment: Cherrybomb premiere in Berlin

Best Ron moment: Quidditch sequence

Best Hairstyle: In between

Movie role you’re dying to see:  Wild Target

Best of 2009

Best Photo-shoot: Drama


Best Appearance/Event Outing: Half-Blood Prince London premiere

Best interview: FHM

Best candid shot of Rupert: Golf

Best movie promo still: Malachy and Michelle in bed

Best Cherrybomb scene: Bedroom scene with Malachy and Michelle

Best Half-Blood scene:  Quidditch sequence

Best picture from a premier: Half Blood Prince London premiere

Best new quote: Rupert’s comments on film critics

Best New  Fact: Rupert as Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards

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Rupert Grint: A Ginger Hero

If anyone were to ask me what my favorite feature about myself is, I would say my hair. No, it’s not because it is a particular length, nor has great volume or whatever. The reason why I love my hair so much is that it’s ginger. I consider myself a very proud Irish girl, and even more, a very proud ginger person. I have all the standard features Donnaassociated with being ginger. I have red hair, pale skin, freckles, bright eyes, and unfortunately, a terrible relationship with the sun. So, I guess a question is: why would I have to be proud of it? Many different people have many different hair colors, so why aren’t they all standing tall and declaring themselves proud? Well, I think the reason for that is because out of all the hair colors, ginger hair is unique and the most different, and as the saying goes, people usually hate and fear what is different.

I deem myself pretty lucky. I grew up with great parents and fantastic friends. I did well in school and tried my best to stay out of trouble. However, trouble always seemed to find me. I moved around a lot because my parent’s job kept us on the road, so I went to many different schools. I didn’t mind it at all, I loved it in fact. Except for one thing. While some of the kids were nice to the “new girl”, I mostly got the piss taken out of me and for all the reasons people could have chosen. It was for my hair. I was teased, bullied, and beaten up just because I am a ginger.

People say words can’t hurt. That is a lie. Words do hurt. Being called a “vampire”, “fire crotch”, “zombie”, “the un-dead”, “freak” or “ugly” repeatedly hurts a lot. Being asked if I should even be allowed out during the day, or if my freckles really are everywhere was too much for me to take, especially at such a young age. What was worse is that I got beat on. Girls liked to corner me, pull on my hair and hit me. Boys liked to spit on me and asked perverted questions about my hair and my freckles. I know not all gingers have it rough, but I guess in this case, I was one of the unlucky ones. It did such major damage to my self-esteem. I hated myself. I never wanted to go to school. I gave into what people said about me. I thought I was a freak and a monster. I thought I was hideous and I never wanted to look into the mirror. I could not tell my family. They have always taught me to be strong. Being Irish is hard enough and my family is used to hearing bad things, but adding on being a ginger, and it’s worse. I am an only child and neither of my parents have red hair, so, that was another reason for my hatred of myself. I wondered why I had to be ginger. I wondered why I couldn’t have blonde or brunette hair like them. It was terrible.

So, by the time I was about twelve I was pretty depressed with no way out. Sure, I could dye my hair but I couldn’t change my skin color or remove my freckles. I felt trapped in a body that I knew would be rejected for as long as I lived. Then it happened. I was watching the telly one afternoon and I saw it. It was a preview of some sort to “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”. I had never read the books, but of course, I heard of them. I just never had any interest in them. However, I watched the preview and saw the most amazing thing. One of the main heroes, Ron Weasley, was ginger. In fact, his entire family was ginger. Instantly I was intrigued. Gingers are never really seen as heroes. The girls are either highly sexual or dangerous; and the blokes are usually nerds or too afraid and timid to save the day. However, Ron Weasley was a hero. He was strong, brave, funny, and completely attractive. Therefore, I was suddenly interested. I saw the movie when it hit theaters just to see him in action and I was in love. It had nothing to do with the plot, the special effects, or even the acting. I fell in love with Rupert Grint.

I loved seeing him be humorous, brave, confident, a bit sarcastic, and other things that I have never seen from such a young ginger on screen. In fact, I had never seen it at all. That’s why the previews to the movie drew me in. There was a whole bloody family of gingers kicking arse, and that was aharrypotter5pic74(2) wake-up call for me. For the first time, I saw a ginger hero. I saw one in the flesh. We don’t get too many of our own in such a major role, so there was no way I could stop. Therefore, automatically Rupert drew me in because of his hair and I instantly became a fan of his. After the first one, I knew I had to watch them all as soon as they came out, and I’m glad I did. The movies are great, Rupert is wicked as Ron, and represents us gingers perfectly in his role.

I felt an instant connection to Rupert when I’d watch him on screen, and I still do. I watched his interviews, read things he had to say, and did as much as I could to get to know him. There is this confidence about him that I really love and I can tell that he’s proud of what he is. It was strange to me. There I was, scared to go to school where I could be attacked; but Rupert Grint was out in the public eye. Millions of people could see him and make judgments, but it didn’t seem to bother him. In fact, sometimes he likes to draw attention to the fact that he’s a ginger. That takes a lot of courage!

As I watched Rupert more and more, I found a few things in myself. I was so happy and proud that he was a ginger. I felt so lucky that Rupert was one of our kind; and in being proud of him, I found pride in myself. It’s not easy. We live in a world of South Park episodes, terrible Halloween and Christmas cards, websites, and jokes made just for gingers. I don’t, and will never understand it. It’s just a hair color and pale skin; but apparently, it makes you something evil and it makes people want to make fun of you.

Over the years, I fell deeper and deeper in love with him and now it’s more than a feeling. I know I have a deep connection to him and I haven’t even met him. He is more than an actor or a celebrity to me. He is a hero. He is a role model and an example of what real gingers are like. I see so much of his personality in me and in my mates; it’s very easy to look up to him for strength and courage. In his interview on Rove in 2009, Rupert was asked if he thought he was a role model for ginger people. He said, “Yeah, I think I represent the ginger people.” He’s certainly correct! He has no idea what he does for the ginger community. He’s gaining so much attention and is used a lot now for famous ginger people. Every time I see an article using Rupert as one of the famous gingers, I just feel my heart melt a bit. He is so our Ginger Hero. He’s the ideal example that gingers are not freaks and we’re not the living dead. We are real people. We have lives and feelings just like everyone else. We can be successful, popular, and kind. We can be attractive, funny, and outgoing but more importantly, gingers can be shy, quiet, and display manners. Not every ginger is either a nerd or a bad arse. Rupert Grint breaks so many stereotypes for ginger people and more importantly, ginger males. One of my male cousins is a ginger, and he always uses Rupert as his example of what ginger men should be like. He looks up to him as a male role model and he respects him so much. Rupert has no idea that behind him is a ginger army of supporters.

Rupert is marvelous. The way he carries himself is inspiring. So many of my ginger friends and family members brag about having Rupert as our hero. He really is a star and a beacon of light for us. Rupert’s fan base is also inspiring. I think it is wonderful that all his fans just love him, his hair and porcelain skin. It’s great that so many people from so many different backgrounds all agree that he is beautiful. It’s touching and makes us ginger people feel even stronger. It can be hard feeling attractive when you have such pale skin, freckles, and really piercing eyes; but the fact that all his fans find those qualities so appealing about him gives me and the ginger community hope.

grint-cherrybombOver the years, my love and respect for him has grown to a level that I can’t even describe. I saw “Cherrybomb” in Dublin and it is one of my favorite movies of all time! Because of not only the plot, the location, and the acting, but Rupert was once again in control. He was smart, sexy, confident, and a ladies’ man as Malachy. He was all of these things while still being a ginger. I love that he didn’t dye his hair for the role. I love that he is always a ginger. Some celebrities are quick to dye their hair or want to cover it up, but I do not think Rupert is, or will be like that. It really lifts my spirits and gives me strength even on the worst of days. So many times I think, “Well, Rupert does it. I have no reason not to.”

However, it’s not always so easy. It’s really terrible feeling like you’ll never be loved or accepted. It can be lonely and terrifying as well. It’s so important that all gingers find something in themselves to love and hold on to. It’s also important, I think, to have a role model. Rupert Grint, and even Bonnie Wright, are great examples. Their Ron and Ginny Weasley characters are the epitome of strength and love. Watching them and watching Rupert, on and off the screen, has helped me love life and myself again. It’s a blessing really. When someone asks who my hero is, I proudly say Rupert Grint.

Now, I could not care less what people have to say about me. I am stronger and much prouder of myself. I love myself and what I look like. It’s easy for me to be proud of my skin, freckles, eyes, and my hair. Ten years ago, I would never have the stomach to say, “I’m ginger and I’m proud of it!”. But now, it’s like second nature for me, and it’s something I do often. I hate what has happened to me, but in a way, I’m thankful for it. My experiences have helped me to keep an open mind; because I know what it is like to be hated against for stupid things. I know what it’s like to be ridiculed for something out of one’s control. I feel a greater connection to people and I always try my hardest to be fair and kind. I could never do to others what has been done to me. If I hadn’t gone through it, I don’t think I could say that as confidently as I can now.

londonRupert Grint is the main reason why I’m not afraid to go out and live and why I’ve been able to find some humor about bring ginger. Rupert is such a beautiful man. He has a light and a spirit behind him that is immeasurable. He is so kind, smart, brave and absolutely gorgeous. Rupert is my hero and I love him so much. The days that I feel down thinking about my past, and the days where I hear about something awful being said or done to a ginger, I think about Rupert. It lifts my head a bit higher and I’m able to get through it. I know he gets through it, and I know I can too. He takes everything that happens to him, good and bad, and is able to learn from it and keep that amazing smile on his face. It’s not easy for him at times. I know that, but he does not let it stop him. His confidence and courage bleeds out of him, and touches me and other gingers, who need him as our guidance. It’s such a powerful feeling and makes me so emotional and full of hope.

There are so many examples I could give about Rupert saying or doing something amazing in regards to him being ginger, but I picked this one because it’s recent and because it brought me automatically to tears. It’s a prime example of Rupert being one wonderful ginger! On the “Half Blood Prince” DVD, Tom Felton asked the question about what the stars would change most about the world. There were many great answers like war and poverty, but Rupert’s of course, really touched my heart and hit home. He simply replied with, “Everyone to be ginger would be good. A ginger world, that would be cool.” It melted my heart. I cried. It was unexpected, but completely expected coming from him. It’s comments like that that make me love Rupert a little more each day, and make me love myself more as well. It’s the way he said it, and the smile on his face, that makes him a true leader and a fantastic role model. I know he’s not just proving everyone wrong for himself. He’s proving people wrong for me and for all the other gingers who are cast aside because of minor details.

I give Rupert Grint so much credit for what he does, and I love him so much. Every day that I wake up and I’m able to look in the mirror and like what I see, I thank him. It’s because of him that I’m a proud ginger. It’s because of his courage that I have courage and strength to stand up for myself and others like me. If it weren’t for Rupert Grint, I don’t know where I’d be emotionally. He’s done more than entertain me. Rupert has reshaped my life just by leading with his confidence and pride.

Thank you Rupert Grint for being my muse and my Ginger Hero!

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Best Of 2009-Staff Questionnaire(Anna)

Question 1:  Best new quote

“I’ve sat in screenings with audiences who’ve watch what Rupert can do, and he obviously connects with them really brilliantly. That’s the comfort zone the audience had with him. It’s Rupert; he’ll be funny, and appealing. But, he can do really serious, straight stuff. And we’re seeing stuff Rupert do in the Hallows part 1 and Hallows part 2 which is really grown up and dark. You watch and, oh God, it’s really powerful.” David Yates

Anna:   He has been so much underestimate by certain people that it’s just soooo good to read this kind of stuff by somebody as David.

Question 2:  Best new fact

Anna:  Well as I am new in the fandom every fact is new for me! lol Aaaaahhh! I know!!!! Inside swimming pool, How cool is that!!?!?

Question 3:  Best Photoshoot

Anna: Photshoot from The Times. Why?  No need a tone of make up, hours with a hair dresser, fancy clothes. Unshaved, messy hair with his own clothes and a really nice photoshoot.

Question 4:  Best appearence/event outing

Anna:  Halloween Party!  Why? Because most of people think is the poor shy guy.   I think a few have been a bit in shock!

Question 5:  Best interview

Anna:  The Blag Interview,  because it was not an interview as the others. It was him, he was true, not that he isn’t during other interviews;  but most of the time it’s always the same question about the same movies. It was a change.

Question 6:  Best candid shot of Rupert

Anna:  The V festival. That horse hat to get rid of the fans was a splendid idea! So Rupert!

Question 7:  Best movie promo still

Anna:  Wild Target….Tony….Gun….Fierce….Naked and Wet. Mama mia!!!!! And all CB stills.

Question 8:  Best Half-Blood Prince scene

Anna:  The whole love potion scene. I bet everybody answers that too. “I’m in love with her!!” Ahahah, pure comedy acting skills!

Question 9:  Best picture from a premiere

Anna:  HBP UK premiere.  There is so much respect in his look for Maggie, a bit protective too I think.  After all, she has been through with her cancer. Something special, with two special people in a special moment.  Perfect!

Question 10:  Movie Role you’re dying to see right now!

Anna:  If you are talking about a role he already played, I will say Malachy McKinney!! Otherwise don’t care.   I am not dying to see him play a certain role, as much he is happy with his choices; and as much as not a role like in a movie like “Amercian Pie, Scary Movies“. Please please please Rupert don’t do that, never!!

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Best Rupert Photoshoot Of The Decade!

It’s only fair to have a separate poll for our favorite ever so photogenic ginger man, isn’t it? We thought you’d agree.  😉   Some of us have our favorites, and some have their dislikes, for the variety of shots that graced our voracious eyes over the years.  Rupert being serious and moody, Rupert being funny and playful, and Rupert just being him with his million dollar smile! But, we want to know, what’s the BEST Rupert Photoshoot?  So, cast your vote!

Again, if you need a little coaxing in a particular direction to cast your vote, don’t be shy and visit the ICM gallery.

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Best Harry Potter Photoshoot Of The Decade!

There’s never been a shortage of Harry Potter-related photoshoots through the last 10 years! Ranging from serious and moody, to sweet and funny outtakes, to just plain old fun photoshoots. Everyone loves them, but what’s the most popular? We’re curious to know what you rabid fans think, so cast your vote for your favorite Harry Potter photoshoot of the decade!

And, if your itchy voting finger needs a little help in deciding which one you love the most, visit the ICM gallery to help aid you in your polling quest.

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