On May 1st, 2009 Ice Cream Man with the help of The Little Film Company which handles sales distribution of the film for around the world created the Cherrybomb Distribution Campaign . It was simple: Put together petitions in some of the biggest territories/regions interested in normal_malandlukeRupert Grint and Cherrybomb and get the fans to sign the petition to show potential distributor companies the intense interest in the film. So the US, UK, Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Australia/New Zealand, and Asia fans got together and signed, posted, and did whatever they could to help promote the movie in their regions. The result? Distribution!

It was revealed on October 4th by UK newspaper The Independent that the fan campaign had helped secure a release in the UK for the film as well as a potential interest in the US. In these two areas around 7,000 fans showed their support for Rupert and Cherrybomb. Not only was it mentioned that the UK had secured a distributor but also one of the UK’s biggest distributing company. Also, news came up how delighted Rupert himself was with the efforts of his fans.

This revelation also set off a fury of news stories coming out about how the fans had helped the movie. From controversial blogger Perez Hilton to the respected BBC; everyone had a story about this. It is big news. The only other movie to get help by fan support so far this year is paranormal thriller Paranormal Activity, which garnered a wider release because of fan support. However does it even come close? The movie had already been in theaters as a small independent film, and like so many independent films before it, the buzz surrounding the film got it a wider release. Cherrybomb is in a completely different boat. The truth is, this may never had seen the light of day, other than in film festivals and probably a DVD release, had it not been for fans who did their best to show support for the film.

No matter what happens from here, there is one thing we can be sure of: The fan campaign for Cherrybomb has shown that the power of the people still matters. If they can get together and get a film released, they can certainly do anything they want. One thing I had always heard was, “Internet petitions never work.” But we fans, the ones who believed, showed everyone. Every fan who helped in some capacity, no matter how large or small, should give themselves a pat on the back. They did it; the showed everyone, and they helped Rupert‘s film hit the big screen!

Unfortunately we still have a long way to go. While the UK is set, the US is still working on ironing out details, and the other countries and such listed above still have no word. We’re working hard, so don’t forget to check out the Cherrybomb Distribution Campaign site because if we have gotten this far, we can work it elsewhere!

You can read all about the campaign here, watch the trailer here, read rave reviews from critics here as well as fan reviews here. Keep the hope alive!


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