It was August 2008 when we first heard the rumor about Rupert Grint being involved with a new movie called Wild Target. It wasn’t long until it was confirmed that indeed Rupert would be filming a remake of the 1993 French movie called Cible émouvante. I can still remember how happy and excited we all were – can you?

I was way beyond happy when I realized that Pierre Salvadori was the writer of the original version because I had just recently watched this other movie scripted by him, called Hors de Prix with Audrey Tautou and Gad Elmaleh. This French romantic comedy fascinated me; so I realised that something pretty good must be coming our way.

I am lucky to have these great friends who are forced to listen to me talking about Rupert and his projects all the time. A couple of days after I told them about Wild Target, one of my best mates delivered the original movie Cible émouvante right to my door! What a surprise! Alas: no subtitles. “Duh!” I thought. It was time to put in practice the three courses of French I had taken.

I’m going to try not to spoil the movie too much for you, although I will mention some important plot details. Besides, the movie is in French and it made me realize that, even if you did take those French classes in the past, you have to keep practicing the language, otherwise you forget a lot. Yeah, I didn’t understand most of the dialogue. Pity.

As soon as Cible émouvante started, I had a feeling that it would be a very cool movie. The first one to appear was Victor Meynard (played by Jean Rochefort), who was practicing his English while “working” (i.e. killing people). Then, some minutes later, there he was… Antoine (Guillaume Depardieu) — in the English version it will be Rupert’s character “Tony”. Due to some circumstances you’ll get to see, Antoine a.k.a. Tony becomes Victor’s apprentice and they continue their journey together.

My thoughts after the first couple of minutes: will Rupert’s character use a gun too, like Victor does? Will he be chasing the bad guys? Will he be injured?

A strange family: Antoine, Renee and Victor

A strange family: Antoine, Renee and Victor

As you might have read, Victor got an assignment to get rid of Renée (Marie Trintignant), a beautiful eccentric woman who double-crossed a very dangerous man and now he wants revenge. But Victor fails to murder her, and as the movie progresses, the main trio get together to escape from the bad guys hired now to get rid of them all. Thus “the trio” head up to Victor’s mom’s house and things start to get crazy. Just wait and see!

Try to picture Rupert handling a gun, running his ass off, taking hot tub baths, smoking, etc… If the English version stays true to the French original, maybe we’ll get a chance to see a scene between Tony (Rupert Grint) and Rose (Emily Blunt) where she is trying to seduce him. Interesting! In a recent exclusive interview with ICM Rupert has said that Wild Target is quite similar to the French original, so… let’s hope for the best!

One of my favorite scenes is when Antoine and Reneé throw a party for Victor’s birthday (I think it’s his birthday). We don’t get to see the party itself, but only the aftermath, a day later: all the empty bottles of the wine they drank, polaroids of them having fun dropped the floor, food leftovers, balloons, etc. – it seems to have been a helluva party for the three of them!

It was exciting to see the character that Rupert will play in Wild Target: I can easily imagine him doing it. Antoine is kind of a quiet character, he talks with his face and we all know that’s something that Rupert works perfectly. Not that Antoine doesn’t talk, because he does and he is also a very funny guy! I would love to see a more talkative Tony though, because I’d love Rupert to be allowed to use his great verbal talent – but then again, how many people are able to say everything with their face alone? Either way, Rupert will do it perfectly.

"The Trio" in a car chase scene

"The Trio" in a car chase scene

I really enjoyed other characters as well. Victor is this serious assassin with some beautiful feelings ready to explode inside him; Renée is a pretty woman, but don’t let her beauty fool you, she’s a bit dangerous too, but it’s all for a good purpose.

Rupert will share credit with great actors such as Bill Nighy, Emily Blunt, Rupert Everett, Eileen Atkins and Martin Freeman; most of these actors have made the names for themselves playing comedic characters; and we mustn’t forget that Wild Target was directed by another comedy great, a BAFTA winning writer, actor and director Jonathan Lynn.

I had a brilliant time watching Cible émouvante; I’ve seen it three times already, and even though I can’t understand all of the dialogue, it makes me laugh a lot. Thus I may assure you that the English version will be a very entertaining film too. I’m sure you are all very excited for Wild Target and can’t wait to see it; but, until it’s released, we can only do what one of Rupert’s shirts tells us: “Keep calm and carry on”.

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    Thanks for the review Val! I watched some parts of it – and yes – I also realised my French sucks! 😀 LOL Cant wait to see WT!!!


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