1. Emma as a person – overall impression
I have a lot of respect for Emma Watson as a person. She has grown into an intelligent and beautiful girl who hasn’t let her fame, fortune or good looks go to her head and take over her life. In my opinion she is one of the very few female celebrities that girls should look up to. Keeping up with her school the way she has while working on he Harry Potter movies couldn’t have been easy and I think she handled it all very well. It is a wonderful thing for younger girls to see that being smart is not something you should be ashamed of or try to hide. So all in all I think Emma comes across as a well rounded and grounded woman and I wish her the best!

2. Emma’s acting in Harry Potter – is she a good Hermione or not? And why? How important is canon in this respect? What did you think of her performance in Half-Blood Prince as opposed to other films?
Even though I do not enjoy all the changes that have been made to the Hermione character, I think that Emma has done a good job with the material she has been given. Staying true to the books is not always an easy thing to do, and I understand that many things need to be changed because what works in a book just does not work in a movie. For example, Hermione in the books does not have strong social skills and is very bossy, almost too bossy, and though I love her strong-in-your-face personality, I do not think it would have played well in a movie. So overall I am happy with how Emma has portrayed Hermione in the movies. I think Half-Blood Prince has been her best film yet of the Harry Potter series, acting wise. She did a great job with the comedy, especially when opposite Rupert Grint, and I really felt bad for Hermione while she was watching Ron with his new girlfriend, Lavender! Emma looked much more comfortable in Half-Blood Prince then she has in any of the past Harry Potter movies. I think the romantic comedy is something she does well and I hope she does more of them in the future!

3. Emma’s acting outside Harry Potter (Ballet Shoes, The Tale of Despereaux)
I have not seen any of Emma’s work outside of the Harry Potter movies so it would not be fair for me to comment. Though I did notice a change in her skill level after she filmed Ballet Shoes: being given a new character to learn about and create was probably a refreshing change for her and really helped her when she come back to a character that she had become so comfortable with.

4. The fact that Emma didn’t do many roles outside of Harry Potter – a good thing or not?
I think it has been a good thing for her. She is clearly very interested in school and wants to resume her education. Had she tried do fit too many films in on her off time from Harry Potter, she would not have been able to make her plans for her education fall into place. I really respect her for sticking with her school work and seeing what else is out there instead of just settling with something that she all ready has.

5. Emma’s looks – overrated or not
As I said above, I think she has grown into a beautiful girl! Her lack of heavy makeup is also something I admire about her. A lot of famous women wear so much makeup even when they do not need it that it is nice to see someone who is so happy and confident just being herself. And why shouldn’t she?

6. Emma as a style icon – is it a good thing for the Harry Potter franchise overall, or not?
I do not think Emma’s “style icon” status should have any effect on the Harry Potter franchise. Even though Emma shares some qualities with her character Hermione, at the end of the day Emma is not Hermione and if she is looked as a “style icon” then good for her. Why not? She is young and interested in fashion! The only way it has affected Harrry Potter movies is that Hermione is not “geeky” enough in the movies. But this has nothing to do with Emma herself; that was a choice made by people much higher up the Harry Potter franchise list.

7. Emma’s ambition and plans in life: acting, or modelling, or university, or all these

8. The way Emma treats Rupert in interviews and public appearances
Emma and Rupert have great chemistry, on and off set. They appear to genuinely enjoy each others’ company and have a good time together. Their interviews are always fun to watch!

9. Emma as a Ron/Hermione shipper

10. Your expectations: Emma in Deathly Hallows I and II, and beyond Harry Potter
I hope Emma continues to grow as an actress and I cannot wait to see Deathly Hallows Part I and II. I’m dying to know what made the cut, what didn’t, and how Emma decides to portray Hermione in each scene. As far as after Harry Potter, I wish Emma the best of luck in everything to tries and I hope to see her in some more movies soon!

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