Hello fellow Rupert Grint fans, and welcome to the first edition of Grintastic!

The idea for an interactive, online “fanzine” was born about this time last year. While Ice Cream Man focuses on the talents of our favorite actor, Rupert Grint, Grintastic was created to focus on the many talents of his dedicated fanbase. Since the forums are booming with lots of love for your fellow fans and an innate desire to share your various forms of artwork with one another, creating Grintastic was an obvious choice.

A Short History of “Fanzines”

The term “fanzine” was first used back in October of 1940, by the science fiction community. Fans of sci-fi movies and literature needed a place to share similar interests and talents. And so, the “fanzine” was born. Not long after, everyone else followed suit. Horror movie buffs, comic book creaters/readers, sports fanatics, rock and roll lovers, and punkers were soon making their own variations of the publication. Remember Blag magazine? Of course you do! When Sarah and Sally Edwards first came up with the idea, Blag started out as a fanzine, too.


When the fanzines first kicked off, all someone needed to make such a publication was a great idea, a typewriter, and a copier. Often made in small numbers, they were frequently hard to come by. In addition, they were also either sold at an extremely cheap price, or even given away for free.

Fanzines have come quite a long way since 1940. These publications can still be found being passed out in front of clubs, and even appear on the internet. These are known as ezines; or prozines, which are made by business people looking to expand their network of customers.

The Grintastic Fanzine

Grintastic is a bi-montly “publication” with lots of stuff to do, all aimed at you, the fan! You can guarantee that we’ll always have something new and fun for you, with things like contests, quizzes, fanfics, fanart and comics. We’ll also be sure to include essays, opinions, and editorials for you to read; plus, exclusive treats that you’ll only find on Grintastic to adorn your frequent online haunts! And last, but certainly not least, our Rupert-centric podcasts.

When we say that ICM is “by the fans, for the fans”, that’s no joke. If it were not for any of you rabid Rupert fans, ICM wouldn’t be where it is now. So, this is for all of you. We love you guys! Enjoy!


If you have anything that you’d like to see featured in one of the future issues of Grintastic — for example your essays/fanfics/fanart/poetry/stories/reviews or any other creative undertaking, just send us your material to grintasticonline@googlemail.com and we’ll be happy to review it and, hopefully, include it in the next issue! Simple as that! (We can’t pay you lol, but we promise to make you famous — at least in the Rupert fandom!)

Also, feel free to comment on the articles in the first issue. If you want to send us a more elaborate feedback, or recommend someone else’s work, again, email us to the address above: we welcome all comments and criticism, good or bad. Tell us what you would love to read about, help us improve our content, help us make Grintastic the funkiest fanzine ever — Rupert surely deserves that!

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