One of the things we love about Rupert Grint is his trademark ginger hair. Over the years, Rupert Grint has been seen with various hairdos — both short and long, tidy and messy. Some of them were one-off stunts “for the movie role only” (such as his famous Thunderpants perm), but he has also tried out different styles in his private life. Hair experts have paid tribute to Rupert’s locks, and in 2007 he made it onto Top 5 Best Film Personality Hairstyles list compiled by haircare giant Brylcreem. So, I’ve selected a few of the cuts he has sported for various public appearances and photoshoots. Tell us which one you think suits him best, and after voting, elaborate your choice in the comments!

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  1. Reva says:

    Well i like the one that he had during OOTP . I must tell you , this site is brilliant .

  2. Ivana says:

    Oh, I like him with long hair, it’s just too perfect.

  3. dove says:

    Yes I love his OoTP hair the best!

  4. WJo says:

    I chose asymetric (hard choice tho), I’m not sure why but it is just so HOT…Rupert’s hair is amazing anyway, I love all the styles but that one is just *drools*

  5. Lilly says:

    I voted on the shortish with fringe but I also really like when I can see all his face like around POA era, most close to the second one(really short).
    I don’t like when his hair is over his beautiful eyes, too much long.

  6. aquarian says:

    I loved his long GOF do. It was absolutely, positively, perfect. It was long, but I believe it had a few layers, and it was just full of body. It was wonderful!

  7. Carolyn says:

    I chose really long because that pic/interview was so hot, but I liked the GOF hair. I don’t know if you would consider that long or really long. That asymetric hair was cute, too. It looks like his hair is tucked behind his ear. I do like a good fringe, as well. Well, this is too hard. I’m outta here. LOL!

  8. Laura says:

    I actually voted for the short hair he wore during the CoS promotion. I always loves that cut. I wanna see his pretty face!

  9. Jed says:

    What a cool poll! I think Rupert looks awesome when his hair is kinda shortish with fringe.

    Slicked back also appeals, if he’s ‘in character’ maybe playing a period character…

  10. Verônica says:

    I chose assimetric,is so charming and so Rupert…But there’s various haircuts that i like on him…I forgot the others,have to go back to the list with the pictures so i can tell my second favourite… rsrsr *confuse*

  11. FugitiveStar says:

    It was a tough call between asymmetric and shortish fringe, but I went with the latter. But baby always looks good!

  12. Nia says:

    I couldn’t choose between “long” or “short fringe.” but in the end I settled with “long” because I think that’s when I started to really fall in love with him ^_^

  13. Newbiebri says:

    His hair was the best in the pictures from the V Festival a few years back. Medium length-to long and shaggy, kinda curly too. Loved it!!

  14. ronsam says:

    I particularly liked his hair style in the movie Driving Lessons.. he looked divine in that film ;)tho i’m sure our boy can rock pretty much any hair style.. with the goofy smile or the intense quietness, he is pure smex **yummy**

  15. chirpylou says:

    I love his short with a fringe look its rugged but still super sexy and you can see his perfect green eyes.

  16. BonnieRadcliffe says:

    I voted for shortish with fringe =D But I think you should have added Rupert’s Wild Target hair. It’s my all time favourite!! ^^ I would have voted for that one.

  17. Andrea says:

    I like his hair in OoTP. Maybe I’m a liitle bit out of this world like Luna cause until that time I realized how hot and handsome Rupert is

  18. Karo says:

    I love the very short hair. I absolutely adore his face, and every other hairstyle hides it sooo much. And slicked back is too un-Rupert-ish

  19. Jo says:

    I voted slick back. After seeing him in Cherrybomb with his hair our of his face and then in the Blag photoshoot I have no doubts what looks best on him. He was hiding too much of that lovely face.

  20. brittany says:

    i pick short with a fringe. you can still see his face some. & theres enough there to tug at it if ya need. *wink*

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  22. imkweni says:

    it doesn’t really matters to me what hairstyle he has. .hehehe

    i just love rupert as he is!

    such a humble guy!

    keep it up rupe!

  23. eylem says:

    he becomes her hairstyle..:D

  24. eylem says:

    I havent more than English. how can ı be a member to this site? ı did not find..:)

  25. shawna says:

    i love his hair also i hace the same color. i was always the odd ball and loved my converse. red hair is bloody awesome.

  26. lili says:

    largo con fleco!!

  27. Linda says:

    Face it…he looks good in anything! I think shortish w/fringe suits him the best..but I also like shaggy! Hell, I like anything the guy wears!!

  28. Linda says:

    I also love his “Wild Target” hair. Facial hair and all. He looks so grown up…it makes me feel like not such a pervert..if you know what I mean 🙂

  29. rOse says:

    i love all..but i choose the asymmetric style..i guess it’s his hair style in Order of the Phoenix..

  30. fernanda says:

    creo que aqui faltan estilos pero eligi el penultimo encanta este sitio

  31. neha says:

    i love rupert in any i mosty like rupert in shortish and fringe.
    love you rupert.

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