Or: how Carolyn cheated on Colin Farrell!

The start of my Harry Potter fandom is a bit blurry. I honestly don’t remember ever hearing about the books. Which is odd because I love to read. Maybe I just didn’t pay proper attention. I don’t even remember how I heard about the first film coming out. All I can guess is that it looked interesting when I saw the trailer. I love English movies. I love Fantasy movies. I love movies you can escape into. So Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone looked like something I would be interested in. It looked very gothic, and with witchcraft as its main theme, I knew I wanted to see it. Anything otherwordly and I’m hooked.

carolyn3I was instantly taken in by the little red haired boy. He was the cutest thing I’d ever seen in my life. He was so animated and funny and talented. I was instantly a fan. But I only thought about him whenever the new Potter movie was out. I didn’t pay much attention to anything about the movies in between them. I just made sure I taped them when they aired on TV so I could have them as part of my vast collection.

It wasn’t until the fourth movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire came out that Cupid’s bow nailed me right between the eyes. I was attracted to Rupert Grint. carolyn1 I mean, I’ve always thought he was an adorable boy, but now I was just enamored with him. The Goblet Of Fire era had me sitting up and taking notice. I would watch the movies over and over again, only keeping my eyes on Rupert. I still didn’t take my fanship any further than that, though. It didn’t really occur to me to hunt down anything about Rupert. My online activities from 2003-2008 were devoted to another actor, Colin Farrell.

Around 2007 though, during the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix promotions, is when I started taping various shows or coverage of Harry Potter that featured Rupert. I would also make sure to keep those tapes close by so that I could watch them whenever I chose.

It wasn’t until mid-2008 that I got into the online fandom. It was like something shifted in me. I tried to fight it for awhile. I would look at all the scrapbooks and collages that I collected and the thousands of pictures of various people, places and things that I had and thought, “Maybe I should start adding Rupert to these.” Now is when I started arguing with myself in my head. “No, it’s too much trouble.”, “I can’t start hunting for pictures of him now. It’s too overwhelming.”, “Are you sure you want to get involved in all this? What about Colin?” I felt like a cheating spouse! But then I just dived right in and never looked back. Sorry Colin!

carolyn2I started hunting around for sites I could join and pictures I could save. Then there were all the online videos that I had never seen before. I thought, “Where have I been all this time???” After coming to terms with the fact that, YES! I am crazy attracted to Rupert Grint and I have to stop fighting it and wearing out my Goblet Of Fire tape and just “come out”, so to speak, everything just opened up for me. I came across a delightful forum called Ice Cream Man and that’s all she wrote. My first night on the forum, a bunch of us got into a discussion about how angelic Rupert looks and someone got a hold of pictures of various Angels, one that was Rupert’s twin! Our own little Botticelli Angel. I was so excited to have discovered this place and found I didn’t need any other sites.

Since joining Ice Cream Man in October of 2008, I have been happily drowning in that Ginger god Rupert Grint. I’m also happy to say I have almost completed my third reading of all the Harry Potter books, which are amazing. I’m glad I started reading them later because now I picture the movie actors when I read the books. And for me, there is no other “Ron Weasley” than Rupert Grint. He captures and envelops that character like he does all the other characters he’s played and will play. Amazing actor that he is, I know Rupert will be around for a long time to come. With good looks, talent and the sweetest heart, how could he not be?

And that is my story of becoming a Rupert Grint fan. Something I am very proud to call myself.

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  1. Ivana says:

    Carolyn you cruel woman, cheating on poor Colin like that… 😀
    But we completely understand you!!!

  2. Crookshanks says:

    VERY well written, Carolyn!!! Even though Colin has gone into mourning over losing you, I’m sure he’ll recover and understand you just couldn’t help yourself any longer. Hee! Personally, I’m glad you found ICM and the Rupert fandom. It seems to make you happy, and that’s all that matters. We all need some delightful lust in our lives! I’m glad you’ve found yours too!

  3. Cookimonstress says:

    Poor Colin!*sob* 😀
    This is awesome, Carolyn!


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