The year of 2009 has been a great one for Rupert Grint in many ways, especially with the release of his highly anticipated film Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, and the other film Cherrybomb touring the festivals worldwide and creating lots of buzz. Not only has Rupert been busy filming movies, he has also managed to do multiple photoshoots that make all of us melt and squee with happiness. The best thing about these shoots is that they are all very different, thus they show us different sides of Rupert’s personality, as well as his ability to transform himself in front of the cameras.

blag_magazine_coverThe BLAG magazine feature was really important for Rupert, not only because it was his first ever fashion shoot, but also because it was accompanied by a great, in-depth interview which made us, the fans, feel like we truly got to know him better. Both the interview and the gorgeous photos were done by Sarah J Edwards, one half of the pair behind the Blag magazine. We got a glimpse of what Rupert looks like in a totally different style (compared to his usual “indie rock star” style): he modeled exclusive pieces by today’s hottest designers such as Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, Rag & Bone, etc. In two photos we see Rupert sporting some classy gray attire. One outfit consists of a casual button-up long sleeve shirt with a nice and simple jacket and matching pants. In another photo we see Rupert dressed in some light brown and gray tones that include many patterns, but the patterns are very well matched and do not overpower the entire outfit. We only see the upper half of the outfit, but I’m imagining that he’s wearing gray dress pants with a chain hanging in one of his pockets! Just think of it as an edgier way a college professor would dress!

When Rupert did an interview with the Daily Mail, I was in awe with the photos taken by Ian Derry. Rupert looks incredibly debonair and has such a sophisticated look on his face that is simply seductive.

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fondue_graduate_wideweb__430x396Not only are these pictures amazing by themselves, they are also inspired by the 1967 American cult classic The Graduate, starring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft (the small picture on the right). Another thing I really adored about the photos was Rupert’s wardrobe. I absolutely love seeing Rupert dressed up in formal wear. It may not be his style, but he makes a regular tux look like the “in” thing to wear for men. Maybe this could lead Rupert into a future style icon status.

fhm1Then came along the FHM Magazine shoot (photographed by Glen Burrows) and a funny, bloke-y accompanying interview, where Rupert not only discussed his goal to win an Oscar someday, but he also mentioned that he did have doubts about his future as an actor. This was another superb fashion shoot (Rupert modeled Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld, Burberry Prorsum, Viktor & Rolf Monsieur and other designer brands), but a rather edgy and surreal one, possibly inspired by the fact that Rupert is famous for playing a wizard. For example, there is a picture of Rupert lighting a cigarette with his thumb, which made a lot of his fans unable to blink! This stunning portrait is so simple, yet sexy and makes Rupert look a bit more rebellious.

fhm2Another interesting picture is of Rupert sitting on a chair with his hands on a table wearing a black suit with a tea cup levitating. The moment I saw this picture I couldn’t help but just picture him in a film where his character has some kind of magical powers and is being questioned because of his abilities; so, in this scene, Rupert’s is simply demonstrating to them how powerful he really is and what amazing things he can do. I know the scenario sounds a little strange, but it’s also kind of symbolic, is it not?

harry-potter-cast_lIn the recent Entertainment Weekly photoshoot and interview (the author of which is Jeff Jensen) we get to see a more natural Rupert, who is photographed alongside his Harry Potter cast mates: Daniel Radcliffe, Bonnie Wright and Emma Watson. This time, Rupert was photographed in Moschino, Tommy Hilfiger and other cool designer gear. In the picture on the left, it looks like Rupert was having a blast with his friends, which is something all fans love to see.

harry-potter-cast3_lHere’s another great picture of Rupert along with his two partners in crime, Daniel and Emma (the three of them were on the cover as well). Looks like Dan is standing on a box again, lol! Anyway, it is obvious that Rupert was having great fun with this particular photoshoot: not only that he was hanging out with his friends, but he also seemed to enjoy the surroundings as well. However, some fans were disappointed that Bonnie wasn’t on the cover of Entertainment Weekly together with the trio, and we do feel for Bonnie’s fans.

The photoshoot from the Times Online, done by Tom Stockill, seems to have caused mixed feelings among Rupert fans. Although Rupert looked as gorgeous as ever, quite a few fans thought that the poses were awkward and seemed uncomfortable. The lighting also seemed to disappoint as well – basically some thought the pictures were too dark. Though, I have to admit that, when I first saw the pictures, I just thought that it was so cool that Rupert was back to being his usual self. He was dressed in his own clothes and his hair was styled the way we’re used to seeing him – shaggy and slightly above his eyes. But the background and surroundings didn’t seem to play off well on Rupert.


tomstockill_7However, there are some lovely pictures, and just the way that Rupert looks into the camera makes your head spin. Whether you liked the photoshoot or not, you can’t help but think that Rupert takes pictures like a pro, no matter the lighting, the poses, the surroundings or the feeling he’s supposed to convey.

So, can you imagine Rupert as a future model? Giving those who say gingers don’t make good models a run for their money? Personally, I don’t see it happening. Although he does take good photos, Rupert is more than likely going to stick with what he does best. Acting. He’s got a bright future as an actor ahead of him. But a major plus side to all these photoshoots is that they could very well give him the push that he needs. And I believe all fans will agree with my conclusion: Rupert doesn’t need to do photoshoots to impress us, but it doesn’t hurt either. 😀

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  1. WJo says:

    it doesn’t hurt at all 😀 He looks amazing in all of those

  2. Sabine aka galadriel12 says:

    Thanks for summing up this year’s gorgeous Rupert photoshoots for us. Great work, Andrea (and Rupert 😉 )

    Sure I can see Rupert doing more photoshoots. I hope he does. Can’t ever get enough of it. But I don’t think Rupert will be a model per se. He is first and foremost an actor. But he will have a great and long career and just like other good-looking, interesting and successful actors he will have one or the other photoshoot. 😀

  3. Andrea says:

    Thanks Sabine! No I don’t think Rupert will turn into a model at alL! lol It was just a title that worked best;) He will always be an actor and a great one at that so we don’t need to worry.

  4. Cookimonstress says:

    This was great, Andrea! Rupert’s very photogenic and extremely gorgeous! But, I’m like you. I don’t ever see him going into modeling.

  5. Maisson says:

    Your kids are so darn cute; you two have a great gene pool! My little one will not croteoape for photos, most of the time. or I get the eye roll. Though, I did hear a parent threatening her non-smiling child the other day, I’ll take ten more of you if you don’t croteoape. You bet I’ll be using that line Let me know the upcoming photo dates. Hubs is asking for family portraits again P.S. where did you get Syd’s outfit.. love it


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