1. Emma as a person – overall impression
Emma seems like a rather intelligent, poised, classy young woman. I am proud of her decision to continue her education and the way she presents herself in the public eye.

2. Emma’s acting in Harry Potter – is she a good Hermione or not? How important is canon in this respect? What did you think of her performance in Half-Blood Prince as opposed to other films?
I am not totally pleased with Emma’s portrayal of Hermione in the HP movies. She seems too snotty, too arrogant, and not as socially awkward or mocked as the book version of Hermione. This may be the fault of the directors more than Emma the actress. She only performs the way the director asks, and the director gets to choose which scenes to select/edit out.
I feel that canon is important, but not if it gets in the way of decent film story-telling.
I enjoyed Emma’s portrayal of Hermione in Half-Blood Prince more than in most of the films. That was probably due to the fact that she actually had a better variety of emotions to portray. I did feel some of the scenes were forced (hospital bed scene with Lavender), but was glad for less “eyebrow emoting” overall.

3. Emma’s acting outside Harry Potter (Ballet Shoes, The Tale of Despereaux)
I haven’t seen any of her other works, as they do not appeal to me.

4. The fact that Emma didn’t do many roles outside of Harry Potter – a good thing or not?
It doesn’t matter.

5. Emma’s looks – overrated or not
She is a beautiful young woman with a very ‘youthful’ appearance. She is not a stunning beauty. The film makers allow the portrayal of Hermione to be too pretty. Hermione is supposed to be plain, not lovely.

6. Emma as a style icon – is it a good thing for the Harry Potter franchise overall, or not?
I feel the fashion world is superficial and unimportant, so I’d rather not see Ms. Watson be involved with this industry. However, it has no impact on the Harry Potter franchise overall.

7. Emma’s ambition and plans in life: acting, or modelling, or university, or all these
Her best option, since she is not getting the acting opportunities she desires, is to follow an education and find something that better suits her abilities.

8. The way Emma treats Rupert in interviews and public appearances
Other than saying that kissing him was “horrible,” she has always been inclusive and generous to Rupert in interviews. She clearly enjoys him and wants others to as well. Her “horrible” comment was impulsive and reflective of the experience of kissing on screen, not the individual. None the less, it was not the most appropriate way to react.

9. Emma as a Ron/Hermione shipper
I am grateful that she has always been the most vocal proponent of the pair. I hope she was pleased with the way the storyline worked out.

10. Your expectations: Emma in Deathly Hallows I and II, and beyond Harry Potter
I expect Emma to continue to get the lion’s share of attention throughout filming and promotion of Deathly Hallows I & II. That’s just the media’s way. I hope that she is able to continue to grow in showing the flirtation and attraction between Hermione and Ron, as well as the anguish and hurt of abandonment. I also hope that she finds what she is looking for in a career, and happiness for the future.

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