The Harry Potter fandom has a variety of wonderful in depth podcasts which delve deep into the books, the characters and the events that surround them. While we love and appreciate the entire story of Harry Potter, let’s face it we all have our preferences. There always seemed to be very little Ron Weasley showcased in the Harry Potter podcast discussions, and that is a shame because he is the most relatable, the most loyal, the most humorous, the most likely to wear his heart on his sleeve and not sugar coat things when something needs to be said. And that isn’t even the half of it!

Also many perceptions about Ron are incredibly silly to the point that you wonder where people get these ideas. Did they read another book? Or maybe perhaps people really just don’t understand him. Well we plan to change those misinterpretations……. and for the Ron lovers this one goes out to you.

Your Hosts….

Sam will be your host and each show we will feature guests from the fandom to join in. This segment she is joined by the lovely Sabine and Dove who came into this thing in full Hermione mode, meaning they know the books well and plan to pick Ron apart from beginning to end.

A different song every week that will intro and wind between segments. This song will be discussed toward the end. It’ll be Ron or plot related in some way.

This Segment.

  • Intro Song: Be Somebody
  • ICM News
  • The Ron Quote of the month
  • Spoiler Zone
  • Bonnie, Tom and Twins in Paris
  • Ron through the Pages
  • The Bromantics
  • Ron Onscreen
  • Ron and Friends
  • HeRo Chat
  • Sidekick
  • Ron Vs. The Fandom
  • Fanfiction Corner

Download Roncast and ICM Staff Podcast from the blue Podcast box in the top right corner, and ENJOY! (NOTE: the links will take you to separate SendSpace pages, where you’ll find download links.)

If you guys haven’t already noticed, the song in the background is Be Somebody by Kings of Leon. Every podcast, we’ll pick a different song based on your suggestions. If you’ve got a song that you think fits Ron Weasley perfectly, just get a hold of us at

We would love to have you on show. Email us to land a guest spot, or if you have any comments or suggestions please send them over. We would love to hear them and want to make this as enjoyable as possible for you.

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  1. Reva says:

    Really love it !

  2. Verônica says:

    “Also many perceptions about Ron are incredibly silly to the point that you wonder where people get these ideas. Did they read another book? Or maybe perhaps people really just don’t understand him.”
    Sooo true.I’ve been struggling alone with this cause for years,so this is great for me \o/ hahaha I never understood very well what exactly a podcast is about *blushes* but that sounds like a great idea to me,i loved the issues (Ron is one of my favourites discussion issues ever,seriously)! And i looove that song (be somebody),great choice for a beggining! *–*

  3. RupertsNanny says:

    So you guys are really enjoying the podcast then? Let us know what you would like to see in the future. We’d like to make it a fun thing for you. I loved the Roncast so great job Sam, Sabine and Dove!

  4. Verônica says:

    Jo,i didn’t heard yet,but i’ll be leaving my opinion here after hearing it! 😉 Isn’t the name of the song actually “use somebody”? Sorry if i’m wrong!

  5. Verônica says:

    I’m hearing and i’m loving it so far…The girls presentation and the reasons why they love Ron,that was great,i wish i could say my reasons too…LOL But i felt represented \o/
    And the girls are really funny (but that i kind of knew already,hehe) 😀

  6. Jo says:

    Verônica I am happy you enjoyed it. Yeah I was thinking that about the song but I don’t know the band well. I’ll correct it soon though. So it’s called Use Somebody then?

  7. EruditeWitch aka Sam says:

    It’s not called Use Somebody. They have a song called Be Somebody and one called Use Somebody. You can search the lyrics.

    Thanks so much for liking it. I’ll be honest, I felt we were a little rough, and I promise to be more polished for next time.

    If you’ve got something to say about upcoming topics, Veronica, let me know and you can join us!

  8. Verônica says:

    OK,now i heard the entire podcast,so i’ll say more: I don’t think you should be more polished Sam,it was really fun,you guys should keep it that way cause is awesome! |o| hahaha But anyway,i loved so much,you guys talked about things that i thought i was the only one who ever had thought about it,like the cruel treatment by the twins (although,i know they don’t have mean intentions)or other people touching his insecurity,that we ,who are protective to him notice a lot,and the things that Ron says that turn out to be true (this was very funny).Also i loved to hear about his relationship with Harry and the insecurity thing about want it to be at the same level that his brothers (and it made me feel like i wanna read PS again,so cute! *–* )the reactions that he causes on Hermione or vice-versa,the fact that we indentify with him cause he’s the most “human” of the trio,Luna’s fascination for him(which is very funny and interesting to me) anyway,so many things! That’s why is so nice when Ronlovers talk to each other,we understand each other and Ron’s psicology better than anyone! I’ll show the Roncast for another Ronlovers! I would love to participate Sam,but unfortunelly my english is not that good,but i would love to send some ideas (like for songs or topics),and i’ll think about it! 😉 I talked to much,sorry! LOL

  9. Jo says:

    Verônica thanks so much for the awesome feedback. I am so happy you enjoyed the Roncast. I did too. I have to join in some time because there is so much I would like to say in rebuttal to what they covered about Ron and his relationships with people around him.

  10. imkweni says:

    i can’t wait to see Rupert and Emma’s kissing scene on the deathly hallows. .

    im a bit jealous. .


    i hope you guys can visit Philippines sometime. .

    we really love you!(i love rupert more!)


    well if you guys can’t visit here’

    i will do the honor to see you there. .


  11. Verônica says:

    You’re welcome Jo,like you said,a lot about him was covered,he is the most misanderstood character of HP,so i think Ronlovers should really speak up,you really should join in \o/ 🙂 I can’t wait for the next one,i know will be even more fun now that HBP is out! 🙂


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