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 “What has you grinning from ear to ear?  It’s revolting, you know.”


Ron shrugged his shoulders.  “Don’t care.”  He smiled at George as he continued to unpack a new arrival of false-bottom cauldrons that had arrived late the day before.  “Today is going to be a good day, a bloody good day.”


“Mr. Weasley?” Verity interrupted.


“Yes.”   Both George and Ron answered almost at the same time, and Ron rolled his eyes, still getting used to being addressed as Mr. Weasley. 


“The displays are ready and everything is stocked.  Do you want me to open?” she asked, looking at her watch.


“That’s my cue to leave,” said Ron cheerily.


“What?  You’re leaving today?  When all the kids return from Hogwarts?  It’s going to busy as hell!”


“I told you this weeks ago.  I plan on spending the day with Hermione.”  Just when George was about to protest further, Ron held up his hand and quickly added, “No buts, no nothing.  I’m leaving.”


“Fine!  Choose Granger over the shop.  But you’re on double-duty whenever I fancy a day off,” George said quite loudly as Ron removed his work cloak and hurried out the door.


 Today.  She was coming back today.


In a matter of minutes, the Hogwarts Express would arrive at King’s Cross, bringing Hermione back to him.


About time. 


The school year had never seemed so long.  Ten torturous months of Hermione, his Hermione, gone.  


If he was honest with himself, Ron had hated the idea of Hermione going back to Hogwarts for her seventh year.  Except for a lot of whining (that had earned him some pretty deadly stares) and a bit of useless pleading (that had made him sound like such a baby), he hadn’t done much to stop her. 


The truth was that she deserved to do something for herself after years of putting Harry first.  But, Merlin, he had missed her… he had missed his girlfriend terribly.


Girlfriend.  It still sounded odd to his ears.  But that’s what Hermione was, his girlfriend.  He could hardly believe it.


They had jumped through so many hoops to get to where they were now¾insecurity, jealousy, doubts, fears¾but that was all in the past.  There would no be more sappy letters (that he had made Hermione promise never to show to anyone) ending with ‘I miss you’ or ‘I love you’ and no more rushed Hogsmeade visits that never lasted long enough. 


Now, he would kiss her and touch her and never let her go.


Standing nervously on Platform 9 and ¾, Ron’s palms were sweating and his heart was beating a little too fast.  He chuckled; it was quite ridiculous how bloody nervous he felt.  It’s wasn’t like he had never seen Hermione before; after all, she had been her best friend for almost 8 years now.  The fact that Hermione was now his girlfriend didn’t change that.


Calm down, Weasley.


The train’s whistle announced its arrival.  Ron cracked his knuckles and, almost cautiously, walked toward its doors.  He furiously scanned the windows searching for her brown eyes.


“Ron!” He heard her voice before he saw her, and his eyes moved frantically trying to find her.


And then he finally saw her running towards him, her trunk left forgotten and her bushy hair flying behind her. “Hermione!”


Ron hugged her tightly, afraid that if would let go, she would somehow disappear.  He relished the feel of her small arms around his neck and her breath on his skin.


“I missed you,” they said in unison.


“So much,” Hermione added, pulling back and looking up at him with soft, adoring eyes.  Her hands were now on his face, her fingers tracing the outline of his lips.


“You’re back,” he breathed out thankfully.


“I am.”


“For good this time, right?  You’re not leaving me again, are you?”


She rolled her eyes playfully. “Yes, for good this time.”


“Good, because I’m not planning on letting you out of my sight.”


She winked and gave him a flirtatious smile.  “Good, because that’s what I’m counting on.”


“Admit it,” he said, grinning widely.  “You couldn’t wait to have me all to yourself.”


She laughed happily.  “Oh, Ron, don’t ever change,” she said breathlessly.


Ron couldn’t wait any longer; he had to kiss her.  But Hermione beat him to it, because before he could even plan his move, her lips were already on his. 


Yeah, this was definitely good.  Really good.



“I don’t know, Ron, I already told my parents I would spend the week with them before starting at the Department for the Regulation of Control of Magical Creatures with them.  You know I have a lot to workout with them.  They still aren’t comfortable with my explanation for having modified their memories.  After that, I’ll be moving to Diagon Alley and then we can spend all our free time together.”


“But I was hoping to have you all myself before the Ministry occupies all of your time,” he whined.


“You will, in a week’s time.  I’m not asking much, am I?”


“No,” he grudgingly conceded.  “But you know how you get when you immerse yourself in a new project, you forget about everything and everyone else.”


“I’m not going to forget about you, Ron.  I’ve missed you too much, and I want to make-up for all the time lost.”


That certainly made Ron grin.  “That sounds like a plan I definitely approve of.”  He reached across their small table at the Leaky Cauldron and ran his fingers along her arm, making Hermione shiver involuntary.  “What do you say we start now?” he asked, waggling his eyebrows.


“What exactly do you have in mind?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.


Ron shrugged nonchalantly.  “Well, what would you let me get away with?” he asked half-jokingly and half-hopeful.  It wasn’t as if they hadn’t done more than a snog, but up until now Hermione had always put a stop as to how far he could go, and he had always respected her limits.  It wasn’t easy restraining himself, not when what he wanted was to have all of her.  His desire for her had been growing with time, and Hermione had already hinted in her letters that she was ready.  Just the thought made him randy as hell.  Still, he knew it wouldn’t happen overnight.  


Hermione blushed and bit her lip in a way that Ron found irresistible.  “I’m not sure… I want to, I do, you know that.  But I’m going to my parent’s later tonight and when it happens I want… what I mean is I don’t want to us to rush… and I… and, well, I just don’t think today is the right time.  Besides we did we agree would spend a couple of hours flat-hunting.  I need to find a place to live.”


Ron offered her a small smile, hoping that would be enough for her to know that he understood.  After all, when they finally became one, he wasn’t planning on letting her get away.  He knew he would want to hold her afterwards and make sure she knew how much he loved her.  “I’ve already got a few flats picked out for you to choose from.”


“You do?” she asked surprised.  When did you have time to do this?”


He pulled out a folded piece of parchment out of his back pocket and handed it over to her.  “I made time.  I wanted to make sure you stayed close to our flat.”


Hermione took the parchment and carefully examined the flats Ron had picked-out for her.  “These look nice.  Is there one that you particularly liked?”


Ron knew Hermione wasn’t looking for anything fancy.  She was practical and had already told him that spending too much on a rented flat was a waste of money.  “Well, I liked this one,” he said, pointing to the first moving photograph on the list.  “I know it’s smaller than the rest but it has a big enough sitting area where you can easily fit a desk and bookshelves.  Besides, it’s only a block away from my place.”


“I already like it.”




“Do you want me to owl the owner and set up and appointment to talk to him?” he asked eagerly.


“Sure. I’m sure I can get away for a couple of hours sometime next week.”


“Great, I’ll arrange it.”


“Thanks, Ron.  Ready to go?”


“You want to go to your parents’ place already?” he asked, knowing he probably looked totally crestfallen.


“No, silly.  But you don’t want to spend all day here at the Leaky Cauldron, do you?


He sighed in relief.  “Where do you want to go then?”


“How about to your place?”


“I thought you said you didn’t want to; not today, I mean,” he stammered nervously.


“But that doesn’t mean that we can’t spend some quality time snuggling in that big sofa of yours, right?”


His crestfallen expression had now been replaced with a mischievous one. “Or snogging?”


“Or a little more,” she added, flushing furiously.




“Ron, don’t exaggerate,” she said laughing.  “It’s not like it’s the first time we, you know…”


“I know… but it’s been way too long, with you being all determined to finish Hogwarts.”


“Not again,” she groaned, “I thought you understood how important it was for me¾”


“I do, I really do… but I still missed you. I’ll go pay Hannah, and then we can get going.”




Ron quickly handed Hannah enough coins to cover their lunch.  He hurried back to the table where Hermione was waiting for him thinking just how bloody brilliant it has to have her back.


“Ready?” he asked, extending his hand for her to take.


Hermione intertwined her fingers with his and smiled up at him.   “More than ready.”


They went into Diagon Alley hand in hand, easily talking and laughing as they made their way to a small flat above Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes.  But before going up the stairs, Ron suddenly stopped and said, “Hermione, I’m really glad you’re back… and well, I know you know… but I don’t tell you often.”


“What is it?”


“I love you.”


“Oh, Ron, I love you, too.”




“Don’t ever doubt it,” she said pulling him up the last steps and reaching up to kiss him deeply.




 Disclaimer: The characters of and situations of Harry Potter used in this story are the legal property of J.K. Rowling, Bloomsbury, and AOL Time Warner. We are just borrowing them. No copyright infringement is intended.

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