What it means to be a man today is not what it meant a hundred or fifty years ago. What my father taught me about being a man is not what his father had told him or what I would tell my son. However, no matter the decade, I think the consensus is that it’s a tough job. There is so much hypocrisy and contradiction when it comes to being a man and, even more so, being a gentleman. In Hollywood, it must be even harder to preserve the notion of gentleman when there is temptation, greed, egoism, and pressure all around. There are so many examples of young men walking into fame and having it turn their lives upside down. It is a hard candy to chew and many get lost in it all. However, there is an elite group of the men who exemplify the “last of the gentlemen,” and Rupert Grint is a proud member.

Rupert embodies what it means to be a gentleman. He is the last of his kind. These days, being a “real man” is a false memory: it’s all about the looks, the girls, and the money. No one cares for subtleties: honor, respect, or kindness in Tinsel Town. But Rupert does not care to follow the rules of Hollywood and fame. He does not compromise what is in his heart and what his family has taught him for what is in the magazines or on TV. He is a modern day gentleman and he wears his membership badge proudly.


Daniel, Emma and Rupert in New York: Half-Blood Prince premiere afterparty

One of the great things about Rupert is his relationship with his co-stars. He isn’t pompous and extremely competitive as “true men” are supposed to be. He treats them like his friends and he genuinely wants them to succeed. To many, a “man” means beating everyone to the punch and not caring about anything else in your way. This is not the case for Rupert Grint. He has no problem giving praise to his fellow cast members, even at his expense. A true gentleman knows when to put pride aside. In 2007, Rupert was nominated for best male performance at the NMAs for his role in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix; however, fellow actor Daniel Radcliffe took the award. Rupert did not frown, he did not act standoffish, but he gave a huge smile and hugged his mate. Even if he was upset, he held it in and was respectful.

It would be easy for Rupert to be mean and talk trash on Daniel Radcliffe. They are the two leading males of the Harry Potter franchise and are often compared side by side. All the tension would create feuds and bad blood for many male stars. However, Rupert is nothing but a gentleman and a friend. He has stated that he really cares for Daniel and that they get along great. He texted Dan before his first performance in Equus and he even went to see the play himself. They are close and Rupert doesn’t talk bad about him and does not feel the need to. A true gentleman feels relaxed and secure in his manhood and Rupert’s lack of cattiness toward Daniel proves this statement true. In fact, he defends Dan if need be. On the Australian Rove TV show in 2009, the host Rove McManus was playfully teasing Dan about his magic tricks. Rupert could have easily bought into it and teased him as well, but instead he defended him and even seemed a bit upset that Dan was being teased. It is rare to see such dedication to a co-star.

However, it is not just his male costars but his female ones as well who Rupert treats with respect as a true gentleman would. He and Emma Watson are good friends. Rupert treats Emma like a lady and he often compliments and encourages her. While there is speculation about their romantic relationship, Rupert is honest about it. He does not try to lead people on to seem more interesting. He says Emma is like a sister to him and he supports her. As a gentleman Rupert does not see the point in creating drama and making people think he has a relationship with her if he doesn’t.

In Hollywood, romantic relationship, moreover, a romantic relationship with co-stars gets you in the papers. It is an easy way to get exposure, but Rupert does not do it. He is decent and he respects Emma too much to make up things about her. A perfect example is in a recent interview, he was asked if there was something going on between him and Emma: he stated that they were just friends and that Emma had a boyfriend. He didn’t make a face. He didn’t lead the interviewer on. He simply told the truth.


Rupert and Kim Nixon in Berlin: World premiere of Cherrybomb

Kimberley Nixon has also received some of Rupert’s gentleman tendencies. While filming their love scene for Cherrybomb, Rupert brought crossword puzzles to the set to take their minds off it and to keep them calm. Kim has admitted to being very nervous about the scene, but Rupert helped her relax. He coached Kim through their scene so they could get it done. He could have praised himself and had a big grin because he would film a racy scene, but he did not. He does not have an ego, as some would expect him to have. He is completely selfless and a good friend.

Rupert not only treats his costars with care but his family as well. He is very close to his dad. He is his manager and they spend a lot of time together. They travel, go to sporting events, and eat together often. Rupert is not ashamed to be a homebody. He likes to take his family on trips to various tourist destinations and he helps support them. They go to a place like TGIF and Rupert says that he likes to be the big brother. He does not alienate himself from his family and he does not try to seem better than they are. He’s proud to be from a normal middle class family and it shows. He is not worried about “what people might think” if they see him hanging with him family. He is committed to remembering where he comes from. It’s an important quality of a true gentleman.

Rupert handles his fame very differently than most young stars his age. He does not do drugs or go to wild parties to ensure his face is plastered all over magazines. He has said himself that he has the brains not to get drunk in the public because he does not want to be in the tabloids. He does not use his riches to buy flashy cars and houses. He purchases things such as an ice cream van, chickens, and a hovercraft. He drives an old truck for crying out loud! It is so easy for men to be caught up in the “must haves.” Apparently being a man is judged on what you buy with your earnings. This is a mistake. A true man, a true gentleman knows how to indulge but not go overboard.


Rupert Grint attends Formula 1 Brittish Grand Prix

It is the same with Rupert’s outfits. While it is important to look presentable, it is even more important do it in such a way that is not arrogant and is original. Rupert Grint demonstrates this well. He does not wear flashy clothes. He is usually in jeans, dirty converses and a t-shirt that he has worn many times before. He does not care about glamor. He fixes up when he needs to, but he is much more comfortable in everyday clothes. It shows his comfortableness in his own skin, as well as and his levelheaded outlook on life. He has not forgotten himself in his fame and staying true to himself is very important in being a gentleman.

Being a true gentleman isn’t just about how you treat yourself and those close to you. It is also about how you treat others who have helped you. In the case of an actor, it is how you treat the fans. Rupert treats his fans with all the respect in the world. Some believe that once you have “made it” that is it. You can forget about the dedicated people who cheered and helped you get where you are. Rupert doesn’t believe in such things. He is very thankful for every fan he has and it is obvious. He doesn’t do “one autograph per person” and he doesn’t ignore his fans. He is the first one out of his cast mates to start signing and he is the last to stop signing autographs and taking pictures.

An outstanding example of Rupert’s respect for his fans in the World Premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in London. It was pouring outside, and Rupert had just recovered from illness, but he still signed as many autographs as possible. He even bent down out of the protection of his umbrella to reach down and shake the hand of an elderly man. He doesn’t mind staying late to hug and pose for fans. There have been many occasions where he was working late on set or leaving hotels to travel, but when asked for autographs and photos he told his security “it’s okay” and proceeded to fulfill the fans’ wishes. The way he gives himself to his fans is breathtaking. He knows that he would not he where he is without them and his humility is amazing.

Rupert and his fans, drenched: London, World premiere of Half-Blood Prince

Rupert and his fans, drenched: London, World premiere of Half-Blood Prince

How Rupert handles his career is also the epitome of a gentleman. He takes his job seriously and he is a very hard worker. He doesn’t just sit and wait for things to happen. He is not just basking in the riches of Harry Potter. He wants and has done outside projects. He wants to be a successful actor. He wants to prove that he genuinely has talent and his drive and passion for his craft is how a real man handles his talent. He does not take the safe road and doesn’t mind learning from mistakes.

However, though he is tough and hardworking, in his interviews and appearances Rupert is always polite, charming, funny, and sweet. It is even more amazing that he doesn’t try to be someone he is not. There is so much pressure to be fake and beef things up a bit, but he does not need to. He has been taught to be true to himself and that is what he presents. One of the most important features in being a part of the elite few of true gentlemen is modesty. Rupert is king of being modest. He has perfected telling just enough without seeming cold. He does just blab off for shock value. He does not depend on being loud and risqué to be noticed.

In fact, Rupert is a very private person. He does not have his business out for everyone to see. It is very refreshing. Today, being a man means getting all the women and showing them off. Rupert knows better. Though he has stated that he likes to casually date, people do not see him in tabloids with a new girl every other night. He is respectful and knows how to treat women. Chivalry is not dead; it is simply hidden behind “player” and “stud” ideas. Being a gentleman does not mean being macho or having a new “it” girlfriend of the week. It means being able to talk to women, treat them well, and be respectful. I am sure Rupert gets his fair share of female attention. He has been called a sex symbol on many occasions, but he doesn’t take this in his stride. He is quiet, shy, and sometimes embarrassed when it comes to all the romance and sexual attention. It is not often that a young, good looking, successful guy does not boost about his sex appeal but it is what a true gentleman would do. It is what Rupert Grint does.

Being a gentleman these days is not as important as it used to be. Flash and fame are the main ingredients in success, but for the last of the gentleman, it is so much more than that. Yes, indulgences, riches, fame, glamor, these are a part of the business he is a part of, but there are so many more important things. Rupert Grint is a modern day gentleman because he is still the same boy raised and nurtured by his parents. He is the same brother and friend he has always been. He remembers to be respectful, honest, kind, and low key. He is sincere, quiet, and unassuming. I do not think it is accidental that there is never any bad talk about him. He is comfortable with himself and does not need to back talk or boost his ego. Rupert is a true man and his qualities are atypical. It is a shame that there are not more men like him but it is an honor that he is how he is. I am so proud to be a fan of his. Any young guy would be lucky to use him as a guidance as to how to be a man these days.

Rupert Grint is a true gentleman. In the next generation to come people will be looking up to him, and will mimic his grace. While he is the last of his kind, he may just be the seed needed to sprout a new race of gentlemen.

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  1. Aloemilk says:

    Oh, Isaac! I loved it. Liked how it was written and how it reminded me of why I adore him so much. I had never used the word ‘gentleman’ in my mind, but it not only fits… it’s more than that, it should be engraved along his name everywhere.

  2. WJo says:

    this was such a nice read and so truthful in every way. He really is a gentleman 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    This was such an enjoyable read. And every word was spot on.

  4. Gab.E says:

    That was marvelous!
    I have always seen Rupert as something more extraordinary than most of the younger “Hollywood” generation. He’s growing up and learning but keeps his heart as pure as a child’s. He stays true to what he was before the fame and continues to win us over with the same personality we’ve come to know and adore.
    This was an alluring read… It reminded me even more so than I already knew, why Rupert is someone I am proud to say that I support and would love to meet one day.

  5. Mex-girl says:

    I am 100 % agree with you, he is a true gentleman and one of the things that I love is his personality, but also because he is a family guy. I don’t like all those Hollywood young “stars” type who only cares in fashion and partys. I am so proud to be his fan even more. Thanks for remember us all the good things he has.

  6. Jenny~~ says:

    I have to so agree on this post, I feel the same way about everything you have said. Last night, I was watching some of his videos on “Youtube” and I left some comments saying he is “one of a kind” and a gentleman. I guess I am not the only one that got the impression that Rupert’s a gentleman of our generation. Yes indeed, we need more men like him, and Rupert is the real deal. I give him props for being such a wonderful guy being in this business. Show business can turn people into arrogant monsters but even then Rupert knows how to be graceful and keep his cool~! I now know the reason why I like Rupert more than Daniel(Harry Potter)….Don’t get me wrong, I respect Daniel Radcliffe and he is awesome in his own ways as well……..
    I am so grateful that I am Rupert’s Fan and I will stay this way as long as I can~!

  7. Cookimonstress says:

    I really loved this, Isaac! Rupert really is a true modern-day gentleman. He makes me so proud to be his fan.

  8. Hannah says:

    This is lovely, really sums him up!
    Rupert is just so amazing…, someone told me that I am like, the female version of him.. haha… *blush*
    I would love to meet him one day..

  9. icha says:

    rupert grint is so amaze me… i love love love him
    i would love to meet and greet some day

  10. Rohzan says:

    Rupert is soooo handsome in this ineetvirw his hair and hair cut is so damn gorgeous,,! his accent ,,ooohh,,so sexy and sweet at the same time,,, i like hi most because he’s so humble .the best among the trio,,,,Goooooooooooo RRRRUUUUPPPPEEEEERRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTT

  11. Fangirl says:

    This is actually amazing! You did really well. Rupert is my favourite actor and will forever be. He is a true gentleman.


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