Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from a Haron/Danpert point of view

As expected, the latest installment of the Harry Potter franchise, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is a hugely successful movie: it has already beaten several box office records and received excellent reviews. It’s been hailed as “the best Potter movie so far,” and I can’t help but think it is mostly due to the two stars, Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe and their portrayals of best mates Ron Weasley and Harry Potter.

haron2Ron and Harry have been best friends practically since they met. Throughout the series they have been through the worst of times and best of times together. They have laughed, fought, cried, and saved the Wizarding World together. In my opinion, their friendship is the strongest relationship in the entire book series. There is something about the connection between Harry and Ron that is so intense that nothing matters but being there for each other.

However, their relationship is not just about drama and bravery. They also make a dynamic and hilarious duo. They are two very cheeky blokes and it is great to read their conversations and interactions. Their friendship is one that everyone can identify with to some degree with their own mates.

Unfortunately, in the movies, their friendship has taken a back seat to the drama and recently romance. Yes, it is clear that Ron and Harry are best friends and care about each other, but we have not seen many moments of them just being blokes, moments that would really show their range as friends. Rupert and Dan, up until this point, had their best moments together in Potter movies one and two. From Prisoner of Azkaban on, their relationship has hit a dry spell. It is maddening really, because they have magic together: Rupert is so incredible, Dan feeds off it, and the two of them steal the show together every time.

haron5Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince has finally opened the door to Ron and Harry’s friendship and, even more fitting — bromance. People can finally see a bit of the everyday Ron and Harry and how they are when death isn’t right at their doorstep. Ron is not just the one-lining sidekick and Harry is not all doom and gloom.

Ron’s very first line, “I think I would know if my best friend was in my room,” made me sit up straighter in my chair. It was funny and Rupert delivered it brilliantly, but more importantly, it was nice to hear Ron address Harry as his best friend. (The only other time this has happened is in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, when they were arguing in the boys’ dorm.)

The ensuing hug between Ron and Harry almost brought tears to my eyes. It was not a second or two of awkward patting, no, they embraced each other and held tightly. Harry had the biggest smile on his face when Ron walked up to him and hugged him. For once, I was happy something new was added. In the books, they always shook hands but this was a real hug. It was a simple, innocent gesture; but for someone like me who is a Best Mate shipper at heart, it was magical. For the first time I felt like Harry and Ron were happy to be friends and relieved to see each other. Not to mention, Rupert and Dan just looked yummy hugging each other. It was a delicious teaser for the upcoming Silver Doe scene in Deathly Hallows.

The movie really paid attention to detail, and not only do we see Ron and Harry as best friends, but more of their character was allowed to shine through. A great example of this is a scene when Harry was late to the Great Hall. He asked Ron what he had missed and Ron informed him that the Sorting Hat told them all to be brave and strong. Ron added, “Easy for it to say, it’s a hat, innit?” Harry made this agreeing gesture with his hand and nodded. Details like this may seem small, but Harry and Ron are known for agreeing and understanding each other easily.

However, it doesn’t always have to be verbal. Like with the hug, an excellent moment was when Ron and Harry were standing against the wall laughing while other students rushed off to class. They stood above everyone else and looked as if they were really enjoying themselves. I am sure it wasn’t hard for Rupert and Dan to pull this off — on and off set they burst into laughter and affect each other with the corpsing all the time!

Perhaps one of the most fantastic moments is right after they arrive to the potions class. Ron tried to explain how he was rubbish in potions and turned around to walk out. Harry grabbed his arm and pulled him back in. I couldn’t stop laughing. Ron would only stay in that class for Harry. I could just hear Harry saying in his head, “You’re not getting out of this if I can’t.” Rupert and Dan pulled that off smoothly.

The wrestling over the book bit was beyond amazing. Ron and Harry gave each other a serious look before going at it. This scene produced one the biggest laughs. Rupert and Dan looked great wrestling each other and I thought it was hilarious how poor, little Dan tried his hardest to take on tall and burly Rupert. It was even more better when Ron had the look of triumph and Harry hit his book in defeat. It was a great moment of them being friends. They weren’t fighting Death Eaters or talking about the war, but they were just being playful. So far we’ve never seen Ron and Harry playful in the movies, and it was refreshing to see it in the film. Besides, there was so much chemistry between Rupert and Dan. It was obvious they had a great time with it, and it was beautiful to see them commanding a scene without having to speak.

Throughout the movies, we have seen moments where Ron is always there for Harry. While it is true to the book, there are great moments of Harry being there and wanting to look out for Ron. It was touching when Ron tried out for keeper and Harry breathed, “Come on Ron.” It is exactly what he did in the book and I liked seeing it on the screen. Harry really wanted Ron on the team and it showed. He cares for his best mate and wants him to be happy.

In the books, it is obvious sometimes Ron and Harry get a bit tired of Hermione blabbing on and they tend to read each others’ minds and finish each others’ sentences. On their way to the Three Broomsticks, Hermione complains about not knowing anything about the Half-Blood Prince and she said she went to the library to research more on the matter. Ron and Harry said “library” at the same time to finish her sentence for her. It was perfect. It only got better when Hermione said Harry slept with the potion book and Harry answered that he didn’t. Ron was like: “Yeah you do. I like a nice chat before I go to bed but you’re always reading that book.” I think the drool was down my neck before I finally wiped it off.

Next is when Harry says he’d be honoured to attend Slughorn’s party and Ron asks him, “What are you playing at?” He has a very serious look on his face as if a bit peeved. Harry explains to him that he is just doing it for Dumbledore and Ron nods in understanding. I think it was very important for Harry to explain to Ron why he was doing it, knowing how Slughorn treated Ron. It’s a testament to their friendship and commitment to each other.

The entire talk about girls’ skin was amazing. It was the first time we see them talking alone and about something real and normal. I loved how Rupert and Dan fed off each other and made the scene very realistic. It was so authentic that it was almost as if David Yates simply told them to talk to each other the way they thought their characters would.


The game scene was fantastic. Rupert looked amazing in his quidditch gear and he displayed Ron’s nervousness so perfectly. Also I really liked how, after Ron thought he took the luck potion, he and Harry did this bromancy handshake. There is a lot of physical contact between Harry and Ron in Half-Blood Prince that we haven’t seen before. It was just as great after their win, when Harry just watches Ron with the biggest grin on his face; and when Lavender kisses him, Harry gives this amazing expression of shock and excitement for his best mate.

On the train back to the Burrow, they talk about the unbreakable vow in the compartment. Once again, they were alone together and talked face to face. It’s rare in the Potter movies to see them without Hermione or without them going on about Voldemort or something. I loved Harry playing with the seat table as Lavender ogled Ron. That was very Harry. Whenever Ron had girl issues, rather it with Lavender or Hermione, Harry always tried to blend in with the scenery. It was hilarious when Ron explained how all Lavender wanted to do was snog him. He said, “My lips are getting chapped, look.” Ron puckered up and leaned into Harry as if to kiss him. Harry rushed back with, “I’ll take your word for it.” This part got a huge laugh in the cinema.

The poisoning scene was the best Haron/Danpert moment in the film. It was sweet how Ron talked about the moon being beautiful. The close up of Rupert was stunning. You could see his lush lips and golden eyelashes up close. His bed wear was nice at displaying his assets as well. 😉

It only got better when Harry teased him about the chocolate and Ron told him he could not stop thinking about her and climbed into bed with him. The actors just went for it: Rupert held the comedy so close to him — he had no problem just leaning right into Dan’s bubble — and Dan fed off his work and came back with his own comedy. The “who are you talking about?” exchange between them was not only extremely Ron and Harry, but Rupert and Dan’s personalities came out as well. The chemistry was impeccable.

haron1I also loved how Ron threw the box at Harry and explained how his feelings were not a joke. Rupert made the perfect pout and confessed his love. It was great how Harry took his hand and led him to Slughorn. Rupert is so much bigger than Dan and it was interesting seeing Dan take command and pull him to the office.

Rupert completely became the love-sick Ron. When he held on to Slughorn, called him darling, and asked if he wanted a drink everyone in the cinema lost it. I was so proud of Rupert. He’s a genius with comedy. There were a lot of physical interactions between Ron and Harry in this scene as well. Another example of it is when Harry led Ron to the couch and shoved a pillow in his lap. While this scene was funny, the actual poisoning was quite scary. Up until this point it was all fun but when Ron collapsed the audience quieted. Watching Ron foam at the mouth was breathtaking and chilling. Rupert did such an amazing job. It was touching how Harry panicked and searched for the bezoar after Ron fell. He just shoved it in his mouth and begged him to come on. I held my breath just as I did when reading the book. It gave me goose bumps and it was supposed to. I am so happy Rupert and Dan were able to work together, deliver the scene, and make it powerful like it should have been.

A simple but great moment was when Harry thanked Madame Pomfrey for taking care of Ron. He was happy that not only were Hermione and Ron going to be friends again but also his best mate was going to make a full recovery.

Regrettably, there was not much after that, at least, until the very end. There is a lot of controversy over the last scene. While it did cut Ron off, it foreshadowed what was to come of the duo in Deathly Hallows. As Hermione is talking about the locket and Harry explains how it is a fake, he looks over at Ron in a longing sort of way. I think he already could feel something was different about his best mate and I loved how Ron just rather gave him a dull stare. It built up a lot of tension, as it showed how something had changed between them. Throughout the entire movie they were at each others’ side, they talked and helped each other, but now they were far apart and did not carry conversation. It created the much-needed uncertainty about what was to come in the next film.

haron4Overall, the Best Mates were the best part of the film and really gave it authenticity. I am so happy with how Rupert and Dan worked together. They had the best chemistry in the film. They were real teenage boys and I believed them. They handled situations and treated each other as real friends would and, more importantly, how Ron and Harry would. Rupert was able to show that Ron was more than just the one-liner and Dan displayed a bit of his playful side. And while Half-Blood Prince brought the laughs, it also highlighted what they would go through in Deathly Hallows. I can’t wait! I love Haron and Danpert and Half-Blood Prince gave me what I had hoped for. So, check your shoes for spiders before slipping them on and go see it! Red hair and black rimmed glass is canon this time around!

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  1. Masha (Himera) says:

    I agree with everything you said, Alysha.
    Today I watched the movie again, for the third time. I still can’t believe that there are so many H/R moments. It’s really amazing.
    Although it’s a pity that we didn’t see the scene from the last pic in the film.

  2. Nicole says:

    You did a really good job with this article, I loved reading every bit of it and thinking back to those parts in the movie. You’re so right how their friendship’s been shown dryly in the past few movies. It didn’t completely click with me that it’s been brought back to life in this film till I read this. Really made me appreciate this friendship like I’ve never done before. Thanks for sharing! :]


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