210kqp5Every week, we are bestowed a challenge, the challenge of writing to unknowing media sources. None of us have been a stranger to the long, heavily-linked diatribes we anxiously write, in an effort to get Rupert and his movie, Cherrybomb some much needed buzz. A challenge it is indeed, as it requires a decent amount of time to prepare and think of what you’d like to say.

However, maybe as you’re checking the email you’re about to send off, you start wondering who the mysterious person is, that is behind creating those challenges for us every week.

Meet Morgan, aka Cookimonstress, who creates these weekly challenges for the Cherrybomb Distribution Campaign. She took some time from her very busy life to answer some questions, that maybe shed some light on what it is she does exactly for the campaign!

1).  Were you approached about helping run the campaign, or did you offer?

Well, I wasn’t directly approached. But, the staff at ICM said that they needed help maintaining the petition site, so I volunteered.

2). What made you want to take on the Cherrybomb campaign?Cherry_Berlin_Low_Resfinal_{30EAAD1E-11D7-4D2B-9C4E-AC05D33361A4}

My love for Rupert and his fandom. From the time ICM announced that they had launched the campaign and why, I knew I wanted to help out with it in some way. So, when ICM asked for volunteers to help with the petition site, of course I jumped right on it. Plus, I couldn’t wait to see Cherrybomb, myself. I have heard so many wonderful things about it!

3). What is your method of deciding which media outlets to contact?

I do internet searches on entertainment sites and magazines and such. There have been times where I have written challenges telling people to write to newspapers. And we have even written to television shows like BBC News.

4). How long does it take to do the research?

It really depends on what my search engine gives me when I’m looking for that sort of thing. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to find something immediately. Then, there are other times where it could take me several days before I find something good for challenges. I usually like to find media sources that reach broad audiences.

5). You mentioned to me that the campaign had stalled at one point, what were your thoughts and ideas at that time?

For several weeks, there were only 20 people who participated in the challenges each week. So, I tried to think of a way to get people more involved. I then decided to work on an article for the August edition of Grintastic. But, before I could finish, people who were regularly participating in the challenges got their friends and coworkers to participate. I believe the week after that started happening, we had 90 people to participate in a challenge writing to Variety Magazine.

6). How did it make you feel when you heard that CB had gained a distribution deal with the UK and were in talks with the US?

Very, very happy! I was so proud of the fandom and Rupert’s Army making this happen. Without the fans, Cherrybomb may not have gotten any distribution deals at all. I’m quite pleased with our accomplishments.

7). You’re currently in college/university, how was it to juggle the campaign and your studies?

It’s difficult, but I manage. I write challenges whenever I can get to a stopping point in my schoolwork.

8). Is what you’re doing now for the campaign be applied to what you’re majoring in/studying?

I am majoring in Communications, so I would definitely have to say yes. Communications deals with things like writing for types of media, so writing challenges and updating the petition site has helped me understand a field I will be working in one day.

9.) Did you tell any of your friends, family, classmates about what you were doing for Rupert, CB, and the campaign? What did they say or think?


Yes, I did. Their thoughts on it depended on who I was talking to. But, I had a few people who said that they wanted to help out. I have a 10-year-old brother and when I told him about the campaign he immediately wanted to help out in any way he could even though he isn’t old enough to go see Cherrybomb. He just “wanted to be a good brother.” He’s so sweet!

10). Did you promote Rupert and CB in any other way, besides creating the challenges? What did you do?

Yes. I went to different sites and got on their forums and made threads about it. I also wrote to sites that weren’t posted on the petition site as challenges. And, of course, I told my friends about it.
11). What do you think it is about Rupert (or his fandom) that makes everyone ban together for such an important cause?

It’s because we all love Rupert and really look up to him. He’s such a great role model with his genuine warmth and kindness toward others. And the way he interacts with his fans is just amazing. I remember seeing this thing on YouTube where a Japanese fan had won a contest and got to interview the Harry Potter trio. And when she interviewed Rupert he let her touch his eyelashes and then ride on his back. That was awesome!

I think that Rupert taking part in Cherrybomb also makes him a positive role model. In an interview he did for Blag Magazine, they asked him what the message of the film was, he said:

6a010536c52fa7970c0111689d3531970c-800wi “It deals with consequences. The consequences of doing wrong. It deals with how drugs, lust, and violence can destroy your world. It is really a coming of story, especiially for my character who is seen growing out of that lifestyle and realizing there’s more to life. It may be a lesson to young people to try and keep to the right path, communicate with your friends and family, and don’t try and impress people to get liked.”

That quote in itself made me incredibly proud to be a Rupert fan. Cherrybomb deals with issues that are a big problem in society today and I think it can reach out to people who deal with things like peer pressure on a daily basis. And by being in this movie Rupert will also be reaching out to those people, which I think is absolutely wonderful.

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