As if we needed anymore drama in our lives this year, Rupert’s photoshoot with high-fashion, art magazine DRAMA certainly brought more.normal_DRAMA_-_IPHONE_-_Issue_3_-_Harry_Potter_Covers3

When the news first broke-along with a sneak peak pic–that another photoshoot with Rupert was in our future, there was much speculation as to the final outcome. Some of us were were hoping the photoshoot would be unlike anything Rupert has ever done; yet, others were a bit put off by the past content of DRAMA, considering it to be “artsy-fartsy” and not to their exact taste. However, everyone was ecstatic that our favorite ginger man would get his very own photoshoot. But who could have known all the drama and discussion that would ensue when we all laid our eyes on the much sought after pictures.

The DRAMA photoshoot revealed a rather obvious feminine, softer side of Rupert, that was by turns,  just as manly and rebellious. Seeing him in such a new way, captured many different and strong emotions from all of his fans. Some fans reveled in this bold and delicate sexiness, others were more than slightly disturbed by it. Critics, passers-by, and fans alike were using the word “gay” to either describe the photoshoot itself, and sometimes using it to beg the question, “Is Rupert gay?”.

“I spoke to Rupert prior to the shoot and told him I wanted like a kind of rebel cool feel… without any effort he gave me the looks and the moods I wanted, he almost reminded me of a Young Michael Caine in Alfie mixed with the rebellion of a ” Clockwork Orange “. It was hot.” DRAMA Photographer Ram Shergill on working with Rupert.

normal_IMG_0021Rebellion in it’s truest sense, is to push away what is generally accepted as “the rules” , created by the status quo, on how someone should act, dress, look, or think. An individual who wants to break away from all of this, will challenge and question the ‘rules’ , because not everything is as it seems or can be placed neatly in categories, or in this case, stereotypes. 

Ram Shergill’s ideas for “rebel cool” were certainly not lost upon Rupert. While the photoshoot initially appears extremely feminine, it’s not. It can be noticed in nearly every picture, that Rupert is not without a bit of his ginger stubble framing his jawline and chin. Yet, with all of the stubble, his face itself is soft and contemplative; his lips are generous, feminine, and relaxed. However, his eyes are telling a different story altogether, they’re fierce, piercing, and challenging the onlooker.

Also, in certain pictures, his body posturing, or posing, is a combination of the two: feminine/masculine. For example, in the picture where he is pulling his collar of the sweater down, and I can only desribe this picture as “combatively coy.” The action of pulling down the collar of his sweater is a coy, come-hither action of a female. While his eyes have the piercing gaze of a soldier, challenging his enemy. Another picture that normal_005encapsulates the male/female aspects at the same time, is the shoulder picture. The sweater is clinging flirtaciously to his shoulder, begging for attention. But again, his eyes are burning desperately of a rebel, as if to say, “Yeah, so what! You like it? Come and get it.”

The pictures are all things at once: rebellious and submissive, masculine and feminine, fierce and soft. It cannot be categorized into a neat category, maybe that’s why the word “gay” was being used. The DRAMA photoshoot challenged the idea of how men should be portrayed, and having beliefs and ideas challenged isn’t always an easy thing to accept. It forces one to see things differently.

The fact that Rupert can display such complex,simultaneous emotions in just a photoshoot, without uttering a word, is a testament to his great talent. The DRAMA photoshoot proves, once again, that he’s going to push himself into territory he’s never been. He refuses to be judged by one particular character,  he’s not going to do something that is expected of him, he’s going to move forward and explore. And to me, that’s the ultimate rebellion.

Photo credits: Ram Shergill for DRAMA magazine

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  1. Ky says:

    Really, Rupert’s shoot was not that extreme at all. I mean, look at Toms!! It was about 20 times more crazy/risky/androgynous. I did not think ONCE that Ruperts photos where “feminine”. I liked most of them, but I didn’t get the impression that these photos where anything groundbreaking…. not even for Rupert.

  2. FugitiveStar says:

    Very well said, Michelle!

    I loved the DRAMA shoot. It was probably the most overtly sexual of Rupert’s photoshoots yet. In just about every photo, he’s blatantly offering himself, whether by giving us a peek at his gorgeous pale skin, or the unmistakable invitation (or challenge as the case may be) in his eyes.

    Yes, please.

  3. jo says:

    This photo-shoot was groundbreaking for me though. I mean Rupert can deliver so much with less if that makes sense. He doesn’t need a lot of makeup and props. The art from his photos comes from him.


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