So guys do you think the whole Swine Flu incident was good publicity for Rupert? We want to hear from you. We will be discussing the results in our next podcast which will be featured here on Grintastic. Click the link below.

Do you think the Swine Flu helped raise more interest for Rupert in the media?(survey software)

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  1. Ivana says:

    I was really worried, same as everyone, when I heard Rupert was ill; but luckily he recovered quickly, and in the long run this incident did help raise more interest for Rupert. Heck, his illness and Michael Jackson’s death were the two top news stories in July. *sigh*

  2. Sabine aka galadriel12 says:

    First of all, of course I’m happy Rupert is fine again.

    Now to the poll. I voted ‘no’ because, in the long run, I don’t think it has changed anything. Not in the general media perception. I feel it’s still all about Dan and Emma when it comes to HP.

    Sure, it sparked some interest temporarily. Everybody’s talking about swine flu and then, shortly before the HBP premiere, it gets known that one of the main three had suffered from it. So it was innevitable it got some coverage and Rupert had to answer questions about it. But, as I said above, I don’t think it has changed anything. Rupert has gotten up on Imdb Star meter and now finally joins his HP colleagues Dan and Emma in the top ten. Finally *rollseye* But I hope this is not due to his recent swine flu, but rather to his stellar performance in HBP. I still hope that the media now, after he owned HBP and got so many rave reviews, realizes that many, many people are interested in Rupert.

  3. Laura says:


  4. Masha (Himera) says:

    i voted “yes”, but the whole story wasn’t good publicity for Rupert. I mean, I wish media had more interest in his films, it’d be good publicity.
    although it was pretty funny to see and to hear Rupert’s name everywhere for two weeks


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