1. Emma as a person – overall impression
She sometimes comes across sweet, sometimes stuck up. I don’t know. I know stories of people that have met her/have been in the same school with her and which weren’t the most flattering stories, to say the least. Also Phoenix (the IMDB member and Harry Potter insider) has said that she’s nice when she needs to be.
As long as she doesn’t start bitching about Rupert…

2. Emma’s acting in Harry Potter – is she a good Hermione or not? And why? How important is canon in this respect? What did you think of her performance in Half-Blood Prince as opposed to other films?
I LOVED her in the first film. She was right up there with Rupert for me back then. Sure, they were kids and their acting was still very staged at times, but I thought she had the swottiness of Hermione down to the T. Not to mention her and Rupert played each other off brilliantly! The second film, I can’t really say because she wasn’t much in it. The third one… I don’t have real problems with her acting but with the characterisation. It’s ridiculous how they turned her into this heroine who’s brave moments in the films were actually all Ron’s in the book. RIDICULOUS I SAY! Prisoner of Azkaban is still my least favourite movie because of the horrendous butchering of story/characters and because that put off the whole “I’m fierce Hermione who’s awesome at everything while the redhead coward’s in fear” thing.
Her acting was complete sh*t in Goblet of Fire. The chest heaving, the crazy eyebrows, the shrillness and raspiness of her voice that she still has – yes, even in Half-Blood Prince, though nothing beats Goblet of Fire in terms of her worst acting. I wanted to slap her. Not to mention Goblet of Fire seemed like one big ass Harry/Hermione fanvid. *barf* No thanks. Order of the Phoenix was….well, a slight improvement but still pretty much the same, the only highlight of her performance was the eye sex with Rupert and they finally had chemistry again, which was sorely lacking in Goblet of Fire.
Half-Blood Prince was….okay I guess. She annoyed me less but her performance didn’t stand out and people tend to overreact calling her crying scene the most heartbreaking thing ever. Yeah, uhm, not really. Downside is that the chemistry with Rupert seemed to be lacking again. I’m hoping it’ll be back full force in Deathly Hallows.

3. Emma’s acting outside Harry Potter (Ballet Shoes, The Tale of Despereaux)
I can’t say. Never seen Tale of Despereaux and I couldn’t bare to watch more than 15 minutes of Ballet Shoes because her chest-heaving and crazy eyebrows were pissing me off.

4. The fact that Emma didn’t do many roles outside of Harry Potter – a good thing or not?
She doesn’t seem that passionate about acting right now anyway so I guess it doesn’t really matter. I don’t know and I don’t really care since I won’t follow her films after Harry Potter anyway.

5. Emma’s looks – overrated or not
She’s pretty and God knows how she manages to keep such flawless skin (*jealous!*) but I think she is overrated.
Don’t want to brag, but if they were to put me in the clothes they put her in in the magazines I would look pretty damn hot as well.

6. Emma as a style icon – is it a good thing for the Harry Potter franchise overall, or not?
Is she? I never considered her to be one so I can’t really answer this.

7. Emma’s ambition and plans in life: acting, or modelling, or university, or all these
It’s an admirable thing that she takes education into high regard. Good for her. I don’t feel like she’s passionate about acting at this point (opposed to Dan and Rupert, but they don’t want to continue school). If she enjoys modelling, good for her. But I wish she would stop moaning and complaining in interviews about how she wants to be incognito/normal if she allows herself to be plastered in these fashion mags on a monthly basis. She has also said that she does these shoots to make people looks at her differently and to get parts. However it’s one thing to look a certain part and another to be able to be/play the part. Looking pretty in front of a camera, wearing designers clothes isn’t going to cut it.

8. The way Emma treats Rupert in interviews and public appearances
She lights up when she talks about him – and, really, who doesn’t? He’s like the sweetest guy. She’s always been nice about him. I do think there’s a genuine fondness between and only between them. They’re the pair within the trio that have been through this crazy ass franchise since the start because they had loads of auditions together.

9. Emma as a Ron/Hermione shipper
Yes. She always has been. Fiercely so.

10. Your expectations: Emma in Deathly Hallows I and II, and beyond Harry Potter
I just hope she doesn’t muck up my Ron moments (which also obviously includes the Ron/Hermione moments). I don’t care for her after HP. I’m not into her acting wise at all. And it’s not like she’ll be doing a lot stuff since she’s got college coming up. The only reason I’m watching her now is because she happens to be in the same films with Rupert .

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